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  The concept of Being in philosophy and linguistics
Each of them is a being, and, since the same can be said of everything else, we cannot avoid the conclusion that being is the only property certainly shared in common by all that which is. Being, then, is the fundamental and ultimate element of reality.
Being is quite conceivable apart from actual existence; so much so that the very first and the most universal of all the distinctions in the realm of being is that which divides it into two classes, that of the real and that of the possible.
The question of the nature of being first arose in the context of Parmenides' series of logical dichotomies between being and nonbeing (me on): that which is, cannot not be; that which is not, cannot be, i.e., a denial of passage from being to nonbeing or genesis (q.v.; fr.
www.formalontology.it /being.htm   (5994 words)

 The Doctrine of Being, Hegel
Being is the notion implicit only: its special forms have the predicate ‘is’; when they are distinguished they are each of them an ‘other’: and the shape which dialectic takes in them, i.e.
Being, as we first apprehend it, is something utterly abstract and characterless; but it is the very essence of Being to characterise itself, and its complete characterisation is reached in Measure.
Being or immediacy, which by the negation of itself is a mediation with self and a reference to self — which consequently is also a mediation which cancels itself into reference to self, or immediacy — is Essence.
www.marxists.org /reference/archive/hegel/works/sl/slbeing.htm   (11081 words)

 Book I of Hegel's Science of Logic - Being
Being is being, and nothing is nothing, only in their contradistinction from each other; but in their truth, in their unity, they have vanished as these determinations and are now something else.
The process of determining and being determined is not a transition, nor an external alteration, nor an emergence of determinations in the indifference, but is its own self-relating which is the negativity of itself, of its [merely] implicit being.
The being of the determinations is no longer simply affirmative as in the entire sphere of being, but is now a sheer positedness, the determinations having the fixed character and significance of being related to their unity, each consequently being related to its other and with negation; this is the mark of their relativity.
www.marxists.org /reference/archive/hegel/works/hl/hlbeing.htm   (9790 words)

 Being - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The nature of being varies by philosophy, giving different interpretations in the frameworks of Aristotle, existentialism, Islam, and Marxism.
To Aristotle, only spirits and Gods are independent of matter, and thus these entities are purely "substance" or "being." This is the origin of the phrase "One in substance with the Father" or modernly "One in being with the Father" in the Catholic Nicene Creed.
This in turn has led to the thought that "being" and nothingness are closely related, developed in existential philosophy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Being   (567 words)

 Well-Being (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Thomas Carlyle, for example, described the hedonistic component of utilitarianism as the ‘philosophy of swine’, the point being that simple hedonism places all pleasures on a par, whether they be the lowest animal pleasures of sex or the highest of aesthetic appreciation.
His primary argument is his notorious ‘function argument’, according to which the good for some being is to be identified through attention to its ‘function’ or characteristic activity.
The characteristic activity of human beings is to exercise reason, and the good will lie in exercising reason well — that is, in accordance with the virtues.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/well-being   (5985 words)

 Being Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
being is a natural blend of essential oils, herbs, and botanicals that promote the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.
Using the natural power of aromatherapy, being helps to release yo u from the stress of daily life, freeing your thoughts and rejuvenating your spirit.
Combining the benefits of aromatherapy with the natural relaxation of a spa or bath, being excites the senses and stimulates the soul.
www.archchemicals.com /Fed/BEING   (103 words)

 Spirit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike the concept of human souls, which is believed to be eternal and preexisting, a spirit develops and grows as an integral aspect of the living being.
A ghost is usually conceived as a wandering spirit from a being no longer living, having survived the death of the body yet maintaining the mind and consciousness.
Spirits are often visualized as being interconnected to all others and The Spirit (singular capitalized) refers to the theories of a unified spirituality, universal consciousness and some concepts of Deity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spiritual_being   (845 words)

 Being There (1979)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In "Being There" Sellers abandons the crowd pleasing slapstick which attracted the droves for the "Pink Panther" series to offer a far more sincere performance that to me is flawlessly in-character and ultimately believable.
"Being There" is very enjoyable and I never seem to get tired of it.
Apart from Sellers standout performance, "Being There" from every angle is an extremely well made film that holds up well to remain engaging 25 years later and is no doubt a source of pride for all involved in any regard.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0078841   (434 words)

