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Topic: Battle of Rennell Island

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  Task Force 16
The task force's first mission was to shell Wake Island and Marcus Island, then, joined by Hornet (CV-8) and the rest of TF 18[?], in April the force conducted the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo.
In August, the task force supported the landings on Guadalcanal, then fought in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, followed by the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands[?] in October, the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal[?] in November, and covered the retreat of TF 18[?] after the Battle of Rennell Island[?].
In March 1943, TG 16.6 fought the Battle of the Komandorski Islands[?], then bombarded Attu in April, and the whole force supported the recapture of the Aleutians[?].
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ta/Task_Force_16.html   (255 words)

Battle of the Komandorski Islands is fought between a task group comprising 2 cruisers and 4 destroyers (Rear Adm. C.
Battle of Kula Gulf is fought in the darkness as a task group consisting of 3 cruisers and 4 destroyers (Rear Adm. W.
Battle of Kolombangara is fought in the darkness off Kolombangara, Solomon Islands, as a task force, consisting of 3 cruisers and 10 destroyers (Rear Adm. W.
www.rtcol.com /~weshortz/history/hist43.htm   (2368 words)

 Battle of Rennell Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Battle of Rennell Island (Japanese: レンネル島沖海戦) took place on January 29–30, 1943, and was the last major naval engagement between the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the lengthy Battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands campaign during World War II.
The battle took place in the South Pacific between Rennell Island and Guadalcanal in the southern Solomon Islands.
Battle of Rennell Island: Setback in the Solomons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Rennell_Island   (2597 words)

 Battle Island Japanese Naval Solomon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Battle of Savo Island - The Battle of Savo Island, also known as the First Battle of Savo Island and, in Japanese sources, as the First Battle of the Solomon Sea (第一次ソロモン海戦), took place August 8-9, 1942, and was a naval battle...
Battle of Rennell Island - The Battle of Rennell Island (レンネル島沗海戦) took place on January 29–30, 1943, and was the last major naval engagement between the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the lengthy Battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon...
Battle of Cape Esperance - The Battle of Cape Esperance, also known as the Second Battle of Savo Island and, in Japanese sources, as the Sea Battle of Savo Island (サボ島沗海戦) took place October 11-12, 1942, and was a naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, between Imperial...
ki12.globalforum2001.com /battleislandjapanesenavalsolomon.html   (1095 words)

The Japanese destroyer Oshio and a patrol vessel are sunk by the submarine USS Albacore (SS-218) north of Manus in the Admiralty Islands.
The submarine USS Mingo (SS-261) bombards Sorol Island in the Carolines.
Army troops are landed on Arundel Island in the Solomons.
www.blountweb.com /blountcountymilitary/wars/ww2/timelines/1943_ww2.htm   (9086 words)

 WW2DB: Solomons Campaign
In his usual tendency to devise complex battle plans, Yamamoto sent the light carrier Ryujo ahead of the rest of the fleet on a bait role, sending her planes to attack Guadalcanal, thus drawing attention from the American pilots; meanwhile, the aircraft from the two fleet carriers would charge in to attack the American counterparts.
During the battle, American destroyer Porter was lost, and destroyer Smith's superstructure was damaged from a suicide attack from a torpedo bomber.
Rabaul on the island of New Britain in the Bismarck Archipelago was the stronghold of Japanese defense near the Solomon Islands and New Guinea.
www.ww2db.com /battle_spec.php?battle_id=8   (6876 words)

 The Battle of Rennell Island, by Philipp H. Jacobsen
The Battle of Rennell Island, by Philipp H. Jacobsen
He was Attorney General for the Territory of Guam and is on the staff of "Cryptolog", the newsletter for the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association.
The interaction between Operation KE, the Japanese evacuation of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Rennell Island begins in Tokyo on December 26, 1942 when the Imperial General Headquarters agreed on the withdrawal of all troops on Guadalcanal.
www.microworks.net /pacific/battles/rennell_island.htm   (1171 words)

 A Railroader Goes To War - Chronology of World War II - 1943   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Japanese cruiser and 22 destroyers en route to evacuate troops from Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, are attacked by aircraft from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal; 4 enemy destroyers are damaged.
Japanese force of 18 destroyers en route to Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, to evacuate troops is attacked by aircraft from Henderson Field, Guadalcanal; 2 enemy destroyers are damaged.
Battle of the Bismarck Sea (2-5 March) opens as United States Army and Australian aircraft bomb 8 Japanese transports escorted by 8 destroyers in Bismarck Sea en route to Lae, New Guinea.
www.ww2diary.com /chr43.html   (8362 words)

