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Topic: Being and Time

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  Being and Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
roughly as 'as', or 'in the capacity of') being.
This "truth of beings", their self-revelation, involves a more fundamental kind of truth, the "disclosure of being in which the being of beings is unconcealed.", in Greek, aletheia.
In Being and Time he briefly destructures the philosophy of Descartes though the second half of the book which was intended to be a Destruktion was never written; in later works he uses this approach to interpret the philosophies of Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and Plato, among others.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Being_and_Time   (1930 words)

 Being and Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
It understands time thus “experienced” in the horizon of the understanding of being that is nearest to it, that is, as something that is itself somehow objectively present.
It is not that time is connected to a location, but rather temporality is the condition of the possibility that dating may be bound up with the spatially-local in such a way that the latter is binding for everyone as a measure.
Time goes on as it already “was,” after all, when a human being “entered live.” One knows only public time that, leveled down, belongs to everyone, and that means to no one.
phoenixandturtle.net /excerptmill/Heidegger2.htm   (11321 words)

 Time and Being
With the statement at the end of Being and Time that temporality, the basic structure of human being, is perhaps the horizon of Being, Heidegger implicitly relinquishes the question of causality and con­ditions of possibility, and embarks on the road toward overcoming metaphysics and ontology.
Time is not a thing, thus nothing which is, and yet it remains constant in its passing away without being something temporal like the beings in time.
Time, which is addressed as the meaning of Being in Being and Time, is itself not an answer, not a last prop for questioning, but rather itself the naming of a question.
phoenixandturtle.net /excerptmill/Heidegger3.htm   (15791 words)

 Being and Time
Time mut be brought to light and genuinely grasped as the horizon of every understanding and interpretation of being.
An existentiell understanding of beings is ontic in that it does not consider the Being of beings.
Aristotle himself saw the 'universality' of Being to be merely analogous to the universality of a genus/class.
being-and-time.blogspot.com   (2778 words)

 Heidegger's Being and Time
Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time (1927) is an exploration of the meaning of being as defined by temporality, and is an analysis of time as a horizon for the understanding of being.
While "handiness" is the being of beings initially encountered by Da-sein, "objective presence" is the being of beings found to be of concern after Da-sein has encountered what is at hand.
Being-toward-death is Angst insofar as it is an attunement to death as a negation of the individualized being of Da-sein.
www.angelfire.com /md2/timewarp/heidegger.html   (1501 words)

 On Reading Being and Time, an Explication and Commentary by Roderick Munday
Being is the "is" of a sentence (in logic it is called the copula) that links the subject to its predicate, and as such is an integral part of the most basic form human language.
This implies either, a) that the investigation of being is a non starter, or, b) that the method that we are using to interrogate Being is at fault.
The "Being" of the "human being" when taken by itself (Dasein) can be seen the essential component of who we are, but in the widest possible sense that is also encompassing everything we could be, because strictly speaking there is never any "are" in the sense of human beings, but always a "to be".
www.visual-memory.co.uk /b_resources/being_and_time.html   (7083 words)

 Amazon.ca: Being and Time: Books: Martin Heidegger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Being and Time: A Translation of Sein Und Zeit by Martin Heidegger
He is not 'positing' any definitive answers for us, but rather he is using the artifice of human language to point to ways in which we can reorient ourselves to genuine dis-closures of beings in the actuality of their being.
Being and Time is ground zero for the rediscovery of 'first philosophy' and it's powerful relevance to our own way of being...
www.amazon.ca /Being-Time-Martin-Heidegger/dp/0060638508   (1152 words)

 Time & Being
Is time merely our concept for the span in which events unfold, or is Time a part of the Universe, an integral force that, like a pacemaker, acts to set the temper for all things?
Time seems influenced by the physical as well: extremely accurate atomic clocks, placed simultaneously at sea level and at high altitudes, have shown that those at a higher altitude actually record time passing faster, where gravity and magnetism are weaker.
But nature is subject to violent shifts: a summer breeze to a Santanna, a spring day to a sudden thunderstorm in which the changes are from one extreme to the opposite in the spectrum.
www.bermuda-triangle.org /html/time___being.html   (1119 words)

 Amazon.com: Being and Time: A Translation of Sein and Zeit (SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy): Books: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Martin Heidegger paved the road trod on by the existentialists with the 1927 publication of Being and Time.
Thus, for example, "time" is only meaningful as it is experienced: the time it takes to drive to work, eat lunch, or read a book is real to us; the concept of "time" is not.
When you read Being and Time (which is so much better than Sartre's more famous gloss, Being and Nothingness) you WILL need a commentary, there are several, but I would recommend Being-in-the-world by Dreyfus.
www.amazon.com /Being-Time-Translation-Contemporary-Continental/dp/0791426785   (2343 words)

 for the time being
A truth, while being infinitely open to addition, while constantly grouping to itself different and radical combination from the situation (from the encyclopeadia), is nevertheless not gather by objectivity, but rather with a type of subjectivity.
But, Levinas maintains, the relation with the Other is not one of comprehension where the being we perceive is stands out upon the horizon of Being, because in relation to the Other “he is a being and counts as such” without reference to a horizon.
A being is a human being and it is as a neighbor that a human being is accessible—as a face” (8).
www.for-the-time-being.blogspot.com   (7671 words)

 Time Being Books - For Educators
Time Being Books poetry is a natural fit into any course of study.
If you’ve found your students have difficulty (and sometimes an aversion to) reading contemporary poetry, Time Being Books offers a way to change all that.
Time Being Books titles are actually about something.
www.timebeing.com /home/foreducators.htm   (327 words)

 Amazon.com: Being and Time: Books: Martin Heidegger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Being and Time: A Translation of Sein and Zeit (SUNY series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) by Martin Heidegger
Being and time is probably his most important work and is basically an attempt to rethink the problem of human existence after the collapse of religious belief and metaphysics.
While we may criticize his existential analysis of our being, in my view his insights are very interesting and still worth considering, and it will be some time before the meaning of these thoughts become entirely clear.
www.amazon.com /Being-Time-Martin-Heidegger/dp/0060638508   (2301 words)

 Being - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The nature of being varies by philosophy, giving different interpretations in the frameworks of Aristotle, existentialism, Islam, and Marxism.
To Aristotle, only spirits and Gods are independent of matter, and thus these entities are purely "substance" or "being." This is the origin of the phrase "One in substance with the Father" or modernly "One in being with the Father" in the Catholic Nicene Creed.
This in turn has led to the thought that "being" and nothingness are closely related, developed in existential philosophy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Being   (571 words)

 Martin Heidegger: Being and Time
"in time," an obscure enough definition to be sure.
time in the sense of "being in time" serves as a criterion for separating
Being and Time (1927), translated by Joan Stambaugh
www.wisdomportal.com /Time/Time-Heidegger.html   (218 words)

 Being Thirteen: TIME Poll - TIME Magazine (1)
TIME surveys teenagers nationwide about parents, dating and school
TIME takes an inside look at an age of mystery and challenge
TIME asks these teens what it's like to be 13
www.time.com /time/covers/20050808/photoessay/poll1.html   (100 words)

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