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Topic: Battle of Uji

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  Battle of Uji (1180) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first battle of Uji is famous and important for having opened the Genpei War.
In early 1180, Prince Mochihito, the Minamoto Clan's favored claimant to the Imperial Throne, was chased by Taira forces to the Mii-dera, a temple just outside Kyoto.
They crossed the Uji River, just outside the Byodoin, and tore up the planks of the bridge behind them to prevent the Taira following them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Uji_(1180)   (332 words)

 Uji, Kyoto - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Uji (Japanese: 宇治市; -shi) is a city on the southern outskirts of the city of Kyoto, in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
In the 4th century the son of Emperor Ojin established a palace in Uji.
As of 2003, the city has an estimated population of 188,660, making it the largest city in Kyoto Prefecture apart from Kyoto itself and the density of 2,793 persons per km².
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Uji   (412 words)

 Battle of Uji (1221) Information
The third battle at the Uji River was the primary battle of the Jōkyū War in Japan.
As had happened twice before (see Battle of Uji), the bridge over the Uji-gawa proved to be a tactically crucial entryway into Kyoto, and highly defensible; but, as before, it was ultimately not defensible enough and the attackers crossed the river and killed their enemies.
The main battle was at Uji, just outside Kyōto; this was the third battle to be fought there in less than half a century.
11713.cipka.ogarnij.net /en/Bell+Laboratories+General+Purpose+Relay+Calculator   (6524 words)

 Battle of Uji (1184) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1st Uji – Nara – Ishibashiyama – Fujigawa – Sunomata – Yahagigawa – Hiuchi – Kurikara – Shinohara – Mizushima – Fukuryūji – Muroyama – Hōjūjidono –
However, his cousins caught up with him soon afterwards, following him across the Bridge over the Uji, which he tore up to impair their crossing, in an ironic reversal of the first Battle of the Uji, only four years earlier.
Much as the Taira did four years ago, Minamoto no Yoshitsune led his horsemen across the river, and defeated Yoshinaka, and pursued him away from the capital.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Uji_(1184)   (204 words)

 JAANUS / Ujigawa no kassen 宇治川の合戦   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Both battles are recounted in HEIKE MONOGATARI 平家物語 (The Tale of The Heike), and GENPEI SEISUIKI 源平盛衰記 (The Rise and Fall of The Genji and The Heike), 1) Also known as the "Battle at the Uji Bridge" Ujibashi no tatakai 宇治橋の戦い.
The "Battle of the Bridge" was illustrated both as one part of the screens of Genpei battles, and as the sole subject of works such as the anonymous Ujibashi kassen byoubu 宇治橋合戦屏風, and *ukiyo-e 浮世絵 prints.
During the 1183 battle, Genji warriors Sasaki Takatsuna 佐々木高綱 (b/d dates unknown) and Kajiwara Kagesue 梶原景李 (1162-1200) riding Yoritomo's 頼朝 famous horses Ikezuki 生ずき and Surusumi 磨墨, led the combined Minamoto forces across the flooded Uji river.
www.aisf.or.jp /~jaanus/deta/u/ujigawanokassen.htm   (330 words)

 Genpei War
The ensuing battle took place just outside Kyoto and is called the first Battle of Uji.
1180 First Battle of Uji - regarded as the first battle in the Genpei Wars, the monks of the Byodoin fight alongside Minamoto no Yorimasa.
1184 Second Battle of Uji - In response to Minamoto no Yoshinaka's inappropriate behavior, his cousin Minamoto no Yoshitsune is obliged to attack him.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/g/ge/genpei_war.html   (517 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The clash of battle once more filled the air, followed moments later by the screams of the wounded and dying.
Uji quickly made up his mind, and soon the press room was empty once more.
Uji blinked as he got his first glimpse of the battleground.
studentweb.tulane.edu /~anowack/sogr/ch09rev2.txt   (6416 words)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Uji (Japanese: 宇治市, Uji-shi) is a city on the southern outskirts of the city of Kyoto, in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
As of 2003, Uji has an estimated population of 188,660, making it the largest city in Kyoto Prefecture apart from the city of Kyoto.
Uji as an area gained notoriety for its position between the two ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Uji   (384 words)

 HAVOC 20 PEL - Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm
Battle Mechs are 30 meter high robots armed with guns, lasers and missiles.
Historically, the battle resulted in a lackadaisical long-range artillery duel between the two squadrons, with neither side keen to engage the other closely.
British convoy in the Mediterranean is attacked by surface forces in a night battle.
havoc.battlegroupboston.org /H20PELHTML/PEL300.html   (619 words)

 battle of uji (1180) - Article and Reference from OnPedia.com
The First Battle of Uji is famous & important for having opened the Gempei Wars.
In early 1180, Prince Mochihito, the Minamoto Clan's favored claimant to the Imperial Throne, was chased by Taira forces to the Miidera temple, just outside Kyoto.
They crossed the Uji River, just outside the Byodoin temple, and tore up the planks of the bridge behind them, to prevent the Taira following them.
www.onpedia.com /encyclopedia/battle-of-uji-(1180)   (237 words)

 ospreysamurai.com - Knights and Samurai
At the second battle of Uji in 1184 two samurai vied for the honour of being the first to swim his horse across the river and into action, which one won by telling the other that his saddle girth was loose.
The result of these different traditions was that the battle of Cerignola in 1503, where volleys of European arquebuses pierced knightly armour for the first time, was effectively a repeat of the Crécy and Agincourt experience using stronger weapons of offence and defence.
However, the battle of Nagashino in 1575, which was Japan's Cerignola, was far more of a radical change because mounted samurai had never had to contend with any sort of missile volleys.
www.ospreysamurai.com /knights.html   (2148 words)

