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Topic: Beatboxing

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Beatboxing & Vocal Percussion
Here you'll find tools to teach you how to beatbox like the pros, and some vocal percussion instruction that just can't be beat.
Jase, founder and president of Verbal Beats, has been beatboxing since he was 15 years old, and all those years of making noise with his mouth has paid off....
Human beatbox sensation Rahzel has been tearing up the charts with thiscombination of rap and astounding human-generated hip hop sounds.
www.a-cappella.com /category/instructional_beatboxing_vocal_percussion   (608 words)

 Beatboxing — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
On a much lighter note than usual I would like to invite you to experience for the first time a symphony with beatboxing.
Bespeel eens een Human Beatbox — 1 comment
Tags: beatbox, Flash, Human Beatbox, keyboard, Lasse Gjertsen, Muziek, toetsenbord
www.wordpress.com /tag/beatboxing   (348 words)

  Create Digital Music » beatboxing
Featuring samples from Antoinette “Butterscotch” Clinton (international female beatbox champion), Masai Electro, max b, rahzel (also a member of The Roots), and click, the app gives you a basic MPC-style interface and sequence timeline on which you can create and share mixes.
If human beatboxers are more your speed, the supremely talented Kid Beyond will be in Austin, Texas, this time doing a full-on gig rather than the shorter tech demo for Ableton he did at NAMM in January.
Beatboxing parrots are a novelty; Kid Beyond makes beatboxing a serious instrument; he’s a real vocalist, and an utterly awesome musician.
createdigitalmusic.com /tag/beatboxing   (456 words)

  HUMANBEATBOX.COM - The Phonetics of Beatboxing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In Part 3 of this series, Karen Lederer applies the theories of how speech and non-speech sounds are processed in the brain to the perception of beatboxing and its differentiation from speech in the brain.
In Part 5 of Karen Lederer's series on the Phonetics of Beatboxing, she introduces the experimental comparison of vocally and electronically produced sounds.
The degree of accuracy with which drum machine sounds are replicated by beatboxed sounds depends on the properties of the original sound, however all imitations are easily identifiable as their electronic counterpart and they all achieve a balance between speech and non-speech that allows them to be perceived as either or both by the listener.
www.humanbeatbox.com /The_Phonetics_of_Beatboxing   (444 words)

  Urban Dictionary: beatbox
'beatboxing' is used throughout the hip-hop scene, and talented 'beatboxers' can be found in several urban settings.
Beatbox is the 5th element of hiphop and is known for its creativity of a person making sounds or beats with their mouth.
Calling them a beatbox allows you to talk about them in public and makes people think you are discussing american idol.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=beatbox   (327 words)

 LeejayBeats.Com : : BIOGRAPHY : :
He was aware of professional beatboxers in the world like Rahzel, but after realizing that an ordinary person has the ability to bust beats as fresh as the professionals, Leejay knew he had to start beatboxing again.
Although Kevin thought he was just giving another beatbox sample to some fan, he actually gave Leejay the inspiration to take beatboxing seriously.
With Leejay's new beatboxing passion, he immediately began to do his research: downloading and studying beatbox samples from the internet, researching the history of beatboxing, and simply practicing on his own.
www.leejaybeats.com /bio   (692 words)

 Intrikyt Hip Hop   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Beatboxing, aka vocal percussion, is primarily concerned with the art of creating beats and rhythms using the human mouth.
Human beatbox legends such as Buffy, Doug E Fresh, and Biz Markie helped propel beatboxing into the limelight throughout the 1980's, and the scene has been growing ever since.
Now, at the start of the 21st century, beatboxing is set to gain further recognition as an artform in its own right, and become an international phenomenon in the process.
www.geocities.com /eo_hiphop/beatboxing.html   (278 words)

 Portland Mercury - Pullout - Sex in Review - the fifth element   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The beatboxer's highest achievement is largely thought of as the "man who is as strong as the machine"--a modern, artistic John Henry whose mouth, tongue, and throat can make as tight a beat as the turntables can.
Beatboxing has a wonderfully raw, human texture, one that Saul Williams used so transcendently in the 1998 singe "Twice the First Time." In this song, beatboxing shows its unique power that, when married to Williams' vocal art as an MC, makes hiphop fleshier and more compelling than what cold drum snaps could offer.
When beatboxing reinvents itself in this direction, when it harnesses its originality, it might be considered the "fifth element." But until then, it will have to line up with the other unrecognized hiphop elements like fashion, hype marketing, and blunt rolling.
www.portlandmercury.com /portland/Content?oid=24742&category=23483   (602 words)

