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 Thank You Girl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thank You Girl is a song by The Beatles.
Originally titled "Thank You, Little Girl", the song was deliberately written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as a tribute to the band's many female fans.
The song is a good example of the two-part writing style which had developed between the pair, with Lennon writing the verse and McCartney the chorus. /wiki/Thank_You_Girl   (203 words)

 The Beatles Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @
The Beatles were also fond of Little Richard and some of their songs (especially in their early repertoire) featured falsetto calls similar to his, most notably on McCartney's rendition of his song "Long Tall Sally".
Later Beatles material shifted away from dance music and the pace of the songs is often more moderate, with interest tending to come from melody and harmonic texture rather than the rhythm ("Penny Lane" from 1967 is an example).
As evidenced by his first Beatles vocal performance (their cover of Buck Owens' "Act Naturally"), Starr was a dedicated country music fan and was largely responsible for the group's occasional forays into the genre in songs such as "What Goes On" (1965) and "Don't Pass Me By" (1968). /encyclopedia/The_Beatles   (8647 words)

 The Influence of the Beatles on Charles Manson
This song, as well as "Blackbird," were seen by Prosecutor Bugliosi as being the inspiration for the printing in blood of the word "rise" at the LaBianca home.
Beatles were urging black people to arise and revolt against the white establishment.
The Influence of the Beatles on Charles Manson /faculty/projects/ftrials/manson/mansonbeatles.html   (1202 words)

 Girl (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Girl (Beatles song), a song by The Beatles
The Girl Is Mine, a song by Michael Jackson
Look up girl in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. /wiki/Girl_(disambiguation)   (106 words)

 BBC NEWS Entertainment Beatles classic voted worst song
Maxwell's Silver Hammer has to be the worst Beatles song, in my opinion, but is still far superior to a lot of the dross which has passed for chart music in the past few years.
Ob-La-Di is just a fun, playful song that was a vital part of The Beatles' White Album at the time.
No Beatles song is a rubbish's the Beatles!!! /2/hi/entertainment/3998301.stm   (2900 words)

 Tonic's Ultra Beatles Page - Albums (Beatles For Sale)
This song was the first fruit of his meeting because Allsop encouraged John not to hide his true feelings.
It was the first Beatles song to contain veiled drug reference.
On the surface it is yet about song about having lost a girl, but hte lines that say beneath the mask "he is wearing a frown", suggest that he considers himself a loser in more ways than one. /~tonic/Beatles/Sale.html   (757 words)

 McCabe's, 12/8/00 (Early Set)
Didn't see the show, but it should be noted that 'eva' is not a beatles song.
>>Didn't see the show, but it should be noted that 'eva' is not a beatles song.<<
'eva' is an older dan bern song, and 'baby's in black' is an older beatles song. /dbsetlists/shows/2000/001208E.htm   (231 words)

 Because (The Beatles song) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The song was one of the few Beatles songs to include an Analog synthesizer arrangement (although analog keyboards such as the Mellotron had been used often by the Beatles, few songs featured the use of a traditional analog synthesizer with voltage-controlled oscillators).
It appeared on the 1969 album Abbey Road, and is the song that precedes the extended medley that formed side two of the original LP record, (the cover of Abbey Road has a picture of the Beatles walking across a zebra crossing in unison).
"Because" is a ballad written by John Lennon and performed by the Beatles. /wiki/Because_(song)   (321 words)

 The Beatles discography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many early songs were later remastered by Capitol Records for the US as artificial stereo with bass on one side and treble on the other side, with lots of added echo, to the disgust of many fans today.
When it came time to release the Beatles catalogue on CD, the decision was made to use the original British versions of the albums, since those were the "way the Beatles originally intended them to be".
Additionally, even though the first four Beatles albums were originally released as both monaural and stereo recordings in the United Kingdom, stereo phonographs were quite rare in England at the time. /wiki/The_Beatles_song_list   (2586 words)

 Artist: The Beatles: "Song Title: Girl"
He must see within the raw material, both the song and the voice, something which can be brought out that other people may not see.
I also like AandR-ing records, [and] I’d like to continue writing for other people.” For now, however, he was content to bask in success." George Martin: "There has been a tendency in recent years for artists to want to produce their own records, because the role of a producer has become too important.
People say that’s where The Beatles are heading, and I suppose it makes sense. /ith/part02/16_girl.htm   (211 words)