 Uji   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
At the battle of Uji Bridge, the small Genji force was defeated and the prince killed.
The current Uji Bridge is made of concrete and wood but based on original designs.
The belfry at Mimuroto-ji temple is associated with Ukifune in The Tale of Genji.
www.taleofgenji.org /uji.html   (181 words)

 Guess The War : Trivia Questions, Quizzes, Facts
The Battle of the Nile, the Battle of Radzyn, and the Battle of Aspern-Essling.
The Battle of Uji, the Battle of Dan-no-ura, and the Battle of Muroyama were all fought during this war.
The Battle of Ap Bac, the Battle of Dak To, and the Battle of Hamburger Hill.
www.123facts.com /play-quiz/Guess-The-War-377.html   (251 words)

The ensuing Battle of Uji took place just outside Kyoto, starting a five-year long war, concluding with a decisive Minamoto victory in the naval Battle of Dan-no-ura.
Leaving Izu Province, heading for the Hakone Pass, he was defeated by the Taira in the battle of Ishibashiyama.
Yada Yoshiyasu (矢田 義康), vassal of Yoshinaka and commander of Minamoto forces at the battle of Mizushima.
www.greatbigjackpot.com /wiki/?title=Genpei_War   (2912 words)

 Uji, Kyoto
''']] '''Uji''' (Japanese languageJapanese: and#23431;and#27835;and#24066;; -shi) is a cities of Japancity on the southern outskirts of the city of Kyoto, KyotoKyoto, in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
As of 2003, Uji has an estimated population of 188,660, making it the largest city in Kyoto Prefecture apart from the city of Kyoto, KyotoKyoto.
Uji has an area of 67.55 kmandsup2;, giving it a population densitydensity of 2,793 persons per square kilometerkmandsup2;.
www.territoriopc.com /eng/uji__kyoto.php   (349 words)

 Arts and Designs of Japan: About Yoshitsune
One of the early battles, at Ishibashiyama, is the subject of #15.
At the Battle of Awazugahara, Yoshinaka was killed (#13).
His wife Tomoe Gozen accompanied her husband into his battles and she is pictured with some of his loyal retainers in #33.
www.artsanddesignsjapan.com /yoshitsune.php   (1427 words)

 The Age of the Samurai - Gempei Wars 1180-1185
It was a series of battles fought for the control of the imperial court and the ultimate victors were the Minamoto who annihilated the Taira and established their clan head, Yoritomo, as shogun and consigning the emperor to nothing more than a symbolic role until the mid-19th century.
After losing the battle of Ishibashiyama he withdrew to Kamakura where he established a military base and sent his capable generals out to fight the war, which was wise considering his poor grasp of military matters.
The ensuing naval battle was one of the most decisive in Japanese history and began with a long range archery duel.
www.taots.co.uk /content/view/36/30   (1711 words)

 Kajiwara Kagetoki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
He initially opposed Minamoto Yoritomo during the Gempei War and was present alongside Oba Kagechika at the Battle of Ishibashiyama.
He fought at the Battle of Ichi no Tani (1184) and was afterwards active with administrative affairs; he is said to have clashed with Minamoto Yoshitsune prior to the Battle of Yashima over tactical issues, and again immediately before the Battle of Dan no Ura.
His sons included Kagesue (one of the first to fight at the Battle of the Uji in 1184), Kagetaka, and Kageie.
www.samurai-archives.com /kagetoki.html   (284 words)

 Bataille d'Uji (1180) - Wikipedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Uji, juste en dehors de Kyōto, et le temple du Byōdō-in
)]] — Nara — Ishibashiyama — Fujigawa — Sunomata — Yahagigawa — Hiuchi — Kurikara — Shinohara — Mizushima — Fukuryūji — Muroyama — Hōjūjiden — Uji (2
Ils traversèrent la rivière Uji juste au sud du Byōdō-in, et détruisirent le pont derrière eux pour empêcher les Taira de les suivre.
wikipedia.angenault.net /index.php/Bataille_d%27Uji_%281180%29   (485 words)

 Gempei War
While Mochihito would be killed in June and Minamoto Yorimasa crushed at the Battle of the Uji, a fire had been set.
Somewhat earlier, Yoritomo's uncle Yukiie had taken the field and was to suffer defeat at the hands of Taira Tomomori at the Battle of Sunomata in Mino Province (March 1181).
In a sense, the specifics of the Gempei War - the battles, armies, and tactics - were secondary to the political arena.
www.samurai-archives.com /Gempeiwar.html   (3906 words)