 Amazon.com: Being John Malkovich: DVD: Orson Bean,Ned Bellamy,W. Earl Brown,Kevin Carroll,John Cusack,Cameron Diaz,K.K. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
While too many movies suffer the fate of creative bankruptcy, Being John Malkovich is a refreshing study in contrast, so bracingly original that you'll want to send director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman a thank-you note for restoring your faith in the enchantment of film.
Malkovich himself is the film's pièce de résistance, riffing on his own persona with obvious delight and--when he enters his own brain via the portal--appearing with multiple versions of himself in a tour-de-force use of digital trickery.
I am sure you know the plot, and words wouldn't help to describe how original (and ingenious) it is. The film works on so many levels- it is a screwball comedy, an existential discussion of the nature of existence, a study of sexual identity, and a satire of the modern desire to "escape" from life.
www.amazon.com /Being-John-Malkovich-Cusack/dp/6305807086   (2880 words)

 State of Being
State of Being drummer, Randy Blaire will be sitting in with Cleveland's own glam-rocker's, Vanity Crash for three shows in mid July.
State of Being nominated as a Newcomer-of-the-Month in May, on Germany's, Darkerradio.com.
State of Being hit's No. 1 with, "Beneath The Skin" as the band cracks the Top 5 of the SSRN Top 20, (3X this week, 2/17) on Los Angeles-based Live365.com station, Sonic Sedition.
www.stateofbeing.com   (732 words)

 Amazon.com: Being There: DVD: Ruth Attaway,Richard Basehart,Fran Brill,Alfredine P. Brown,Oteil Burbridge,David ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Being There is not for all tastes--especially not for those who don't appreciate comedic subtlety.
First time I saw it, I remember being somewhat puzzled by the opening, where Chance is revealed as a very retarded middle-aged man, trained as a gardener, who apparantly has reached his full--and extremely limited--potential.
After being accidentally hit by a car belonging to a wealthy woman, he is taken in and soon has access to the rich and famous.
www.amazon.com /Being-There-Shirley-MacLaine/dp/B000056WRD   (2891 words)

 Rusk! | Products | Being
Rusk being™ allows you to shape and alter textures, adding both shine and definition, all while keeping the hair pliable and flexible, and most importantly healthy.
Being changes the way hair looks, feels and behaves, allowing you to create everything from funky, crazy undone looks, to sleek, controlled designs.
All styling products are created to interact with each other to create texture with endless possibilities.
www.rusk1.com /products/being/index.asp   (81 words)

 Physics and Faith 4. Rumors of a Ground of Being
A Christian may speculate that this deep-seated relationship between the reason within and the reason without may be a reflection that human beings were made in the image and likeness of the source of that rationality, God.
A system being measured must actually possess the value of the property being measured before the measurement is made, and there must be a "hidden variable" that remains to be discovered that will allow us to find out what this value is before the measurement is done.
The electron e- and positron e+ are not being observed and so they return to the "ground of being," to the realm of latent potentialities, latent possibilities not yet real, not yet actualized.
www.stjohnadulted.org /sc_rumgr.htm   (2743 words)

 Being and Time
Because the kind of Being that is essential to truth is of the charcater of Dasein, all truth is relative to Dasein's Being.
And if Dasein's Being is completely grounded in temporality, then temporality must make possible Being-in-the-world and therewith Dasein's transcendence; this transcendence in turn provides The support for concernful being alongside entities within-the-world, whether this Being is theoretical or practical.
Temporality (Temporalit├Ąt) is the temporality (Zeitlichkeit) that is interpreted in the existential analytic, when it is thematized in its function as condition of possibility of the pre-ontological and ontological understanding of being, and thus of ontology as such.
www.webcom.com /~paf/hb/hbbandt.html   (2311 words)

 Being A Broad: Being A Broad - everything a Western woman needs to survive and thrive (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Started in Tokyo in 1997, Being A Broad has already helped thousands of women make the most of their lives in Japan through an active discussion board, and a number one best-selling book.
Being A Broad Girls Night Out - Wednesday November 15th at Paddy Foleys from 7pm - proudly supported by Suntory Skyy Blue and Boudoir.......
The number one best-selling book Being A Broad in Japan includes everything you need to make the most out of your life in Japan.
www.being-a-broad.com.cob-web.org:8888 /?PHPSESSID=3c0cc2f2c598db678f9abd184e909a3f   (441 words)

 Being There   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
BEING THERE is based on Jerzy Kosinski’s short comic novel about a simpleton, Chance (Peter Sellers), raised in isolation whose only education came from watching TV.
When he’s forced out of the house where he worked as a gardener by the death of the wealthy recluse who raised him from infancy, he’s fortuitously struck by a limousine carrying Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), the wife of a wealthy industrialist.
Being There, directed by Hal Ashby, is a rare and subtle bird that finds its tone and stays with it.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/being_there   (564 words)

