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Topic: Beretta 92FS Centurion

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Modern Firearms - Beretta 92 / 96 / 98 / 90two pistol
Beretta 92 pistols are short-recoil operated, locked-breech weapons with an aluminium frame.
Beretta 92FS (1989) - a minor modification of the Model 92F, with an enlarged hammer pin head which prevents the slide from flying back in the case of breakage.
Beretta 92FS Centurion (1996) - version of the Model 92FS with a shortened barrel and slide, the frame is the same as on the Model 92FS.
world.guns.ru /handguns/hg07-e.htm   (1336 words)

 Safariland 6005 Tactical Gear System SLS Holster with Leg Re
Beretta 92FS Brigadier with Surefire 3V #333 (4.9" bbl)
Beretta 92FS Centurion with Surefire 3V #333 (4.3" bbl)
Beretta 92FS with Surefire 3V #333 (4.9" bbl)
www.copsplus.com /zoomnum5900.php   (3254 words)

  The Gunman of Southern California
Beretta’s exclusive Bruniton non-reflective matte fl finish is a superior corrosion resistant coating.
The pistol’s grip is grooved to enhance control during firing, the beveled magazine well facilitates rapid reloading, front and rear slide serrations provide a sure grip for fast, easy racking of the slide, the skelotonized hammer reduces lock time and the rubber magazine pad protects the magazine if it is dropped.
Beretta Elite II models are available only in the G configuration (when the lever is released after having been activated to lower the hammer, it automatically returns to the ready-to-fire position).
www.thegunman.com /catalog/beretta92fscenturion.htm   (803 words)

  Beretta 92FS Centurion
The Beretta 92FS Centurion and Beretta 92G Centurion are semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta.
The Beretta 92FS Centurion is made out of the frame of the Beretta 92FS with the slide of the Beretta 92FS Compact L.
The Beretta 92FS Centurion was a law enforcement pistol, but it was also sold to the civilian market for self-defense.
encyclopedia.codeboy.net /wikipedia/b/be/beretta_92fs_centurion.html   (312 words)

 M9 - Hair Metal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Beretta 92F - also known as model 92SB-F. Developed in 1983, this model is a further modification of the model 92SB, that featured slightly re-shaped grip, plastic grip panels and new, more durable finish.
Beretta 92FS Elite - modification of the Model 92FS Brigadier that features slightly shortened barrel (down to 119 mm; overall lenght is 211 mm), as well as some "customisation", such as bevelled magazine veil and skeletonized hammer.
Beretta 92FS Centurion - modification of the Model 92FS with shortened slide and barrel.
www.hair-metal.net /m9.htm   (812 words)

 Beretta 92
Beretta is the oldest company in the world, with a history that can be traced back to 1526.
Beretta redesigned the gun with a slide-mounted safety, which when the lever is pressed downward, not only disengages the trigger but also decocks the hammer and trigger.
Beretta submitted the 92S, but although it did well, the USAF wanted a more traditional magazine release like that on the 1911A1, so Beretta redesigned the 92S into the (extremely rare) 92S-1, with a magazine release at thumb level.
www.constitution.org /mil/wi/17th/beretta_92.htm   (2150 words)

 Beretta 92 General Information in Guns World
The 92FS, designated M9 by the U.S. Military, not only meets or exceeds all US Military testing guidelines, it totally revises them.
The Centurion is also available in D and G versions.
The G models differ from 92Fs and 96 models in that the hammer drop lever does not function as a traditional safety.
www.gunsworld.com /beretta/92_general_us.html   (555 words)

 Competition Testimonials
I purchased a Beretta 92fs less then a year ago, and all I can say is that this gun is amazing.
I shoot Beretta in competitive skeet and have their field guns, as well, but after experiencing service the way its meant to be, I wouldn't dream of buying another brand.
Beretta USA does offer trap shotguns in both the 682E and DT10 families but these guns are designed specifically for American trap.
www.berettausa.com /brag/club_competition.htm   (5788 words)

 Beretta Centurion
Beretta - 84F - 3.80" Barrel Beretta - 92 Centurion - 4.30" Barrel Beretta - 92 F - 4.30...
Beretta - 96 F - 4.30" Barrel Beretta - 96 F Centurion - 4.30" Barrel Beretta - Jetfire...
KWC Beretta Centurion Gas Black W/Arms - The Beretta Centurion is GAS blowback, with heavyweight and a safety catch.
www.buypowergenerators.com /beretta-centurion.html   (398 words)

 Beretta 92 Series   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Beretta 92 Series Pistols are semi-automatics and operate on the short recoil, delayed locking block system, which yields a faster cycle time and delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability.
The "Centurion" model is distinguished by reduced barrel and slide length, for a slightly more compact design.
The Centurion pistol is based on the same reliable frame as the 92FS pistols, with identical firepower, safety and performance features.
matrix.dumpshock.com /raygun/firearms/pistol/ber92.html   (456 words)

 Trigger Job For Beretta 92fs
THR - My Beretta 92FS - This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin.
Beretta: The trigger pull on the Cx4 Storm is...
Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm NATO - Italy - Semi-Automatic - Italy - Semi...
www.gunresource.com /trigger-job-for-beretta-92fs.html   (1026 words)

 HandgunReview - Beretta Reviews
But I feel that the quality that Beretta built this gun with is less than average, when compared to my Italian made Beretta 92FS, and I'm frustrated that I can't shoot the standard.22LR's through it without problems.
Review: The Beretta 21A is a very well made pistol,they have actually gone up in value, I paid $100 a few years ago,last I checked they were $190-200.I put around 500 rounds threw it, no malfunctions of any kind,it fits easily in most blue jean pocket, conceals well,its a little thick in the butt.
The Beretta shot them with no problem so when the chance to buy one at a great discount came about through the Police dept that I was working with in 1985 I jumped on it.
www.handgunreview.com /make.asp?make=Beretta   (9865 words)

