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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Cigar Aficionado | People Profile | Ben Gazzara   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara is sitting, Royal Jamaica cigar in one hand and Absolut on the rocks in the other, in the elegantly formal Polo Lounge at the Westbury Hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
Gazzara, however, is informal as ever, in keeping with his performing image: the collar of his blue shirt is open and his safari jacket is khaki.
Gazzara's most recent acting adventure is the movie "Parallel Lives'' for the Showtime cable network this summer; it is a tale of a university reunion in which he costars with Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, Jim Belushi and Gena Rowlands.
www.cigaraficionado.com /Cigar/CA_Profiles/People_Profile/0,2540,54,00.html   (2211 words)

  Ben Gazzara -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara, born Biagio Anthony Gazzara, (August 28 1930), is an actor born in New York City, he grew up on New York's tough Lower East Side.
Ben Gazzara found relief from his bleak surroundings in joining a theater company at a very young age.
The little emotional involvement Gazzara's character shows during the events is played with stunning accuracy, Gazzara's performance and Cassavetes' direction amending each other.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/be/ben_gazzara.htm   (574 words)

 The Spanish Prisoner: Ben Gazzara
BEN GAZZARA (Klein) was born in Manhattan, the son of Sicilian immigrants.
Gazzara received critical acclaim for his stage debut as Jock de Paris in "End as a Man," and had his film debut in 1957 in the filmed version, "The Strange One." His next film role was in Otto Preminger's "Anatomy of a Murder" with James Stewart and Lee Remick in 1959.
Gazzara first appeared on television in the highly regarded live programs "Philco Playhouse," and "Playhouse 90." Among his other television credits are the popular 1950's series "Run for Your Life" and the acclaimed television movie "An Early Frost," for which he received an Emmy nomination.
www.spe.sony.com /classics/spanishprisoner/theplayers/gazzara.html   (259 words)

 Ben Gazzara
Ben Gazzara was quickly embraced for his magnificent artistry, and graced such films as David Mamet's THE SPANISH PRISONER, The Coen Brothers' THE BIG LEBOWSKI, Todd Solondz' HAPPINESS, Vincent Gallo's BUFALO 66, John Turturro's ILLUMINATA and Spike Lee's SUMMER OF SAM.
Ben's relationship with John Cassavetes of course receives special treatment, and he details the making of their films together, not only the artistic joys but the hardships of indie moviemaking.
On the personal side, Ben is incredibly candid about his romantic relationships with Elaine Stritch, Eva Gabor and Audrey Hepburn, his two failed marriages, and his bouts with depression, but there's a happy ending --the beautiful love story between Ben and Elke, and his victory over cancer.
www.nbrmp.org /features/BenGazzara.cfm   (1214 words)

 Egobrowser: Ben Gazzara   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara starred in the old 1960s TV series as a man. Ben Gazzara starred as a man whose doctors tell him he has only one or two years to live (the old joke being, it depends on.
Ben Gazzara was the last interview and a lot of people did their own last interviews for this film – I was almost chasing them to record this history before.
Ben Gazzara starred as the owner of a sleazy LA strip show, who has to murder the Chinese bookie for the syndicate.
blog.outer-court.com /egobrowser/Ben-Gazzara.html   (173 words)

 Ben Gazzara
Fortunately, Gazzara was permitted top film billing in 1957, reprising his stage role in End as a Man in the heavily laundered film-version, The Strange One.
In 1965, Gazzara starred as Paul Bryan, an ex-lawyer with only a short time to live, on the TV popular series Run for Your Life; in spite of his character's fatal illness, Gazzara was able to remain with Run for three healthy seasons.
Since that time, Gazzara has taken roles that may not always be prestigious, but have permitted him ample creative elbow room; a fascinating example of this was his bisexual villain in the Patrick Swayze vehicle Road House (1989).
www.djangomusic.com /actor_bio.asp?pid=P+26259   (401 words)

