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Topic: Belgian Federal Parliament

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  Belgian federal government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The executive branch of the Belgian federal government consists of ministers and secretaries of state ("junior" ministers or smaller departments) drawn from the political parties which form the government coalition.
The number of ministers is limited to 15, 7 at least from each of the two main communities, and they have no seat in Parliament.
At the federal level, executive power is wielded by the Cabinet.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Belgian_federal_government   (547 words)

 Answers to the questionnaire
At present the Council of the Federation is composed of representatives of the subjects of the Federation with one representative of the territorial assembly and one of the executive of each subject of the Russian Federation.
Presently the members of the Council of the Federation are appointed by the decision of the bodies of the executive and representative power of the subjects of the Federation for the period of their mandates.
The mandate of the member of the Council of the Federation is limited to the length of the mandate of the representative or executive body of the subject of the Federation that has appointed him or her to represent the subject of the Federation to the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament.
www.senateurope.org /precedentes/prague_2003/reponse_questionnaire_en.htm   (13655 words)

 Belgium at the EU Convention Contributions Detail
It is from this latter point of view that the Belgian government and the Belgian federal parliament considered it important to organise, during the Belgian Presidency, direct contacts with the parliaments of the Member States and the candidate countries.
Parliaments generally agree that the next Convention should be considered an opportunity to involve parliaments in the future development of the European Union and thus to strengthen the latter's legitimacy.
One parliament suggested that at the beginning of European Council meetings, similar to the President of the European parliament, the President of the national parliament of the country holding the presidency should be allowed to voice the viewpoints of national parliaments.
www.euconvention.be /contributions/detail.asp?ID=57   (5954 words)

 The Flemish Republic
Belgium’s federal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt is pressuring the Flemish Parliament to ratify the EU Constitution before the end of this year, which would allow Belgium to join the small group of nations that has already approved the constitution.
Owing to the Belgian federal structure, however, the Flemish majority is minorised within Belgium, where the French-speaking Walloon minority has half of the seats in government and can veto all decisions in parliament.
At the western end lies the Belgian parliament and the office of Verhofstadt, whose residence is called Lambermont House — the “Lambermonster.” The VB hopes to slay the two monsters and is not keen on replacing the little Belgian monster by the bigger European one.
www.flemishrepublic.org /current_issue.php?id=45   (452 words)

Another characteristic of the Belgian federal model is that there is no hierarchy of standards between national or federal law on the one hand and community or regional law (decrees or ordinances) on the other.
Conflicts of interest between the federal state on the one hand and the Communities and regions on the other, or between these amongst themselves, are brought before the Consultative Committee in which national, regional and community ministers have seats.
Federal loyalty thus plays an essential role in the Belgian federal model, requiring a significant effort from politicians on a daily basis.
www.ecsanet.org /conferences/ecsaworld2/Ginderachter.htm   (3213 words)

 Brussels Parliament -
The Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, or Brussels Regional Parliament (French: Parliament de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale or Parlement Bruxellois, Dutch: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Parlement), is the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, one of the three regions of Belgium.
The Brussels Parliament role mainly consists in controlling the government of the Brussels-Capital region, approving the budget and creating and passing laws[2].
Since the 2004 elections the Brussels Parliament is probably the political assembly in the world where the level of representation of ethnic minorities is the highest (near mirror representation) with, out of 72 francophone elected deputies, 12 were Moroccans, 2 Turks, 1 Guinean, 1 Congolese and 1 Tunisian.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Brussels_Parliament   (323 words)

The Liberals and Socialists were the victors in the Belgian general elections on Sunday by winning 97 of the 150 seats in the Belgian Federal Parliament.
May to the Belgian King Albert 11, is to be called upon to lead negotiations to form the next government.
Finally the law of universal competence that enables Belgian courts to try the originators of genocide and war crimes that are committed anywhere in the world helped provide Belgium a special position on an international level.
www.robert-schuman.org /anglais/oee/belgique/resultats.htm   (1086 words)

 Constitution - Ratification
On 17.02.2005 the constitutional committee of the parliament rejected a request by the Liberals in the south and north of the country to hold a popular vote on the Constitution.
After ratification in the Belgian federal parliament and the senate the Constitution had to be ratified by five regional parliaments: the Flemish parliament, the parliament of the French-speaking Wallonia region, the parliament of the French Community, that of the German-speaking community and the parliament of bilingual Brussels.
The Federal Chamber of Representatives approved it on 19 May although during the debate only one third of the representatives was present.
www.unizar.es /euroconstitucion/Treaties/Treaty_Const_Rat_Belgium.htm   (740 words)

