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Topic: Battle of Hittin

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Hittin - TheBestLinks.com - Israel, Roman, Saladin, 1187, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Hittin, Israel, Roman, Saladin, 1187, Israelite, Crusader, 1948 Arab-Israeli...
Hittin was a Palestinian town that was captured by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.
In 1187 the Battle of Hittin took place where Saladin defeated the Crusaders.
www.thebestlinks.com /Hittin.html   (100 words)

 Encyclopedia: Battle of Hittin
The Battle of Hattin in 1187 was a major setback in the fortunes of the Crusader movement, enabling the Muslims to regain control of Jerusalem from the Christians.
The battle took place near Tiberias, in an area whose chief geographic feature is a double hill, in fact an extinct volcano, (the "Horns of Hattin") beside a pass through the northern mountains between Tiberias and the road from Acre to the west.
The Darb al-Hawarnah road, built by the Romans, served as the main east-west passage between the Jordan fords, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean coast.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Battle-of-Hittin   (668 words)

 MONTFERRAT, COURT OF - LoveToKnow Article on MONTFERRAT, COURT OF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Shortly after the battle of Hittin there appeared in Palestine the ablest and most famous of the family, Count William's second son, Conrad.
He established himself firmly in Tyre (refusing admission to Guy, the king of Jerusalem); and from it he both sent appeals for aid to Europewhich largely contributed to cause the Third Crusadeand despatched reinforcements to the crusaders, who, from 1188 onwards, were engaged in the siege of Acre.
But Baldwin of Flanders was elected emperor over his head; and his irritation was not wholly allayed by the grant of Macedonia, the north of Thessaly, and Crete (which he afterwards sold to Venice).
www.1911encyclopedia.org /M/MO/MONTFERRAT_COURT_OF.htm   (1345 words)

 World History 1100- 1200 AD
The child emperor Antoku, who had been held prisoner by the Taira, was killed in the battle.
Japan entered the Kamakura period in the aftermath of the battle.
It was a era marked by a clear division between the powerless imperial court and the dominant military government.
www.multied.com /dates/1100ad.html   (790 words)

 About Family Travel - North Israel Sights and Museums
At the Battle of Ayn Jalut ('Ein Harod) in 1260, Mameluke Sultan Kotuz defeated the Mongol army which had conquered much of Asia and Europe, and at that time was storming the gates of the Holy Land.
King Saul and his sons fell there in a battle with the Philistines, and one of the mountain heights is "Mount Saul" in his honor.
In Ancient times it was used as a battle field (the battles of: Ramses the Second, the children of Israel against Midian, Deborah the prophetess and Barak against Sisera, the battle between Alexander the son of Aristobulus and Gvinius and others).
www.about-family-travel.com /travel/israel_the_north3.htm   (2792 words)

 Historical Importance of Hittin
The village of Hittin lies on the Northern slope of a small rocky mountain, which forms part of the volcanic zone surrounding Lake Tiberius.
"Koroun Hittin" is also the place where the troops of Saladin conquered the Crusades headed by King Guy de Lusignan, on 04 July 1187, in the famous Hittin Battle.
The famous Hittin mosque which appears in most photos of the village was also built according to a Saladin's will, where it has been inaugurated in 1192.
www.palestineremembered.com /Tiberias/Hittin/Story295.html   (357 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | Broken lives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The stories of Hittin and Beit Fagi are unlikely to capture the headlines this year, but their combined fates suggest that Israel is no nearer recognising Palestinian rights, either within the borders of the Jewish state or in the occupied territories, than it was more than 50 years ago.
The area is also the site of the Battle of Hittin, in which Saladin defeated the Crusaders in 1187.
The only clue that Hittin was ever inhabited is a pointed stone minaret pushing up through the lush overgrowth of trees at the end of a dirt track, off a side-road leading to a kibbutz.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2004/684/re6.htm   (1709 words)

 Ashkelon -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
During the Crusades, Ashkelon (which was known to the Crusaders as Ascalon) was an important fortress.
Although (additional info and facts about Fatimid) Fatimid forces were defeated at the (additional info and facts about Battle of Ascalon) Battle of Ascalon by the Crusaders in 1099, the city itself was not taken.
In 1150 it was fortified with fifty-three towers by its Egyptian Fatimid rulers, to defend it against marauding Crusaders, but to no avail, for it fell (additional info and facts about three years later) three years later, after a months-long siege, to (additional info and facts about Baldwin III of Jerusalem) Baldwin III of Jerusalem.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/as/ashkelon.htm   (474 words)

