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Topic: Battle of Inonu

  Battle of Dumlupinar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Battle of Dumlupinar was the last battle of the Turkish War of Independence (1919—1922).
The battle was fought during 26 August - 30 August 1922, near Afyon in Turkey.
After their retreat in August-September 1921 in the attrition battle on the Sakarya River known as the Battle of Sakarya, the Greek forces under General Papoulas retreated back to Eskisehir and Afyonkarahisar and built defensive lines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Dumlupinar   (682 words)

 Battle of Inonu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Battle of Inonu describes two battles that were fought in 1921 near the Turkish village of Inonu during the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922), which marked a turning point in the war.
The Second Battle of Inonu began with a Greek assault on the positions of Ismet's troops on March 26, 1921.The better-equipped Greeks pushed back the Turks and took the dominant hill called Metristepe on the 27th.A night counter-attack by the Turks failed to recapture it.
While the battles marked a turning point in the war, following the battles of Inonu there was a stalemate, as the Turks had missed their chance to encircle and destroy the Greek army, which retreated in good order.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Inonu   (347 words)

 ATMG - Australian Turkish Media Group - Victory Day - 30 August 1922   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
This is followed by the victories in the 2nd Battle of Inonu on 31 March 1921 and the Battle of Sakarya, which lasted for 22 days from 23 August to 13 September 1921.
Due to the recent battles the gun power of the Turkish Army was extremely low and therefore Kemal had to wait for another year for his final offensive on the Greek Army.
The final battle on 30 August is also known as the "Battle of the Commander-in-Chief" and 30 August is celebrated as Victory Day in Turkiye and within the Turkish communities throughout the World.
www.atmg.org /VictoryDay.html   (543 words)

 Encyclopedia: Battle of Inonu
The Battle of the Sakarya or the Battle of the Sangarios in 1921 was an important engagement in the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922).
Inonu, clad in the uniform of an infantryman, arrived in Ankara only a couple of days before the first Parliament was established on April 23, 1920.
Inonu accepted the situation following the military coup, but he worked hard to ensure that the civil elections would be held as soon as possible.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Battle-of-Inonu   (773 words)

 Paradox Interactive Forums - Turkey AAR (First HOI2 Game)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Inonu promptly opened negotiations with the UK to try to obtain some technological blueprints, but he found that this seemed to be impossible.
Inonu directed that all Turkish artillery brigades be upgraded with this new artillery, and that Turkish Petroleum commence research on Mechanized Agriculture, using the Greek blueprints.
Inonu was angry that he had been woken at three in the morning, but he snapped to alertness when he heard what Ali Ogel had to say.
www.europa-universalis.com /forum/showthread.php?t=182347   (7080 words)

 Middle East Open Encyclopedia: List of battles 1901-2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Battle of Dieppe August 19 - "Operation Jubilee" was an Allied attack on the German occupied port of Dieppe in France.
Battle of Stalingrad August 22 - February 2, 1943 - City besieged by Paulus' German Sixth Army; from November 23 the Sixth Army is surrounded and destroyed by Soviets; bloodiest battle in history, 1.8 millions dead approx.
Battle of Peleliu September 17 - A fight to capture an airstrip on a speck of coral in the western Pacific.
www.baghdadmuseum.org /ref/index.php?title=List_of_battles_1901-2000   (3813 words)

 [No title]
Mustafa Kemal at the end of the battle commended the valor of Ismet Pasha, who he said was key in the successful outcome of the battle.
Despite the victory at Sakarya, however, like the Battles of Inonu, the Turks were unable to follow up with a pursuit, and instead spent the rest of the year reorganizing and rearming.
Politically the battle was also significant, as the Allies were compelled once again to reasses the realities on the ground and come to the table for renegotiations.
gencturkler.8m.com /TURKEY/HISTORY/independence.html   (5929 words)

 Anastasios Papoulas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Appointed commander of Greek forces in Anatolia by Constantine in late 1920, however his offensive to establish Greek control over western Anatolia was halted at the First Battle of Inonu in January 1921.
After being reinforced, Papoulas resumed his offensive on March 23, however his army, numbering 100,000 men, were again defeated at the Second Battle of Inonu on March 28-30.
Relieved of command by Constantine, Papoulas continued to command forces at the Battles of Eskisehir (August 16-17) and Sakaria (August 24-September 16) before taking command of retreating Greek forces from Afyon from late August to September 9, narrowly preventing a rout by the Turkish army.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Anastasios_Papoulas   (261 words)

 İsmet İnönü - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the default of Ali Fuat Cebesoy to organize the local Turkish rebellious troops, he became the general commander of the western Turkish army and remained in this position during War of Independence.
He was promoted to brigadier general after the "Battles of İnönü", in which he successfully defended the central Anatolian territory against the Greek Army.
During War of Independence he was also member of the Grand National Assembly.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ismet_Inonu   (469 words)