The Belgian government and the trade unions, shocked by a development that closely resembles the Renault Vilvoorde affair, hope that the decision is not irrevocable.
In March 2000, a group of Belgian and foreign labour law experts and "opinion-formers" issued a call for the abolition of discriminatory differences between blue-collar and white-collar workers, and the creation of a unified employee status for all within the next five years.
The current Belgian government is heavily influenced by the active welfare state model propounded by the Minister for social affairs and pensions, Frank Vandenbroucke - as evinced by measures such as late 1999's "Rosetta plan" on youth employment.
www.eiro.eurofound.ie /2000/country/BELGIUM.html   (2307 words)

 archives | The Brussels Journal
The Belgian federal parliament as well as the regional parliaments in Brussels and Wallonia have approved it, but the regional parliament in Flanders has not.
Belgium’s federal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt is pressuring the Flemish Parliament to ratify the EU Constitution before the end of this year.
Belgian dealers can import the cars via Germany, where the certificates are delivered without any fuss, but this costs them up to an additional 3,000 euros per car – a surplus which they do not like to inflict on their customers.
www.brusselsjournal.com /archive/2005/11/28   (1349 words)

 Press release - Brussels No.2
At the invitation of the Belgian Federal Parliament, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) will hold its 101st Conference and related meetings from 10 to 16 April in Brussels, on the premises of the European Parliament - a first for the IPU.
The Russian Federation Parliament has proposed that "The situation in the Balkans and parliamentarians' role in putting an end to the escalation of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia and in normalising the situation in the region" be placed on the agenda.
Several IPU Committee will meet on the fringe of the Conference to tackle such questions as the human rights of parliamentarians (settlement of cases of parliamentarians who are victims of arbitrary measures), security and co-operation in the Mediterranean (CSCM), the situation in Cyprus and that in the Middle East.
www.ipu.org /press-e/brsl2.htm   (765 words)

 flandersonline.org - Flandersonline newsletter
Blundering pretender to the throne jeopardizing Belgian monarchy
Once again, federal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt (VLD) has had to censure Belgium's proclaimed pretender to the throne, prince Philippe de Saxon-Cobourg, for violating the monarchy's assumed neutrality, after it turned out that the prince had signe...
The federal parliament's Commission of the Interior has eventually begun to address one of the hottest issues in Belgian politics nowadays : the splitting of the constituency Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.
www.flandersonline.org /news/120,90   (689 words)

 Politics of Belgium: Encyclopedia topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The regional parliaments are elected every five years, and their elections coincide with those for the European Parliament (European Parliament: the european parliament is the parliamentary body of the european union (eu), directly...
Following significant gains made in the 1999 general elections, the two green parties joined a federal coalition cabinet for the first time in their history, but were ousted after the next elections.
As Belgian political parties get government funding if they have a seat in parliament, there was minor row about the funding for the new party in the Flemish Parliament.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/politics_of_belgium   (5987 words)

 Belg041207En: FFII Wiki
The Belgian standpoint at the meeting of the Competitiveness Council of 17 and 18 May 2004 was focussed on three aspects of the proposal for a directive.
In accordance with the the decision of the Belgian Council of Ministers of 14 May 2004, Belgium supported the insertion of a provision which ascertains that certain forms of interoperability are not considered to be piracy [sic].
Secondly, Belgium asks, in accordance with the decision of the Belgian Council of Ministers of 14 May 2004, that the principle whereby a computer program in source code or object code or any other form cannot be considered a patentable invention, would be made into an article of the directive.
wiki.ffii.org /Belg041207En   (1082 words)

 Belgian Science Policy - Space research and applications : Earth observation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
On June 28, 2005, the Belgian Federal Parliament adopted the law on the activities of launching, of flight operations or guidance of space objects.
Such activities are subject to the autorisation of the Minister for Science Policy who may impose peculiar conditions aiming at ensuring everyone’s safety as well as the interests of all participants.
Finally, the law organise between the Belgian State and the operator, a system of sharing of the liability for the damage caused by the space object.
www.belspo.be /belspo/res/rech/spatres/loispat_en.stm   (207 words)

 EUROPA - IDABC - Belgium close to solving electronic ID cards distrib
A new bill currently being discussed by the Belgian Federal Parliament is indeed expected to solve the financial problems that would have prevented many municipalities (communes) from participating in the delivery of the cards to Belgian citizens and residents.
The Belgian electronic ID card was officially launched in late March 2003, when the first cards were issued to a group of civil servants working for one of 11 communes involved in the government's pilot project, and then to the residents of those communes.
In its effort to speed up the implementation of the electronic ID card, the Belgian Government has decided last Autumn that the new card will be introduced over a period of three years, instead of five years as initially planned.
europa.eu.int /idabc/en/document/2014/332   (454 words)

