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  Ben Folds Five - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ben Folds Five (1994–2000) was a three-member band formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina who were a mainstay of piano rock until their breakup in 2000.
Ben Folds was lead singer, pianist, and main composer; Robert Sledge played bass, and Darren Jessee played drums and co-wrote some of the songs.
Folds once described their music as "punk rock for sissies", a reaction to the angst prevalent in 90s rock [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ben_Folds_Five   (348 words)

 Ben Folds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ben Folds was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to middle-class parents.
Folds is booked to perform again with WASO in August 2006, with another Symphonic concert planned in September 2006, this time with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the world-famous Sydney Opera House.
Folds' tours are renowned for his solo act as "Ben Folds and a piano", where he often involves the audience by having them "play" the accompanying instruments (for example, singing the trumpet and saxophone harmonies in "Army") and singing choral backing vocals on "Not the Same".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ben_Folds   (2386 words)

 The GIBSON & Baldwin Player - Ben Folds captures Live excitement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Folds recorded about 60 shows during his "Ben Folds and a Piano" outing, and then pored over the tapes as he drove between gigs from state to state, picking and choosing the best performances for his new solo album Ben Folds Live, released October 8.
Folds has also been tossing around ideas for a musical with a couple of collaborators, but says it would have to be the right kind of vibe before he'd commit to doing it.
Folds is featured in a new print ad campaign for Baldwin, themed "Where will my Baldwin take me?" He's been playing since the age of 9, and the ad shows several images of him in action at the piano and on the drums.
player.gibson.com /nov02/benfolds.html   (1274 words)

 Sponic Zine - Music Reviews - Ben Folds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Ben Folds Live (the “L” being an upside-down “F”) is Ben Folds' first solo live album and the result of his “Ben Folds and Piano” tour that took place from February to July of 2002.
Ben is back, releasing his first album since disconnecting from the “Five.” Rockin’ the Suburbs is the continuation of what Folds does best, which is reflecting on how goofy life can be.
Ben Folds has always been adept at writing beautiful, comical pop songs with his piano, and this time around is no different.
www.sponiczine.com /review_detail.asp?wfArtist=Ben+Folds   (532 words)

 Ben Folds News
Fans of Ben Folds have at least two things to look forward to this fall: a new album featuring rare cuts from throughout the singer/songwriter's career, and a round of fall concerts.
Ben Folds takes off on a solo career that builds on the success of his band's hit "Brick." Highlights include songs from his critically acclaimed new release, Songs for Silverman.
Isn't rock pianist Ben Folds supposed to be a card-carrying member of Generation X? You know, our so-called slacker generation that's now in its 30s, the one with neither the energy to march in the streets nor...
www.topix.net /who/ben-folds   (679 words)

 Ben Folds
Upon further inspection, Folds discovered that the studio in question was the complementary room to the legendary RCA Studio B, where Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins laid down some of their most memorable tracks.
When Folds recorded the first EP, he was aiming for an all-analog experience, but he abandoned that approach after a multitrack malfunctioned and he had to re-record several songs.
Folds asserts that he loved Brauer's style of mixing because, “he has a way of putting the vocal so up front that the singer wants to crawl in a hole somewhere.
mixonline.com /mag/audio_ben_folds/index.html   (1261 words)

Folds first played in the late 80's in a band called Mojosha as a bass player and formed the Ben Folds Five in 1993.
The "five" were actually three members: Ben Folds (vocals/piano), Darren Jessee (drums) and Robert Sledge (bass).
The group split after only four albums as Folds continued on as a solo act.
www.ear.fm /Encyclopedia%20F/folds_ben.htm   (121 words)

 Ben Folds - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Folds' musical career didn't really get off the ground until the late '80s, as bassist for band Majosha, but he is best known as the frontman and pianist of Ben Folds Five.
Folds' tours are famous for his solo act as "a man and a piano," often having the audience become involved by "playing" the accompanying instruments (such as the trumpet and saxophone harmonies in "Army") and singing choir-like backing vocals on "Not the Same".
Folds has also shown the complexity behind his authentic sound by performing with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, in March 2005, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, in November 2005.
voyager.in /Ben_Folds   (914 words)

 Ben Folds: Songs for Silverman - PopMatters Music Review
This isn't "good buddy" Ben anymore, this is Uncle Ben, just as likely to offer his wisdom via life experience as he is to crack a joke about sharing a name with the rice guy.
Folds' melodies are as lovely as ever, his piano playing as skillful as any of his best work previous to Songs for Silverman, but the highs and lows that he once so adeptly portrayed in his music have all but vanished.
Even so, when Folds hits an off-note after the "to thank" of the second chorus, one's not sure if he really hit a bum note in a fit of passion, or tossed it in as vague musical symbolism, where before, there was never a doubt -- the passion would always win.
popmatters.com /music/reviews/f/foldsben-songs2005.shtml   (711 words)

