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Topic: Bennachie

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

  Bennachie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bennachie, pronounced Ben-a-Hee, is the most northeasterly mountain in Aberdeenshire.
It is traditionally claimed that Bennachie is Mons Graupius and that the Battle of Mons Graupius took place nearby.
The whole Bennachie range is owned by the Forestry Commission, who maintain a car park and visitor centre at the northern foot of the mountain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bennachie   (272 words)

 Bennachie - Whitelums Limousin Cattle
It has been suggested that the northern slopes of Bennachie was the Mons Graupius, where the Britons were crushingly defeated by the Roman legions, and that the name is the root of the modern term for the region - "Grampian".
Some fourteen centuries later in 1411 the lands on the north side of the River Urie and between Bennachie and Inverurie were the setting for the Battle of Harlaw - a bloody conflict between Donald, Lord of the Isles, and Alexander, Earl of Mar (who was supported by the Provost and Baillies of Aberdeen).
There are a number of walks up and across Bennachie from the four car parks provided around the hill’s perimeter ranging from a mere 1 km in length to a rather arduous 10 km.
www.whitelums.co.uk /Bennachie.htm   (571 words)

 Bennachie Definition / Bennachie Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Bennachie, pronounced Ben-a-Hee, is the most northeasterly mountain in AberdeenshireAberdeenshire can refer to two local authorities in Scotland with this name.
Bennachie is a winnerfu sicht at ony sisson an abody his their favourite viewpoint.
Bennachie is a great Northeast amenity, enjoy it but also help preserve it for others to enjoy.
www.elresearch.com /Bennachie   (194 words)

 Mither Tap o' Bennachie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Mither Tap o' Bennachie is a famous landmark in Aberdeenshire and a popular area for hillwalkers.
BTW Bennachie was the scene of two aircraft crashes, a Westland Wallace in the 1930's and a Gloster Meteor in the early 1950's.
The bits of these planes are still scattered on Bennachie and other bits, including the 20mm cannon from the Meteor are in the visitor's centre.
www.bigcats.org /abc/photoalbum/bennachie.html   (189 words)

The hill is really a series of tops along a sprawling five kilometre ridge and although Oxen Craig is the highest point at 528 metres, the Mither tap is without doubt its crowning glory.
Bennachie is a place with much to recommend it.
It is possible that the local people sought refuge behind the fortifications of the Mither Tap but it would not be unreasonable to suppose that the superior technology of the invader would have eventually overcome the stone built defensive structure.
www.walkscotland.com /walk75.htm   (713 words)

 Display KIST Information Example
A lot o the pleasure o Bennachie at the present time is nae doot due tae the vision o the Forestry Commission (the largest landowner on the hill) in the opening up o a network o fitpaths throu the widlands an roon the peaks.
The Bailies o Bennachie hae deen a lot tee bi helpin wi' the upkeep o the paths an the control o litter, an improvin fowk's knowledge o the hill itsel an its stories an legends, pairtly bi publishin buiks, guides, an maps.
Bennachie, aifter bein a Royal Forest, hid become a Commonty for onybody aroon the slopes had the richt tae graze their coos an sheep, tak peats, wid, stanes an hedder.
www.abdn.ac.uk /kist/search/display.php/Bennachie%0A?awat02.dat   (1137 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Scotland's holiday industry - £1m move to boost tourist high-points
BENNACHIE, the hill which dominates the landscape of east Aberdeenshire, is to be protected and enhanced as one of the North-east of Scotland’s most popular visitor attractions in a £1 million initiative.
And the £1 million funding initiative will be used to repair the existing network, construct new paths linking the main peaks and to upgrade the Bennachie visitor centre, which is home to the countryside rangers and the Baillies of Bennachie, the guardians of the historic hill.
Mr Young said that many of the access routes on Bennachie had evolved over centuries and were now no longer able to cope with the number of visitors that climbed to the plateau each year.
news.scotsman.com /topics.cfm?tid=106&id=776152004   (794 words)

