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Topic: Benjamin Tillman

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

 Tillman, Benjamin Ryan. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tillman greatly advanced agricultural education (Clemson and Winthrop colleges were opened) and railroad regulation.
Tillman defended the use of force to prevent fls from voting.
In the Senate he was the champion of the Southern farmer and allied himself with the Populists against the currency program of President Cleveland.
www.bartleby.com /65/ti/Tillman.html   (291 words)

 Benjamin Tillman -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tillman was born near (additional info and facts about Trenton, South Carolina) Trenton, South Carolina.
He left school in 1864 to join the Army of the (The southern states that seceded from the United States in 1861) Confederate States of America during the (Civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865) American Civil War.
Tillman died in (additional info and facts about Washington, DC) Washington, DC and is buried in Ebenezer Cemetery, (additional info and facts about Trenton, South Carolina) Trenton, South Carolina.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/be/benjamin_tillman.htm   (208 words)

 Benjamin Tillman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He left school in 1864 to join the Army of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War but was disabled by an illness; he never served in the Confederate Army and lost an eye during treatment.
Although frequently described by historians and later observers as "populist" or "a populist," Tillman was in fact a steadfast opponent of the Populists (the People's Party) of his day, fearing that their national program for agricultural renewal would empower fl Southerners.
Tillman opposed American annexation of the Philippines because he feared an influx of non-white immigrants would result, undermining white racial purity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Benjamin_Tillman   (494 words)

 Probert Encyclopaedia: People and Peoples (Benjamin J-Bes)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Benjamin Jonson was a rival poet and dramatist to Shakespeare.
BENJAMIN R. Benjamin R Tillman was an American politician.
In his later work he stressed that his common- sense approach had not implied rejecting all discipline, but that his main aim was to give parents the confidence to trust their own judgement rather than rely on books by experts who did not know a particular child.
www.probertencyclopaedia.com /C2C.HTM   (1386 words)

 Benjamin Ryan Tillman Biography / Biography of Benjamin Ryan Tillman Biography
Benjamin Ryan Tillman (1847-1918), an American statesman for the South and a demagogue, was known as "Pitchfork Ben." His political campaigns on behalf of poor whites gave direction to a new generation of Southern activists who reorganized post-Reconstruction politics and society.
Benjamin Ryan Tillman was born in Edgefield Country, S.C., on Aug. 11, 1847, of an old Southern family.
A bright student, Tillman was prevented from serving with the Confederate forces during the Civil War because of the loss of his left eye.
www.bookrags.com /biography-benjamin-ryan-tillman   (607 words)

Benjamin Ryan Tillman was born on 11 August 1847 in Edgefield County, S.C. In July 1864, Tillman left school to enter the Confederate Army, but his service to the South during the Civil War was prevented by serious illness.
Transferred to Division 48 by 1 January 1931, Tillman conducted training cruises for naval reserve trainees and NROTC midshipmen until late in the spring of 1933, when she shifted to Boston to train reservists and NROTC midshipmen of the 1st Naval District.
As part of the Scouting Fleet Training Squadron, Tillman eventually returned to Charleston and alternated tours of active training duty with periods moored in "rotating reserve." On 1 January 1934, she returned to full-time active duty with the Training Squadron and resumed training cruises.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/t5/tillman-i.htm   (1021 words)

 Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy
The elder Benjamin Tillman, fond of drinking and gambling, was among a group of nine men convicted for "riot, assault & battery" by an Edgefield jury in 1841.
Benjamin Tillman's sons understood from an early age that no slight or suggestion of insincerity would pass unanswered.
Benjamin Tillman feared that his teenage son George, having spent a year as an overseer, had learned the lessons of plantation management and white manhood too well.
partners.nytimes.com /books/first/k/kantrowitz-tillman.html   (7813 words)

 [No title]
Benjamin Ryan was born thirteen miles north of Augusta in Merriwether Township.
Tillman was Chairman of the Committee on Patents, and the writer says of him: "He is quaint and honest and makes speeches that touch the marrow.
Tillman was a member of the Committee on Patents in the Fiftieth and Fifty-first Congress.
www.researchonline.net /sccw/bios/t455.htm   (1189 words)

 Tightening the Noose
Tillman's constituents responded to his leadership because they too believed that the end of slavery and the enfranchising of fls had set loose a threat to white society that had to be checked by whatever means necessary.
Tillman proved to be a master at pillorying his well-bred political opponents -- white Negroes,'' he called them, or effete urban ''dudes'' produced by aristocratic institutions of higher learning like the Citadel or the University of South Carolina.
The fl man, in Tillman's words, ''must remain subordinate or be exterminated.'' An epidemic of mob killings broke out in South Carolina in the 1890's, and in the upcountry counties of Abbeville, Edgefield, Laurens and Newberry, lynchings outnumbered legal executions during that decade.
partners.nytimes.com /books/00/05/21/reviews/000521.21dewlt.html   (862 words)