 Powell's Books - In the Moment: My Life as an Actor by Ben Gazzara
In the Moment is an intimate memoir by the quintessential "actor's actor." Ben Gazzara established his name at the Actor's Studio in 1952.
Gazzara is most engaging when he describes working with John Cassavetes and Peter Falk on that masterpiece of scriptless filmmaking, Husbands; a story about three men who bond while mourning a friend who has died, Husbandsbrought the three actors a profound sense of closeness as they went through intense improv sessions.
Ben Gazzara established his name at the Actor's Studio in 1952, and worked under Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg, alongside Marlon Brando and James Dean, and gained success with stars like Marilyn Monroe.
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=62-0786713992-0   (404 words)

 Actor Ben Gazzara says depression was tougher to beat than cancer | ajc.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Gazzara said he became depressed again in 1989 after the death of friend John Cassavetes, the actor and director regarded as a pioneer of American cinema verite.
Gazzara, 74, said he became increasingly irritable and drank too much, apologizing to his wife for his bad behavior but then repeating it.
Gazzara said he believes less is more when it comes to acting, and cancer and depression — in some way — may have helped his career.
www.ajc.com /health/content/health/0405/21depression.html   (376 words)

 * Ben Gazzara - (Stars): Definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara is sitting, Royal Jamaica cigar in one hand and Absolut on the rocks in the other, in the elegantly formal Polo Lounge at the Westbury Hotel on...
Campbell Scott, Rebecca Pidgeon, Steve Martin and Ben Gazzara star in writer/director David Mamet's razor-sharp thriller THE SPANISH PRISONER...
Ben Gazzara plays Cosmo Vitelli, a small-time strip-club owner with an out-of-control gambling habit,...
www.bestknows.com /stars/ben_gazzara.html   (121 words)

 CNN.com - The most-quoted athlete of all time - Oct. 29, 2003
Ben Gazzara practically grew up in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, so it would be easy to understand why the actor is portraying one of the Bronx Bombers' most endearing greats in a new, one-man play.
Lysaght credits Gazzara with capturing the humility, the integrity and the loyalty of the man, as he mixes in details of Berra's baseball career and his life growing up in St. Louis.
Gazzara decided against using makeup to look more like Berra -- there already is a striking resemblance -- because he wanted his audience to be convinced by his portrayal, not costumes and trickery.
cnn.com /2003/SHOWBIZ/10/29/gazzara.as.yogi.ap   (911 words)

 Ben Gazzara Current Month TV Schedule
Starring Connie Sellecca, Ben Gazzara, David Morse, G W Bailey.
Starring Jaclyn Smith, Ben Gazzara, Nick Mancuso, Greg Evigan.
Starring Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara, Marshall R Teague, Keith David, Kevin Tighe, Kathleen Wilhoite, Red West.
www.tv-now.com /stars/gazzara.html   (528 words)

 ABC News: Gazzara, Dafoe to Receive Honor in Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
American actor Ben Gazzara is seen at a party at the Hotel George V in Paris, on July 8, 1957.
Gazzara, 75, and Dafoe, 50, "have both chosen parts in high-risk films not toeing the line" with typical Hollywood expectations, organizers said Saturday, Sept 10, 2005.
Gazzara, 75, and Dafoe, 50, "have both chosen parts in high-risk films not toeing the line" with typical Hollywood expectations, organizers said Saturday.
abcnews.go.com /Entertainment/wireStory?id=1114918&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312   (249 words)

 In his latest role, actor Ben Gazzara looks in the mirror. His memoir examines the ups and downs of a life in full.
When Ben Gazzara sat down to write his memoir, "In the Moment," he knew what he didn't want to do.
Gazzara says he was loved as a kid but always felt lonely -- "even with my gang that I hung out with." He was nuts about movies and once cut school 30 days straight so he could haunt the Times Square movie palaces.
Gazzara also writes respectfully of Hepburn, his co-star on the glossy snooze "Bloodline" (1979) and Peter Bogdanovich's "They All Laughed" (1981).
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/11/18/DDGMK9SM7A1.DTL   (1007 words)

