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Topic: Battlebowl

In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Battlebowl (battle royal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Battlebowl was a match type in World Championship Wrestling.
What made the Battlebowl unique was using two rings standing side-by-side and the way the Battlebowl participants were determined.
WCW Battlebowl had eight Lethal Lottery matches and 16 Battlebowl competitors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battlebowl_(battle_royal)   (535 words)

 Battlebowl (battle royal) - WikiLeasing.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
What made the Battlebowl unique was using two rings standing side-by-side and the way the BBattlebowl participants were determined.
This Battlebowl match was the only Battlebowl match to use rwo rings.
The Great Muta eon the Battlebowl.In 1993, WCW separated Battlebowl from Starrcade and presented a one-time pay per view event entirely devoted to the Battlebowl and Lethal Lottery matches.
www.wikileasing.com /63/Battlebowl__battle_royal_.html   (457 words)

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - ROH Battlebowl of Honor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
I know this idea has been passed around, but it would be awesome if ROH did their own version of Battlebowl.
It's made up of tag team matches in which the partners were drawn in a "Lethal Lottery" and a team had to work together to advance to the Battlebowl Battle Royal.
And yeah, it's a pretty cool concept, but I think ROH are doing fine at the moment without having to resort to gimmick shows.
rohwrestling.com /messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=27685   (554 words)

 BODYSLAMMIN' 4EVER - Other NWA/WCW Supercards
BattleBowl Match #3: The Shockmaster and Paul Orndorff defeated Steven Regal and Ricky Steamboat (12:26) when Shockmaster pinned Regal....
BattleBowl Match #4: King Kong and Dustin Rhodes defeated Awesome Kong and The Equalizer (5:55) when Rhodes pinned Awesome Kong....
BattleBowl Match #6: Ric Flair and Steve Austin defeated Maxx Payne and Too Cold Scorpio (14:31) when Flair forced Payne to submit....
www.bodyslamming.com /wcw/otherwcwcards.html   (2312 words)

ANTONIO INOKI (speaking through an interpreter): It is an honor and privilage to be in BattleBowl.
The match is conducted by men coming in one at a time wearing anything and bringing anything they well please too.
During these interviews, it was announced that a drawing took place among the losers of BattleBowl to see who would replace The Great Muta and Dan "The Beast" Severn (both were injured earlier in their matches).
griff_4.tripod.com /battlebowl.html   (10226 words)

 The History Of Starrcade   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the Battle Royale itself, Lex Luger was the winner in ring #1 while Sting won in ring #2.
They battled until Sting was finally able to put Luger over the top rope to the floor, becoming the winner of "BattleBowl." This is easily my favorite Starrcade of the '90's.
BattleBowl was done again that year and the winner was The Great Muta.
www.solie.org /articles/starrcade.html   (1111 words)

 [No title]
With Luger in the Battlebowl Lethal Lottery, I assume this means the Tag Team Titles will go undefended at yet another pay-per-view.
Savage wins Battlebowl - defeats Giant at next PPV - eventually loses title to Hogan at Halloween Havoc in Las Vegas - Flair feuds with Steve McMichael.
Flair wins Battlebowl - defeats Giant at next PPV - loses belt to Randy at PPV after that - Savage loses title to Hogan in Vegas - Flair feuds with McMichael.
rspw.org /petrie/960429.txt   (1484 words)

 s h o t g u n r e v i e w s   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Barbed wire is sometimes wrapped around the ring posts as well.
Battlebowl (WCW): A competition where 8 tag teams face each other in a preliminary round of matches.
The men who win face each other in a battle royal.
www.shotgunreviews.com /russ/gimmickgloss.html   (1909 words)

 Universal Wrestling Federation
[BattleBowl Round 1]: Johnny Stallion and Ragnarok defeated Postal Paul and Chris Fowlie when Stallion pinned Chris Fowlie with the Stallion Death Drop in 0:10:52.
Rating: **** [BattleBowl Round 1]: Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Puch defeated Minos and P-dawg when Puch pinned Minos after the Doctor Bomb in 0:09:35.
Rating: ** 1/4 [BattleBowl Round 1]: Terror and DA defeated Mike Eason and Tony Welsh when Terror pinned Tony Welsh after the Michinoku Driver in 0:17:32.
www.fortunecity.com /rivendell/gamers/829/UWF_GENE.HTM   (259 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > WWE 24/7 On Demand > This Month   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
WCW BattleBowl ’93 was a unique event where WCW stars are forced to them up via “Lethal Lottery”.
In the end, winning teams make it to the BattleBowl Battle Royal main event, where it’s every man for himself.
A great Old School card from Madison Square Garden (7/1/91) featuring the Nasty Boys battling the Hart Foundation for the WWE Tag Team Championship and The Undertaker vs. the Ultimate Warrior in a Body Bag Match.
www.wwe.com /shows/wwe247/thismonth   (609 words)