 Friends of Grampian Stones - Bibliography
Both factions are agreed that the 3-metre high slab of crusty pink Bennachie granite is in need of protection, as even such sturdy material is weathering with its relief symbols becoming difficult to see except in bright slanting sunlight.
Earliest remnant of a pre-Christian myth is a wonderfully-confused tale that she was the maid of Drumdurno, turned to stone by the spirit of the mountain (Jock of Bennachie, Sc.
Another, more likely to be based on fact, is that she was the daughter of the laird of Balquhain who was killed by accident after eloping with the son of a rival laird.
www.electricscotland.com /stones/biblio.htm   (3011 words)

 Shopping Guide
Within the spectrum of flavours found in malt whisky, Bennachie 10 Year Old Pure Malt represents the more accessible side of malts.
It is composed of mature whiskies with typical Speyside characteristics.
Bennachie 17 Year Old Pure Malt is a superb marriage of fine and relatively rare whiskies with a considerable influence from Speyside malts matured in sherry casks.
www.profindpages.com /asp/shop.php/action/awBrowseProducts/catid/282900   (384 words)

This one is of Bennachie, the local range of hills which provide a distinctive and prominent landmark for miles around, and forms part of the view from our home.
Bennachie has been painted in all seasons and from all angles by local artists!
The hill-forts are only a few miles apart and when you have climbed up to one of them and looking across to the others, it is quite easy to imagine beacons being lit by the people who built and inhabited these structures, to communicate warnings etc.
womblies.20m.com /watercolours.htm   (510 words)

 UNITED BRANDS - Bennachie Scotch Whisky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
At Nether Jerico Farm, lying at the foot of the mountain, the first drops of Bennachie malt whisky were distilled in 1820.
Bennachie 17 Year Old Pure Malt is a superb marriage of fine and relatively rare whiskies with a considerable influence from Speyside malts matured in sherry casks, which add richness and complexity.
Each whisky has spent over two decades, and some much longer, in specially selected oak casks until they are judged to have reached the peak of their maturity.
www.unitedbrands.co.uk /extra23.html   (858 words)

 BBC NEWS | Scotland | Upland range gets funding boost
The Bennachie visitor centre in Inverurie has been awarded a £639,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to finance repair and upgrade work.
The upgrade will include new paths designed for wheelchair users and also raise awareness of the history of Bennachie, the flora and fauna at the site and its archaeological heritage.
James Mackay, chairman of the Bennachie Centre Trust, said the HLF money would enhance the natural asset.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/scotland/3867851.stm   (348 words)

 Sheep attacked in shadow on Bennachie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
As I remember there were dragg marks as the animal had been moved a short distance from the main flock and some wool pulled off the carcase but other than that a remarkably clean attack and no real signs of the animal having struggled.
Although we joked about big cats on Bennachie we had concluded a badger attack (strange with large prey) and left it really as a bit of a mystery.
Field on farm between Daviot and Pitcaple (Inverurie) in the shadow of Bennachie in Aberdeenshire.
www.bigcats.org /abc/sightings/2002/bennachie.html   (619 words)

 Bennachie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
BENNACHIE (Gin I whar wher the Gadie Rins).
If I remember my reading correctly Bennachie means "mountain field" and Bennachie is a hill Aberdeenshire Scotland with an elevation of 1733ft.
It has a geolgical characteristic known as the Mither Tap which some writer once described as the "Spynx of the Garioch" Bennachie is on the outter rim of the Grampian mountain range.
www.standrewsri.org /transcriptions/bennachie.html   (202 words)

 Bennachie Hotels. Hotels near Bennachie - Accommodation UK
All our discount Bennachie hotels are specially selected with guaranteed low internet rates for all our England and UK hotels.
From a cheap Bennachie hotel, to 4 and 5 star Bennachie hotels with special offers, you are sure to find the best Bennachie hotel Accommodation for you.
Take a Picture tour of Bennachie, and please come back after your visit to submit your own.
www.picturesofengland.com /Scotland/Aberdeenshire/Alford/Bennachie/hotels4   (1049 words)