 Ben Gazzara @ Filmbug
Ben Gazzara was born in Manhattan, the son of Sicilian immigrants.
Gazzara received critical acclaim for his stage debut as Jock de Paris in End as a Man, and had his film debut in 1957 in the filmed version, The Strange One.
Gazzara is perhaps best know for his work with maverick film director John Cassavetes in Husbands, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, and Opening Night.
www.filmbug.com /db/272982   (371 words)

 Ben Gazzara : Entertaining Comments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
It concerns an American General (Ben Gazzara) who must find a traitor in the ranks of the division he's just taken over.
Gazzara is modeled on General Patton; in fact, the whole film seems like is...
This is a very bleak and depressing movie about 3 guys who fly off to London after going to a funeral of one of their friends.
queerpopculture.com /entertainment/actorsearch_Ben%20Gazzara/mode_vhs   (1080 words)

 Ben Gazzara - Topix.net
Ben Gazzara and Willem Dafoe are this year's recipients of the Donostia Prize for lifetime achievement at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain's leading film festival.
BALTIMORE Actor Ben Gazzara, whose film credits include "Summer of Sam" and "Dogville," told a group of mental health professionals that he had more trouble beating depression than cancer.
THE biggest surprise in Ben Gazzara's well-received autobiography, "In the Moment: My Life As an Actor," is his affair with Audrey Hepburn.
rss.topix.net /rss/who/ben-gazzara.xml   (183 words)

 Ben Gazzara, a diehard Yankee fan, plays Yogi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The actor was Ben Gazzara as arrogant, manipulative, sadistic, homo-baiting Jocko de Paris, top dog among the cadets of a Southern military academy.
And Ben Gazzara, the East Side kid, is right now, these 50 years and a good many more than 100 movies, TV jobs, and stage plays later, warmly embodying a baseball player and creative linguist of some note in “Nobody Don’t Like Yogi,” a piece for one actor by Tom Lysaght.
Ben Gazzara’s birth name was Biaggio Anthony Gazzara, and he’s sorry he ever foreshortened it.
www.downtownexpress.com /de_30/bengazzara.html   (1231 words)

 Napa Valley Opera House - Ben Gazzara in Nobody Don't Like Yogi
Gazzara received a 2004 Drama Desk Award Nomination in the category of Outstanding Solo Performance when he returned to the New York stage for this tour de force stint as the renowned Berra.
Ben Gazzara triumphed on the Broadway stage early in his career as Brick in the original production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
Gazzara is perhaps best known for his film and television career.
www.napavalleyoperahouse.org /show/xmlsite/xml-standard.xml/xsl-press_release.xsl/start_id-imhfpnkcolooilefpdlinbdidobhedjcffadlkmm/section_parent-press_releases   (394 words)

 New York Daily News - Entertainment - 'Yogi': A chance to catch Ben Gazzara   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Gazzara, four years removed from a bout with oral cancer, won his first Emmy last month for a supporting role in the HBO film "Hysterical Blindness."
Gazzara, who was a rabid Yankee fan while growing up on the lower East Side, says he understands Berra's decision.
While Gazzara says portraying such a beloved figure is a challenge, the real hurdle will be just getting through the hour-and-a-half performance every night.
www.nydailynews.com /entertainment/story/126146p-113016c.html   (395 words)

 Syracuse Stage - Ben Gazzara Headshot/Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara (Yogi Berra) studied at the City College of New York, Erwin Piscator’s Dramatic Workshop and was a member of the Actors Studio in its first and most memorable years.
Gazzara appeared in the highly respected Playhouse 90, whose director was John Frankenheimer and Danger directed by Sydney Lumet.
Gazzara’s collaboration with John Cassavetes led to three of the filmmaker’s greatest works: Husbands, Opening Night and Killing of a Chinese Bookie.
www.syracusestage.org /03_1_yogi/yogi_gazzara_ben.html   (296 words)

