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Topic: Battle of Curzola

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During the 12th century the hereditary Counts of Curzola were governed from Hungary and from Genoa in turn and also enjoyed a period of independence; but after 1255 its hereditary counts again submitted to Marco Polo was born at Curzola in 1254 to an established family of merchants.
A dated 1800 in the museum at Curzola represents “The arrival of Croatians at the sea” showing a group medieval knights who from the neat mountain of the Croatian coast admire the bright of the Adriatic Sea.
At first Venetian merchants were willing to annual tribute to keep their shipping safe the "Narentine" (Neretvan) pirates of the Dalmatian but in 998 "Curzola" came under direct Venetian control eventually Venetian diplomacy and force established hegemony the upper Adriatic. /Curzola   (638 words)

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Some Croats claim that he was born in the Venetian island of Curzola in the Adriatic (currently Korcula, Croatia) and even that the Polo family was Slav in origin.
Marco Polo is believed to have described a bridge which was the site of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, a battle which marked the beginning of the Japanese invasion of north central China in World War II.
Probably, this was just a means of adding a bit of prestige to a rather anonymous history. /m/ma/marco_polo.html   (535 words)

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Marco Polo was later captured in a minor clash of the war between Venice and Genoa, or in the naval battle of Curzola, according to a dubious tradition.
He spent the few months of his imprisonment, in 1298, dictating to a fellow prisoner, Rustichello da Pisa, a detailed account of his travels in the then-unknown parts of the Far East.
Though they were much impressed, the people of Venice still doubted the Polos. /wiki/Marco_Polo   (1827 words)
In 1298, when he was on board a Venetian galley at the battle of Curzola, he was made prisoner and taken to Genoa.
The great Italian traveller, Marco Polo, born either in Venice or Curzola in 1254, was fifteen when he accompanied his father Nicolò and his uncle Matteo on a long voyage to Asia.
In prison he dictated the story of his travels to his cellmate, Rusticiano de’ Balsani da Pisa, who wrote it down under the title Livres des Merveilles du Monde. /eng/cap_tre/uno/esempi_cinque.html   (1044 words)

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