 Pensacola Civic Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Previously, the Civic Center served as the home of both arena football and indoor soccer teams.
It was the site of WCW Battlebowl in 1993.
The Civic Center has a capacity of 8,150 for hockey games, and as much as 10,000 for non-hockey events.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pensacola_Civic_Center   (308 words)

This hungry young Tag Team just never seemed to be able to seal the deal and raise the tag belts.
They finally managed to beat The Revolution Of Laughter for the tag belts at JWF BattleBowl 06.
As Home is rolled around it seemed noone could stand up to 'the future' however the experiance on the mat of Pete Vicious stopped Mat's winning ways as he was forced to tap out.
www.justwrestling.co.uk /html/roster/matrayy.html   (271 words)

 neweraofwrestling » home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The first big thing that New ERA did was the BattleBowl Mania tournament to determine which four wrestlers would have a chance to compete for the World title.
Larry Tact defeated Jonathan Marx, El Arco Iris, and Peter File in the BattleBowl Mania Battle Royal for the World Title after tossing Jonathan Marx out to end the match in 29:23.
Jean Rabesque, who came in as a replacement in the Television title tournament, defeated John Doe, who also came in as a replacement, by submission at 23:54 to become the first Television champion.
neweraofwrestling.wikispaces.com   (1900 words)

 NWWF™   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
BattleBowl will be the last ever NWWF event.
After that most of the NWWF will be released to WSWF except for a few who we are still unsure as to what they are going to do.
The Lineup: (in the order they will be seen)
www.expage.com /NwwfBattleBowl   (45 words)

 Pacific Northwest Championship Wrestling - News
Friday night will settle the Bracket I qualifier and become the second representative from the Pacific Northwest and wrestle in the Lou Thesz International Champion of Champions finals at "BattleBowl," the November PPV for the NeWA.
The Grappler captured the Bracket II championship to qualify for the finals at the November NeWA PPV, "BattleBowl." The Bracket I championship will be decided in Corvallis, Oregon on Oct. 30 as there was a three-way tie.
Sunday will be the last scheduled matches for the Pacific Northwest Regionals to be held in Oregon City, Oregon.
www.go4star.com /pacific/news_oct.html   (3338 words)

 IWA Match Types
Turnbuckle pads are removed for this type of match-up, exposing the steel tie-rods beneath.
Battlebowl: Two Ring World War Three, with only 40 competitors.
All men start in the ring at the same time.
www.geocities.com /ewaoriginal/MatchTypes.html   (4253 words)

 IGN Boards - BATTLEBOWL 2 sign ups (not a tournament)
3) once i have enough sign-ups the BATTLEBOWL competition will begin which will be in 3 stages..
NEW RULES: due to the fact that it took forever to get 40 signups, once i have 20-25 people joining im going to allow people to have 2 superstars..also the great khali is NOT eligible for BATTLEBOWl 2 since his was damn near impossible to eliminate in the rumble..sorry folks
IGN's enterprise databases running Oracle, SQL and MySQL are professionally monitored and managed by Pythian Remote DBA.
boards.ign.com /wwe_smackdown/b6546/131903889/p1   (781 words)

 Gimmick matches - tpwwforums.com
Juvi vs Blitzgrieg, was one of the best matches on the card and it was a winner gets shot at CW Title tomorrow night on Nitro matches.
- BattleBowl was the roster of wrestlers in a lottery and they were teamed up "by chance".
There were 8 tag team matches between random partners vs random partners and the winners of the Tag Team Matches were entered into a BattleBowl Battle Royal at the end of the night (everyone for themselves) and the winner of the Battle Royal won BattleBowl and was considered a high contender.
www.tpww.net /forums/showthread.php?t=9242   (1121 words)

 WWE: Inside WWE > News > Archive > Big Man vs. Little Man
No one was able to stop the 400-pound monster, but one man was determined to give it his best shot: Ric Flair.
At BattleBowl in November, Flair was destroyed by Vader during a Battle Royal and was taken out on a stretcher.
To get his revenge, Flair had to put his career on the line at Starrcade against Vader’s WCW Championship.
www.wwe.com /inside/news/archive/bigvslittle   (1132 words)