 Jihad Unspun - A Clear View On The US War On "Terrorism"
At least eight major battles took place in Ramadan, some, such as the Battle of the Ditch, the Battle of Tabuk, and the Battle of Hittin, were more significant than others, and one, the Battle of Badr, was a turning point for Islam as a religion.
Had the outcome of that battle been in favor of the Pagans, the faith of Islam could have been history, and many of us would be worshipping idols or the cross.
Allah has called the battle of Badr “The Furq’an” or The Criterion, and the day of the battle was called “The Day of the Criterion”; criterion between right and wrong, decision between forces of faith and unbelief.
jihadunspun.com /intheatre_internal.php?article=104878&list=/home.php   (1446 words)

 Destroyed Villages (District of Tiberias - Hittin)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
:The Plain of Hittin was the site of the famous battle of Hittin, in which Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin) defeated the Crusaders’ armies, thereby securing the entire Galilee.
Hittin also was the place where numerous prominent figures in the early Islamic period were born or buried.
The surrounding lands of the plain are cultivated, The shrine of al-Nabi Shu’ayb, on the slope of a hill near the village, still stands as a holy place for Druze pilgrims.
www.alnakba.org /villages/tiberias/hittin.htm   (91 words)

 Cyprus under Richard I
In 1187, on the sandy plains of Hittin under a scorching July sun, the army of Guy de Lusignan was utterly defeated and, after a fortnights siege, Jerusalem was taken.
To recover Jerusalem, the first aim was to establish a base of operations on the coast of Palestine, and for this reason the object of the Third Crusade was the capture of Acre.
The siege of Acre, one of the great sieges of history, had been begun in 1189 by Guy de Lusignan who, captured by Saladdin at the battle of Hittin and released on parole, had at once broken his word and returned to the attack.
www.cypnet.com /.ncyprus/history/17.htm   (1324 words)

 Dajani-Shakeel. Salah al-Din
While Salah al-Din mopped up Crusader strongholds in Palestine after the battle of Hittin, Jerusalem was placed under a temporary government, with Queen Sybil, wife of Gui of Lusignan, as the ruler along with Heraclius, the controversial and unpopular patriarch.
In addition to the loss of most of its male population, it suffered from a shortage of food because the battle of Hittin had occurred at harvest time and, accordingly, the crops were lost.
Ibn Shaddad gives a brief account of the battle, stating only that Salah al-Din pressed his attack on the city in hand-to-hand combat and through the use of archers, until a breach was made in the wall facing the Jehoshafat Valley (Wadi Jahannam) in a northern villagc.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/med/salahdin.html   (8313 words)

 Battle of Hattin, 1187
All the Templars, with the exception of their master, he ordered to be beheaded, determined to wipe them out completely, for he knew their reputation for superiority in battle.
When the noise of battle had ceased, and Saladin beheld the captives being dragged away and the dead strewn about, he raised his eyes to heaven and thanked God for the victory, as he always did when things went well for him.
This fateful battle was fought on 4 July 1187.
www.umich.edu /~iinet/worldreach/assets/docs/crusades/hittinwest.html   (745 words)

 Alternative Palestinian Agenda
He was well known for his role in the battle of the latter against Napoleon, but later on disagreed with him and al Jazzar imprisoned his father Ibrahim Azzam for a ransom, which Azzam refused to pay.
To the north of the village, the land of Lubya bordered Hittin's land and the horn of Hittin.
The steps on the road to a permanent and peaceful solution, and the cornerstone of future reconciliation between the parties, must be built on the recognition of the facts and the events as they happened, and not on the slanted narrative of politicians and their self-interested interpretation of them.
www.ap-agenda.org /11-02/lubia.htm   (16427 words)

 Ashkelon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Although Fatimid forces were defeated at the Battle of Ascalon by the Crusaders in 1099, the city itself was not taken.
In 1150 it was fortified with fifty-three towers by its Egyptian Fatimid rulers, to defend it against marauding Crusaders, but to no avail, for it fell three years later, after a months-long siege, to Baldwin III of Jerusalem.
Saladin retrieved the strategic port for Islam after the Battle of Hittin, July 4, 1187, but with the Third Crusade a few years later, Saladin systematically demolished Ascalon lest it fall once more into the hands of the infidel.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/A/Ashkelon.htm   (880 words)

 ummah.com forum - Muslims(Saladin) Vs The Crusades
The movie Kingdom of Heaven says it tells the historic battle between the Muslims lead by Salahudin Al Ayubi, known to the west as Saladin, and The Christian Crusades, lead by Balian of Ibelin, who is given the task to defend Jerusalem.
News of the disastrous defeat at Hattin was the catalyst for the formation of the Third Crusade, and was also said to have caused Pope Urban III to die of shock.
Battle of Hittin, 1187 This account is given by Salah al-Din’s own secretary and chronicler of his military campaigns, Imad ad-Din al-Isfani:
www.ummah.net /forum/printthread.php?t=50758   (2227 words)