 EUROPA - IDABC - Belgian Government presents e-ID toolkits for citizens and developers
The Belgian Government has presented a first generation of e-ID toolkits, designed to allow citizens to read the content of their electronic ID cards and provide programmers with the means for developing e-ID applications.
However, recent hearings at the Belgian Federal Parliament suggest that large-scale distribution of the cards may be slower than expected.
The Belgian electronic ID card was officially launched in late March 2003, when the first cards were issued to a group of civil servants working for one of 11 communes involved in a pilot project, and then to residents of those communes requesting them.
europa.eu.int /idabc/jsps/documents/dsp_showPrinterDocument.jsp?docID=2557&lg=fr   (693 words)

 Monthly Journal - No.15
The 104th Inter-Parliamentary Conference, held in Jakarta (15-21 October 2000) at the invitation of the Indonesian Parliament, adopted four resolutions, including one on the question "Are embargoes and economic sanctions still ethically acceptable, do they still work, and are they suited to achieving their purpose in an ever more globalised world?".
The Belgian Group also wished to raise the issue of economic sanctions implemented by States or groups of States in connection with their foreign policy, as such sanctions pose specific problems.
However, the Belgian Group was not in agreement with this point, as worded in the resolution, because it called for the unconditional lifting of sanctions and in particular without imposing any obligation on the country targeted.
www.ipu.org /press-e/Jrn15.htm   (2709 words)

 Annual Report - September 1997 - August 1998 - Section on Library and Research Services for Parliaments
In some constituent parliaments, the parliamentary library includes a research service; in others there is a separate department providing research and analysis for the legislature.
Towards the end of 1998 a new publication of the Section was issued in the IFLA Publications series from Saur: "Parliamentary Libraries and Research Services in Central and Eastern Europe" edited by the former chairman of the Section, William H. Robinson and Raymond Gastelum.
European Union Documentation in the Spanish Parliament, by Rosa Maria Grau Guadix, Documentation Department of the Congress of Deputies Spain.
www.ifla.org /VII/s3/annual/rep98-e.htm   (2156 words)

 New social Maribel scheme introduced
In December 1999, the Belgian federal parliament allocated increased funding for the "social Maribel" scheme, which seeks to promote employment in the non-profit sector through a reduction of employers' social security contributions.
The current government has decided to increase the "social Maribel" appropriation by an additional BEF 3 billion, and on 15 December 1999, the federal parliament thus allocated some BEF 11 billion of the 2000 state Budget to finance the scheme.
The increase of the federal budget appropriation for the "social Maribel" was presented as an "adequate response to the unions' concerns" by the three federal ministers involved: Laurette Onkelinx (employment and labour), Magda Aelvoet (health) and Frank Vandenbroucke (social affairs).
www.eiro.eurofound.eu.int /2000/01/inbrief/be0001303n.html   (578 words)

 ALDE - CALD Meeting 2004 - List of Participants
Watson is the Leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament and MEP for South West England and Gibraltar.
He was a member of the Belgian federal parliament from 1978 to 2004, first as a representative (1978-1999) and then as a senator (1999-2004).
Maricou is the Director for Asian Affairs of the Belgian Foreign Ministry.
www.cald.org /website/aldecald/european.htm   (1287 words)

 Inter-parliamentary Group for Tibet established in the Federal Belgian Parliament - www.phayul.com
An Inter-parliamentary Group for Tibet was officially established in the Federal Belgian Parliament on Wednesday, 17th November 2004 comprising members from all the major national political parties.
To this effect an official inauguration function was arranged in the Parliament in the presence of Representative from the Office of Tibet, Brussels.
The launching function was attended by the representatives from the Belgian Tibetan community and the Belgian Tibet Support Group as special invitees to this occasion.
www.phayul.com /news/article.aspx?id=8229   (600 words)

 Belgian government publications: what's available in the Libraries
The Belgian Federal Parliament consists of two chambers: the Chambre des Représentants and the Sénat.
The Chambre alone is responsible for budgets, army quotas, naturalisation and laws relating the responsibilities of federal ministers.
The Belgian Parliament web site gives access to the full text of the Constitution and to the web sites of the two houses.
www.bl.uk /collections/social/belgvpub.html   (1308 words)

 Louis Michel: biography and encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Louis Michel (born September 2, 1947) was until July 2004 the Belgian (Belgian: A native or inhabitant of Belgium) foreign minister (foreign minister: A government minister for foreign relations).
He was a member of the Belgian federal parliament (Belgian federal parliament: the belgian federal parliament is a bicameral parliament....
He was the Belgian (Belgian: A native or inhabitant of Belgium) foreign minister (foreign minister: A government minister for foreign relations) and Vice Prime Minister from 1999 to 2004, until in July 2004, the Verhofstadt (Verhofstadt: guy verhofstadt (born april 11, 1953) is the current prime minister of belgium]...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/louis_michel   (688 words)

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