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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Beauraing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Hail, Mary.(movement to have the Virgin Mary proclaimed 'Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces and Advocate for the Peo...
Beauraing, Belgium, 1932-33: In the garden of the convent school here Mary appeared 33 times in the winter of 1932-33 to five children...
Beauraing er en kommune i den belgiske provinsen Namur.
encyklopedi.com /Beauraing   (324 words)

 False visions which followed Beauraing
Confusion was caused by a number of false visions that occurred during and after Beauraing; these sowed doubt in some people's minds, as was the case with previous recognised apparitions.
It is difficult to decide the exact cause of these "visions," but perhaps some form of multiple hallucination was responsible, or more seriously perhaps they are evidence of demonic intervention.
He alleged that Mary had said she had come to protect Belgium from the invader, which people naturally applied to Hitler, and he announced another "apparition" for 25 June when a crowd of 50,000 turned up.
www.theotokos.org.uk /pages/unapprov/falseapp/fbeaurai.html   (277 words)

 Untitled Document
Beauraing is a short train ride south of Dinant, but it is not located on the Meuse River.
Beauraing was in an open valley of green pastures and fields.
Beauraing is to the south, just to the right out of this view.
www.brooksgreen.net /Maastricht/Beauraing.htm   (1093 words)

 The Apparitions at Beauraing
Beauraing is a small town in the southern, French speaking, part of Belgium, and it was here that the Blessed Virgin appeared to a group of children, between late November 1932 and January 1933.
Fernande remained kneeling while the other children went inside for questioning, when suddenly, she, and many in the crowd, heard a loud noise like thunder and saw a ball of fire on the hawthorn tree.
Although there were problems from some quarters opposition to Beauraing had practically ceased by the time the bishop appointed a commission of inquiry in 1935, with the work continuing under his successor.
www.theotokos.org.uk /pages/approved/appariti/beaurain.html   (846 words)

 MARY’S TITLES - Our Lady of Beauraing - by John O’Connell - November/December 2000 - Catholic Faith
This was the first of thirty-three apparitions of Our Lady to the children of Beauraing between November 29, 1932 and January 3, 1933.
Our Lady of Beauraing wore a white dress and veil, a crown, and, after people began to say the Most Holy Rosary at the grotto, she carried a rosary.
The message of Beauraing is one of prayer (especially the Rosary), living an upright Christian life, sacrifice, and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
www.catholic.net /RCC/Periodicals/Faith/2000-12/oconnell.html   (614 words)

 Our Lady of Lourdes, Guadalupe, Miraculous Medal, Beauraing and Banneux - Messages
In the case of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Apparitions, we may surmise that She was intervening to achieve the massive conversion and consolation that was not being accomplished by those who were charged with Evangelizing the Americas.
In subsequent Apparitions of Our Lord and of Our Lady, Her Immaculate Heart has been compared to Noah's Ark. That is, the only safe refuge during the great tribulations and chastisements that would follow from the mid 19th Century to the end of These Times, was to be Her Immaculate Heart.
In the Beauraing and Banneux Apparitions there was nothing She could add to what was said in Fátima.
www.mgr.org /olol.html   (490 words)

 Children see Blessed Virgin in Beauraing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
he first few times that The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Beauraing, it was at some distance from the five children, Andree and Gilberte Degeimbre 15 and 9 years of age and Fernande, Golberte and Albert Voisin aged 15, 13 and 11 years of age.
This causes them to land on their knees with a hard bump, but there are no scars on their knees.
In order to celebrate this feast in Beauraing you must a the latest be in Beauraing on the 21st of August so that you can then join in with the spiritual, personal preparations for the feast day.
www.marypages.com /beauraingEng.htm   (1048 words)

 Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary
We arrived in a place called Beauraing at dinner time and the tour conductor informed us that close by was a place where the Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared many years ago.
I was really amazed to discover that the feast day of Our Blessed Lady of Beauraing is celebrated on the 22nd of August, the feast day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the birthday of my second daughter Annie.
I share some of these with you with all love, and with the hope and wish that Mother Mary bless you and that you would be inspired to devotion to her.
www.bestagainststress.com /blessed-virgin-mary.htm   (1667 words)

