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Topic: Battle of Pea Ridge

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  Battle of Pea Ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark., by Kurz and Allison.
The Battle of Pea Ridge (also known as The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern) was a land battle of the American Civil War, fought on March 7 and 8, 1862, at Pea Ridge in northwest Arkansas, near Bentonville.
The battlefield at Pea Ridge is now Pea Ridge National Military Park, located near the town of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Pea_Ridge   (956 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
History -- Military History -- List of battles The Battle of Pea Ridge (also known as The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern) was a land battle of the American Civil War which occurred on 7 March 1862 at Pea Ridge in northwest Arkansas.
In the battle, Union forces led by General Samuel Curtis defeated Confederate troops under General Earl Van Dorn.
Old bataille, bataile, French bataille battle, OF., battle, battalion, from Latin battalia, battualia, the fighting and fencing exercises of soldiers and gladiators, from batuere to strike, beat.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Battle_of_Pea_Ridge.html   (1174 words)

 Encyclopedia: Battle of Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge from National Park Service File history Legend: (cur) = this is the current file, (del) = delete this old version, (rev) = revert to this old version.
Pea Ridge National Military Park a unit of the National Park Service.
The Battle of Pea Ridge (also known as The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern) was a land battle of the American Civil War which occurred on 7 March 1862 at Pea Ridge in northwest Arkansas, near Bentonville.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Battle-of-Pea-Ridge   (2791 words)

 Pea Ridge, Arkansas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pea Ridge is a city located in Benton County, Arkansas.
Elkhorn Tavern, near the town, was the site of the Battle of Pea Ridge during the American Civil War.
Pea Ridge is located at 36°26'52" North, 94°7'0" West (36.447822, -94.116691)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pea_Ridge   (479 words)

 Battle of pea ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
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www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/battle_of_pea_ridge   (172 words)

 The Civil War in Arkansas - Places | Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge may well be the best-preserved Civil War battlefield in the nation; the park area appears nearly exactly as it did in 1862.
Pea Ridge cost the Federals 1,384 casualties: 203 killed, 980 wounded, and 201 missing, roughly 13 percent of the 10,250 troops engaged in the battle.
A conservative estimate is that the Confederates suffered at least 2,000 casualties, approximately 15 percent of the 13,000 troops engaged in the battle.
www.civilwarbuff.org /pea_ridge.html   (6255 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge by Albert Castel
These dispositions meant that Pea Ridge would be a battle in which the Southerners attacked from the north and the Northerners from the south—an untypical yet not unique situation in the Civil War.
The military consequences of the Pea Ridge campaign were as follows: By invading Arkansas when they did the Federals disrupted Van Dorn's projected movement against St. Louis, and by throwing back the Confederates at Pea Ridge they ended for the time being any serious challenge to their domination over Missouri.
This view is presented by Sigel, “Pea Ridge Campaign,” 331; Walter Lee Brown, “Pea Ridge, Gettysburg of the West,” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XV (Spring, 1956), 15-16; Edward Conrad Smith, The Borderland in the Civil War (New York, 1927), 260; and Bruce Catton, Terrible Swift Sword (New York, 1963), 223.
www.civilwarstlouis.com /History2/castelpearidge.htm   (5399 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge or Elkhorn Tavern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thus formed, the line was not continuous, but extended entirely across Pea Ridge, the divisions in numerical order from left to right, Colonel Osterhaus remaining in command of a detachment and operating with Colonel Davis in resisting McCulloch and McIntosh, who commanded the enemy's forces in the center.
The fate of the battle depended on success against this flank movement of the enemy, and here near Leetown was the place to break it down.
GENERAL: On the morning of the 7th of March I was on the battlefield of Pea Ridge.
stellar-one.com /civil_war/battle_of_pea_ridge_02.htm   (6685 words)

