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Topic: Before the Robots

In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Chinese Robots To Land On Moon Before Yuhangyuan
According to Sun Zengqi, a space robot specialist and Vice Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of the prestigious Tsinghua University here, relevant science institutions are actively studying key robotic technologies.
Sun, who is also the leader of the space robotics specialist group, cites yuhangyuan as "extremely expensive resources", thus replacing them in certain tasks would be more economical and enhance safety margin.
These robot explorers would scout for manned mission landing sites and areas of scientific interest, place science instruments on the surface and collect samples, and transmit video imagery.
www.spacedaily.com /news/china-00zzj.html   (601 words)

 CL4.org - A story about robots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Logically, it occurred to some of the robots that they might be able to improve their methods of working.
The robots found themselves in competition over rocks containing a particular ore. Since a single example can provide a concise way to illustrate the general case, here is one such exchange which occurred.
They had created the robots - not long ago - and they had transported them to the island, and they had planned to return to the island at a later stage to see what the robots did.
www.cl4.org /words/stories/robots.php   (1427 words)

 [No title]
The spring-like robot here has a red cap over its head, and sends out blue missiles that are magnetically drawn to Mega Man. You can shoot the missiles to destroy them, but it's likely better just to avoid those until you've focused enough shots at their source that it explodes.
When the robot leaps overhead, be prepared for it to land, so that you can jump it when it charges and then destroy it with a few shots from behind.
When the robot is dead, climb up the ladder, run across the ledge, drop down, and pass through the gate that leads to the area robot master.
www.cheatcc.com /psx2/sg/megaman_3.txt   (14574 words)

 Before Sunset   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The robots sit down at the table with the guy who seems surprised that the girl's head is across the room without her..
Robot Woman stands up and hits the waiter in the chest full force with both her fists.
Robot Man peels the skin face off his robot face and drops it as if there was a table in front of him.
www.oddtodd.com /sunset.html   (738 words)

 Robots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Robots have taken dangerous, unpleasant jobs away from the human work force and robots increase speed, accuracy, and repeatability.
Robots even apply adhesive to the inner and outer surfaces of the vehicle during this process.
Robots re-spot weld the body with 300 spot welds and next the robots weld the hinges to the door.
www.louisville.edu /~kmchan02/robots.html   (1937 words)

 noticias - Robots serve humans on land, in sea and air   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
There's still a long way to go before today's robots evolve into practical, everyday technologies, but even now, autonomous robotic vehicles developed at MIT are exploring uncharted or hazardous places, assisting troops in combat and performing household tasks.
With funding from NASA, CSAIL is developing prototypes of autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots for exploration on the Moon and Mars.
An agile aerial vehicle such as the robochopper is better suited than a surface robot to some scenarios, said Feron, noting that it's easier to fly a miniature robotic helicopter through a chaotic urban environment than to deploy a land robot down in the streets.
www.noticias.info /asp/aspComunicados.asp?nid=50796   (832 words)

 CNN.com - Robodex: Taking aim at human heartstrings - March 29, 2002
Japanese businesses, universities and robotics researchers, many eager to build up a lucrative new business for Japan in humanoid robots, are displaying their latest creations at Robodex, which runs until Sunday.
Doi and other robotics researchers believe the Japanese will be among the first to accept robots into everyday life.
Equipped with a camera and a mobile phone, the 28-inch (70-cm) tall, four-legged robot can be guided via voice commands, letting holidaying homeowners monitor their property while away.
archives.cnn.com /2002/TECH/ptech/03/29/japan.robodex.reut   (865 words)

 Before The Robots by Better Than Ezra CD
Given the title BEFORE THE ROBOTS, one might assume that Better Than Ezra's 2005 album is a concept record with a sci-fi bent.
Of course, Griffin's strengths are as a raconteur, a talent he displays with a narrative inspired by the demise of country-rock legend Gram Parsons on the jangly "A Lifetime." Equally impressive is the mid-tempo, Tom Petty-like rocker "American Dream," which takes potshots at the major corporations of the world.
"Before the robots" includes another 12 great songs from this band that deserves a lot more attention than they get.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/6837769/a/Before+The+Robots.htm   (1065 words)

 BETTER THAN EZRA, "Before the Robots"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Better Than Ezra's 2001 release, "Closer," was a sweet burst of sun-kissed candy from the New Orleans pop-rockers, a surprisingly potent gumbo that was equal parts swamp rock, '90s lite-alternative, hip-hop (courtesy of guest DJ Swamp) and a crazy array of hooks one might have thought had long evaporated after "Good."
One of that record's most engaging tracks, "A Lifetime," materializes again on "Before the Robots," but its neighbors aren't quite as fun.
"Robots" is a decent listen, but nothing's quite as instantly adhesive as the band's hookiest stuff.
www.billboard.com /bb/reviews/album_exclusives_article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000919222   (157 words)

 Built to Battle, Robots Test Designers’ Mettle
Challenges that must be overcome before the robots fight include a maze, a race, and an obstacle course.
In the robotics class, students with welding skills are putting BattleBots together while the math wizards apply calculus expertise to the robot’s movement.
The robot I look forward to seeing someday is a parasite bot; this would be some sort of robot that would be small and in every way analogous to a germ.
www.tms.org /pubs/journals/JOM/0105/Byko-0105.html   (2877 words)