 Chez Baudoin (DIN-5573-01) - Edomizil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
This linked cottage (96 m2), situated in a peaceful village, close to Beauraing.
Beauraing is a very pleasant place, where you can shop and eat...
Beauraing is a very pleasant place, where you can shop and eat wonderfully.
www.vacation-flat.co.uk /chez/chez_baudoin_din.html   (764 words)

 Our Lady of Beauraing
Sixty miles southeast of Brussels, Beauraing was mostly a farming community of about 2000 people.
In 1935, a Commission was appointed to investigate the Events in Beauraing.
On July 2, 1949, the Bishop released a document to Clergy in the Diocese declaring that the Queen of Heaven did appear to the children.
www.medjugorjeusa.org /beauraing.htm   (763 words)

 Beauraing, Belgium
Situated 20km/12miles south of Dinant the small town of Beauraing became famous in 1932 and 1933 for several alleged appearances of Mary before five children.
These events dominate the character of the town.
Unauthorized duplication in part or whole without prior written consent prohibited by law.
www.planetware.com /belgium/namur/beauraing-b-nm-beau.htm   (72 words)

 PetersNet: Zsolt Aradi, Beauraing and Banneux   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The next time the children related with more details that they had seen a lady who was more beautiful than her statues, dressed in pure white, with a crown of golden rays on her head.
Simultaneously with the apparition of Beauraing, in Banneux, another Belgian village, close to Liege, as in other towns and villages of Belgium, people were praying for guidance and enlightenment on events in Beauraing.
This child was submitted to tribulations and fears after she told what she saw because her father at that time was an avowed atheist.
www.petersnet.net /browse/3195.htm   (723 words)

 Beauraing - Banneux
On November 29, 1932, the Blessed Virgin Mary made her first of thirty-three historic visits to Beauraing, a village of two thousand people in the French speaking corner of Belgium.
In the winter of 1933, in Banneux, Belgium, a young girl named Mariette Beco was greatly blessed by The Most Holy Presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her yard near the vegetable garden.
Banneux is only 56 miles east of Beauraing, and the blessing began just two weeks after those in Beauraing ended
www.freewebs.com /mother/beauraing.htm   (518 words)

 Catholic Apparitions of Mary at Beauraing, Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
"Fifteen years after the apparitions at Fatima, Mary appeared to children in Belgium, both at Banneaux and Beauraing.
These are the last Marian apparitions to receive the full approval of Rome, although many more recent apparition sites have the approval of the local bishops.
Our Lady appeared to five children at Beauraing: Fernande, Gilberte, Albert, Andrew, and Gilbert in thirty-two apparitions from November 19, 1932, until January 3, 1993.
www.apparitions.org /beau.html   (168 words)

 Beauraing, Belgium "I am the Immaculate Virgin"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
These are the last Marian apparitions to receive the full approval of Rome.
On December 21, 1932, Our Lady identified herself to the children, 'I am the Immaculate Virgin.' The children saw a golden heart in the center of Mary's chest.
On January 3, 1933, she said to Andrew, 'I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven.
www.christusrex.org /www1/apparitions/http:/pr00013.htm   (102 words)

 Our Lady of Beauraing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
That evening Albert (age 11) and his sister Fernande (age 15) were on their way to the Sisters’ Academy to meet their sister Gilberte (age 13) to walk home with her.
This was the first of thirty-three apparitions to these five children of Beauraing.
For more information about devotion to Our Lady of Beauraing and a special Union of Prayer write to Miss Doris Poisson, Pro Maria Committee, 22 Second Ave., Lowell, Mass.
www.monksofadoration.org /mom/mom15.html   (381 words)

 Woman Thou Art God: Marian Apparitions
At Beauraing, as at Lourdes, very little was said by Mary, almost as if to emphasise the importance of Fatima.
These few lines could easily be fitted on the back of a postcard.
Mary appeared later and spoke to Fernande Voisin asking her if she loved her Son and herself; when Fernande replied that she did, the response was: "Then sacrifice yourself for me." "Goodbye."
www.womanthouartgod.com /beauraing.php   (983 words)

