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Topic: Being and Nothingness

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Being and Nothingness
The conceptual pair "Being and Nothing(ness)" denotes for Sartre the central ontological relation as discussed in German Philosophy (notably in Hegel and Heidegger).
As J. Catalano explains in his Commentary of Being and Nothingness (1976), the term transcendence applied to a lie has two meanings: (1) A lie is "transcendent" because it is "directed beyond, or outside, one subject to another", and (2) its basis (its potential truth) is "outside the nature of consciousness" (p.79).
It is possible because the difference between being and non-being vanishes as soon as we separate human existence from what it is in the mode of not being what it is, or as Sartre puts it, if one is cut off from his project.
www.uri.edu /personal/szunjic/philos/being.htm   (11762 words)

 Jean-Paul Sartre Being and Nothingness
The organization is a trilogy: not-being what it is, being what it is not, and both (all three ekstatic dimensions co-present and interpenetrating).
It is not-being what it is, a contractor to sweatshops, paying mega-millions to sports celebrities and principal owner, Phil Knight, while paying pennies an hour to mostly women, 730,000 of them (at last head count) working in 720 sweatshops.
Then Nike is being what it is not, that is being the savior to the Third World, the promoter of codes of conduct, and investigator of subcontractor abuse.
cbae.nmsu.edu /~dboje/teaching/503/sartre_links.htm   (4026 words)

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 SparkNotes: Jean-Paul Sartre: Being and Nothingness
Sartre introduces Being and Nothingness, his single greatest articulation of his existentialist philosophy, as “an essay in phenomenological ontology.” Essentially, it is a study of the consciousness of being.
For Sartre, nothingness is the defining characteristic of the for-itself.
The interaction of beings possessed of consciousness is a major focus for Sartre, and as he describes a being-for-itself to interact with another being-for-itself, the key concepts are “the gaze” and “the other.” Without question, in Sartre’s view the gaze of the other is alienating.
www.sparknotes.com /philosophy/sartre/section2.rhtml   (1827 words)

 Being and Nothingness
Nothingness, as we have seen above, is the ground of the negation because it conceals the negation within itself, because it is the negation as being.
It [i.e., consciousness] must necessarily be conscious of this cleavage in being, but not as a phenomenon which it experiences, rather as a structure of consciousness which it is. Freedom is the human being putting his past out of play by secreting his own nothingness.
If our analysis has not led us astray, there ought to exist for the human being, insofar as he is conscious of being, a certain mode of standing opposite his past and his future as being both this past and this future and as not being them.
www.luc.edu /faculty/twren/phil120/ch10/beingandnothingness.htm   (3039 words)

 Being and Nothingness - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Being and Nothingness, by Jean-Paul Sartre, is one of the most epic pieces of philosophy ever to fucking rock.
Being and Nothingness cares a lot about consciousness which is some hilarious gay shit that all these faggots are fuckin around with.
Ok moving on, Being and Nothingness also talks about bad faith, which is this thing when someone has two beliefs at the same time cuz they're lying to themselves.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Being_and_Nothingness   (300 words)

 [No title]
Sartre disagrees with Hegel that Being and Nothingness are opposite, or are opposed as thesis and antithesis respectively.
The For-itself is sustained in being by the In-itself.
The Future is the Being projected by the For-itself, because the For-itself is perpetually apprehending itself as unachieved in relation to it.
www.angelfire.com /md2/timewarp/sartre.html   (752 words)

 TRACCE - JULY/AUGUST 1998 - Being or nothingness Notes from a talk given by Luigi Giussani to the Assembly of the ...
The time of God's creation, the time of communication of Being to created being - which is a time in which God gives himself to nothingness, gives the uncreated to the created - time works all that it has to: God is all in all.
Being is positivity, Being is because it is, Being is wealth, Being is fascination.
Not only for the philosophers who make nothingness their standard, but for everyone; because even a bishop, shortly before his death, was able to call me and say, "You know, in these days I am tormented by the temptation of thinking that with death I'll become nothing, as it is for everyone?"
www.tracce.it /arch98/LUG_AGO98/ingl7-98/ptn-7in.htm   (2034 words)

 Amazon.com: Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology (Routledge Classics): Jean-Pau Sartre: Books
Being and Nothingness and over 130,000 other books are available for Amazon Kindle — Amazon’s new wireless reading device.
'Being and Nothingness is a philosophical masterpiece, and a document of what life in the twentieth century was about.
'Being and Nothingness is a magnificently imaginative redescription of the human situation.
www.amazon.com /Being-Nothingness-Phenomenological-Ontology-Routledge/dp/0415278481   (793 words)