 Scientists "Muscle" Sci-Fi Into Reality
Artificial Muscles To Be Used On Robotic Space Explorers (February 22, 1999) -- Artificial muscles that should give space robots animal-like flexibility and manipulation ability will get their first test on a small NASA rover destined to explore an...
The vision of robotic industries, science fiction only a few years ago, is poised to become reality...
Scientists may have produced results in laboratories, but a lot more work needs to be done before robots begin packing themselves for home delivery and dishing out stock tips during cocktail parties.
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2002/06/020611071940.htm   (671 words)

 RobotTalk - Information on latest robots and robotic technology
Toshiba Corporation today announced further advances in robotics that take the company closer to its concept of a "life support partner"—a sophisticated robot able to deliver human-centric technologies that provide assistance and support the elderly and young children in the home and in such public places as shopping complexes.
One advance enables a robot to distinguish particular voices from among many from multiple directions, and recognize the direction of origin, and interact with the speakers by responding to a repertoire of commands.
The other allows a robot to recognize a registered individual and to follow that individual from place to place, even among groups of people.
www.robottalk.com   (243 words)

 Before the Robots by Better Than Ezra
In its place is a surprisingly soulful undercurrent that surfaces on such laid-back highlights as "Daylight" and "It's Only Natural." Instead of pointing Better Than Ezra in a new direction, these soulful pop tunes are used as accents on a collection of straight-ahead, anthemic, songwriter-driven rock.
While there are still some snarls of electric guitars, Before the Robots is largely a meditative work, built on acoustic guitars; even when it hits hard and gets loud, it's with layers of vocal harmonies, keyboards, and guitars creating a rush of sound, emphasizing the emotional thrust of songwriter Kevin Griffin's songs.
Better than Ezra is back, and "Robots" has been oiled up with the bands profound touch.
www.mp3.com /albums/20004908/summary.html   (309 words)

 Discover Engineering Online - Links
Theresearchers would like to put the robots in the ocean to check on harmful bacteria in sewage spills and algae growths before they grow large enough to be a major problem.
The robots would exchange information in a network similar to the world wide web.
The engineers say it may take 10 years before the robots are ready to release into the ocean.
www.discoverengineering.org /nanorobots.asp   (142 words)

 Optical Sensor Bridges Gap for Robotic Welders - June, 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Before the robots' installation, production was slightly faster, but about 40 percent of the parts rolled off the line with holes blown through the side panel to the rear of the outer arch because of the position of the welder.
With the help of a laser-based three-dimensional sensor, robotic welders reduced the number of reworked wheel arches from 40 percent to about 2 percent.
This not only indicates the position of the two parts before they are welded, it also tracks the direction of the seam.
www.photonics.com /spectra/applications/XQ/ASP/aoaid.167/QX/read.htm   (514 words)

 Music News | Alternative Addiction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The band announced a few weeks ago that they had signed a deal with Artemis, after releasing their last album on the now defunct Universal imprint Beyond Records, and their first three albums on WB imprint Elektra.
The new album, titled 'Before The Robots' will feature thirteen tracks, many of which the band has previewed over the past several months in concert.
Their first studio release in almost four years, 'Before The Robots' will be one of the more anticipated releases of the new year when it hits stores on April 12th.
www.alternativeaddiction.com /news.asp?action=detail&article=348   (207 words)

 Humanoids: Future Robots for Home and Factory
Humanoid robots have typically been thought of as service robots that work in a close relationship with one or more humans; however, we believe that humanoid robots can also play an important role in manufacturing, especially holonic manufacturing.
Interaction between humans and robots must be studied in three forms: the content, the media, and the hardware [2].
For example, the mobile robot may be sent to fetch some food item and bring it to the humanoid in order to feed it to the user.
eecs.vanderbilt.edu /cis/Papers/Humanoid/huro96.html   (3771 words)

 Techdirt:How Robots Will Steal Your Job
Last week we posted a story about robotic burger flippers at McDonald's, and joked about how all those who are worried about jobs moving to India might be better off worrying about whether there will be any human jobs left at all.
Really, this is just a repeat of the fear from a few decades back about how robots were going to take over auto-plants and how Honda would only need to employ five people to manage the robots, and Ford would need to fire everyone.
Having robots take the place of workers is no problem as long as those that maintain and create them are americans.
www.techdirt.com /articles/20030805/1043246.shtml   (569 words)

 Coin-Op Museum: Berzerk
In each and every maze, the humanoid must destroy all robots using his laser gun without touching the deadly walls, colliding with a robot, or getting hit by any of the lasers fired by the robots.
Although the robots are supposed to be destroyed by the humanoid with his laser gun, the robots are not very smart and can also be destroyed whenever they run into each other, touch the deadly walls, get hit by their own lasers or get run over by Evil Otto.
Robots will run into each other or the deadly walls, shoot each other or get squashed by Evil Otto and the player gets the points, no matter how the robots die.
www.klov.com /B/Berzerk.html   (1060 words)

