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  Benny Morris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The son of immigrants from England, Morris was born in Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh and was a member of the left-wing HaShomer HaTza'ir youth movement.
Morris was once considered a representative of the radical left; he was accused of being an "Israel hater" and was boycotted by the Israeli academic establishment.
Morris' willingness to reverse his earlier opinion he bases on his access to newly released military documents, as he described in an article that appeared in the Guardian, in accordance with the law that government archives release their records after 50 years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Benny_Morris   (1924 words)

 Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler : Melbourne Indymedia
Benny Morris is the Israeli historian most responsible for the vindication of the Palestinian narrative of 1948.
Morris also found documentations for Arab High Command calls for evacuating women and children from certain villages, evidence he oddly claims strengthen the Zionist propaganda claim that Palestinians left because they were told to leave by the invading Arab states.
Morris assures us that his values are those of the civilized West, the values of universal morality, progress, etc. But then he also claims to hold the primacy of particular loyalties, a position for which he draws on Albert Camus.
melbourne.indymedia.org /print.php?id=80147   (3184 words)

 Benny Morris's Lies About My Book
Benny Morris tells his readers in the New Republic that he and I walked a stretch of road together as 'revisionist historians.' This is how an article begins with a factual mistake; an article which is meant to show that my works are a fabrication.
Morris writes: "according to Pappe, Ben-Gurion in 1929 was the chairmen of the Jewish Agency." And so on and so forth, every fact, apart from two or three, is being brought before the readers as a sheer lie.
Morris will probably feel unwelcome in such as society of equality between people and races and yet would write its history and claim to be "objective" about it all.
hnn.us /articles/4482.html   (2442 words)

 Benny Morris's Shocking Interview
Morris basically claimed that all the Israeli historiography that preceded his book and several other writings was completely fabricated, a series of untrue myths designed to serve the Zionist need for legitimacy.
Morris, with his great arrogance and unique talent for public relations provoked an immense furor among the old Israeli academic and intellectual establishment and became the hero of many Palestinians and a small group of younger Israeli academics who perceived him as a “debunker” of Zionist lies.
Morris interprets that as proof that many of those who fled the villages did so with the encouragement of the Palestinian leadership itself, which proves that the Jews were not so much responsible for the cleansing.
hnn.us /articles/3166.html   (3541 words)

 (DV) Ash: Diagnosing Benny Morris
Morris went through Israeli archives and wrote the day by day account of this expulsion, documenting every "ethnically cleansed" village and every recorded act of violence, and placing each in the context of the military goals and perceptions of the cleansers.
Morris is a case history in the psychopathology of colonialism.
Morris blames Arafat for thinking that Israel is a "crusader state," a foreign element that will eventually be sent back to its port of departure.
www.dissidentvoice.org /Jan04/Ash0126.htm   (3080 words)

 Middle East Report 230:No More Tears: Benny Morris and the Road Back from Liberal Zionism, by Joel Beinin
Morris insists on the distinction between military and political policy, arguing that, “Plan D was not a political blueprint for the expulsion of Palestine’s Arabs: It was governed by military considerations and was geared to achieving military ends.
Benny Morris and the liberal Zionist intelligentsia of which he is (or was) a part limited a priori the conclusions that might be drawn from the historical reassessment of 1948 and related matters.
Morris’ historical approach is deeply embedded in the categories of knowledge of the Zionist project and not as incompatible with the methods of the old history as he would like us to think.
www.merip.org /mer/mer230/230_beinin.html   (4447 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | Diagnosing Benny Morris   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Morris also says he found documents confirming the broader conclusions favoured by his critics: that the expulsion was premeditated; that concrete expulsion orders were given in writing, some traceable directly to Ben-Gurion.
For Morris, and it is difficult to overstate his madness at this point, the likelihood of a nuclear war within the foreseeable future is not the sorry end of a road better not tread, but merely a milestone, imaginable within the banal continuity of Zionist centennial policies.
Morris assures us that his values are those of the civilised West: the values of universal morality, progress, etc. But then he also claims to hold sacred the primacy of particular loyalties, a claim he grounds in Albert Camus.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2004/677/focus.htm   (3340 words)

 Benny Morris (biographical details)
Borin in the late 1940s, (presently, April 2004, he is aged 55), Benny Morris was a radical Israeli historian who forced his country to confront its role in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.
He is Benny Morris, the former “new historian”, who in one easy jump has turned from the idol of the left into the darling of the right, redeeming himself from the stigma of being a “post-Zionist”.
Morris has been accused in the past of being a “revisionist” of Zionist history, because of his book revealing how the Palestinian refugees were driven out in 1948.
student.cs.ucc.ie /cs1064/jabowen/IPSC/php/authors.php?auid=21   (848 words)

