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Topic: Battle of Kurikara

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  Genpei War
The ensuing battle took place just outside Kyoto and is called the first Battle of Uji.
Naval battle of Dan-no-Ura in 1185.1184 Battle of Awazu - Minamoto no Yoshinaka is defeated and killed by Yoshitsune and Noriyori.
1184 Battle of Ichi-no-Tani - the Minamoto attack one of the Taira's primary fortresses.
www.tagate.com /wars/page/genpei.shtml   (537 words)

 Yami no Matsuei #11
Kurikara is stricken by the death of the low-level shikigami, for that hadn't been his intent.
Kurikara's desert is a separate dimension from Gensoukai, and aside from the direct access route from the castle, only a wormhole could have gotten through to it.
Kurikara refuses to answer, yet when he is once again alone he contemplates that he did it out of his own sense of what is right.
www-personal.umich.edu /~weyrbrat/fanfic/anime/matsuei/yami11.html   (1341 words)

 Genpei War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The ensuing battle took place just outside Kyoto and is called the first Battle of Uji.
1183 Battle of Kurikara - the tide of the War turns, in the Minamoto's favor.
1184 Battle of Ichi-no-Tani - The Minamoto attack one of the Taira's primary fortresses.
genpei-war.iqnaut.net   (503 words)

The Battle of Azukizaka was a notable event in a long period of hostilities on the Tokai Coast.
This battle is often recorded as the opening move of a Takeda advance on Kyoto, but it would appear that Shingen's primary goal was to weaken Ieyasu for local advantage.
The battle was fought around a small village called Sekigahara that sat astride a crossroads under the heights of Mt.'s Sasao, Matsuo, and Nangû.
www.samurai-archives.com /battlesmain.html   (8931 words)

 Virgin Valley: YnM Series Info: Characters
Unfortunately, the poor thing had to be the one to find her father’s corpse splayed on the floor in a pool of blood with Kurikara’s sword in his back.
Kurikara is a fire dragon type Shikigami who currently has no master (though Hisoka is eager to change that.) He happens to be very short (Kurikara only comes up to Hisoka’s chest,) and Hisoka is a bit miffed at the size of the supposed ‘extremely powerful’ Shikigami he’d been tracking.
Kurikara’s power rivals that of Sohryu himself, but being a fire type, he has a terrible temper just like Suzaku, and Touda.
www.freewebs.com /virginvalleyshikigamis   (2069 words)

 Battle of Yashima - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The naval Battle of Yashima took place on 22 March 1185.
In one of the most famous archery feats in all of Japanese history, Nasu no Yoichi rode out into the sea on horseback, and did just that.
The Minamoto were victorious, but the majority of the Taira fleet escaped to Dan-no-ura, where they were defeated one month later in the Battle of Dan-no-ura.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Yashima   (332 words)

 Taira Munemori
Needless to say, the resulting Battle of Kurikara (June 1183) ended as a crushing Taira defeat.
The battle was not costly in terms of blood, but it resulted in another Taira retreat - the last possible.
In April he arrived, and on the morning of 25th the final battle of the Gempei War commenced.
www.samurai-archives.com /munemori.html   (823 words)

 The Age of the Samurai - Minamoto no Yoritomo, Shogun 1192-1199   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The last factor was what ultimately decided the argument in the ensuing Gempei Wars when Prince Mochihito, eager to succeed to the imperial throne, called on the Minamoto to crush the Taira, who had their own nominee for that position.
After suffering defeat at the battle of Ishibashiyama in 1180 Yoritomo put military affairs into the hands of his more capable brother Yoshitsune and cousin Yoshinaka: both were excellent generals.
Yoshitsune went on to ensure Yoritomo's position by crushing the Taira at the famous battle of Ichinotani and then annihilating the clan's last remnants in 1185 at the naval battle of Dan no Ura, which ultimately ended the Gempei Wars.
www.taots.co.uk /content/view/34/31   (625 words)

 Second Chances
Kurikara was a fire dragon, he was of the highest order, and history told that it had taken the Emperor's army and his power to defeat the king of dragons.
Kurikara sat in his cave and watched the water coming from the sky, watched the dark clouds race across the mountains, obscure the peaks and sometimes a whole mountain side.
Kurikara hissed and briefly let his fire aura flare, finally hearing the satisfactory cry of pain as the water element was burned and had to let go.
home.arcor.de /macx/ynm/second.html   (15184 words)

 Usagi Yojimbo Dojo - Letters - Usagi Yojimbo Volume 3, Issue 14
There are also many conflicting accounts of the battle, such as its date and time and the age of the emperor.
True, he was a great general who defeated the Minamoto in three separate battles, but it was the imperial diviner, Harenobu, who accompanied Munemori and forecast the omen of the dolphins.
I suggested that Tomomori, disgusted with his lord's cowardice, forced Munemori overboard; however, it was the fault of some unnamed soldiers who "accidentally" pushed him as he stood in shock and fear, at a loss as to what to do.
www.usagiyojimbo.com /casl/letters/volume3/uyletter_14.html   (1280 words)

 The Ultimate Shiki
Kurikara had threatened to eat him, but when he pointed out that Kurikara’s injured eye was the right, and Muraki’s demonic eye was also the right, Kuri relented, and promised to keep his bad eye shut.
Kurikara had calmly asked Hisoka if he was absolutely SURE he couldn’t eat him.
Kurikara grinned, and trotted after his master, leaving scattered mechanical pieces on the ground behind him.
www.angelfire.com /ma3/taski/fics/smitingtime.html   (1541 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
This picture depicts a scene of the battle at Kurikara pass, one of the noted spectacles of Genpei War described in THE STORY OF THE HEIKE Vol.7 and THE RISE AND FALL OF GENJI & HEIKE Vol.29.
In May, 1193, Yoshinaka's effective strategy for attacking Heike battallion at Kurikara valley in the dusk was so successful that the enemy force were driven down the valley and the Genjis achieved a great victory.
The composition of this picture is the Heike warriors falling down the precipice in piles, Tomoe Gozen and Tezuka Mitsumori delivering coup de grace to the soldiers at the foot of the precipice and Kiso Yoshinaka and his followers witnessing it.
www.city.takamatsu.kagawa.jp /english/rekisi/genpei/kiso/07.html   (164 words)