 Turkish Odyssey/Places of Interest/Central Anatolia/Ankara
To the left of the stairway is a big relief showing scenes from the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief.
Both battles were fought in the War of Independence against the Greek armies.
(17) Ismet Inonu, the second president of Turkey is buried between the Victory and Peace Towers.
www.turkishodyssey.com /places/anatolia/ana3.htm   (1422 words)

 HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN TURKEY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Inonu, a respected statesman known to the West, was named minister in the middle of the crisis during yet a new cabinet reshuffle and is the third foreign minister Turkey has had in the past nine months, reflecting growing political tensions back in Ankara.
Given its poor human rights record in its war on the Kurds, not even Inonu's recent diplomatic drive in the West is expected to produce the necessary understanding for Ankara to continue to dwel in northern Iraq.
Ciller said that, even while her government is battling the Turkish Kurds, its relations with Iraqi Kurds are excellent.
phlebas.rockefeller.edu /~giannak/turkey.html   (20145 words)

 The New York Times
Much has been said about their estrangement last year when General Inonu resigned the Premiership, but in light of subsequent events it now seems clear that it was the result chiefly of temporary mutual irritation.
President Ataturk was a sick man and General Inonu was suffering from the strain of the long, arduous years in office.
Okyar and General Inonu, toward Jelal Bayar, the present Prime Minister, should be sufficient to guarantee a peaceful transition to the new era.
www.bedava-ingilizce.com /reading/ataturkdies.htm   (4275 words)

 Documents 26-54
We salute Inonu and were tremendously grateful that he had acted with such statesmanship at a time when others did not display the same qualities.
Inonu said he too had always favored direct talks with Athens and there had been some hope under previous Greek govts but Papandreou had now elected identify himself completely with Makarios.
It was at this point that Inonu delivered what he apparently intended be punch-line of conversation by saying that time for persuasion now passed; no longer any role for "the old statesman," as matter now stand there are only two alternatives, either submit to Makarios or beat some sense into his head by force.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ho/frus/johnsonlb/xvi/4757.htm   (17354 words)

 Documents 156-175
To dump Inonu at this time is serious and could even be dangerous, but to go toward neutralism has even more serious implications.
Inonu described Turkish objectives to Plaza as being, first, an honorable way out, second, Turkish security and, third, the welfare of the Turk-Cypriots, with the latter being much the weakest point as demonstrated by the Government of Turkey commitment on the Kyrenia road without prior consultations with the Turk-Cypriots.
Inonu could be undermined if he appeared again to be responding to United States pressure.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ho/frus/johnsonlb/xvi/4769.htm   (17583 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Battle of Inonu
The Turks had gradually been trading land for time while they trained their irregular guerrilla forces into a regular army, which managed to check the Greek advance at Inonu.
Their turning of the tide allowed the Turks to drive Greek forces from Asia Minor and following the battle, the Turks ethnically cleansed the Greek population from Asia Minor, much as they had done to Armenians, Pontian Greeks, Anatolian Christians, and others during the Armenian Genocide.
The commander of the Turkish army, Mustafa Ismet dropped his Arabic first name, Mustafa, and changed his name to Ismet Inonu in memory of the victory.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Battle_of_Inonu   (247 words)

 GHAN - Sakarya Pitched Battle
After Inonu War II, the Southern Front was removed and the Southern and Western fronts were united.
Our army first weakened the enemy forces through a pitched battle which took place on the front of 100 kilometers; and the enemy caved in, left completely unable to attack again.
At the end of the bloody war which lasted day and night from August 23 to September 13, the enemy forces were brought to their knees and forced leave the battlefield.
gallipoli.proboards12.com /index.cgi?board=future&action=display&thread=1063306862   (785 words)

 Turkish Politics | Copyright 2005 Ugur Akinci | http://tork.blogspot.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The 1940s indeed were the years of great uncertainty, war and material shortages when Turkey was constantly courted by the Allied powers to join the war while Hitler's armies pushed East all the way up to the Greek-Turkish border.
Losing the battle for CHP's future direction to Ecevit in the 1972 Extraordinary National Convention of the party, İnönü has resigned that year as the CHP Chairman (May 8), passing the baton on to Ecevit.
This was followed by his resignation from the party itself (November 4), and finally from the House of Representatives (November 14).
www.turkishpolitics.us /1938-46/Inonu%20National%20Chief.html   (741 words)

 Documents 55-77
Have just returned from presenting President's letter to Inonu who read carefully, said disagreed with certain points which he would explain later but that he agreed with final sentence to effect that GOT would delay any action on understanding there would be full and frank discussion with view reaching peaceful solution of Cyprus problem.
Assuming Inonu will by then have agreed to talks, Papandreou will be told flatly that he will be risking security of his country and of Alliance unless he also agrees to substantive talks.
Prime Minister Inonu again expressed his thanks for the President's help, but added that every time during recent months when there had seemed to be hope for a peaceful settlement, something had developed to block it.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ho/frus/johnsonlb/xvi/4758.htm   (18378 words)

