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Topic: Battle of Perryville

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Battle of Perryville
On October 8, 1862 the Union and Confederate armies were ready for battle near the town of Perryville.
The Battle of Perryville occurred over a terrain of gently rolling hills, sinkholes, and springs.
On the morning of the 8th Union troops west of Perryville skirmished with the Confederates for control of Doctor’s Fork Creek.
www.uky.edu /ArtsSciences/Geology/webdogs/civilwar/perryville.htm   (1069 words)

  GABBF - Important Civil War battlefield awaits visitors
PERRYVILLE --Visitors to the Great American Brass Band Festival interested in 19th century America and the Civil War are only a few miles from the most important battlefield in Kentucky.
The lands on which the Battle of Perryville was fought on Oct. 8, 1862, have been determined to be one of the most important battlefields in critical need of preservation by the American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service and the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission.
While the Confederate Army was the tactical victor in the Battle of Perryville, the Confederates abandoned the battlefield in the middle of the night after the battle.
www.gabbf.com /fguide/2000/battleofperryville.html   (708 words)

 Perryville reports
Perryville, Danville, and Harrodsburg occupy the vertices of an equilateral triangle, and are 10 miles apart.
The morning after the battle it was very early discovered that Bragg had retreated from his positions near Perryville and that his army had for the most part gone in the direction of Harrodsburg.
The battle of Shiloh, which occurred on the 6th and 7th of April, has been justly considered one of the most remarkable of the war, in regard to the numbers engaged, the reverses of the first day, and the success of the second.
www.aotc.net /perryv-rep.htm   (18756 words)

 Battle of Perryville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The battle began with a middle-of-the-night skirmish over a source of precious drinking water, and ended more or less by default with the onset of darkness and the retreat of the tactical victor, the Confederates.
On the fortieth anniversary of the battle in 1902, a Confederate monument was dedicated in the Confederate cemetery begun by Henry Bottom at the center of the field, and a smaller Federal memorial followed nearby in 1931.
The Perryville State Battlefield site was established in 1954 by the Kentucky State Conservation Commission, and a museum and visitor's center were opened near the monuments on the battle's hundredth anniversary in 1962.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Perryville   (2416 words)

 [No title]
Perryville, KY-Just a little over 139 years after the Battle of Perryville was fought, the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association (PBPA) has protected another 12 acres of battlefield land.
Fought on October 8, 1862, the Battle of Perryville was the largest engagement on Kentucky soil.
Perryville's historic Merchants' Row was built in the 1840s along the west bank of the Chaplin River.
www.battleofperryville.com /pbpa_news.html   (1437 words)

But after the battle of Perryville, dissatisfaction with its issue and the pursuit of the enemy, and a new disagreement in regard to the future operations of the army led to a second and final removal of General Buell from command.
AS the Army of the Ohio, moving from Bardstown, approached Perryville on the 7th of October, 1862, McCook's corps formed the left, Crittenden's the right, and mine-which was moving on the direct road by the way of Springfield, and was ahead of the others-the center.
Viewed from the Confederate stand-point, the battle of Perryville appears to have consisted of an attempt to turn to the left flank of the Union line, in which, for the distance of a thousand or twelve hundred yards, the assailants drove all before them.
www.aotc.net /Perryville.htm   (12897 words)

 Preserve America Community: Perryville, KY
Perryville, KY n the final days of the American Revolution, a group of settlers crossed the mountains of Virginia into the Bluegrass region of Kentucky and built a fort next to a spring and a cave.
In later years, the streets of Perryville were named after the commanding officers of the battle; Union names adorn the streets on the west side of the river, while those on the east side are named after their Confederate counterparts.
Perryville is a Certified Local Government and has received Save America's Treasures and transportation enhancement funding for local preservation.
www.preserveamerica.gov /11-24-04PAcommunity-perryvilleKY.html   (413 words)

 Field Artillery and Terrain in the American Civil War: The Battle of Perryv...
We examine the relationship between artillery and terrain, using an exemplar battle that was fought in the Bluegrass region of central Kentucky, the Battle of Perryville, which took place on October 8, 1862.
The Battle of Perryville was a battle between artillery batteries and for artillery positions; the battlefield comprised a diverse landscape, with dissected terrain, controlled by the local limestone geology.
We are not presenting a battle narrative, but an analysis of the battle from the perspective of the artillery batteries of the opposing armies.
www.x-cd.com /usma/prof5.html   (302 words)

