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Topic: Battle of Lake Trasimene

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 US Bazaar.com : Encyclopedia Pages : Battle of Lake Trasimene
The Battle of Lake Trasimeno (June 24, 217 BC, April on the Julian calendar) was a Roman defeat in the Second Punic War between the Carthaginians under Hannibal and the Romans under the consul Gaius Flaminius.
As Hannibal passed Lake Trasimene, he came to a place very suitable for an ambush, and hearing that Flaminius had broken camp and was pursuing him, made preparations for the next impending battle.
In addition, the night before the battle commenced Hannibal had ordered his men to light campfires on the hills of Tuoro, at a considerable distance, so as to convince the Romans that his forces were farther away than they actually were.
encyclopedia.us-bazaar.com /?title=Battle_of_Lake_Trasimene   (1480 words)

 Lake Trasimene, Italy
To the west of Perugia is Lake Trasimene (Lago Trasimeno; Latin Lacus Trasimenus).
The lake, lying at an altitude of 259m/855ft, is the largest in the Italian peninsula (area 128 sq.km/49 sq.mi, circumference about 50km/31mi; greatest depth 7m/23ft) and is well-stocked with fish.
Lake Trasimene is famous as the scene of the second Punic War, a battle between Carthaginians and Romans, in which Hannibal defeated the Roman consul Gaius Flaminius in 217 B.C. Discover Nearby Attractions
www.planetware.com /italy/lake-trasimene-i-um-umlt.htm   (114 words)

 Lake Trasimene - WCD (Wiki Classical Dictionary)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
In Antiquity, it was larger, but the Trasimene Lake has been partly emptied by several man-made canals that connect it with the river Tiber.
The lake is still famous because of a battle in the Second Punic War, in which the Carthaginian leader Hannibal Barca defeated the Romans.
However, the auxiliaries at the end of the column were completely destroyed at the beginning of the battle, and the Romans were from the very start of the battle under great pressure from their left and right.
www.ancientlibrary.com /wcd/Lake_Trasimene   (784 words)

 Hannibal Barca -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
This makes the Battle of Cannae one of the most catastrophic defeats in the history of Ancient Rome, and one of the bloodiest battles in all of human history (in terms of the number of lives lost within a single day).
As the forces detached under his lieutenants were generally unable to hold their own, and neither his home government nor his new ally Philip V of Macedon helped to make good his losses, his position in southern Italy became increasingly difficult and his chance of ultimately conquering Rome grew ever more remote.
That war could be waged by avoiding in lieu of seeking battle; that the results of a victory could be earned by attacks upon the enemy’s communications, by flank-maneuvers, by seizing positions from which safely to threaten him in case he moved, and by other devices of strategy, was not understood.
en.wikipedia.4it.com.pl /wiki/Hannibal   (7033 words)

 Latin Title   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The The battle of Lake Trasimene was fought in 217 BC.
Lake Trasimene (Lacus Trasimenus) is the largest lake in Etruria in north-central Italy, home of the ancient Etruscans.
His army was ambushed by Hannibal, and driven into the lake itself.
www.dl.ket.org /latinlit/historia/republic/trasimene.htm   (41 words)

 Second Punic War - Military History Wiki
Battle of the Silarus - Hannibal destroys the army of the Roman praetor M. Centenius Penula.
Battle of Herdonia - Hannibal destroys the Roman army of the praetor Gnaeus Fulvius.
Battle of the Metaurus - Hasdrubal is defeated and killed by Nero's Roman army.
www.militaryhistorywiki.org /wiki/Second_Punic_War   (2009 words)

 Second Punic War Summary
Hannibal's three-main victories in Italy: (1) The Battle of the Trebia (2) Battle of Lake Trasimene (3) Battle of Cannae respectively, courtesy of The Department of History, United States Military Academy.
Hasdrubal was defeated and killed at the Battle of the Metaurus River (207).
The battle for dominance in the Mediterranean between Carthage and Rome was based mainly from the fear of Carthage by the Romans and their desire to be without any type of competition in the area.
www.bookrags.com /Second_Punic_War   (7160 words)

Battles of the Ancient World, Volume III adds more battles to the popular Ancient World series.
The Battle of Lake Trasimene was one of Hannibal of Carthage's greatest victories.
Adrianople saw a decisive battle between Romans and Visigoths, a milestone on the road to the "Fall of Rome." At Adrianople, the Eastern Emperor Valens and his army attacked a camp of Visigothic invaders.
www.decisiongames.com /html/ancients-iii.html   (475 words)