 CNN Programs - Showbiz Today
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Ben Folds caressed and assaulted the keys of his fl Baldwin piano at a bowling alley in Eagle Rock, California -- a funky suburb of Los Angeles.
Folds, of course, was the center of attention, as he is on his new CD, "Rockin' the Suburbs." Folds has crafted an album of lyrical pop songs on "Suburbs," his first solo album after three with the Ben Folds Five.
Folds: It gave me a lot of space so I could kind of have a second to think about what I was doing and do what I really felt like doing -- rather than just react to the moment because we were making records really fast.
www.cnn.com /CNN/Programs/showbiz.today/music.ontheroad/0112/06.html   (811 words)

 Ben Folds
In this song, the old bastard is actually a teenager." "Landed"-the first single-is classic Ben Folds with tasteful and dynamic playing coupled with evocative, well-chosen lyrics.
Although Folds planned to re-record the entire album, Reynolds and Jamieson convinced him to leave those two untouched.
I had two bands before Ben Folds Five that were piano, bass and drums.
www.benfolds.com   (1099 words)

 Paste Magazine :: Feature :: Ben Folds :: Outgrows the Industry of Cool (Page 1)
Folds attributes his fresh momentum to a trio of successful EPs—Sunny 16, Speed Graphic and Super D—all recorded during the interim period between Rockin’ the Suburbs and his newest full-length.
Folds wrote the song about taking his high-school girlfriend to get an abortion, and on a live CD released in 2002 capped off a rehashing of its backstory by noting, “It was a very sad thing, but I didn’t really want to write the song from any kind of political standpoint or make a statement.
Folds shrugs off rejection’s sting by making a joke of it, and his audience gets a cathartic rush from hearing him sling playground insults at the girls who trounced his heart.
www.pastemagazine.com /action/article?article_id=1607   (914 words)

 Ben Folds - Frank Maynard's Ben Folds Website
Folds continues to be among the most popular acts on college campuses, also having been selected by Wake Forest students to perform at that school's SpringFest in March.
Ben Folds is slated to appear in the second episode along with country star Leann Rimes.
Folds beats Frodo: "The Bens" was the #1 download on Apple's iTunes music service on Tuesday, Jan. 6, shoving the Lord of the Rings soundtrack out of the top spot.
www.fmaynard.com /benfolds   (6910 words)

 Ben Folds MP3 Downloads - Ben Folds Music Downloads - Ben Folds Music Videos
Singer/pianist Ben Folds (born September 12, 1966, in Winston-Salem, NC) is best-known as the leader of the power pop trio Ben Folds Five, but has also struck out on his own as a solo artist.
Whereas most alternative bands of the '90s specialized in distorted teen-angst rock, the guitarless trio was a refreshing break from the norm, their sound akin to such past power popsters as Todd Rundgren, Jellyfish, early Joe Jackson, and such piano-driven artists as Billy Joel and early Elton John.
Ben Folds Five regrouped with 1999' s The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, which was a more mature work than its predecessors, although the energetic lead-off single, "Army," showed that Folds' humorous approach hadn't dulled at all.
www.mp3.com /artists/141587/biography.html   (526 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Songs for Silverman: Music: Ben Folds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
To wit, the superbly tragic-comic "You to Thank" casts Folds as the protagonist in a hopelessly premature teen marriage while "Bastard" castigates the willingness of youth to squander their blithe adolescence in the fast-track pursuit of adulthood.
I was very sad to hear that Ben Folds Five had taken the decision to split, and later, very pleased to hear that Mr Folds had decided to take up on his own.
It was as a result of hearing this that I chose not to buy any of Ben Folds' solo material, assuming that he had gone back down the route of singing childish, irreverant, silly songs containing gratuitous swearing.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007X6SR4   (1369 words)

 Amazon.com: Ben Folds Live: Music: Ben Folds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Ben Folds Live is a stellar exception to the rule that live albums are contractually obliged stocking fillers.
Folds is at his best on stage with only a grand piano for company.
Ben Folds is one of those rare, comical geniuses in a music world filled with flaunty pop singers and endless nameless rap artists.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006L3QM?v=glance   (2200 words)

 theSuburbs.org.uk - the original Ben Folds website
This year's New York Musical Theatre Festival is playing host to a performance of "The Unauthorized Musicology of Ben Folds", a 'must-see fusion of pop and musical theatre' featuring songs from all Ben's major studio albums so far - with the possible exception of Rockin' the Suburbs.
Ben will perform at this year's VEGOOSE Music festival which will be held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas and the adjacent grounds over Halloween Weekend (October 28th and 29th).
Ben Folds is set to release supersunnyspeedgraphic, the lp, a comprehensive collection of original songs culled from his rare EPs, b-sides, covers and film soundtrack appearances.
thesuburbs.org.uk   (345 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Ben Folds Five: Music: Ben Folds Five   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Like the best guitar heroes, Ben Folds, pianist and leader of a guitar-less trio called the Ben Folds Five, commands and fuels his small, tightly wound ensemble with an authoritative, nearly virtuosic style.
Folds, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, borrows from everywhere but lends new inspiration and insight to the instrument's possibilities--he's the Jimi Hendrix of the baby grand.
Ben Folds is a piano genius and the quality of his lyrics are superb.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000024LLQ   (1121 words)