 TheHistoryNet | World War II | Battle of Rennell Island: Setback in the Solomons
The action began unfolding in late January, when American aerial reconnaissance spotted indications of a Japanese buildup at their major port of Rabaul, on the island of New Britain, and at Buin, on the island of Bougainville.
He had battled German U-boats in the Atlantic Ocean and led forces in North African waters, but he had never served in the Pacific, where air assaults on ships at sea were far more common.
Giffen came from the old school of naval leadership and was a favorite of Admiral Ernest J. King, commander in chief of the U.S. Fleet and chief of naval operations.
www.historynet.com /magazines/world_war_2/3026046.html   (1204 words)

 USS La Vallette (DD-448) — The Battle of Rennell Island
Lt.(jg) (later Capt.) Chuck Witten, USN (Ret.) was La Vallette’s radar officer, navigator and “C” division officer in 1943, with a battle station in secondary gun control.
We were lounging around the wardroom in our battle clothes waiting for evening GQ to go as it did every evening from just before sunset until complete dark set in.
Thus ended what became known as the Battle of Rennell Island.
www.destroyerhistory.org /fletcherclass/usslavallette/witten.html   (1561 words)

 SIXTY YEARS AGO ... January - February 1943   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Since it is already May, we decided that, rather than do an in-depth article covering a particular battle, we would do an overview of the events that transpired during the first five months of 1943.
The Battle of Stalingrad is generally considered to be the turning point in the war against Hitler.
During the battle, the Americans suffered heavy losses - 1,000 dead, hundreds taken prisoner and the destruction of most of their heavy armor.
www.american-partisan.com /cols/2003/ww2/qtr2/0513.htm   (1201 words)

 Rennell Island: January 29-30, 1943
Chicago was stationed in the Pacific in 1932, where she served for all but a few months in 1934, when she operated in the Caribbean and along the east coast.
As dusk closed in and TF 18's CAP retired to their carriers, Giffen's fast-moving force was under observation both by enemy aircraft and submarines.
In their efforts to hold the island, Japan lost two battleships, a small carrier, four cruisers, 11 destroyers, and more than 23,000 men.
www.cv6.org /1943/rennell/default.htm   (1959 words)

 USS Oakland CL-95 History 1943
Island, Calif.; first ship of this type to be placed in commission.
Battle of Rennell Island (29-30 January) commences as cruiser and
Japanese naval vessels sunk, Battle of Empress Augusta
www.rtcol.com /~oakland/hist43.html   (1853 words)

 USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association
Her first mission in the consolidation of the Solomon Islands was with TF 18 to guard a troop convoy to Guadalcanal from 27 to 31 January, Cleveland fired on the enemy as she came under heavy air attack in the Battle of Rennell Island on the 29th and 30th.
Her task force steamed to blast Buka and Bonis on 1 November in support of the troops invading Bougainville, dashed south the same day to neutralize bases in the Shortlands, and that night intercepted a Japanese force off Empress Augusta Bay in the action which was to win her a Navy Unit Commendation.
She conducted softening-up bombardments and then gave fire support for invading troops until she joined TF 58 for the Battle of the Philippine Sea on 19 and 20 June.
www.cl55.org /history.htm   (863 words)

 Cruisers Descriptions, Pacific War, 1942
Japanese aircraft attacked the force and the Battle of Rennell Island was underway.
She fought in the Battle of Coral Sea, Midway, Battle of Eastern Solomons, Battle of Tassafaronga, where her bow, 1/5 of her length, was ripped off by a torpedo.
For the remainder of the war, she patrolled the waters of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and made periodic sweeps of the Kuril Islands.
www.ww2pacific.com /ships2.html   (2238 words)

She reached Tulagi the 14th, and tot/owing the night battleship battle 14 to 15 November, she crossed Ironbottom Sound and for the better part of an hour blasted tour beached enemy transports north of Tassafaronga with 5 - inch rapid fire.
During the Battle of Rennell Island, 29 to 30 January 1943, the screened escort carriers of TF 18.
She sortied with TF 52 on 22 January 1944, and on the 30th participated in heavy bombardment of enemy installations on Taroa Island, Maloelap Atoll.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/Base/1250/meade.html   (1244 words)

 Thunder of the Guns: Battles of the Pacific War
The most extensive and intensive succession of naval battles together formed the Pacific War of 1941 -- 1945.
All five carrier battles of history were fought in it; the largest naval battle in history was fought here, as was the first battle in which opposing surface forces never saw each other.
The greatest series of night battles was fought in the two years it took the U.S. to capture the Solomons.
www.microworks.net /pacific/Battles   (145 words)

 Learn more about USS Chicago in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The first Chicago (CA-14) was a protected cruiser launched in 1885 and active in World War I, later converted to a seaplane tender and then a barracks ship, finalled being renamed Alton in 1935 and lost at sea while under tow the following year.
The second Chicago (CA-29) was a heavy cruiser commissioned 1931 and active in World War II, until lost at the Battle of Rennell Island in January 1943.
The third Chicago (CA-136) was also a heavy cruiser commissioned 1945 and later converted to a guided missile cruiser.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /u/us/uss_chicago.html   (225 words)