 Samurai vs Knight - China History Forum, chinese history forum
The result was that although Japanese battles in the Warring States Period were won through a skilful if unglamorous combination of samurai, foot soldiers and artillery, it was nostalgia and an appeal to precedent that still ruled supreme in the samurai mind.
Their purpose was to increase their zeal for fighting by knowledge of the impossibility of flight.' At the siege of Chokoji in 1570 Shibata Katsuie deliberately smashed all the water storage jars before leading his men in a desperate sally out of the castle that succeeded in driving the enemy away.
The triumph of the Tokugawa family at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 eventually led to over two centuries of peace, but it was peace enforced by a totalitarian regime that closed its doors to European contact from 1639 onwards.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=7261   (13841 words)

 [L5R-CCG] rules for 1 March 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
If there is nothing in the card's grammar that refers to other cards in that Personality's army, or to cards in the opposing army, or to "this battle" or "this Province", that Personality himself does not need to be in the battle every time.
Can he take his battle action of >discarding a card to force you to discard one if he is not in >the battle.
Maru's action is guaranteed to meet Relevance if all possible targets for her bowing effect are in the current battle, so her action is legal even though she hasn't actually done so yet.
www.alderac.com /pipermail/l5r-ccg_alderac.com/2004-March/022402.html   (2989 words)

 [No title]
Battle: This Personality issues an unrefusable challenge to an opposing Personality with 0 Personal Honor.
Uji has Double Chi while opposing a Shadowlands Personality in a duel.
Battle: Bow Uji to send his unit and an opposing unit home bowed.
l5rshop.com /db/deckproxies.cgi?deck_id=2566   (123 words)

 Ospreysamurai.com - The samurai way of death
After the battle of Yamazaki in 1582 Akechi Mitsutoshi performed the unprecedented act of committing seppuku and writing a poem on the door with the blood from his abdomen, using a brush.
Once Nitta Yoshisada’s troops were in the city the battle became a fierce hand-to-hand struggle among the burning houses, while the Hojo forces were torn between holding the passes and resisting the new advance round the cape.
When the battle was seen to be lost, the Hojo family and their closest retainers decided to die like true samurai, and the Taiheiki has preserved the gory record of their departure.
www.ospreysamurai.com /samurai_death02.htm   (5672 words)

 The Samurai: A Brief History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The clans who battled the emishi did so in part (we can assume) in the hopes of securing sizable rewards of land in the newly colonized areas, and to maintain these in the face of emishi resistance, arms would need to be kept.
Outright battles between the Enryakuji and Mii-dera were common during the later Heian Period, and saw the later burned to the ground numerous times.
The Minamoto headquarters were assaulted, and after a stiff battle Yoshitomo was forced to flee the capital and headed eastward.
members.tripod.com /epathy/id217.htm   (13047 words)

 Mimiru.Net - Fanfiction - Sailor Moon - Shades of Gray
Sachiko smiled at Uji as she swiped her ID card through the electronic lock on the press room.
Uji hastened over to her side, only to halt as the music came to a sudden stop.
Uji was in a state of mild shock.
www.mimiru.net /fanfic/sog/ch09.html   (6058 words)

 Gochin_no_Tajima   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Gochin no Tajima From Sterwiki Missing imageGochin_no_Tajima.jpg An ivory statuette of Tajima the arrow-cutter Gochin no Tajima, called Tajima the arrow-cutter, was a warrior monk from Miidera who fought alongside the Minamoto Clan forces, and many of his fellow Miidera monks at the Battle of Uji in 1180.
The bridge over the Uji River was torn up by Tajima's fellow sohei, but the attacking Taira forces were still firing arrows, and were still threatening to cross the river.
Tajima is said to have stood upon the bridge and, spinning his naginata, deflected many if not most of the arrows that came his way.
www.news-from-newspapers.com /en/Wikipedia.org/2004/12/29/Gochin_no_Tajima.html   (197 words)

MK-33, Ujigawa-no Tatakai (The battle at Uji River).This battle is also known as "The Race at Ujigawa" in 1183, a race between Sasaki Takatsuna and Kajiwara Kagesue who would be first to cross Uji River to fight the enemy, the force of Heike Hei Dynasty) The design shows one of them crossing the river.
This battle made the situation between Genke (Gen dynasty) and Heike reversed and Genke destroyed Heike in 1185.
MK-33, Ujigawa-no Tatakai (The battle at Uji River)
www.danitrio.com /mikado/ko.htm   (186 words)

 Notes for Tale of Heike, Chapter 9
This chapter includes one of the most famous battles of the tale, that of Ichi-no-tani, and also one of its most famous sections, the one recounting the death of Atsumori.
9-[2] The First Man Across the Uji River — This section continues with the competition between the two owners of the fine horses given them by Yoritomo, as they seek to be the first to cross Uji River in an attack on Yoshinaka.
9-[8] The Battle at Mikusa — A night attack by the Minamoto, lit by burning the houses of local farmers.
www.sonic.net /~tabine/Heike/Heikechpt09.html   (2372 words)

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