 KET's Electronic Field Trip to Perryville   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Virginia Yankee at Perryville—On the night of October 7, 1862, the eve of the Battle of Perryville, three Union officers sat around a campfire earnestly discussing the odds of being wounded in battle.
The Battle of Wildcat Mountain was fought from the early afternoon of October 20 to the night of October 21, 1861.
The Battle of Sacramento details a battle fought in McLean County on December 28, 1861 that marked Nathan Bedford Forrest’s first combat.
www.ket.org /trips/perryville   (589 words)

 Kentucky Department of Parks - Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
On October 8, 1862, cannon explosions shattered the rural peace of this tranquil countryside and the death moans of young soldiers.
Perryville became the site of the most destructive Civil War battle in the state which left more than 6,000 killed, wounded or missing.
The park museum tells of the battle that was the South’s last serious attempt to gain possession of Kentucky.
parks.ky.gov /statehistoricsites/pb/index.htm   (142 words)

 History of the Battle of Perryville
Although the Rebel army whipped the Federal left, Bragg was forced to withdraw his outnumbered Southerners from the region and from the state, ending his invasion and dashing the hopes of a Confederate Kentucky.
The Battle of Perryville, which was the largest Civil War battle in the Commonwealth, killed and wounded more than 7,500 Union and Confederate troops.
While the Perryville hospitals closed on March 23, 1863, the last recorded death directly attributed to the battle was on June 30, 1863, more than eight months after the fight.
www.perryville.net /history.html   (1486 words)

 Amazon.ca: Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle: Books: Kenneth W. Noe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Perryville may not be one of the best-known Civil War battles, but its story is well worth telling.
It covers, besides the battle itself, all of Bragg's campaign in Kentucky, from the viewpoints of generals, soldiers, and civilians alike and his views are reasonable, unbiased, and well thought out.
I read Noe's "Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle" ("grand havoc of battle" is a quote from Sam Watkin's of the 1st Tennessee on his participation in the hottest fighting he ever faced from Shiloh to surrender)just before visiting the battlefield park.
www.amazon.ca /Perryville-This-Grand-Havoc-Battle/dp/0813122090   (1784 words)

 The Battle of Perryville 2002
The Battle of Perryville, fought Oct. 8, 1862, was -- at first -- a tactical victory for the Confederate troops under the leadership of Gen. Braxton Bragg.
In the actual battle, the 22nd Indiana Infantry Regiment lost nearly 70 percent of its men.
The fighting took place north of Perryville, but the dead and wounded from both sides were scattered across hundreds of acres.
home.att.net /~spmckee/star_kyperryville.htm   (388 words)

 Civil War Battle History of Perryville, Kentucky
Perhaps the difference is an indication of what a person notices in battle depending on whether his side is winning or losing; or perhaps it is due to the different viewpoints of a commander directing the battle from a distance or a lower-rank officer enduring it up-close.
The aftermath of Perryville proved to be as ghastly a reminder of the value of peace as did the battle itself.
The reactions first-hand participants had to the Battle of Perryville, and to the war in general, demonstrated that though responses varied, they all seemed to be based in the most fundamental aspects of the human character.
www.civilwar.org /historyclassroom/hc_perryvillehist2.htm   (3027 words)

 Amazon.com: Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle: Books: Kenneth W. Noe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
With Perryville being home to me all my life, my interest is of course more personal, but civil war history has always intrigued both my brother and I, who have always taken in the re-enactment of the Battle of Perryville since we were kids.
The Battle of Perryville is probably one of the least understood battles of the civil war.
While battles like Gettysberg and Shiloh are better known, Perryville was one of the biggest turning points in the war and certainly for Kentucky, as it was truly the Confederacy's last effort at winning the state.
www.amazon.com /Perryville-This-Grand-Havoc-Battle/dp/0813122090   (2548 words)

The Battle of Perryville, long neglected before the appearance of this volume and with its own military ambiguities, would determine the Commonwealth's fate.
This battle, sometimes known as Chaplin Hills, occurred on 8 October 1862 in the wake of the Battle of Antietam and the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation's issuance.
The battle account, as well as the rendition of the campaign framework, is quite detailed and based on exhaustive research.
www.ess.uwe.ac.uk /genocide/reviewsw186.htm   (989 words)