 Human Beatbox
Though it's still rare, beatboxing since spread to other ethnic groups and its practitioners have developed extremely individual ways of performing.
The online hip hop directory provides resources and information on beatboxing, including links to websites of individual beatboxers and to tutorials.
Beatboxing techniques and soundclips can be found at this site.
www.acfnewsource.org /art/human_beatbox.html   (390 words)

 Is Blake Lewis any good at beatboxing? - By Jonah Weiner - Slate Magazine
His love of this hip-hop-derived technique, in which you use your mouth to simulate a drum machine, a turntable, a sampler, or any combination of the three, was on display at his very first audition, when he decorated an already florid rendition of Seal's "Crazy" with some rhythmic stammers and feigned turntable scratching.
Beatboxing has been a part of Lewis' performances more or less every week since, and in an Idol season when gimmicks have often upstaged singing (see Sanjaya Malakar's hairstyles and Antonella Barba's soft-core-porn portfolio), Lewis' gimmick has proved the most enduring, and the most virtuosic.
For Fresh, beatboxing wasn't merely a way to mimic a drum machine—it was a way to create funkier percussion than a drum machine ever could.
www.slate.com /id/2166757   (913 words)

 Beatboxing makes a return - Independent Online Edition > Features   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Along with graffiti and breakdancing, it has been an integral part of hip-hop since its early days, when beatboxers provided a foundation for rappers' rhymes in off-the-cuff freestyle battles.
"I had to shake off the stigma of beatboxing as a gimmick and sound effect, I wanted it to be treated musically," he said.
But while the top end of the hip-hop scene is dominated by stars more interesting for their spending habits than music, underground styles like beatboxing continue to push the music forward.
enjoyment.independent.co.uk /music/features/article351678.ece   (928 words)

 The Vowel Movement | Beatboxing in the Bay Area and beyond   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Beatboxing is the art of making rhythms, grooves and sound effects using the human voice.
The Vowel Movement was created to support the art of beatboxing in the Bay Area and beyond.
We've got beatboxers of all kinds: fl heads, white heads, Asian heads, Hispanic heads, male heads, female heads, high-school heads, Gen X, Y, and Z heads.
www.eachbox.com /vm_website/vm_homepage.htm   (328 words)

 Beatboxing clever - Music - Entertainment - smh.com.au
The "Godfather of Noize" is renowned for intricate beatbox routines where he replicates and creates beats using only his voice.
Rahzel is credited with raising the profile of beatboxing, often the forgotten fifth element of hip-hop behind MCing, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti.
That's their form of beatboxing to me. For one person to be able to do three or four harmonies, wow."
www.smh.com.au /news/music/beatboxing-clever/2005/09/22/1126982165061.html   (541 words)

 BBC - 1Xtra - TX Documentaries - Beatboxing
Human beatboxing used to be the stuff of comedy films, a hip hop relic put on the shelf along with the Fatboys.
As a rabid beatboxer, I gotta say that Kela is the man. Kenny Muhammed is also awesome.
Alrite this is a beatboxer from northern england.
www.bbc.co.uk /1xtra/tx/documentaries/beatboxing.shtml   (730 words)

 Zulu Nation | Events   (Site not responding. Last check: )
News spread, and Beatboxing was brought to a wide audience.
As Beatboxing slipped from the fore, fans were drawn to other genres which offering the thrill of a live element.
Beatboxing returned to Hip Hop a few years later when the innovative Philadelphia Hip Hop group The Roots tried to fill the gap between Hip Hop and non-Hip Hop audience by touring with a live band.
www.zulunation.nl /events/dutchbeatboxbattle/history_of_beatboxing.php   (1025 words)

 Sweetwater inSync
The vocal elements of beatboxing are based on hard consonant sounds and their variations.
With its origins in live performance, a significant component of beatboxing is skillful use of a microphone.
The sampling era brought new life to beatboxing, since performers could load their sounds into a sampler or software program and "play" them with a keyboard or easily create loops.
www.sweetwater.com /insync/word.php?find=Beatboxing   (221 words)

 The State News - www.statenews.com
Beatboxing involves the use of the mouth, lips, tongue and throat to make sounds.
Add a character with his/her hand cupped over their mouth, and a beatboxer is born.
Singer and songwriter Dan Vaillancourt incorporates beatboxing into his live shows, where he plays a 10-string guitar and wows audiences with how many sounds he can produce from the instrument, and his mouth.
www.statenews.com /article.phtml?pk=28238   (466 words)