 Kitco - Exclusive Commentaries
At the decisive battle of Hittin, Saladin brought together troops from all over the near east and faced, none other than Renaud de Chatillon.
"I was beside my father at the battle of Hittin, the first battle I had been in.
When the king of the Franks found himself on the hill, he launched a ferocious attack that made our own troops drop back to where my father and his horse were standing.
www.kitco.com /ind/bonner/nov192004.html   (1476 words)

 Timeline 1100 to 1199   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Banners of various saints were carried into battle which led to its being called Battle of the Standard.
1187 Jul 4, Battle of Hittin (Tiberias): Saladin defeated Reinoud of Chƒtillon.
The battle was depicted in a mosaic that was found and restored for the palace of Pres, Hafez Assad of Syria.
www.bonus.com /contour/timelines_history/http@@/timelines.ws/1100_1199.HTML   (5292 words)

 Research Papers >> Decoding the silencing process in modern Palestinian historiography
Although named after the heights of Hittin, the actual battle was fought on the land of Lubya.
described the battle as follows: "Those who saw the killed thought that there were no prisoners, and those who saw the prisoners thought that there was no one killed [15] ".
The battle itself was fought on the irregular plateau between Hittin and Lûbieh, which we are now crossing.
www.arts.mcgill.ca /mepp/new_prrn/research/papers/issa_971205.htm   (11595 words)

 Safe Haven | Preservation of Capital |   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
While it is unfortunate that the Marine shot the "prisoner" it is understandable in the heat and passion of battle that the kid thought that the guy was faking it.
On the other hand the cold hearted butchery of Richard the Lion Hearted and Renaud suggests that they could be the spiritual fathers of the Butchers of Dresden.
The battle took place west of Hanover on April 7, 1945.
www.safehaven.com /forums-8628.htm   (1837 words)

 Rise Of Islam
In the year 636 CE, the Muslim armies overran the Transjordanian highlands and won a decisive battle against the Byzantines on the banks of the Yarmouk River, which marks the modern border between Jordan and Syria.
However, after having unified Syria and Egypt under his control, the Muslim commander Salah Eddin al-Ayyubi (Saladin) defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hittin in 1187 CE.
The Mamluks, who were from Central Asia and the Caucasus, seized power and ruled Egypt and later Jordan and Syria from their capital at Cairo.
members.tripod.com /jor_guide/id5.html   (1259 words)

 AICP Islamic Multimedia Site
We wish you a joyful, happy (Eid) ^Id and May Allah Accept your deeds.
In this battle, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, prayed the Prayer of Fear (Salatul-Khawf).
It took place in Shawwal, year 3 H. In this battle, Hamzah, may Allah raise his rank, (the uncle of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him), died as a martyr.
www.aicpmultimedia.org /html/islamic_events.html   (747 words)

 FootnoteMedia (tm) : Kingdom of Heaven
The crusaders suffered dehydration and exhaustion en route, and then faced a fresh and ready Muslim army in the battle of Hittin, which the crusaders lost decisively.
After the battle of Hittin, Saladin kills Reynald but takes Guy as a prisoner of war.
Balian did take part in the battle of Hittin and was one of the last to escape.
www.newsaic.com /fnmkingdom.html   (2029 words)

 Usual Suspects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
My Regrets - Short but hard hittin, nice...
Battle = Funny as hell, Fat comments repetitive but still funny...
Focused - i wasnt really concentratin on this track coz i was writing this little review whilst it was playin, musically it sounded good...
www.411hype.com /forums/artist-audio-tracks/9206-usual-suspects.html   (469 words)

 Without a title - Title
described the battle as follows: "Those who saw the killed thought that there were no prisoners, and those who saw the prisoners thought that there was no one killed[15]".
In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was instituted as a result of this policy, implemented in the contradictory decision of the Mandate declaration: namely the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine, without affecting the rights of the indigenous people.
However, the remembrance of these battles and the commemoration of the incidents has acted not only as an historical registration of events, but as an act of education, both for Palestinians and Israelis.
www.arts.mcgill.ca /MEPP/PRRN/papers/RAHUS.html   (15023 words)

 Special Dispatch Series - No. 49
First is a large bas-relief on the wall describing the battle of Maysaloon in 1922 [between Syrian nationalists and French forces] led by Yousef Al-Azmeh who tried to prevent the French from entering Damscus."
The other picture depicts Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayubi [Saladin] on his horse and with his entourage receiving the defeated Crusader kings after the battle of Hittin in 1187.
In the background of this painting is the dome of the rock of Jerusalem.
www.memri.org /bin/articles.cgi?Page=subjects&Area=conflict&ID=SP4999   (461 words)

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