 Hotels in Namur Belgium for online reservation
Situated in a lovely region of the Belgium Arden, this cozily furnished, semi-detached house (150m2).
You will find yourself not far from the town of Beauraing where you can undertake all kinds of activities and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
This independent and restored part of a watermill (130 m2), dating from 1639 is situated on a very woody estate.
www.justtourbelgium.com /main.asp?county=Namur&accomtype=A   (289 words)

 Beauraing Hotels Online Booking - Hotels in Beauraing - Pilgrim Reservations
Beauraing Hotels Online Booking - Hotels in Beauraing - Pilgrim Reservations
instant online hotel booking for Beauraing and other worldwide destinations.
Actual rates presented at the time of booking may be different.
www.pilgrimreservations.com /index.php?hotel-in=Beauraing   (135 words)

 phorum - Site Comments Board - The Fourth battle of Beauraing
I again concentrated my defence south of the main road, my armour now reduced to the lightest of tanks, I was counting on my AT guns to save the day.
I felt I needed to hold onto Beauraing Just to slow the advance of the German spearhead.
Again the Panzers swept in from the North taking the undefended VL.
www.ryanross.net /cc/read.php?f=4&i=2128&t=2071   (275 words)

 Accommodation in Beauraing Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Lodgings, Motels
Accommodation in Beauraing Hotels, Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Lodgings, Motels
If you run a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast and would like to be included in A1 Tourism's Hotel and Guest House Directory, please contact us
If you require more information about Beauraing, you may be able to obtain it from the Beauraing Tourist Board.
www.a1tourism.com /belgium/beauraing.html   (124 words)

 BEAURAING Hotels - lodging in Belgium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
With BEAURAING and Belgium top properties and hot deals.
Deep discounts and last minute deals on BEAURAING hotels, with savings on the top resorts, lodges and inns.
Check the BEAUVOORDE city and the AYWAILLE city for more deals on Belgium hotel rooms and lodging accommodations.
www.americashistoricplaces.com /hotels_belgium/BEAURAING.htm   (103 words)

 Senate - List results - District of Beauraing
Senate - List results - District of Beauraing
Use the dropdown box to see more details.
These districts gave new results during the last 10 minutes:
polling2003.belgium.be /electionshome/uk/result/senate/graph_e2769.html   (170 words)

 Beauraing Travel - Tips, Guides & Reviews on Travel Library
Beauraing Travel - Guides & Reviews on Travel Library
Read travellers' stories and adventures straight from the heart of Belgium and get great travel tips from those who know.
Check out our Beauraing hotel reviews before your book.
www.travel-library.com /europe/belgium/beauraing.html   (133 words)

 Private relevations - Medjugorje, visions - Hildegard, Bridget - Beauraing, Banneux   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Private relevations - Medjugorje, visions - Hildegard, Bridget - Beauraing, Banneux
It is of interest to consider just how often the Church has accepted as valid, public revelations.
From 1900 to 1952, she accepted or approved only four, Fatima, Beauraing, Banneux and the events at Syracuse.
www.wandea.org.pl /private-relevations.htm   (4006 words)

 The Great Procession of Tournai, Our Lady of Beauraing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Great Procession of Tournai, Our Lady of Beauraing
Since the Beauraing's apparitions from november 1932 till january 1933, Our Lady is worshiped at many places in the world under the name Our Lady of Beauraing.
In Ramegnies-Chin, an important chapel devoted to Our Lady of Beauraing welcomes a great number of pilgrims.
denonne.maluchy.com /typroc/beaurng.htm   (53 words)

 Find in a Library: Our Lady of Beauraing
Find in a Library: Our Lady of Beauraing
To find a library, type in a postal code, state, province, or country.
WorldCat is provided by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. on behalf of its member libraries.
www.worldcatlibraries.org /wcpa/ow/8174fdcd96768687.html   (37 words)

 Onze Lieve Vrouw van Beauraing. - MONIN, KAN. ARTHUR,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
MONIN, KAN. ARTHUR, Onze Lieve Vrouw van Beauraing.
Offered by: Antiquariaat Duthmala - Book number: 41080
They offer full satisfaction and normal prices - no markups, no hidden costs, no overcharged shipping costs.
www.antiqbook.nl /boox/dut/41080.shtml   (47 words)

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