 Chapter II : Advance in the Mediterranean: January - May 1943
With the battle for Tunisia yet to be won and the Sicilian invasion projected for July, operations in the Mediterranean would continue to lay heavy claims on the resources of the Western partners.
For example, the battle with the submarines brought to a head a conflict between the American services on the use and control of long-range aircraft.
While the Battle of the Atlantic posed a serious but declining threat to British and American plans, programs, and resources, the continuing drain of U.S. military strength and resources to the Mediterranean in the first half of 1943 confirmed the worst fears of the Army planners.
www.army.mil /cmh/books/wwii/sp1943-44/chapter2.htm   (9865 words)

 Turkiye / Turkey Forum
Still the battle raged for a time along all the line; both sides fought bravely, and the king was everywhere commanding, fighting, encouraging his men and urging them forward.
Rumors of the battle were disseminated as far as Constantinople, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris, but they appeared to emphasize just one particular bit of news: the death of the Ottoman sultan.
At the guerrilla battle of Arakelots Vank Antranik with his 80 fedayis was fighting against a regular Turkish forces of over 10.000.The turks had surrounded the monastery & were sure to capture or kill Antranik & his fedayis.
www.network54.com /Forum/thread-231937-1124319268-!+!+!+HERO+TURKS+FOREVER+!+!+!   (10564 words)

 [No title]
In the Second Battle of Inonu, Ismet Pasha, Mustafa Kemal's front commander delivered a second defeat to the same Greek Third Corps, which retreated with heavy losses.
The Battle of the Sakarya River, begun on August 23rd, proved both the bloodiest engagement since the occupation of Smyrna, and the turning point of the Greco-Turkish War.
The Turkish battle plan was brilliant in its simplicity, in many ways a duplicate of the one that had brought a German victory at Tannenberg eight years before.
gencturkler.8m.com /TURKEY/HISTORY/finefrock.html   (8670 words)

 [No title]
He added that they had discussed the Bosnian question in depth and both sides hoped that the Bosnian Serbs would understand the message given to them by NATO and the UN.
President of the Turkish Union of Bars Atilla Sav noted that political use of religion was to be condemned.
Erdal Inonu will inform his counterparts about the Dublin peace process and get information about PKK attacks in northern Iraq.
www.b-info.com /places/Turkey/news/95-09/sep07.tpr   (2406 words)

 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
He decided to evacuate a large tract of country and withdraw to a line on the Sakarya river.
Ismet's army won the battle of Inonu and halted the Greek advance.
In 1921 the Greeks were defeated at the battle of the Sakarya and an armistice was signed at Mudanya on Oct. 11, 1922.
gladstone.uoregon.edu /~hkesim/index2.html   (1207 words)

It commemorates the defeat of the Persians in the Battle of Plataea (479 BCE).
In the foreground is the tomb of Ismet Inonu, the second president of Turkey.
A view of Inonu's grave and the modern city of Ankara behind it.
www.math.ucsb.edu /~garcias/travel/turkey.html   (5825 words)

 Battle of Sakarya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The unpredictable death of King Alexander due to a monkey bite, and his subsequent replacement by the former King Constantine, who was generally reviled by the British for his pro-German stance in WWI, caused Secretary of War Winston Churchill to withdraw British support to the Greeks.
In August, after preparations on both sides, the Turks launched a new offensive on August 26, defeating the Greeks at the Battle of Dumlupinar near Afyon (August 30, 1922, celebrated as the Victory Day and a national holiday in Turkey).
Negotiations at Mudanya began on October 3, with the Turkish delegation lead by Ismet Inonu, and the Greeks represented by the Allies.
battle.of.sakarya.en.reference.pl   (8226 words)

 main   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Mustafa Kemal was stationed at Tobruk and Derne regions with a group of his friends during the war which started with the Italian attack on Tripoli.
He won the Tobruk battle in 22 December 1911 against the Italians.
On 30 October 1923, the first government of the Republic was formed by Ismet Inonu.
www.traveltoturkiye.com /ataturk.htm   (1859 words)

 [No title]
After successive years of routine operations in the Caribbean and Atlantic, THREADFIN was placed out of commission on 18 August 1972 and transferred to Turkey that same day.
Two weeks later, she was returned to the United States Navy and concurrently sold to Turkey.
As of November 1977, she continued to serve actively in the Turkish Navy as BIRINCI INONU.
www.hazegray.org /danfs/submar/ss410.txt   (1779 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet England: News - Radebe backing Bridges to shine
His appearance to a hero's welcome from 30,000 fans inside Elland Road brought the curtain down on a two-year battle against Achilles and knee injuries, the latter coming close to ending Bridges' career.
But the dark days now appear to be firmly behind Bridges and he can look forward to picking up the pieces he initially left behind at Besiktas' Inonu Stadium in October 2000 when he was stretchered off after falling awkwardly.
That was the start of Bridges' personal hell, one he was helped through by Radebe as the ever-smiling South Africa international endured his own 14-month agony from April of last year as he struggled to overcome his own knee problems.
soccernet.com /england/news/2002/0921/20020921lufcradebebridges.html   (1038 words)

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