 Theater News - Feature: Nobody Don't Like Ben - Ben Gazzara talks about his role in Nobody Don't Like Yogi and other ...
Ben Gazzara talks about his role in Nobody Don't Like Yogi and other career highlights.
Celebrating his golden anniversary on the New York stage, Ben Gazzara returns to the Off-Broadway arena -- where he made his debut as Jocko de Paris in 1953's End as a Man -- to play baseball legend Yogi Berra in Thomas Lysaght's one-man play Nobody Don't Like Yogi, directed by Paul Linke.
Gazzara fathered a daughter, Elizabeth, with his second wife, the late actress Janice Rule.
www.theatermania.com /content/news.cfm?int_news_id=4030   (1621 words)

 Ben Gazzara Photos - Ben Gazzara News - Ben Gazzara Information
Ben Gazzara began his career in the late 50's on television playing heavies.
It wasn't until his first TV series Arrest and Trial that he received much acclaim and recognition to be followed by another series Run For Your Life.
Tell the world what you think of Ben Gazzara, write a review for this person.
www.tv.com /ben-gazzara/person/72692/summary.html   (202 words)

 ben gazzara bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
BEN GAZZARA (Old Flavio) has appeared in over 55 film and theater productions, most recently Joel and Ethan Coen’s The Big Lebowski and Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66 and the upcoming HAPPINESS, directed by Todd Solondz.
Gazzara received critical acclaim for his theatrical debut as Jock de Paris in "End as a Man," later filmed in 1957 as The Strange One.
Among Gazzara’s many other films are Voyage of the Damned, Tales of Ordinary Madness, and Roadhouse.
www.flp.com /films/Illuminata/bios/ben_gazzara_bio.htm   (164 words)

 NYU > Office of Public Affairs > Ben Gazzara Discusses "My Life As an Actor" at NYU's Casa Italiana ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Ben Gazzara, the actor who originated the role of Brick in the Broadway production of Tennessee Williams’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, will discuss his life and work at New York University’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, located at 24 W. 12th Street, on Tuesday, January 25, at 6 p.m.
The son of Sicilian immigrants, Gazzara, after his debut as Brick, spent the next 20 years working with such actors as Laurence Olivier, Shelley Winters, Orson Welles, Anna Magnani, Frank Sinatra, and Anthony Hopkins, among others.
Gazzara’s most recent films — Happiness, Buffalo 66, The Spanish Prisoner, and Dogville —; continue to shape the independent film tradition for new generations.
www.nyu.edu /public.affairs/releases/detail/151   (278 words)

 Ben GAZZARA : astrology and planets, Map of the Heavens, Interactive Birth Chart
Just click on the Dynamic Natal Chart of Ben GAZZARA with the positions of planets, astrological houses, and the list of the aspects with orbs in degrees and minutes.
Only 6 diagrams out of 11 are displayed, and precision of these computations is of course not of the same level than those for the case of the known time of the event.
Texts are not translated, so if you wish to read interpretations associated with theses computations, you need to go to the full astrological Portrait of Ben GAZZARA and to use this Automatic Free Website Translator.
www.astrotheme.fr /en/portraits/B25Kc2Y996W9.htm   (498 words)

 Ben Gazzara
Born in New York's Lower East Side to Sicilian immigrant parents, Gazzara was a reluctant engineering student with an itch to act who finally quit college after receiving a scholarship to study acting.
He was later invited to join the prestigious Actors Studio in New York and from there went on to Broadway success in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Hatful of Rain.
Gazzara has three Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy Award nomination to his credit, but also two Razzie Award nominations.
www.tribute.ca /all_actors/bios/2022.htm   (195 words)

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