 Benny Morris' Alamo - Palestine Solidarity Review
Morris is trying to minimize the role of the Palestinians, and shift the focus of analysis, forcing the reader to see this conflict as a clash of two civilizations.
Morris fails, however, to mention that all of these pre-Zionist colonization crimes were committed against Sephardic Jews (non-white Jews), who are, again, continually to this day persecuted, colonized, and made into second class citizens by their Ashkenazic (white) Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel.
Morris’ preconceived notions and foregone conclusions are fully saturated by this ideology, and it is because of this that as cartographers of modern intellectual history, we really need to start plotting his ideas where they belong: on the historical trajectory of white supremacist ideology.
www.psreview.org /content/view/34/72   (3963 words)

 Ari Shavit: Survival of the Fittest? an Interview with Benny Morris
Note: Benny Morris is the dean of Israeli 'new historians', who have done so much to create a critical vision of Zionism--its expulsion and continuing oppression of the Palestinians, its pressing need for moral and political atonement.
Benny Morris, in the month ahead the new version of your book on the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem is due to be published.
Benny Morris, for decades you have been researching the dark side of Zionism.
www.counterpunch.org /shavit01162004.html   (5898 words)

 Benny Morris and the Reign of Error - Middle East Quarterly - March 1999
Morris also hides from his readers the widespread consensus among participants at this August 1948 meeting to allow Arabs who had fled to other parts of Israel from their places of residence to return to their original dwellings.
Morris repeatedly omits key words or even sentences from his quotations, thus distorting their meaning; or he places the quotes out of context; or he portrays them in false light.
Morris withholds from his readers, however, that "strength and brutality" refers here not to indiscriminate attacks against Palestinian society as a whole, but as a means of last resort and to pinpoint retaliation against specific and well-identified perpetrators of armed attacks on Jews.
www.meforum.org /article/466   (6645 words)

 ei: Moral decay and Benny Morris   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Morris knows — because he has written the references on the subject — that this is pure fabrication.
Morris is already "a partner in this act" because he lays the ideological groundwork for it in a context where Israeli Cabinet members are already crying for "transfer," and where, bit by bit, Israel is implementing in the Occupied Territories a process that may lead to it.
Morris conflates all Palestinians with a de-historicized, monolithic Muslim culture that is in ceaseless conflict with the West.
electronicintifada.net /v2/article2369.shtml   (1128 words)

 The Truth Seeker - ''Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler''
Morris's supremacist view of "Western Civilization," that civilization that, according to Morris, values human life more than Islam, is the basis in the moral acceptance of genocide for the sake of "progress." Morris establishes the superiority of the West on both the universal respect for human life and the readiness to exterminate inferior races.
Morris assures us that his values are those of the civilized West, the values of universal morality, progress, etc. But then he also claims to hold the primacy of particularistic loyalties, a position for which he draws on Albert Camus.
But to reconcile Morris' double loyalty, to both Western universalism and to Jewish particularism, one most forget that these two identities were not always on the best of terms.
www.thetruthseeker.co.uk /article.asp?ID=1458   (3058 words)

 HRA Press Release on Benny Morris interview
Benny Morris’ statement, taken from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ by Ari Shavit, which was published in Ha’aretz Magazine (Jan. 9, 2004), summarises two worrying trends in mainstream Israeli political discourse.
Benny Morris, the ‘New Historian’;, whose first book The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem (1987), which revealed chilling details about the atrocities committed 1948/49, earned him the label of being a post-Zionist, now claims that some readers simply misread the book.
According to Morris, the annihilation of the Native Americans was a necessary evil that paved the way for the creation of the ‘great American democracy’, just like the expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs was inevitable in order to establish a Jewish state in ‘Eretz Israel’.
www.labournet.net /world/0401/hra2.html   (816 words)

 A Chilling Interview With Zionist Benny Morris
So they came to the mistaken conclusion that when Morris describes the cruelest deeds that the Zionist movement perpetrated in 1948 he is actually being condemnatory, that when he describes the large-scale expulsion operations he is being denunciatory.
Whereas citizen Morris turned out to be a not completely snow-white dove, historian Morris continued to work on the Hebrew translation of his massive work "Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001," which was written in the old, peace-pursuing style.
And at the same time historian Morris completed the new version of his book on the refugee problem, which is going to strengthen the hands of those who abominate Israel.
www.rense.com /general47/ben.htm   (4713 words)

 Benny Morris Reconsiders
Morris, who once went to jail rather than serve in the Israeli military, shocked many in February when he declared in the Guardian that he no longer believed that a two-state solution could bring peace to the region.
Morris, who now teaches history at Ben-Gurion University, and a handful of other revisionist scholars used archive material to challenge Israel´s prevailing "patriotic history", according to which the Palestinians had left of their own free will.
Benny Morris' departure from the ranks of the Tenured Reds came a year so ago when he began to dissent from the party line at Bezerkeley on a sabbatical here.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/764443/posts   (1387 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Morris does not appear to be a fan of Ben Gurion, but he also did not give a lot of attention to the Israeli massacres in Lebanon.
Morris is a lively writer, and has struck a happy medium between detail and the need to keep on track in what is a complex subject.
Benny Morris represents a new, modern strand of Israeli historians who do not shrink from presenting their nation's history as it occured.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0679744754?v=glance   (2657 words)