 Being There - Peter Sellers' Masterpiece
Soon afterwards he received a telegram from its lead character, Chance the Gardener: "Available in my garden or outside of it." A telephone number followed and when Kosinski dialed it Peter Sellers answered.
"Being There" is a film that causes many reactions and thoughts.
He has since passed away (three years ago), but enjoyed his time making this movie and has left many pieces of memorabilia from the movie behind.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/8200/being.html   (469 words)

 Being villa, Tobago - an exceptional villa experience - villa Home Page
Beautiful Tobago was created as the backdrop to Being.
This enchanting villa is nestled into the side of a hill on a five acre organic fruit farm with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.
Being villa combines elements of a traditional Caribbean plantation home with modern architectural features.
www.being-tobago.com   (196 words)

 definition of being
That which exists in any form, whether it be material or spiritual, actual or ideal; living existence, as distinguished from a thing without life; as, a human being; spiritual beings.
Abode, Actual, An, Any, As, Be, Being, Beings, Cottage, Distinguished, Existence, Existing, Exists, Form, From, Human, Ideal, In, Inasmuch, It, Life, Lifetime, Living, Material, Mortal, Nonexistence, Of, Opposed, Or, Since, Sphere, Spiritual, State, That, Thing, To, Whether, Which, Without
An, As, Be, Being, Beings, Cottage, Existence, Form, Human, Ideal, In, It, Life, Lifetime, Living, Material, Mortal, Nonexistence, Of, Or, Sphere, Spiritual, State, That, Thing, To, Which
www.brainydictionary.com /words/be/being135769.html   (186 words)

 Eminent Domain: Being Abused? - CBS News
Absolutely,” says the mayor, who admits that it's difficult and unfortunate that the Saleets are being asked to give up their home.
The Saleets live in an area called Scenic Park, and because it is so scenic, it's a prime place to build upscale condominiums.
Bailey about a block away, and from what I understand it's gonna be a new building, new equipment, moving expenses and everything set up for him,” says Lenhart.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2003/09/26/60minutes/main575343.shtml   (1957 words)

 Being Julia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Robin Williams and Christopher Walken star in Barry Levinson's "Man of the Year," the story of a comedian who runs for president as a joke...only to have voters take him seriously.
While much of Being Julia's appeal stems from no one being as fabulous as [Julia] is, the lack of a worthy sparring partner diminishes the fun.
Playing a West End stage queen in the otherwise musty Being Julia, Bening has a high time strutting her good/bad stuff.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/being_julia   (1034 words)

 Joseph: The Philosophy Of Being   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It is presented in collections of chapters from his books which are relevant to the present state of being human.
Ionean, Joseph, Ionean movement, Joseph Carbone, philosophy by Joseph, philosophy, philosophy of being, being, God, writings by Joseph, books by Joseph, ego, detachment, destiny, female energy, male energy, the void, dreams perception, alignment, the illusion of self, idiosyncrasy, narcissism, responsibility, choices, righteousness, morality, spirituality, love
All the material presented here is Copyright © Joseph Carbone, and may not be duplicated or distributed in any shape or form without the express written consent of Joseph Carbone.
www.ionean.com   (138 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with being
Complimentary Smokey Robinson "Being With You" ringtones available here.
The Being Game For the Love of Your Life
This book is an inspirational journey that asks the question "Who are you going to be today" and...
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/being   (138 words)

 Being Human Loving Kind Respectful Caring Knowing Sharing
Being Human Loving Kind Respectful Caring Knowing Sharing
Getting in touch with the being that we are and living from that beingness in balance and harmony with everything and everyone.
Self discovery of Being Human, Being ones 'Self'.
www.being.net   (38 words)

 Busy being born (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
This week we revisit Russ Beebe of CaliforniaWineHikes.com, whom I accompanied last month for a swell hike at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, followed by a wine tasting at a vineyard near the park.
They'll have to wait till my legs are stronger or I'm fleeing from the attendants trying to fetch me back to my warm room in the insane asylum.
Hiking from Del Valle has its prove-your-manly-ruggeness rewards, but it also provides that sense of being out there in the wilderness that I don't get at many other trails with a neighboring population of several million humans.
www.tommangan.net.cob-web.org:8888   (1790 words)

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