 TheArtDontStop.orgbrowse by topic . BeatBoxing
A young man is brought up onstage at The Vowel Movement, a monthly beatboxing showcase held in the back room of Studio Z.
Kid Beyond beatboxes into a looping machine and layers it to perform a new spiritual-political dance song.
The Genie loops and beatboxes to weave songs with his own brand of "scratch guitar" at the Vowel Movement monthly beatbox showcase.
www.theartdontstop.org /show_topic.php?id=10256   (414 words)

 GAF - News - BeatBox Studio for PSP & PS2 revealed
I could be wrong, but names of past beatboxing titles aren't exactly rushing to my mind.
It looks you'll have to beatbox to the rhythm of the music, as you can see in the screens.
There's a mic indicator in the top right, so this is definitely going to involve beatboxing into a mic, and not just hitting buttons.
www.gamesarefun.com /news.php?newsid=3942   (399 words)

 LeejayBeats.Com: News: Beatbox Battle Networks
Angel knew that I was interested in beatboxing at the time, I was messing around with it-and she knew that Kevin was a fresh beatboxer.
From listening to clips of other beatboxers, I was able to study their styles, learn from each, and eventually develop my own.
These beatboxers are seriously expanding the possibilities of sounds to make and things to do with the human mouth.
www.leejaybeats.com /article_bbn.html   (1970 words)

 Beatbox Battle® : Beatboxing World Championship : News, Interviews, Gallery, Shop, Dates, Forum, Download, Links
K.wiz:"I started Beatboxing because I knew it was different and I love making music with different methods, as apposed to using Instruments already invented (Guitar, piano etc).
There are just 15 good beatboxers in Vienna (capital of Austria) and some in Salzburg.
We have got 1 championship each year and several beatboxing concerts with the best beatboxers from Austria in Vienna or other cities in Austria.
beatboxbattle.net /index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=38&Itemid=37   (317 words)

 Kenny Muhammad Beatboxing Over Live Orchestra » SpikedHumor.com
beatboxing is lame, but that was some freakin talent.
This isn't really supposed to be a beatboxer just going over an orchestra to ruin it.
The whole point of this is to pretend he is not there, like he is just the procussion of the orchestra.
spikedhumor.com /articles/44421/Kenny_Muhammad_Beatboxing_Over_Live_Orchestra.html   (483 words)

 MilkandCookies - Greg Pattillo: Beatboxing Flute Player
Beatboxing Flute player Greg Pattillo has a unique style.
Roland Kirk is another flutist (and sax and numerous other instruments) that does some funky stuff, but still, no beatboxing.
Yes, the jazz rifts were alright and the whole "beatbox while playing flute" thing is novel, but it was like listening to two different performances.
www.milkandcookies.com /article/4418   (482 words)

 Adrants » Beatboxing White Family Give Black Boyfriend Grief
The boyfriend is fl, the family white and they, not the fl guy, speak "beatbox" which, in a stereotypical twist, the fl guy can't understand.
It is honorable that MTV put a spotlight on beatboxing as many in the real and fake hip hop community all but cast this artform to a mere sidenote of hip-hop history.
I cannot speak for all beatboxers but I can say with certainty that many in the beatboxing community were delighted to have the artform displayed in such a creative manner.
www.adrants.com /2006/06/beatboxing-white-family-give-black-boyfri.php   (675 words)

 BEATBOX BATTLE® : Beatboxing World Championship - Vocal FX Master TyTe
These over 70 minutes long audio mixtape is a big milestone in the vocal percussion movement because it featured artists from all over the world.
TyTe:"We were discussing on the forums about putting on a beatbox battle but I had the idea for a convention like a place where we could share ideas, have workshops, etc. So the Human Beatbox Convention was born.
The team of Beatbox Battle Networks produced the online championship for everybody who is shy to step on stage.
www.beatboxbattle.net /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18&Itemid=126   (715 words)

 Slammin Ð A Capella Singing, Body Music, Beatboxing
Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls because San Francisco-based SLAMMIN (an 'all-body band') is about to take you for a ride with their unique blend of rhythm dance, beatbox, and tight, often improvised harmonies.
Blend and intonation are also by and large superb, quite a feat considering the majority of the recording is not only live but improvised as well.
The rhythms that drive these tracks, created with a combination of Keith TerryåÕs tap dance/body music and Steve HoganåÕs beatbox (which, by the way, dropped my jaw during the intro to 'The Way You Move'), are amazingly intricate and unlike anything IåÕve ever heard on a contemporary a cappella recording.
www.crosspulse.com /html/slammin.html   (1368 words)

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