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Topic: Beatles VI

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  travel2liverpool.com | svenska   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Vi kan erbjuda Dig gräddfilen in till Liverpools och The Beatles inre.
Specialpaket till Dig som kan gälla The Beatles, Liverpool FC eller efter önskemål.
(Vi säljer inga transporter inom, eller till/från Sverige.)
www.travel2liverpool.com   (163 words)

  Beatles VI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Beatles VI was The Beatles sixth (technically seventh, including The Beatles' Story) American release on Capitol Records, but ninth album for that market in less than one and a half years (the first American release was Vee-Jay 's Introducing...
Beatles VI includes the remaining six tracks left off Beatles '65 from Beatles for Sale.
See also: History of the Beatles - Paul is Dead rumours - Beatlesque - Beatlemania - British Invasion - Classic rock era
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Beatles_VI   (221 words)

 Beatles MIDI Music Songs Beatles VI Album
I have been an avid Beatles' fan since the early 70's.
Those who have seen the original records on vinyl will remember some of the albums you no longer see around: "Meet The Beatles"; "Beatles '65"; "Yesterday..and Today!" to name a few.
My collection is void of the new CD versions such as "With The Beatles and others which combine 2-3 records.
earlybeatles.com /beatle6.html   (153 words)

 One Learned Scholar
Those familiar with the Beatles' music and history will be amused, but those who are intimately familiar with the Beatles story are frequently delighted by the film; the more one knows about the Beatles, the more fun one has with the Rutles.
But the Beatles model presents two versions of the progression; while the intro uses IV, the chorus (on "with a love like that, you know you should be glad") employs a iv - V progression.
The Beatles citations are all to the American-release LP's; these songs appear on different albums on the original British-release LP's, (the latter arrangement is used for the new CD Issues).
www.neilinnes.org /articles/scholarly.htm   (5108 words)

 Prindle Record Reviews - The Beatles
It was the popularity of the Beatles throughout their career that convinced other rockers to change their ways and try out new approaches and ideas and, oh you know, crap like that.
Yes, the Beatles liked rockabilly a lot, but the majority of their original material, even at this early point in their career, goes far beyond anything that the rockabilly genre had seen before.
That special distinctive Beatles style is still glowing and growing, with an impressive batch of diverse originals helping to further separate the mopheads from their far less creative influences.
www.markprindle.com /beatlesa.htm   (19247 words)

 Notes On The Cover Songs Appearing On The 'Help!' and 'Beatles VI' Albums (COVERS4)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The arrangement is characterized by a recurrent obbligato for the low strings of the guitar (w/low E tuned down to D!) and the tapping of drumsticks.
Alas, the Beatles of the mid '60s would seem from our politically correct vantage point to have labored under the uneccessary, even misguided presentiment that it was a virtue for a white singer, in performing the works of a fl artist, to resort to raspy shouting in order to hit the mark.
This is not to say that such Beatles covers are entirely without either merit or success, but I'd dare say that on some level they sound a bit more parodistic and less interpretive than intended.
oea.shu.ru /millennium/other/awp/covers4.html   (1303 words)

 Beatles-Popart.com Original - Beatles Posters, Avedon posters, Psychodelic Beatles posters for Stern and Look
We sell the ORIGINAL 1967 Psychodelic Beatles poster set, which was created by Richard Avedon in 1967.
In 1967 The Beatles company "Nems" contracted Richard Avedon to create the design and then gave the distribution rights to different outlets in different countries.
Many people ask how many were printed and we have not yet discovered a figure, but one has to assume with the popularity of the Beatles at the height of their fame in 1967, and the add campaign with John Lennon on the cover of 'Look" magazine, they must have printed 10's of thousands.
www.beatles-popart.com   (960 words)

 Beatles Playtapes
The first Beatles Playtapes appeared on the scene in mid or late 1967.
Most Beatles Playtapes can be found with the photograph of the US "Hello Goodbye" picture sleeve on them.
The other is from their first Beatle album and is No. 0610: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" +3.
www.friktech.com /btls/tapes/ptp.htm   (1070 words)

 Beatles For Sale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
This was the beginning of the Beatles’; great ‘acoustic’ period, and anticipates the legendary folkie leanings of the next couple of albums.
As a Beatles original, I suppose “Baby’s In Black” doesn’t rank at the top of most people’s lists of favorites -- kind of like “Dig A Pony,” to which Baby’s in Black is something of a precursor, I suppose.
Goin’ Nowhere Tonight is actually a combination of a couple of Beatles songs; it has the easygoing pace of “Honey Don’t” (as well as Dave Smalley’s Ringo-like vocal), but the bridge of “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party.” “Beatles For Sale” in a nutshell.
www.silentbugler.com /Lets_Be_The_Beatles/Albums/Beatles_For_Sale.htm   (2498 words)

 Notes on "Free As A Bird" (FAAB)
While the Beatles often played with this group of keys, in FAAB I'd swear they tell a story with them that operates at a subliminal yet supportive level with respect to the lyrics.
You're used to hearing a Major IV chord as the third one in the I-vi-IV-V series, but here the Beatles consistently break the rule by placing one of the following in its place: either the *minor iv* chord ([this is] d), or a Major chord on the flat VI'th degree (F Major).
C: I vi flat-VI V I vi iv V C a f G A I vi iv V A: flat-VII I
www.recmusicbeatles.com /public/files/awp/faab.html   (2850 words)