 [No title]
Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove: Or, Scenes and Incidents of the War in Arkansas.
Blodgett, Edward A. "The Army of the Southwest and the Battle of Pea Ridge." In Military Essays and Recollections (MOLLUS, IL, Vol.
Pea Ridge p.2 Maury, Dabney H. "Recollections of the Elkhorn Campaign." Southern Hist Soc Papers 2 (1876): pp.
carlisle-www.army.mil /usamhi/Bibliographies/ReferenceBibliographies/CivilWar/battles/1862/west/PeaRidge.doc   (445 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge was the largest battle fought in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre.
With the South’s defeat at Pea Ridge, the Confederacy was never again able to seriously threaten the Union’s dominant control of Missouri.
Pea Ridge and the small round hill are impassable to all troop types.
homepages.paradise.net.nz /mcnelly/vb/scenarios/pea_ridge.htm   (583 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge --  Encyclopædia Britannica
The most important battle fought in the state was the battle of Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern) in 1862.
Two battles in the fall of 1777 that marked the turning point for the Continental Army in the American Revolution were the Battles of Saratoga.
The Battle of Marathon was a decisive victory for the Greeks during the Persian Wars.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9058848&query=fierce&ct=eb   (688 words)

 The Battle Of Pea Ridge
The battle at Pea Ridge was an interesting battle for lots of reasons.
The Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas saw nearly 25,000 men engage in desperate combat.
The commander of the Iowa troops was wounded and captured by the Rebels.
www.rogers-ben.com /bits/pearidge.htm   (911 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge
The battle of Pea Ridge, fought between March 6-8, 1862, was one of the most fiercest and decisive battles fought west of the Mississippi during the Civil War.
The ensuing battle of Pea Ridge was actually two battles fought by the two separate Confederates forces.
An outnumbered Union army had won an important and decisive victory which would later be called the "Battle that Saved Missouri for the Union," for after this decisive battle the state of Missouri would be controlled by the Union for the rest of the war.
www.cwbattlefields.com /virtualtours/pearidgebattle.html   (545 words)

 Battery B, 4th U.S. Light Artillery - The Battle of Pea Ridge
In early March, however, the retreating Confederates were reinforced to form the Army of the West (16,500 men, including 800 Cherokee Indians - MG Earl Van Dorn, overall commander of Confederate troops west of the Mississippi).
This decisive Union victory at Pea Ridge, the biggest battle west of the Mississippi, ended any serious Confederate threat to Missouri and opened Arkansas to Union operations.
Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, by James M. McPherson.
www.batteryb.com /battles/pea_ridge.html   (501 words)

 Pea Ridge National Military Park Ozark Civil War Arkansas Reenactments
The Battle: On March 7 & 8, 1862, the Federal Army of the Southwest, under the command of Brigadier General Samuel Ryan Curtis defeated the combined Confederate Army of the West commanded by Major General Earl Van Dorn.
Pea Ridge COULD have been a great Confederate victory.
The Confederate defeat at Pea Ridge, resulted from the complete lack of leadership on the Southern side.
www.ozarkmerchants.com /pea_ridge_park.html   (1006 words)

 Robert S. Groves' Telling of the BATTLE of ELK HORN TAVERN
On the morning on the 7th, the battle of Pea Ridge opened and continued all that day, we lying in line of battle through the night - the Rebels also in line.
Curtis directed the battle from a point, possibly, a quarter of a mile back of our fighting line looking north in a little hollow on the left of the state road.
There was one incident in the battle and it may be this did not often occur, the Dubuque Battery lost two of their guns in a desperate charge made by the Confederates.
flashpages.prodigy.net /castle96/groves.htm   (2502 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge
This study of the battle is based on research in archives from Connecticut to California, and includes a pioneering study of the terrain of the battlefield.
It also includes an examination of soldiers' personal experiences, the use of Native American troops, and the role of Pea Ridge in regional folklore.
This is the story of those dramatic 1862 campaigns, their ferocious battles, and the grim heroism that decided the outcome of the Civil War west of the Mississippi.
www.jennie-wade-house.com /battle-of-pea-ridge.htm   (473 words)

 Pea Ridge NMP: The Battle of Pea Ridge
On March 7 and 8, 1862, the Federal Army of the Southwest, under the command of Brigadier General Samuel Ryan Curtis defeated the combined Confederate Army of the West commanded by Major General Earl Van Dorn.
The battle would decide whether Missouri would remain in the Union or would join the Confederacy.
Along with the capture of Forts Henry and Donelson in Western Tennessee, the decisive Federal victory at Pea Ridge set in motion the Federal campaigns in the West that would lead to the eventual Northern victory in 1865.
www.nps.gov /peri/battle_intro.htm   (117 words)