 [No title]
After two wins, YOSHISADA's forces were routed on HAKONE Road and TAKAUJI marched on KYOTO, defeating MASASHIGE on the ancient battle ground at UJI.
There, he was received by the 21 year old new Emperor, GOMURAKAMI-SAMA, who impressed his protector with the supreme gratitude for the KUSUNOKI family's Imperial bargain and the Emperor's great personal confidence.
A small, 3.2 SUN SANKO-TSUKA KEN KURIKARA and KEN, Dragon HORIMONO in the OMOTE-side HABAKI-MOTO, MARU-DOME BO-HI inspired the fond reference of "Little Dragon" for this sword.
www.sho-shin.com /kagemit.htm   (1590 words)

 A Chronology of Japanese History
Kiyomori dies and affairs of state are left in the hands of his son, Munemori (a man of no political talent).
Yoshinaka succeeds in retaking the province of Echizen and defeats Koremori at the Battle of Tonamiyama in Etchû province (sometimes called the Battle of Kurikara Pass).
Antoku dies (at the age of seven) and the Imperial sword (one of the three Imperial Regalia) is lost in the sea.
www.shikokuhenrotrail.com /japanhistory/heianhistory.html   (3042 words)

Later, Yoritomo, who took to battle as supreme commanding general of the Genji, is also defeated.
Benkei and his followers are in high sprits as they prepare for their first battle.
As the battle drums pound in the darkness of night, the warriors shout their battle cries and unleash a rain of fiery arrows.
www.kikutv.com /shows/Japanese_Programs/Inactive/Yoshitsune/index.html   (2975 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Siege of Hojujiden
For some time, Minamoto no Yoshinaka had desired to seize control of the Minamoto clan from his cousins Yoritomo and Yoshitsune.
Upon returning to Kyoto from his victories at Shinowara and Kurikara, he decided to split from the clan, plotting with Minamoto no Yukiie to kidnap the cloistered Emperor, and establish a government of their own, in the provinces north of Kyoto.
Yoshinaka fled across the Bridge of Uji, where he fought the second Battle of Uji.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Siege_of_Hojujiden   (335 words)

 GunsofTPatriots's profile
While Mochihito would be killed in June and Minamoto Yorimasa crushed at the Battle of the Uji, a fire had been set and in September Yoritomo raised an army in the Kanto.
By eight the battle had begun, with the tide flowing in the Taira’s favor.
The very year he had won the Battle of Dan no Ura, Yoritomo ordered his death and in 1189 he was trapped and forced to commit suicide in the far north.
www.tv.com /users/GunsofTPatriots/profile.php?action=show_blog&entry=m-100-24493006   (2975 words)

 Heian Era: 794-1192
940: Battle of Kojima, which ended the rebellion of Taira Masakado.
Minamoto vs. Taira in a sea battle with the Taira winning.
This was a major sea battle with the Minamoto winning decisively.
www.bookmice.net /darkchilde/japan/jh3.html   (1040 words)

 History of Toyama
However, in 1181, when Yoshinaka of the rival Minamoto (Genji) clan entered the provincial capital of neighboring Echigo (modern-day Niigata Prefecture), the powerful warriors of Etchu joined forces with the warriors of Echizen (modern-day Fukui Prefecture) to support Yoshinaka against the Taira.
This was the Battle of Kurikara, as described in the epic known as the Rise and Fall of the Genji and Heike.
Many leading Etchu warrior families sided with the Eastern Army (the army of the bakufu) in the ensuing battle.
www.pref.toyama.jp /welcome/rekisi_e.htm   (1543 words)

 [No title]
Ama-Gozen the Emperor's grandmother, and Kei-chan exchange their thoughts and concerns as they stand on a Heike ship; Benkei the warrior-monk and Lord Yoshitsune have a similar exchange as they wait on a Genji ship for the battle to commence.
The Emperor's uncle Munemori watches the battle as the morning passes, but the tide turns, and the battle begins to go against the Heike.
By battle's end, most of the Heike are dead, the Genji have the Star-hand Mirror and the sacred Jewel, but Grasscutter was lost with the young Emperor, and none have recovered the sword from Shimonoseki Strait.
www.usagiyojimbo.com /other/stories/grasscutter-prologue-4.html   (1377 words)

 A River of Stones
At the Battle of Kurikara, Minamoto Yoshinaka (married to Tomoe Gozen) had a plan to divide his army in two and surround the Taira forces.
Using the customs of battle of his age to his advantage, Minamoto proceeded to fight the most stylized battle possible.
On the other side of the Genpei war, at the Battle of Yashima, the Taira hung a fan from the mast of a ship and challenged the Minamoto to hit it.
bodhiwater.blogspot.com   (5500 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Genpei War
The Minamoto engaged the Taira fleet in the Straits of Shimonoseki, a tiny body of water separating the islands of Honshū and Kyūshū.
Many of the Taira samurai, along with Emperor Antoku and his grandmother Taira no Tokiko, widow of Taira no Kiyomori, threw themselves into the waves rather than live to see their clan's ultimate defeat at the hands of the Minamoto.
The Minamoto were one of the four great clans that dominated Japanese politics during the Heian period (794-1185).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Genpei_War   (2926 words)

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