 Song Versions on US LP's and Singles
Also included on Beatles VI was the b-side of their newest single, "Yes It Is," a song that was not released anywhere in true stereo until its appearance on the UK giveaway cassette, Only the Beatles in 1986.
There is a handclap during the intro that is missing in the mono mix, and the drum track is not as loud.
Also included on Beatles VI was the b-side of their newest single, "Yes It Is." Naturally, this song appears in rechanneled stereo on the stereo record.
www.friktech.com /btls/variant2.htm   (4620 words)

 Beatles VI
Up to this point, Capitol produced six Beatles albums compared to Parlophone's four originals.
The Beatles recorded Bad Boy and Dizzy Miss Lizzy expressly for Capitol and the U.S. market (even though Dizzy Miss Lizz y appears on the Parlophone version of Help!).
"See Label For Correct Playing Order" may or may not be printed on the back of the sleeve between BEATLES VI and the song titles.
www.geocities.com /flangehead2/LPs/BeatlesVI.html   (85 words)

 YouTube - Beatles VI - Eight Days A Week
If someone showed you the simple lyrics before you heard the song, you might have wondered if the song would make it.
But add those Beatle guitars, drums, musical style and John Lennon's vocal, and you've got an enduring classic.
Beatles - Kansas City - I'm a Loser - Boys
www.youtube.com /watch?v=0uKwo7exlEY   (436 words)

 Beatles VI by The Beatles
The Beatles : Albums : Beatles VI : Summary
If you are a MP3.com member you can set a preferred service to instantly tell if that music service has this album.
Capitol strikes again, using the remaining six tracks from Beatles for Sale, four newly recorded songs (two of them covers of Larry Williams hits), and the B-side of a single, to create another "new" Beatles album.
www.mp3.com /albums/1246/summary.html   (208 words)

Beatles, The - "Blackbird" (The Beatles) 1968 r-CSN r-Davey Graham, Sarah McLachlan, Doves
Beatles, The - "Devil In Her Heart" (The Beatles' Second, With The Beatles) 1964 George Harrison o-The Donays
Beatles, The - "Rocky Raccoon" (The Beatles) 1968
www.rockmusiclist.com /rock_bed.htm   (2647 words)

 The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations
On the Capitol albums MAS 2386 and SMAS 2386, and on (US) Apple SKBO-3403, the song is preceded by a short instrumental version of the James Bond Theme, or something similar to it, which is banded as if part of the song but separated by a pause.
In stereo [b], the harmonium is moved around: it's to the right during the verses, but to center during the refrains and bridges, and it even drifts to the right in mid-bridge ("fussing and fighting") and end of bridge.
This was in the Abbey Road show in 1983, and mixed in stereo for the Sessions album, and has been bootlegged in a different stereo mix in the Ultra Rare Trax material of 1988.
www.columbia.edu /~brennan/beatles/var-1965.html   (3771 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The American Beatles Albums: The 1965 Albums
Beatles VI The Tenth American Beatles album, the one after "Beatles 65", was "Beatles VI".
This was the seventh Beatles album released by Capitol records, after "Meet The
Man", the first Beatles song not to be about love and relationships.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/ww2/A3418283   (1068 words)

 Beatles VI by The Beatles: Album Music Downloads
Beatles VI by The Beatles: Album Music Downloads
Sorry, at this time no downloads have been found for Beatles VI.
Please check the albums tab for other downloads from The Beatles.
www.mp3.com /albums/1246/downloads.html   (67 words)

 Andrew's Beatles Albums Discography / Checklist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
When I first got into the Beatles, I unfortunately chose to collect most of their albums on casette.
This page outlines the Beatles UK, North American, and Canada-specific albums, and tracks which ones are in my current collection and in what form.
The fact is, I think that CDs are great for certain kinds of music, but in my opinion most 60s Rock and Roll doesn't sound quite right on CD.
www.vex.net /~guru/music/beatles/beatles.htm   (291 words)

 Beatles' Timeline: 15FEB65 thru 31AUG65 - Help!
SOUNDTRACK LP RELEASED This stereo/duophonic LP included the Beatles' songs from side one of the mother LP, and additional soundtrack music by Ken Thorne (Not the Beatles).
Brian Matthews leaves the world tour this date, with a week's worth of tape, bundled together into an interview special for the BBC called "The Beatles Abroad".
The quoted phrase is to indicate some distinctive characteristic of this recording version of the song.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/mdcarey/8arms.htm   (1124 words)

 NPR: All Songs Considered: Beatles 1965 Reissues
Sign up for the All Songs Considered newsletter and we'll tell you when new music and other features are available online.
This week Capitol Records is releasing four early Beatles recordings, never before available on compact disc.
These rare recordings were made during the filming of what became the film "Let it Be." They were stolen more than 30 years ago and remained missing until police recovered them in February 2003.
www.npr.org /programs/asc/archives/beatles65   (263 words)

 Beatles Songs, Pictures Website Quick-Find index
Beatles FOR SALE List LINKS to other Beatles sites WHAT'S NEW on this website
Rare Beatles Records, Their Value Yesterday and Today
Seattle fan convention 1st west coast Beatles convention, '76
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