 Ben Folds Five
Ben Folds Five - Eddie walker, this is your life
Ben Folds Five - One angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces
Ben Folds Five - Song for the dumped
www.versuri.ro /artist/fehl_ben+folds+five.html   (107 words)

 Ben Folds Society
Ben Folds Society is very happy about the fact that all well-known German music mags (including "Rolling Stone", "Musikexpress" and "Visions") are featuring big articles about and interviews with our dear Ben Folds in their current issues.
Ben Folds Society has sent best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ben in the name of all German fans.
Now, poor Ben even has to postpone his European tour till May/June 2005 (Ben Folds Society just got an e-mail from the German promoter saying so, there'll be an official statement on www.benfolds.com soon).
www.benfoldssociety.com /news.php?SID=06d6f3e63b4701de7ee3f505b27614a6   (1880 words)

 Ben Folds Five
Though the group shares its name with founder Ben Folds, there are three, not five, members, and unlike most bands whose lead instrument is the guitar, BFF features a piano.
Ben Folds Five - 550 Music/Sony First Ben Folds Five becomes one of the most unlikely success stories of the 1990s,...
Ben Folds Five - Sony/550 Music Guitar obsessed alterna-dweebs may have sneered when they first heard about a great...
www.infoplease.com /ipea/A0759882.html   (239 words)

 Amazon.com: Ben Folds Five: Music: Ben Folds Five   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Like the best guitar heroes, Ben Folds, pianist and leader of a guitarless trio called the Ben Folds Five, commands and fuels his small, tightly wound ensemble with an authoritative, nearly virtuosic style.
Again, I don't think Ben Folds ever took up boxing or deemed it to be a career choice, although he did almost enlisted in the army ("Army"; on The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner).
Ben has shows some great storytellins ability in his originals and of course is a phenomenal piano player.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000000IDJ?v=glance   (1980 words)

 Frank Maynard's Ben Folds Five Website
Ben Folds Five were a trio (yes, a trio) from Chapel Hill, N.C., consisting of Ben Folds, piano, Robert Sledge, bass, and Darren Jessee, drums.
Described as "Punk Rock for Sissies" by pianist/vocalist Ben Folds, the group played innovative songs with catchy melodies and soaring harmony, from jazzy palm-court arrangements to Little Richard-style rockin', using a unique guitarless piano/bass/drums lineup.
The Ben Folds Five Underground is in no way affiliated with Ben Folds Five as a whole or in part, their record company, or associates.
www.fmaynard.com /bff   (1202 words)

 Ben Folds Discography at CD Universe
Given his penchant for flouting rock conventions, it's not surprising to find pianist/singer-songwriter Ben Folds teaming with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra for a unique live performance bridging the divide between pop and classical music.
Folds' songcraft is a winning mixture of the plush and the prickly..." Spin...
Ben Folds Five: The Complete Sessions at West 54th
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/artist/Folds,+Ben/a/Ben+Folds.htm   (187 words)

 Ben Folds Five guide by Michael Bluejay | Order sheet music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Ben's second solo album, Rockin' the Suburbs, has been released, and Ben is touring with members of Snüzz in his band.
Ben married Frally Hynes in May 1999, and Frally gave birth to twins in July (Louis Frances Folds and Gracie Scott Folds).
I became pathetically obsessed, and got Ben to autograph my Roland JV-35 keyboard with an engraver at their SXSW show in April '96, and got a tattoo of the stick piano logo from their first album shortly thereafter.
michaelbluejay.com /bf5   (1084 words)

 Ben Folds Lyrics Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
A lot of times I get “corrections” about The Beginnings and 1990 Demos, but these versions of Ben’s songs differ (sometimes substantially) from the ones that were released on official albums.
I've been sitting here in the old dorm room thinking that it may be time to post chord/lyric sheets on this website.
Folds came out...the convo went something like this.
benfolds.bluni.com   (1142 words)

 Ben Folds Five Piano Notation, MIDI, and Chords
I am no longer transcribing new Ben Folds songs, because there are now songbooks published for the music of each of the Ben Folds Five and Ben Folds albums.
I have left the piano transcriptions of certain songs from the Reinhold Messner album that I did a few years ago, but they are not nearly as accurate as the official songbook transcriptions.
This songbook includes all songs from the first, eponymous Ben Folds Five Album, as well as four songs from the "Naked Baby Photos" CD: "Eddie Walker", "Tom and Mary", "Bad Idea", and "Emaline".
www.goldenfrog.com /jeffman/bff   (466 words)

 Ben Folds - AOL Music
During his years at RJ Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, Ben Folds...
Ben Folds Five (1994?2000) was a three-member band formed in...
Download, listen and watch Ben Folds music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/ben-folds/169420/main   (174 words)

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