 Flumphaderries, Flanganans and the Real Book of Bennachie
Flumphaderries, Flanganans and the Real Book of Bennachie is a children's fantasy adventure where all the action takes place in, on and around the tall blue mountain called Bennachie: one of the North-east of Scotland's most famous natural landmarks.
The book is set at the foot of Bennachie, in the small village of Chapel of Weerdee, where young Kirsty has come to visit her long lost aunt.
The pair stay in an eerie mansion on the outskirts of the village and Kirsty soon begins to realise that all is not as it seems in Weerdee.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /deborahleslie/flumphaderries.htm   (497 words)

 The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map: Mither Tap Hillfort   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
This the third highest hill fort surrounds the bare granite rock outcrop of the most easterly of the Bennachie summits.
Although not the highest point of the Bennachie massif it is the most prominent.
Mither Tap at NJ 682 224 This the third highest hill fort surrounds the bare granite rock outcrop of the most easterly of the Bennachie summits.
www.megalithic.co.uk /article.php?sid=6180   (652 words)

 North East Scotland Information, Events & Business Directory - Planlocal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Inverurie is the main town of the Old Lordship of Garioch and the former administrative centre of Gordon District, Earl of the Garioch brother of Malcolm IV and Great Great Grandfather of Robert the Bruce
Inverurie is near the best loved hill in the Grampian Highlands, Bennachie, there are beautiful walks and wonderful views from the summit over the Garioch, the Buchan countryside, and towards the Cairngorm Mountains.
Years of bad weather sculpted a terrain of massive jagged peaks, the last major reshaping of the range began about one million years ago when a huge sheet of ice gouged away substantial quantities of rock.
www.planlocal.com /about/inverurie.asp   (370 words)

Bennachie is not a particularly high hill even by Scottish standards (1733ft) but it dominates the western skyline of the Aberdeenshire farm lands to the north and east of Inverurie.
There is a Visitor Centre and numerous forest walks as well as trails right to the top.
We like to explore the forest trails around the bottom of Bennachie where there are many paths and picnic sites to choose from.
users.macunlimited.net /jjmcbride/bennachie.html   (70 words)

 Display KIST Information Example
My auntie hid a craftie at Bennachie, an I eesed tae bide there durin the schule holidays.
Fin the fleece wis aa shorn, the men baggit it, an Mikey pulled the cairt loadit wi the bags intae the station, tae be sent awa tae be cleaned an spun inno wool.
I wis sittiin doon fyles, lookin oot aroon the heather.
www.abdn.ac.uk /elphinstone/kist/search/display.php?brgr08.dat   (346 words)

The quiet village of Bennachie nestles in the shadow of the mountain by the Gaudie Burn.
He was born in the fifties and brought up by his mother Daisy.
This gave her the chance to fulfil a lifelong ambition and open up Bennachie`s first hairdresser`s shop Curl Up And Dye.
www.itsnaereal.com /characters.htm   (362 words)

 (GCKCC1) BENNACHIE BOOTY by geoki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
This cache is on the slopes of local landmark, Bennachie.
Local landmark Bennachie can be seen for miles in Aberdeenshire, and is a popular area for walkers and families.
The Bennachie centre has all the local history, and very good hands-on display for children.If you successfully find this cache, feel free to carry on up to the top of Bennachie, for stunning views on a clear day.
www.geocaching.com /seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=166814   (628 words)

 Aberdeen Central - Visitor Attractions
Bennachie holds a very special place in the hearts of the people of Aberdeenshire.
With its distinctive profile, this former volcano has been immortalised in the song "At the Back o' Bennachie".
Find out more about Bennachie and its natural history at the Bennachie Visitor Centre.
www.scotiaweb.co.uk /Aberdeen/whattosee.html   (2497 words)