 IGN Boards - BATTLEBOWL 2: jwg8272's first title defense (STAGE 1)
Topic: BATTLEBOWL 2: jwg8272's first title defense (STAGE 1)
hey folks..welcome to BATTLEBOWL 2..this time around we have our defending champion jwg8272 and his 2 superstars (the big show and mark henry) trying to maintain his status as the top dog in BATTLEBOWL..in a few moments ill post the results of match #1..here are the different types of tag matches we will be seeing
I mean look at my post count so far compared to how long ive been a registered user.
boards.ign.com /wwe_smackdown/b6546/131916989/p1   (748 words)

 BattleBowl, Benoit and a challange to the Fallen Angel.
BattleBowl, Benoit and a challange to the Fallen Angel.
> BattleBowl, Benoit and a challange to the Fallen Angel.
BattleBowl Match - #1 Contendership to US Title
p212.ezboard.com /fiwa59321frm18.showPrevMessage?topicID=178.topic   (832 words)

 Warned.net - Wrestling Profile of Man Mountain Rock
On November 20th Peterson was entered in the Battlebowl.
A tournament which saw randomly-assigned tag team partners work together in order to progress to the Battlebowl battle royal (the winner of which received a ring).
They lost in the first round to the team of Stunning Steve Austin and Ric Flair.
www.warned.net /ManMountainRock.html   (1240 words)

 Review, buy Sting: WCW Battlebowl: Chance Will Decide Who Will Fight, WCW Slamboree 2000, WCW Spring Stampede 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
WCW Battlebowl: Chance Will Decide Who Will Fight (Turner Home Entertainment)
WCW Battlebowl: Chance Will Decide Who Will Fight, WCW Slamboree 2000, WCW Spring Stampede 1999
Son: Johnson recovery 'exceeding expectations': South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson has been exceeding expectations in his recovery from emergency brain surgery last week, his son Brendan said Tuesday.
bestvhs.com /sting1   (963 words)

 pWwew.net: WCW Battlebowl 1993   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Teams were partnered together by a random drawing, or "lethal lottery." The winners of the matches would go onto a battle royal to determine a winner.
The winner got a Battlebowl ring and a title shot at the WCW Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade 1993
Big Van Vader threw out Sting to win the Battlebowl Ring.
www.pwwew.net /ppv/wcw/november/1993.htm   (154 words)

 Amazon.com: WCW Battlebowl: Chance Will Decide Who Will Fight: Video: Ravishing Rick Rude,Sting,Ric Flair,Steve ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This item is not eligible for Amazon Prime, but over a million other items are.
U got 2 see Flair teaming up w/ Austin and U got 2 seee Cactus Jack teaming w/ Vader...9 matches total including the Battlebowl Battle Royal.
I would pick it up if it's available...The only bad part of the PPV is who wins Battlebowl, I think u will agree with me 2...PS U get Jesse the Body for all three hours shooting from the mouth..I give it a 7/10
www.amazon.com /WCW-Battlebowl-Chance-Decide-Fight/dp/B0001FUK86   (461 words)

 [No title]
Clyde: "As announced, the Finals of this tournament, and the subsequent crowning of the new World Title, will occur on OG-FPD's Two year Anniversary show, on December 13th, 2005.
The OG-FPD ECW Champion, Shane Douglas, will be taking on the Battlebowl 2004 AND 2005 Champion, Charlie Haas.
Haas just came off a huge win at Venemous Ties against Kane, and is looking to continue the success he has has over the last few months." Mr.
og-fpd.fireproclub.com /shows/OGFPD/Season5/10_23_WTT.txt   (1057 words)

BS: So BattleBowl is gonna be Creed and Awesome, Fringe and Rowell, Hale and McKay, and Seifer and Hannibal?
RH: The winner gets the AK State Title AND a shot at the HCWF Heavyweight Title at the January PPV.
Result: J.T. Fringe won the eight man BattleBowl to win the vacant HCWF Alaska State Title in 22:37.
members.tripod.com /hcwf_prez/PPV7.html   (5798 words)

 NWWF Title History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Triple B and Franchise in BattleBowl to become new champ at
International World Title and NWWF World Title at NWWF BattleBowl 2001
Triple B at WSWF December 2 Remember 2001 (Dark Match)
www.expage.com /NWWFtitlehistory   (76 words)

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