 ParaPundit: Benny Morris, Israel, and Demographic Trends
David B. Green, editor of the Jerusalem Report, has an interesting essay in the UK's Prospect Magazine on the topic of Israeli leftist historian Benny Morris's abandonment of his belief that the Palestinians can be bargained with.
Morris, like many Israelis, has woken up to the fact that their state is threatened by a demographic trend.
Yet far from wringing his hands over these new revelations, Morris explained that Israelis, at least, would probably have been better off had they completed the expulsion of the Palestinians from the entire land - the Mediterranean to the Jordan river - in 1948.
www.parapundit.com /archives/002310.html   (688 words)

 MidEastWeb Middle East Web Log - Benny Morris changes his mind (again)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Morris now insists that, today at least (or for this weekend) he is not in favor of expelling Palestinians.
Morris also, apparently, stands by his insistence in the interview that the expulsion of Arabs was part of a deliberate plan that Zionist leaders, including Ben-Gurion, had in mind in 1947, before the war began.
The most despicable statement made by Benny Morris is that Israelis used rape as a means of expelling Palestinians.Among all the things that make me proud of Israel, is the fact that Israeli soldiers have not engaged in rape in all their victories.
www.mideastweb.org /log/archives/00000167.htm   (4663 words)

 “Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler”
In anticipation of the publication of the revised edition, Morris was interviewed in Haaretz (English translation: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/380986.html, Hebrew original at http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/objects/pages/PrintArticle.jhtml?itemNo=380119).
But the wall of professionalism—and it is a very thick and impressive wall in Morris’ case—cannot hold against the torrent of hate.
In Haaretz, Morris says that, “when the Palestinians rejected Barak’s proposal of July 2000 and Clinton’s proposal of December 2000, I understood that they were not ready to accept a two state solution.
www.ifamericansknew.org /history/morris.html   (3033 words)

 In Context: Benny Morris replies
But in this response to the critics of his interview earlier this month with Ari Shavit, he actually sounds rational and he makes a lot of points worth considering.
I guess the most striking thing about this essay to me is the lack of Morris' usual theatrics and deliberately provocative statements.
Whatever you think of Morris generally and whether or not you were shocked by the interview, be sure to check this out.
incontext.blogmosis.com /archives/020409.html   (281 words)

 Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When the settler encounters natives who refuse to cast down their eyes, his disease advances to the next stage — murderous sociopathy.
(Morris uses the word "Haqkhada" in the published Hebrew version of the interview, a word usually associated with the extinction of animal species.
In the end, it comes down to this: killing Arabs — one dozen Arabs or one million Arabs, the difference is merely technical — is acceptable if it is necessary in order to defend the political preferences of Jews because Jews belong to the superior West and Arabs are inferior.
www.minfo.gov.ps /Int_press/english/28-01-04.htm   (1413 words)

 Survival of the Fittest (interview with Benny Morris)
I'm sure Morris is a controversial figure in these parts, given his leftist past and the propensity of people like Chomsky to (mis)reference his history books.
Benny Morris, baal korcho (much against his will), is very slowly beginning to confront reality.
Morris surely still possesses a degree of self-inflicted guilt, but elsewhere in the interview he seems to come to the same conclusion as you.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1057399/posts   (6483 words)

 ei: Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
But the wall of professionalism — and it is a very thick and impressive wall in Morris' case — cannot hold against the torrent of hate.
It is Morris — like the greater part of Israel's elite — who insists on being a foreigner, on loathing the Middle East and dreaming about mist-covered Europe, purified and deified by distance.
Moral decay and Benny Morris, Ali Abunimah (24 January 2004)
electronicintifada.net /v2/article2379.shtml   (3251 words)

 New Page 1
Like Benny Morris also Benvenishti may have changed some of his views in the face of recent developments.
The “unconventional” view of the Israeli “New Historians” on the conlict, but see change in Benny Morris’ views in 2002.
Unlike Benny Morris, Shlaim maintains his anti-Israeli stance up to date.
www.buffalo-israel-link.org /books.htm   (965 words)

 A Chilling Interview With Zionist Benny Morris - Above Top Secret Conspiracy Community
If there is a morality that justifies the acts presented, then the human race is headed for even rougher times.
Citizen Morris and historian Morris worked as though there is no connection between them, as though one was trying to save what the other insists on eradicating.
Q: Benny Morris, in the month ahead the new version of your book on the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem is due to be published.
www.abovetopsecret.com /forum/viewthread.php?tid=29828   (2966 words)

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