 U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > Benjamin R. Tillman: A Featured Biography
Tillman was once censured for fistfighting on the Senate floor but continued to win reelection.
Although Tillman spent most of his Senate career in the minority and was usually a voice of opposition, in 1906 he formed an unusual political coalition with Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, who enlisted Tillman's aid to win passage of tough new railroad regulation.
In 1914, the Senate assisted the aging Senator Tillman by banning smoking in the Senate Chamber.
www.senate.gov /artandhistory/history/common/generic/Featured_Bio_Tillman.htm   (157 words)

 The Wells Brothers' Battleship Index: The Tillman Battleships
Tillman (D-SC) lived from 1847 to 1918, and was a US Senator from 1895 until his death.
If a Tillman battleship had been similarly damaged in the 1940s, one could imagine that she might have been similarly reconstructed, and emerged as a very formidable warship.
Design C also had somewhat less armor than Tillman design #3: 8 to 12 inches on the belt, 12 inches on the barbettes, 16, 9, 6 and 11 inches on the turrets, and 2 to 3 inches on the armored deck.
home.att.net /~WellsBrothers/Battleships/TillmanBB.html   (4478 words)

 1896: Pitchfork Ben Tillman
Tillman kicked off the 1896 presidential campaign with a rousing speech in the Senate in which he attacked Grover Cleveland, the sitting president and titular head of his own Democratic party.
Like many other Democrats, especially those from the South and West, Tillman was upset at Cleveland's Gold Democratic leanings and demanded stronger measures to cope with the economic depression that had begun in 1893, and affected cotton areas of the South even earlier.
Tillman was so vehemently in favor of looser monetary policy that many Americans associated him with Populism in 1896.
projects.vassar.edu /1896/tillman.html   (993 words)

 Edgefield's Ten Governors
Benjamin R. Tillman)1890-1894), born in western Edgefield County was elected to succeed himself, one of the strongest political figures the state ever produced, whose statue is on the grounds of the state house in Columbia.
Tillman was the chairman of Senate Committee on Naval Affairs in World War I. His home stands near Trenton and he is buried in Ebenezer Cemetery in Trenton.
John Gary Evans (1894-1897) immediately succeeded Tillman as Governor; the nephew of Gen. Martin Witherspoon Gary, "Bald Eagle of the Confederacy", whose home and estate were given to Edgefield by Gov. Evans as a shrine.
www.edgefieldsc.net /tengovernors.htm   (1250 words)

 smith - smi134.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leona Belle Winchester (Benjamin Tillman Winchester, Kitura Mary Smith, William John, Thomas W, Job, Joseph, Job, David) was born 24 May 1920 in Sunset, Pickens Co., SC.
John Valley Winchester (Benjamin Tillman Winchester, Kitura Mary Smith, William John, Thomas W, Job, Joseph, Job, David) was born 17 Jul 1924 in Sunset, Pickens Co., SC.
Benjamin married Frances Jeanette Hughes, daughter of Furman Carl Hughes and Olive Rosa Lee Edens.
members.aol.com /oldp2/smith/smig134.htm   (707 words)

 Bottles and More Magazine -Poland Springs glass history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When Tillman proposed the dispensary he warned of the probability of a political struggle between the prohibitionists and anti-prohibitionists in the next election with appeals to the fl voters as the balance of power.
Tillman responded by imposing martial law and calling for volunteers to restore order; his call brought the "wool hat boys" out into the streets to protect their governor.
Tillman soon realized that a greater majority of the population than the fls were unable to perform this requirement.
www.bottlemagazine.com /issue/pastarticles/southcarolina.asp   (2222 words)

 H-Net Review: Phillip M. Carpenter on Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy
For instance, Kantrowitz enhances Simkins' observations on Tillman's opposition to, and clever co-optation of, the third-party movement of Populism.
But with heroes and solidarity come villains and outsiders, and part of Tillman's political genius was that in addition to fls he presented his base with sharply defined ones: the Redeemer "aristocracy" and usurious merchants.
In addition to the titled subject are underlying themes of white "manliness" as indistinguishable from the code of white supremacy; of a conservative-Democratic racism virtually equal in virulence to Tillman's; and a persistent quandary that arose from the latter's internal contradictions.
www.h-net.msu.edu /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=150871031913161   (1312 words)

 OnPolitics -- Political Junkie
At one point during their frequent debates and arguments they both agreed to resign from the Senate and have the legislature hold a special election to choose between the two, but the governor refused to go along with the plan.
Tillman’s fistfight with McLaurin began with a Tillman Senate speech in which he accused his rival of corruption.
Tillman won the last battle, however, when he arranged for McLaurin’s defeat for renomination in 1902.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/politics/campaigns/junkie/archive/junkie042001.htm   (1003 words)

 Tillman, Benjamin Ryan on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
His victory meant the downfall of Wade Hampton (1818-1902).
Youngest living carpetbagger tells all: or, how regional myopia created "Pitchfork Ben" Tillman.
News and Views: Ben Tillman; Memories of an Agrarian Racist
www.encyclopedia.com /html/t/tillman.asp   (449 words)