 Centre College Encyclopedia - Battle of Perryville
Bragg was forced to withdraw his outnumbered army from the region and from the state, ending his invasion and dashing the hopes of a Confederate Kentucky.
The Battle of Perryville, which was the largest Civil War battle in the state, killed and wounded more than 7,500 Union and Confederate troops.
The Confederates’ failure to attain a decisive victory kept Kentucky in Union hands for the remainder of the war, influenced northern Congressional elections, and gave President Lincoln the political acumen needed to issue a preliminary version of the Emancipation Proclamation.
www.centre.edu /web/library/ency/p/perryville.html   (533 words)

 Perryville, Ky., Battlefield Association Adds 12 Acres   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Now, just a little over 139 years after the Battle of Perryville was fought, nearly 500 acres are protected at the site of Kentucky's largest Civil War battle.
According to Auburn University professor Dr. Kenneth Noe, author of the new Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle, the intersection was nothing less than the key position on the field that day, as well as the scene of the battle's violent climax.
More than 7,500 soldiers were killed and wounded, and the battle kept Kentucky in Union hands for the remainder of the war.
www.civilwarnews.com /archive/articles/perryville.htm   (467 words)

While the Battle of Perryville remains largely unknown to the general public and many historians, the conflict proves significant to Civil War history for several reasons.
Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle, Noe begins with a short overview of Kentucky’s stand, or lack there of, in the Civil War and the disastrous result attempts at neutrality had for the state.
Noe’s narrative of Perryville is particularly valuable as he considers the aftermath of the battlefield for citizens forced to reconstruct their community.
personal.tcu.edu /~SWOODWORTH/Perryville.htm   (738 words)

 Perryville, Kentucky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Perryville is a city in Boyle County, Kentucky, United States.
In October, 1862, the fields west of town were the site of the Battle of Perryville, an important encounter in the American Civil War that ended the Kentucky Campaign of Confederate generals Braxton Bragg and Edmund Kirby Smith.
The battleground of the Battle of Perryville is preserved as a state park, and is the site of an American Civil War reenactment of the battle every year.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Perryville,_Kentucky   (406 words)

 KY:Historical Society - Historical Marker Database - Search for Markers
General Buell, headquarters at the Dorsey house on Springfield road, was not aware that the battle was in progress until 4:00 p.m., too late to have Crittenden’s corps, along Lebanon road, pivot around in an attempt to envelop the enemy forces.
McCook in Battle of Perryville, Oct. 8, 1862.
James S. Jackson, USA, killed in the battle of Perryville on Oct. 8, 1862, is buried in south end of cemetery.
kentucky.gov /kyhs/hmdb/MarkerSearch.aspx?mode=Subject&subject=169   (2505 words)

 ILGenWeb - Civil War Battles/Campaigns - Illinois Regiments in the Battle of Perryville
In the aftermath of the battle, the Confederates returned to Tennessee with the vast supplies they captured, somewhat disheartened by the lukewarm reception they got from the natives of their "sister" state.
Just prior to the battle of Perryville, orders arrived for General George Thomas to take command from Buell, but he asked that the orders be postponed as they were on the eve of a battle.
The Army of the Ohio was redesignated the Twelfth Army Corps and was later known for the remainder of the war as the Army of the Cumberland.
www.rootsweb.com /~ilcivilw/battles/perryv.htm   (551 words)

 The Battle of Perryville
To the South of the field represented a large force on Union troops was bluffed into immobility by 2500 Confederate cavalry, a feat that most wargamers would like to achieve but which would require excellent fog-of-war rules or a stupid opponent in order to carry it off.
The Union centre corps under Gilbert was slow to react to the Confederate assault on the Union left as it was unaware of the extent of Confederate forces to its front.
In addition to this Buell’s inability to hear the battle meant that the Union force lacked overall coordination.
www.btinternet.com /~alan.catherine/wargames/perryv.htm   (1045 words)

 The Battle of Perryville
The Battle of Perryville marked the end of the Confederacy in Kentucky.
When the battle was over and the Armies from both sides had left, volunteers from the town of Perryville got together and gave the Confederate soldiers a proper burial.
The road this house is on was used as the main road to the battle.
www.angelfire.com /ky3/myoldkentuckyghosts/Perryville.html   (876 words)

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