 MAIDEN STONE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The stone is placed in the Garioch, the heart the Pictish province of Mar and near the slopes of Bennachie which is crowned with the remains of a fort.
On her wedding day, a daughter of a local laird bet a stranger that she could could bake a large batch of bread before he could build a road to the top of Bennachie or she would become his.
There also heaps of great views of Bennachie from around here and if you are feeling energetic why not visit the Bennachie visitor centre and explore the mountain.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/lindz777/maiden.html   (343 words)

 Aberdeenshire Details, Meaning Aberdeenshire Article and Explanation Guide
The basic types of the former are represented by the sills of epidiorite and hornblende gneiss in Glen Muick and Glen Callater, which have been permeated by granite and pegmatite in veins and lenticles, often foliated.
The later granites subsequent to the plication of the schists have a wide distribution on the Ben Macdhui and Ben Avon range, and on Lochnagar; they stretch eastwards from Ballater by Tarland to Aberdeen and north to Bennachie.
Where the schists of sedimentary origin have been pierced by these igneous intrusions, they are charged with contact minerals such as sillimanite, cordierite, kyanite and andalusite.
www.e-paranoids.com /a/ab/aberdeenshire.html   (3894 words)

 Bennachie Mountainboard Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
At the Bennachie Mountainboard Centre we have terrain suitable for riders of all levels.
If you are just along to provide the transport, the area boasts beautiful scenery and a number of local areas of interest.
Bennachie Mountainboard Centre is an official Maxtrack Centre developed with and approved by the ATBA.
www.scottish-boarding.com   (131 words)

 Pittodrie House hotel, Scottish 3 star in Bennachie, for conferences, private meetings and special events
Pittodrie House is set among 2,000 acres of picturesque grounds on the edge of the Eastern Scottish Highlands in the peaceful foothills of Bennachie, ensuring it is one of the country's most exclusive country retreats for your private meetings or conference needs.
Pittodrie House has 27 uniquely styled bedrooms, most of which have stunning view over Bennachie, with the superior rooms having a choice of four-posters and suites.
The hotel can offer delegates a taste of Scotland's finest produce in the restaurant complemented by wine from all major regions and not forgetting a choice of 150 malt whiskies.
www.scottishconferencing.com /pittodrie.php   (205 words)

 OM mini-meet on Bennachie - OUTDOORSmagic Forum Messages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Thur 5 May, between 09.00 and 09.30 (to allow for tractors, drovers and voters) at Esson's car park (Bennachie Centre), map ref below (Never mind the weather, as long as we're together; we're off to see the Wild West show!).
The route: Follow the Gordon Way from Esson's (NJ 699 216), to the bottom of the Monymusk Triangle (NJ 680 212) and follow the path up between Garbet Tap and Bruntwood Tap to NJ664 221, that's about 4.5km so far.
A gun from the aircraft hangs from the ceiling in the Bailies room at the Bennachie Centre.
www.outdoorsmagic.com /forum/forummessages/mps/UTN/7726/URN/3/dt/3/srchdte/0/cp/2/v/1/sp/328138336245364950518   (1053 words)

 Standing Gables   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
There are three rooms all of which are very attractively appointed and the house looks out onto the beautiful Bennachie Mountain.
The Bennachie Room is the luxurious double room with a stunning view of Bennachie in all its glory.
The rates are as follows and are on a per room basis inclusive of a full Scottish breakfast.
www.standinggables.fsnet.co.uk   (270 words)

 Visit a Forest in Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Bennachie Centre is managed by Aberdeenshire Council with other organisations such as the Bailies of Bennachie.
Visitor Centre including the Bailies of Bennachie room (historical atifacts, library).
Representatives of the Bailies of Bennachie are availble to give talks.
www.forest-education.org /visitaforest/sites/ab/centre/002.htm   (314 words)

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