While consciousness in a robot is intriguing to discuss, many researchers believe it is not a prerequisite for an effective artificial being.
In developing a theory of personhood that includes robots, Dr. Foerst is slowly reconciling her religious beliefs with her scientific theories, and teasing out the religious implications of playing God with science.
Whereas today's robots run through their 'mental' operations with brute force, the human brain is more intuitive and adept at taking logical shortcuts.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/phil.html   (5571 words)

 Before DSMZ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
One year over developement, Dreamcaster's Sonic Manga Zone has taken some MAJOR change before it's official release...
Dr.Robotnik, still unknow how he survive, returns with a army of robots.
Unfortunaly, he turned evil and ordered to his robots to destroy the city.
www.angelfire.com /ga2/dreamcaster/before.html   (557 words)

 robots.net - Robot news and Robotics Info
Mirror.co.uk article offers predictions from the "futurology department" that cover all sorts of weird stuff.It seems we'll have emotional robot toys within 4 years, self-driving robot cars by 2015, robot guide dogs for the blind by 2017, basic rights for robots by 2020, and brain downloads for digital immortality by 2051.
With its computers, its sensors, and a 5-foot, 150-pound autonomous manipulator, or robotic arm, it will be able to move towards a specific target, such as a wrecked pipe laying on the ocean floor -- and maybe fix it.
Right now, this robot has an autonomy of about eight hours, but this range should soon be extended when the researchers move from batteries to fuel cells to power the undersea vehicle." For more, see Roland's blog entry or the Autonomous Systems Laboratory site at the University of Hawaii.
robots.net   (1380 words)

 Gay Robots
However, few realize that it was the robots of Sci-Fi and Animation that opened the door for Ellen DeGeneres, Tinky-Winky, Backstreet Boys, etc. Regardless of your view of homosexuality, there comes a time to pay tribute to the pioneers who had the guts to come out before it was considered trendy.
An egotistical narcissist, Tracks was a member of the Transformers -- robots which had their own animated series and action figures in the 1980's.
Tracks was a robot that could transform into a sleek Corvette; he preferred his stylish automotive form over his menacing robotic form.
home.globalcrossing.net /~variable/gayrobot.html   (1106 words)

 Music CD: Before the Robots. Better Than Ezra Tracks: Burned, Daylight, Lifetime, It's Only Natural, Overcome, Special, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I only hope they find out who they really are again before their next album release.
Comment: Better Than Ezra's most recent album, Before The Robots, the fifth studio album (not including Artifakt) has enough to seem as if it is a short journey throughout their career as a band.
The album almost sounds to be a mix CD of their material over the years put together and put out as a pseudo-Greatest Hits.
www.musicolympus.com /cd-store/B0007VF2QO/Before_the_Robots_-_Better_Than_Ezra.html   (1647 words)

 4 dual robots at Uelzena Dairy Factory :: SOCO SYSTEM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
SOCO SYSTEM's solution was a fully automatic palletising system with 4 individual palletising robots, one per line, with transport and turning of cases before the robots, transport of the empty and full pallets, and pallet stretch wrapping after the robots.
Each of the 4 robots has 2 pallet positions, thus eliminating the waiting time for removal of full pallets - the robot starts palletising a new pallet while the full pallet is being removed.
Also, each palletising robot offers full flexibility as a new product can be palletised at the press of a button.
www.socosystem.com /information/cases/cases/uelzena.aspx   (450 words)

 Slashdot | Will Humanoid Robots Take All the Jobs by 2050?
if robots take over 50% of the jobs, the robot industry will need millions of workers who performed these simple to complex tasks to program/design/manufacture their replacements, thus creating a multibillion dollar robot industry which will create millions of new jobs (maybe not 50% as much).
Yes, I would rather have a robot properly preparing my cheap Wendy's cheeseburger over waiting 5 minutes for some high school kid to get done spitting on it, rubbing it on the floor, and then carelessly handing it to me through the drive-through window.
All it takes is for a very small minority of humans to vote robot and by meme or by gene that small minority will become a big majority.
ask.slashdot.org /askslashdot/03/07/24/1227209.shtml?tid=126   (4355 words)

 The Trades - Entertainment Industry Analysis
Before The Robots is an ambitious comeback for the band, especially with the fast-moving industry of today.
One of my favorite tracks from Before The Robots is "A Southern Thang." Chronicling the story of a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde named Sarah and Kelly, this song furiously battles its way into your brain to the point that you'll find yourself singing it in the shower.
Before The Robots closes with "Breathless." Everything I said about the last track being filler applies again.
www.the-trades.com /column.php?columnid=2934   (1180 words)

 Robots Resource Web Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Rodney, un jeune robot plein d'idées, se rend à Robot Ville pour rencontrer legrand inventeur Bigweld.
The Robots Exclusion Protocol is a method that allows Web site The Robots META tag allows HTML authors to indicate to visiting robots if a document may
Includes commentary on robot related terminology and many applications of robotics including entertainment, military, space, industrial, and others.
www.thenotic.ca /circuit-board/robots.html   (328 words)

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