 Of Being and Nothingness
And being someone able to read Japanese (albeit some of them may be from the chinese meaning), some of them are incorrect or well, silly.
My current host family, while at times our personalities do not meet, with me being prone to sleep in, be late for things, and unorganized and them being early to wake up, be early to everything, and always organized, it feels a lot more like a family than some of my previous families did.
I, being a lucky and eye-catching person, am right up front and center, in what normally would be the bucho's spot- given that the bucho doesn't have a knee injury that keeps her from sitting in seiza.
fukiyo.livejournal.com   (5840 words)

 Amazon.fr: Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology: Jean-Paul Sartre, Hazel E. Barnes: Livres en ...
Basing his conception of self-consciousness loosely on Heidegger's "being," Sartre proceeds to sharply delineate between conscious actions ("for themselves") and unconscious ("in themselves").
Being and Nothingness is without doubt one of the most significant books of the twentieth century.
Being and Nothingness is one of those rare books whose influence has affected the mind-set of subsequent generations.
www.amazon.fr /Being-Nothingness-Phenomenological-Essay-Ontology/dp/0671867806   (575 words)

 Amazon.ca: Being And Nothingness: Jean-Paul Sartre: Books
Sartre says that man by his own being is free and so we are not predestined by genes, culture, drives, society, or anything else to act or do certain things.
Get a load of this stuff, like, "Being-for-itself is the being which in its mode of being is what it is not and is not what it is." or whatever.
With Being and Nothingness, Sartre attempted to explain the relationships between beings and world (transcendent).
www.amazon.ca /Being-Nothingness-Jean-Paul-Sartre/dp/0671867806   (1826 words)

 Archdiocese of Denver - DCR - Opinion
In Vienna, however, he insisted that nihilism – a soured cynicism about the mystery and wonder of being — is the prior enemy-within-the-gates.
An Enlightenment intellectual, cited by Professor Brague, once said that he didn’t have children because begetting children was a criminal act — a matter of condemning another human being to death, to oblivion.
The very goodness of life, the goodness of being — that is The Issue beneath all the other issues of the 21st century.
www.archden.org /dcr/news.php?e=368&s=3&a=7735   (495 words)

She has disarmed the actions of her companion by reducing them to being only what they are; that is, to existing in the mode of the in-itself.
But she permits herself to enjoy his desire, to the extent that she will apprehend it as not being what it is, will recognize its transcendence.
It must affirm facticity as being transcendence and transcendence as being facticity, in such a way that at the instant when a person apprehends the one, he can find himself abruptly faced with the other.
dbanach.com /sincer.htm   (2136 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology (Routledge Classics): Jean-Paul Sartre, Mary ...
Known as 'the Bible of existentialism', its impact on culture and literature was immediate and was felt worldwide, from the absurd drama of Samuel Beckett to the soul-searching cries of the Beat poets.
Being and Nothingness: Essay on Phenomenological Ontology by Jean-Paul Sartre
Probably the best description of what this book is about comes from the subtitle, 'An essay on phenomenological ontology'- its a thorough analysis of the nature of existence from the point of view of human consciousness.
www.amazon.co.uk /Being-Nothingness-Phenomenological-Ontology-Routledge/dp/0415278481   (439 words)

 Being! Or Nothingness
Long-lasting love between a man and a woman is the human experience par excellence, the most eloquent sign that man realizes himself fully through a bond with an other, that the “I” is constitutively open to the encounter with a “you,” and that the “I” expresses itself in a relationship.
Other options were to draw the alien creatures used in the story or to write a conversation between you and one of these creatures and being the two easiest choices most of the class chose them.
The human had never given thought to how Earth was not a wasteland after being ravaged by war or pollution or how it could be with great enmity between races of people.
beingornothingness.blogs.com   (7456 words)

 Wilco - CMJ New Music Monthly, January 1997
The instrument's neck is inlaid with the name of its owner's celebrated twang-pop outfit, Wilco, which arose from the ashes of another celebrated Midwestern outfit, Uncle Tupelo.
But Tweedy, being from Illinois and all, gets around to discussing the project in his own laconic time.
Tweedy's Bill Monroe T-shirt is draped with an unbuttoned yoked Western shirt, and his fl Levis taper down to bright lime-green Hush Puppies that--like Wilco itself--put a playful rock topspin on traditional country style.
www.geocities.com /nutnhunee/0197cmj.html   (891 words)

 Being and Nothingness | Psychology Today Blogs
Nothing gives me a greater sense of being free and unburdened than staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching old movies on TV.
I disagree with the opinion that working free from an employment contract is freedom from being work related restraints.
In my opinion we need to give ourselves a break and be comfortable with just "being".
blogs.psychologytoday.com /blog/brainstorm/200803/being-and-nothingness   (1414 words)

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