 The Battle of Lake Trasimene, 217 BC (DBA Battle Scenario)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
This he did by sending men to light fires on the far hills of Tuoro to decieve the Romans that they were safely at a distance.
The rear broke quickly under the weight of Hannibal's cavalry and was driven into the waters of Lake Trasimene where they were slain or drown.
Lake Trasimene (blue) is impassable terrain (causing any element that is forced to recoil into it to be destroyed).
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/battles/trasimene.html   (581 words)

 Strategic applications Pt 7
He cannot be as prepared for battle and thus is vulnerable to attack on the flanks created by his line of movement.
This principle of catching the enemy when he's in motion—rather than waiting for you behind prepared defenses—is even more true, of course, when the enemy's motion consists of a retreat, because then the motion is usually accompanied by some degree of disorder, making the enemy exceptionally vulnerable on his flanks and rear.
An outstanding example of this method was used by Hannibal in the Battle of Lake Trasimene in 217 BC.
www.mayyoubehappy.com /stappt7.html   (537 words)

 G. A. Henty : The Young Carthaginian : Chapter XIV: The Battle of Lake Trasimene
As he neared the entrance to the pass he caught sight of the heavy armed Carthaginians on the distant hill above the level of the mist, and believing that his own movements were hidden from the enemy, pushed forward as fast as the infantry could march.
As soon as the battle was over Hannibal despatched Maharbal with his division of the army in pursuit of the six thousand who had escaped, and, overtaking them next morning at Perugia, Maharbal forced them to surrender.
Hannibal has been blamed for not advancing against Rome after the battle of Lake Trasimene; but he knew that he could not hope to subdue that city so long as she was surrounded by faithful allies.
www.classicreader.com /read.php/sid.1/bookid.1730/sec.15   (4740 words)

 Cannae 216 BC — www.greenwood.com
Description: The battle of Cannae is rightly regarded as one of the greatest battles of military history.
Following his invasion of Italy during the Second Punic War Hannibal inflicted two bloody defeats on Rome at the River Trebbia and at the battle of Lake Trasimene, in the case of the latter destroying the consular army of Caius Flaminius.
By the end of the battle the Romans lost 47,500 infantry and 2,700 cavalry killed and a further 19,300 captured.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/C8834.aspx   (288 words)

 War in Italy
The night before the battle commenced, Hannibal ordered his men to light camp fires on the hills of Tuoro, at a considerable distance, to give the impression that his army was much farther away.
Forced to fight in the open without the tightly formed legionary tactics, the Romans were driven against the lake and completely surrounded.
The ancients claimed that the blood was so thick in the Lake, that the name of a small stream feeding it was renamed Sanguineto, the Blood River.
www.unrv.com /empire/war-in-italy.php   (920 words)

 Amazon.com: "Lake Trasimene": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Battle of Lake Trasimene (April) Romans heavily defeated by Hannibal.
Thus, after the battle of the Trebbia, Polybius says (3.77.4-7), he showed the greatest kindness to his non-Roman...
Trasimeno Lake - Holiday Site -- In an entirely redecorated farmhouse, furnished with period furniture and with a splendid view of the lake, stands the Trasimeno Holiday.
www.amazon.com /phrase/Lake-Trasimene   (584 words)

 Second Punic War: 218-202 BC
Scipio encountered Hannibal in a few battles including the first major battle, the Battle of Lake Trebia, in which Hannibal severely routed the Romans.
The Battle of Lake Trasimene resulted in a slaughter of a Roman army in which approximately 30,000 Romans, including Flaminius, were killed.
In this battle the Roman cavalry quickly routed the Carthaginian cavalry and then attacked the rear of their infantry, similar to Hannibal's strategy in the Battle of Cannae.
www.thenagain.info /WebChron/Mediterranean/2ndPunic.html   (1249 words)

At the Battle of Mylae the Romans gained a victory by outfitting their ships with hinged planks.
At the battles of Capua and Herdonia the Paetorian amries are defeated.
208 Hannibal's younger brother, Hasdrubal Barca is defeated by Scipio at the battle of Baecula.
www.redrampant.com /roma/punicwars.html   (634 words)