 FPC's Beatles Song Inspirations
Leary was arrested and couldn't be elected, so John wrote the song, having nothing to do with politics.
He wanted to make a song that sounded like the bird's song.
He wrote this song around it, becuase he thought it was so crazy. /fun/beatles/inspire.htm   (1034 words)

 Thank You Girl by The Beatles Songfacts
Those are how I remember the song line-ups on the early albums.
A slightly different stereo version was released in April 1964 on The Beatles Second Album, issued by Capitol records.
How could this be about the girls that sent them fan mail except if it is the girls that are writing the phrases aforesaid. /detail.lasso?id=16   (344 words)

 Beatles CD Song List by Douglas Boynton Quine
When the Beatles catalog was first issued on CD in the '80s, an attempt was made to standardize the releases (which often varied wildly in content internationally) by using their original British format.
The Beatles 1962-1966, Beatles 1967-1970, and Beatles 1 albums are collections that are duplicated on earlier releases.
All Beatles songs on CD including title, album, and composer. /beatles.html   (711 words)

 Does a bad Beatles song exist?
There are some Beatles songs that I like more than others, and it's probably fair to say that they included some throwaway material on their albums that even they would consider lower quality.
Back before i realized I had psychic powers there was a Beatles A-Z contest on the radio where they spent 2 or 3 days playing back to back alphabetical Beatles and the winner, whoever called to identify the skipped song, was to win a CD set of everything they ever did.
For one, their bad song(s) can be simply one that is less than their usual standard (if you are of an opinion that their usual standard is/was any good). /?x&V=8967&ReSort=1   (3862 words)

 Another Girl by The Beatles Songfacts
When the Beatles play this in their movie Help, Paul is playing a bass even though his bass isn't actually heard in the song.
Normally The Beatles bass player, this was his first song to play guitar.
"Another Girl" was my favorite Beatles song for years and years. /detail.lasso?id=74   (706 words)

 Lyrics for The Beatles - Girl Lyrics - Song Lyrics / Music Lyrics
We try to get as many The Beatles lyrics as possible, but because of the vast amount of music lyrics available this is impossible without your help.
If you find any spelling mistakes on this The Beatles - Girl lyrics page please submit corrections, or if the music lyrics for The Beatles - Girl are wrong please also submit corrected lyrics for The Beatles - Girl.
Please submit any The Beatles lyrics that are not in our lyrics database. /the-beatles-lyrics/girl-lyrics/53d8567dc360cf74.html   (535 words)

 Come And Get It
The Beatles never recorded the song and it wasn't part of their repertoire.
The song was recorded by Badfinger group on 2August 1969.
The song was recorded on 2 july 1964. /comeandgetit.htm   (2338 words)

 John Lennon's Song "Help!" - The Real First LSD-Oriented Beatles Song
The Beatles' 1965 album _Rubber Soul_ was a nice transitional point where the songs were supposedly pop relationship songs, but used phrasings that were chosen to allude to the altered state, as first done in the song Help!
Lennon's his first experiences almost immediately resulted in a song with full, complete, and strong use of the altered-state lyric encoding technique -- because nothing could be more natural than to, as Spacemen 3 put it, "take drugs to make music to take drugs to".
is an LSD song and Beatles' first LSD song, to 100% certain. /johnlennonhelp.htm   (2367 words)

 The Beatles American Tours
The Beatles arrived at the stadium by helicopter, but their concert on the 28th was delayed because the helicopter and pilot left without permission.
Upon The Beatles arrival at Dorval Airport for two shows at Montreal's Forum, it was reported that Ringo Starr recieved death threats from a fanatic who threatened to kill "the English Jew." Besides the 5,000 fans awaitng their arrival, there were also a heavy police prescence from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
After the concert, The Beatles were flown by plane to a ranch in Missouri for a couple of days rest, while their entourage stayed behind at the hotel. /toursworld/americantour.htm   (4768 words)

 Girl lyric, The Beatles song
She's a kind of girl who puts you down when friends are there, you feel a fool.
And she promises the earth to me and I believe her, After all this time I don't know why.
Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about the girl who came to stay? /song_girl_the_beatles.html   (182 words)