 The FReeper Foxhole Remembers the Battle of Rennell Island (1/29-30/1943) - June 9th, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Battle of Rennell Island was not one of the war's conclusive encounters in the Pacific.
The Battle of Savo Island—the first naval battle for Guadalcanal—saw the destruction of the cruisers HMAS Canberra, USS Astoria, and Quincy, and the destroyer USS Jarvis.
Nonetheless, the Japanese failed to capitalize on their victory, and the Americans dug in for the six-month struggle for control of the island, the first bit of territory to be wrested from the Japanese.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-vetscor/1419311/posts   (7551 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
She participated in the Battle off Rennell Island, the last of the seven naval battles for Guadalcanal.
There she fought the Japanese with another Northampton Class Cruiser, USS Chicago which was lost in that battle.
USS Louisville went on to fight in the Aleutians and in the Central Pacific.
www.yankeemodelworks.com /ca28.htm   (190 words)

 Magazine Articles on History (931-940)
First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Like weary boxers, the opposing forces slugged it out with one another in Ironbottom Sound.
Turning Point in the Pacific The Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal spelled the difference between victory and defeat for the United States in the Pacific war.
Battle of Rennell Island: Setback in the Solomons The tactical judgment of Admiral Robert C. Giffen may have contributed to the loss of the cruiser USS Chicago.
www.magportal.com /c/soc/hist/old.php3/94   (374 words)

 Nello D'Annunnzio, USS Chevalier, DD-451, USN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
On 27 January she sortied with TF 18 to cover the movement of troop transports to Guadalcanal.
On 29 and 30 January Chevalier joined in protective antiaircraft fire as her force came under intensive Japanese air attack in the Battle of Rennell Island.
After firing half of their torpedoes and scoring several hits with gunfire, the group continued to steam into the line of fire of enemy torpedoes in order to keep their own guns bearing.
members.aol.com /famjustin/DAnnunnziobio.html   (729 words)

 USS La Vallette (DD-448) — First Person
Two accounts—by Chuck Witten and Jack Wilkes—of the Battle of Rennell Island, 29 January 1943 and the air attack the next day, in which cruiser Chicago was sunk and La Vallette, screening her, sustained damage from an enemy aerial torpedo that sent her back to the states for repairs, and
The diary of Dow “Doc” Ransom, M.D. La Vallette’s medical doctor from 16 July 1943 and her return to sea until she was mined and made her way back to the west coast again, 30 May 1945.
Sinking the Chevalier, George Eisenberg’s recollection of speeding to the scene of the Battle of Vella Lavella, torpedoing the stricken Chevalier and retiring as enemy bombers approached, 6–7 October 1943.
www.destroyerhistory.org /fletcherclass/usslavallette/first_person.html   (152 words)

 USS Chicago CA-29 Heavy Battle Cruiser History Photo Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Fleet was based on the west coast thereafter and, until 1934, operated in the Pacific, from Alaska to the Canal Zone and the Hawaiian Islands.
Between 7 and 9 August, she supported the initial landings on Guadalcanal and others of the Solomon Islands, beginning America's powerful counteroffensive from the sea that was to crush Japan.
Hit by a Japanese destroyer torpedo, Chicago fought damage while continuing to engage until contest with the enemy was lost.
www.adamsonarts.com /nuckolsarchive/uss_chicago.html   (727 words)

 Tom's Naval Page
It was torpedoed during W.W. II on 8-9 Aug 1942 (Battle of Savo Island) of which I have no
It was sunk by Japanese aircraft (Betty's from Rabaul) with aerial torpedoes in the Battle
Battle of Rennell Island, (south of Guadalcanal), 29-30 Jan 1943
pirtle.org /navy.html   (448 words)

 Japanese Bomber "Betty"
This led to its receiving the derisive nicknames "the One-Shot Lighter" and " the Flying Cigar." Despite its range and speed, it was therefore - not surprisingly - unpopular with its crews.
This action - sometimes known as "The Battle of the Gulf of Siam" - is more often referred to as "The Destruction of Force Z."
These were put into effect on the night of 29/30 January 1943 in the Battle of Rennell Island, in which Betties torpedoed and sank the heavy cruiser Chicago.
www.ussessexcv9.org /Bravepages/betty.html   (633 words)

 ModelWarships review
The Wichita then sailed for the Pacific to help hold the line in the South Pacific where ship losses had been heavy.
She was at the Battle of Rennell Island where another heavy cruiser, the Chicago was lost.
She operated in the Aleutians until August of 1943 when she reported to the Puget Sound Navy yard for a major refit.
www.modelwarships.com /reviews/ships/ca/ca-45/700-cw/cw-wichita.html   (606 words)

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