 Wikinfo | Battle of Lake Trasimene
The Battle of Lake Trasimene (June 24, 217 BCE) was a Roman defeat in the Second Punic War between the Carthaginians under Hannibal and the Romans under the consul Gaius Flaminius.
Hannibal ordered his forces into the forested hills bordering Lake Trasimene (or, Trasimeno), and waited in ambush for the Roman forces to come by.
Images, some of which are used under the doctrine of Fair use or used with permission, may not be available.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Battle_of_Lake_Trasimene   (185 words)

 The Young Carthaginian by G. A. Henty: Chapter XIV: The Battle of Lake Trasimene
The road by which he had passed wound along the shore of Lake Trasimene, at the foot of a range of steep hills, which approached closely to the water.
They were shut up between the wood clad hills swarming with the Carthaginian light troops and the lake, while the heavy infantry and cavalry of Hannibal were ready to fall on them front and rear.
But the moment the rear of his column had entered the narrow flat between the foot of the hills and the lake, the Numidians quietly moved down and closed the pass behind them, while Hannibal with his heavy infantry descended from the farther hill to confront him.
www.online-literature.com /ga-henty/young-carthaginian/15   (4790 words)

 Battle Of Trasimene   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
After out-manoeuvring the Romans and learning of the approach of the headstrong Roman general, Flaminius, Hannibal set up an ambush near Lake Trasimeno to head off the pursuing army.
By design, this move forced Flaminius' army into open combat, and, as it passed between the northern shore of Lake Trasimene and the opposite hills.
The Romans did not even have time to draw up in their usual battle array, and were forced to fight in open order.
www.angelfire.com /empire2/unkemptgoose/BattleOfTrasimene.html   (307 words)

 The Young Carthaginian eBook
Hannibal retained as prisoners the Roman citizens and Latins, but released the rest of the captives, telling them that, far from being their enemy, he had invaded Italy for the purpose of liberating its helpless people from the tyranny of the Roman domination.
The loss to the Carthaginians in the battle of Lake Trasimene was only fifteen hundred men.
His army was numerically insufficient to undertake such a siege, and was destitute of the machines for battering the walls.
www.bookrags.com /ebooks/5128/134.html   (496 words)

 Livius Picture Archive: the battle of Sentinum (295 BCE)
Hannibal chose the western road to Etruria (which is identical to the modern highroad between Bologna and Florence), crossed the marshes along the swollen river Arno, and -making a detour through the country west of Arretium- reached Cortona, which is south of Flaminius' base.
In the early morning of 24 June 217, consul Flaminius ordered his army to proceed from its camp (near the modern railroad station of Terontola) to the Trasimene Lake, which was reached east of modern Borghetto.
The Roman army marched into the trap along the road between the lake and the hill you can see in the background.
www.livius.org /a/battlefields/trasimene_lake/trasimene.html   (888 words)

 Legions 218-216 BCE
This suggest that the legion was raised in the previous year 219 BCE and that it wintered in the Po valley.
Returned to Italy and marched north to take part in the Battle of the Trebbia, The remnants were handed over to Flaminius at the beginning of 217 BCE.
In that case, if legions 20 and 21 were newly raised, but with properly levied troops, they may have been prepared for service in the battle in preference to the 16th and 17th.
www.novaroma.de /sodmil/iec/leg_218-216.htm   (637 words)

 Victori - The Roman Military | Tools of War | Armor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The technology of armor has changed, but the principle remains the same: protect the wearer during battle.
The one greave was worn on the left leg, the leg that was exposed during battle.
This weight was quite a problem in the account of the battle of Lake Trasimene, where soldiers that tried to swim away were drowned by their armor.
www.numbera.com /rome/tools/armor.aspx   (946 words)

 Lake Trasimene
Hannibal made a great show of entering the area around the lake by a narrow pathway.
The narrow pathway wound between a high mountain and a deep lake.
When the Romans began their pursuit, mists from the lake were already obscuring the way.
www.socialstudiesforkids.com /wwww/world/trasimenedef.htm   (128 words)

 The SF Site Featured Review: Hannibal's Children
After the battle of Lake Trasimene, when Hannibal surrounded and destroyed 30,000 of the 40,000 Romans sent against him.
The throne of Hamilcar, the Shofet of Carthage, is shaky, partly because of his sister, Zarabel.
After the Romans demonstrate their skill in battle on board the ship which brings them to Carthage, both rulers can see the potential for dealing with Egypt.
www.sfsite.com /05a/hc151.htm   (688 words)

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