 Definition of Battle of Pea Ridge
By the spring of 1862 Union Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis determined to pursue the Confederates back into Arkansas with his Army of the Southwest.
Battle Field of Pea Ridge, March 7, 1862
Battle Field of Pea Ridge, March 8, 1862
www.wordiq.com /definition/Battle_of_Pea_Ridge   (748 words)

 Barton/Para: The Battle of Pea Ridge
It is an Ozark variant of a song called "St. Clair's Defeat," about an Indian attack on Fort Jefferson in the Ohio country in 1791, and is said to have hung on the walls of many Ohio homes in the early 1800's.
Pea Ridge was not far from the Indian Territory, and the disorganized fighting by Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw Indians under Confederate Gen. Albert Pike is a legendary aspect of the battle.
But the number of Confederate casualties at Pea Ridge was nowhere near ten thousand; “Pap” Price was wounded, but not fatally; and it was Van Dorn who supposedly ordered the retreat of March 8 with tears in his eyes, not Price.
www.bartonpara.com /civilwar/jw/pearidge.htm   (548 words)

 Pea Ridge Military Park - Battle of Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge National Military Park preserves the site of an 1862 Civil War battle that gave the Union total control of Missouri and led directly to the federal occupation of Arkansas.
During the Battle of Pea Ridge, some 26,000 soldiers clashed during the two-day battle, with Confederates under Gen. Benjamin McCulloch and Union forces under Gen. Samuel R. Curtis.
center, museum, self-guided tours and a 2.5-mile segment of the "Trail of Tears." Pea Ridge is located northeast of Rogers, along U.S. www.nps.gov/peri/.
www.arkansas.com /state-federal-parks/national-federal-parks/pea-ridge.asp   (219 words)

 Elkhorn Tavern, Confederate Military History
If the whole battle could be described as he pictures the action of that brigade, it would stand revealed as in a photograph.
Those that remained of McCulloch's wing, after the battle of the 7th, followed the route taken the previous night by Price; and marching all night, a little before daylight on the morning of the 8th reached Van Dorn, and were disposed to the right and left of the line at Elkhorn tavern.
The battle was conducted upon a daring and masterly plan that would have proved a crushing victory over the Federals had McCulloch and Mcintosh lived to execute it on their part.
www.civilwarhome.com /CMHelkhorntavern.htm   (7032 words)

 Pea Ridge
Pea Ridge, chain of hills, NW Ark., where the Civil War battle of Pea Ridge (or Elkhorn Tavern) was fought Mar. 6–8, 1862.
Pea Ridge was the first decisive victory won by the Union army W of the Mississippi; not until Price's raid (1864) did the Confederates again try to carry the war to Missouri in force.
MINERALS OF THE Pea Ridge Mine, Washington County, Missouri.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0837982.html   (224 words)

 Battle of Pea Ridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
MARCH 6-8, 1862.--Battle of Pea Ridge, or Elkhorn Tavern, Ark.
March 6, about 2 o'clock p.m., I received your order to march the brigade from Sugar Creek back to your assistance, and immediately halted the regiments and the batteries on the road and marched them back on the double-quick about 3 miles, where I found you hotly pursued by the enemy.
I formed the Thirty- sixth Illinois in line of battle, and then, by your order, fell back slowly about 1 mile, where I reformed four companies in ambush and marched the other six companies I mile to the west and formed them in line.
members.aol.com /fkt4387/36inf/pear.htm   (686 words)

 [No title]
At that time of the morning, McCulloch should have been five miles farther east, massed along Pea Ridge in close communication with Price's army which was beginning to cannonade the Federals near Elkhorn Tavern.
Instead of attacking with two coordinated wings, Van Dorn was forced t fight two separate battles, one of them screened from his headquarters by hills and woods and too far away for any unity of direction.
At one time early in the fighting, confused Union artillerymen shelled their own troops, and Sigel was so dismayed by the way the battle was going that he was on the verge of advising Curtis to retreat or surrender.
www.angelfire.com /ia/fourth/pearidge1.html   (1968 words)

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