 TILLMAN, Benjamin Ryan (1847-1918) Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
“Pitchfork Ben Tillman and the Emergence of Southern Demagoguery.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 69 (November 1983): 423-33.
“Ben Tillman and Hendrix McLane, Agrarian Rebels: White Manhood, ‘The Farmers,’ and the Limits of Southern Populism.” The Journal of Southern History Vol.
Ben Tillman and the Reconstruction of White Supremacy.
bioguide.congress.gov /scripts/bibdisplay.pl?index=t000274   (184 words)

 Pitchfork Ben Tillman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Benjamin Ryan Tillman (1847–1918) accomplished a political revolution in South Carolina when he defeated Governor Wade Hampton and the old guard Bourbons who had run the state since the end of Reconstruction.
Tillman and his movement aimed to expand the political control of the state to lower- and middle-class whites at the expense of African Americans and the state's former leaders.
Even as Tillman championed greater equity for white farmers and mill workers, he masterminded the pernicious system of segregation and disfranchisement for African Americans during the 1890s when he not only trampled their needs, but stripped them of fundamental political and civil rights.
www.sc.edu /uscpress/2002/3477.html   (427 words)

 South Carolina SC - Benjamin Ryan Tillman - 1890-1894
Tillman was censured while serving in the US Senate for assaulting fellow Senator from South Carolina John L. McLaurin in the US Senate chamber - 1902
Tillman was also known as "Pitchfork Ben," either for his defense of farmers' interests or because he wanted to "stick" a pitchfork "into President Grover Cleveland"
Governor Tillman was reelected without opposition, receiving 56,673 votes.
www.sciway.net /hist/governors/tillman.html   (518 words)

 Tillman Maximum Battleships
The "maximum battleships," also known as the "Tillman Battleships" were a series of World War I-era design studies for extremely large battleships, prepared in late 1916 and early 1917 to the order of Senator "Pitchfork" Benjamin Tillman.
Senator Tillman had grown impatient with the Navy's requests for larger battleships every year as well as the Navy's habit of building battleships significantly larger than Congress authorized.
Tillman's first request, in 1912-1913, was never completed, and though the studies it involved had some influence on the design of the Pennsylvania class of battleships, that class was essentially just an enlargement of the preceeding Nevada class.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/bb-1917.htm   (543 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This monument honoring Benjamin Ryan Tillman was dedicated May 1, 1940.
Ben Tillman served as governor of South Carolina from 1890 to 1894, and as United States senator from 1895 to 1918.
Tillman introduced experimental agricultural methods to the state and was a founder of Clemson University.
www.knowitall.org /letsgo/lgsh/c_grounds/txt40.html   (47 words)

 Tillman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tillman County, Oklahoma, a county in the United States.
Benjamin Tillman (1847–1918), an American politician who served as governor of South Carolina from 1890 to 1894 and as a United States Senator from 1895 until his death.
Kevin Tillman, a minor league baseball player and soldier in the United States Army.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/T/Tillman.htm   (167 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Pat Tillman: Dumb jock, baby killer?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Others made comments on the site comparing Tillman to a Nazi and accusing him of responsibility for "the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands of Afghan civilians." "Karma sure is a b----, isn't it, Tillman?" one sneered.
Tillman died to protect freedom of speech – that doesn't mean anyone should use it to spit on his grave.
Benjamin Shapiro is a recent graduate of UCLA and is currently enrolled at Harvard Law School.
worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=38261   (681 words)

 Famous South Carolinians - Government Officials - Benjamin Tillman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Benjamin Tillman, was born in Edgefield County, South Carolina in 1847.
Some of the many accomplishments which took place during his terms as governor include: the erection and endowment of Clemson College, just and suitable assessment of taxes on railroads and other corporation, the refunding of the state debt (which saved the state $78,000 of interest every year), and the establishment of Winthrop College.
Tillman died in 1918, after serving his state well.
sciway3.net /2001/famous-sc/benjamin_tillman.html   (98 words)

 John Gary Evans Papers (1793-1940) - Manuscripts Division - South Caroliniana Library - University Libraries - USC
He supported Governor Tillman’s proposal for the establishment of a dispensary system as the most feasible plan for limiting the sale of alcoholic beverages; in fact, in 1892 Evans campaigned for and won the nomination to the Senate partially on the basis of his position regarding the dispensary system.
Several issues marked his term in office: a continuance of the policies of Tillman, the maintenance of the dispensary system, the establishment of the South Carolina Constitutional Convention of 1895, and the removal of the two-mill school tax.
In later years, Tillman offered him advice and urged him (after JGE unsuccessfully campaigned for Senatorial election four times) to assume less of a prominent position in South Carolina politics, that his presence could still be felt in other ways and in other areas.
www.sc.edu /library/socar/mnscrpts/evansjg.html   (2829 words)

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