 Fat Skinny Girl :: Song Quizzes 2 :: September :: 2005
You’re not sure where you’re going, or what you’re going to do, but you know that one day you’ll get there, and when you do, things are going to be ok. Written from Kati’s point-of-view to a friend, you’re a song about indecision.
It reminds me a lot of the song “Theres A Place For Us” from West Side Story.
Sometimes you fight for your rights and sometimes you allow yourself to be beaten even if you don’t realize it, but even so, there’ll be someone with you to hold your hand if you need it. /2005/09/21/song-quizzes-2   (508 words)

 The Beatles Song/CD Index
Song Title (Composer) Compact Disc (Original Year of Release) Across The Universe ["Let It Be" Version] LET IT BE (1970) THE BEATLES/1967-1970 (1973) Across The Universe ["Wild Life" Version] THE BEATLES PAST MASTERS - VOLUME TWO (1988) Act Naturally (Morrison-Russell) HELP!
Sheridan) THE EARLY TAPES OF THE BEATLES (Recorded 1961) Savoy Truffle (Harrison) THE BEATLES (1968) Searchin' [1962 Decca Audition] (Leiber-Stoller) THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 1 (1995) Sexy Sadie THE BEATLES (1968) Sgt.
The "original single version" of the "Love Me Do" was also included on the 1982 "Love Me Do" 12" single, which was issued on a 5" CD single in 1992. /cdindex.htm   (389 words)

 Beatles - Girl song lyrics archive at `Song`
We do the hard part for you - these Beatles - Girl song lyrics are the best. finds the most accurate Beatles Girl song lyrics on the net.
If you've ever searched for song lyrics before, you know that it can be hard to find accurate song lyrics for the songs you need. /song/b/Beatles/Rubber_Soul/Girl/25491.html   (150 words)

 Beatles Song Cross Reference
C20 - The Beatles Anthology 2 (Capitol/Apple CDP 7243 8 34448 2 3)
C21 - The Beatles Anthology 3 (Capitol/Apple CDP 7243 8 34451 2 7)
C19 - The Beatles Anthology 1 (Capitol/Apple CDP 7243 8 34445 2 6) /beatles/beatles_song_cross_reference.htm   (1533 words)

 Another Girl by The Beatles: Song Music Downloads
Another Girl by The Beatles: Song Music Downloads
Check the albums tab for other downloads from The Beatles.
Sorry, at this time no streams have been found for "Another Girl" on album The Beatles Box Set - 1988. /tracks/2891933/dl_streams.html   (111 words)

 Beatles "Another girl" Guitar chords
Guitar chords for the Beatles song "Another girl".
The little riff played in the song is: (Listen to the song for timing) e---------------------- B---------------------- G---5-5-5---7-7-7------ D---------7------------ A---------------------- E---------------------- The outro riff is: e------------------------5------------------ B--------------------------7-7-7------------ G---5-5-5--5-5-7-7-5-5-----------7-7-7-5-5-- D-7-------7------------7-------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- --part0_921797971_boundary--
Here is the Guitar chords for "Another girl" by Beatles. /tabs/b/beatles/another_girl-crd.shtml   (213 words)

 Which Beatles Song Are You?
Nah - gotta find the girl with the sun in her eyes.
to me, he represents the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Boy, you've been a naughty girl - you let your knickers down. /freak/edout/beatlessong.html   (202 words) Daily Log: Every Beatles Song in Alphabetical Order
Five days after the assassination of John Lennon, radio engineer Rob Grayson compiled a montage of every Beatles song in alphabetical order and aired it following a ten minute period of silence.
so, let the beatles live on !!!!!!paul mccartney,john lennon,richard starkey(ringo starr), and geoge harrison like them live on and ever and i mean ever forget the beatles.
The Beatles are a great band and I'm glad all you kids are discovering them again. /archive/2004/05/27/every_be.shtml   (1037 words)

 Song Lyrics World - You're Going To Lose That Girl - Beatles, The
Song Lyrics World > Ba..Bz > Beatles, The
Beatles, The Song Lyrics : Beatles, The Albums : Beatles, The Discography
Beatles, The Mp3 : Beatles, The Ringtones : Beatles, The Music /page-12098.html   (254 words)

 Beatles song index, lyrics
The Beatles Christmas Record of 1964 year (from US album The Beatles Christmas Album)
The Beatles Christmas Record of 1965 year (from US album The Beatles Christmas Album)
The Beatles Christmas Record of 1968 year (from US album The Beatles Christmas Album) /dsmurashev.geo/songs   (241 words)

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