Beretta 92S - model with early style slide mounted safety and magazine release.
Beretta 92F - with slide mounted safety and plastic grip panels
The Beretta 92 pistols were developed by the italian company Armi Pietro Beretta Spa.
www.nazarian.no /wep.asp?id=99   (819 words)

 Team KGB
First impressions out of the box were very good; it has a good weight to it (1.050Kgs by my kitchen scales), which is due mostly to the metal muzzle block and rail.
Setting the hop is a more laborious task than most, as the muzzle block must be removed before the slide can be stripped, then the hop can be adjusted in the usual WA way before everything has to be re-assembled to test the setting.
Well, I’ve used the Beretta for a few months now, and despite being a nice piece to own and shoot, I have had doubts about its failure to empty a mag.
www.teamkgb.co.uk /kitshow.asp?ID=6   (846 words)

 YouTube - First pistol competition...
I've switched to the Glock 35 since then, though--faster and more accurate even with the increased caliber.
USPSA uspsa marksmanship beretta shooting guns 92fs 92f pistol 9mm united states practical competition
After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code above.
www.youtube.com /?v=kwHbf5QsK-w   (419 words)

 CAT Lasers for Beretta Pistols
CAT patented semi-permanent duty grade polymer mounting system is functionally and esthetically designed to perform and look as part of your pistol.
Models 92FS, 96, Centurion, Brigadier, SB and Gold
www.shooterssupply.com /html/cat_lasers_for_beretta_pistols.html   (350 words)

 Beretta 92CB - Info.com Web Search
Beretta 92 models and the 93, 96, 98 and 99 models which are based on it...
Beretta 8000F Cougar L. Beretta 8000D Cougar L. Beretta 8000F Cougar L Type P...
Beretta 8000D Cougar L Type P. Beretta 8000 Cougar F Inox.
web.info.com /infocom.us/search/web/Beretta+92CB?   (281 words)

 PB Beretta Factory 92F 9mm 15 round
Beretta 92F 9mm, standard 15 round capacity, blued steel body with poly follower and PB logo floor plate, PB Beretta factory magazine, made in Italy-new.
Beretta 92F 9mm, extended 20 round capacity, blued steel body with poly follower and alloy floor plate, MDS/Beretta factory magazine-new.
Beretta 92F, 9mm, 10 round, blued steel body with poly floor plate and follower, factory-new.
www.ammoclip.com /B/beretta_92f_factory.htm   (139 words)

 AR15.COM :: Forums :: I LOVE the Beretta M9
Beretta 92FS Brigadier (1996) — version of the Model 92FS with a reinforced, thickened slide; another change is that the front sight is not integral to the slide, but is dovetailed into it
Beretta 92FS Centurion (1996) — version of the Model 92FS with a shortened barrel and slide, the frame is the same as on the Model 92FS.
I agree 100%, but my concern would be the safety engaging accidentally, etc. To really carry a gun you need to get in the habit of flicking that safety off as you draw.
www.ar15.com /forums/topic.html?b=5&f=15&t=34893&page=1   (1704 words)

 Dragunov | Dragunov.com
Designed to compete in the XM9 pistol trials that sought a successor to the Colt M 1911 that had served the US military for several decades.
Both the SIG-Sauer P 226 and the eventual winner, the Beretta 92 passed each requirement during the trials, beating out offerings from Colt, Ruger, Heckler and Koch and Glock.
The P 226 actually represented a lower cost per unit, but Beretta's cheaper accessory cost made the Beretta the winner in terms of overall cost.
www.freewebs.com /dragunovsniperrifle/pistols.htm   (915 words)

 Meningar.com om centurion. Services, Contact, Assessment mm.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Flame Warriors Centurion Next Previous Warrior Index Centurion tries to gain tactical advantage in battle by asserting that he is, or was at one time, in the military...
Centurion Ministries (CM) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with a full-time paid staff of five employees, including an investigator in Seattle...
Centurion’s instructors are all highly-skilled and experienced in their chosen fields, mainly former personnel from the Royal Marine Commandos...
www.meningar.com /centurion.html   (1068 words)

 Beretta 92FS as a carry gun | Colorado | Packing.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I have a 92 FS Centurion and occasionally carry it in a Blade Tech IWB.
I carry my 92FS in a Galco vertical shoulder holster, in a Galco Speed Scabbard for strong-side, and in a ballistic nylon duty rig when in uniform.
The Beretta 92 F/S is a great gun, but I feel it is a bit large for CCW.
www.packing.org /news/article.jsp/5892   (1205 words)

 Beretta 92FS
Beretta is the oldest gun company in the world, with a history that can be traced back to 1526.
The official reason is that the ammunition the Americans were using was over-pressure, Beretta proved this and was compensated for all the money they had poured into getting the pistol to work.
However, the French have also had problems and it is also possible that a batch of slides made for a French contract got into the supply chain for the Americans on some of the earliest.
www.cybershooters.org /dgca/beretta_92fs.htm   (2026 words)

 Firearms Inventory & Information :: Exellence In Service Is Essential
Presently, all US M9 pistols are modified to 92FS standard.
(1996) — version of the Model 92FS with a shortened barrel and slide, the frame is the same as on the Model 92FS.
The backstrap of the grip on Vertec models is made more linear; another change is the addition of an integral Picatinny rail to the frame.
www.freewebs.com /super61/handguns.htm   (1054 words)

 CDNN Deals via e-mail - Page 2 - Beretta Forum
I bought a 96 Centurion from CDNN, it was called "excellent" and it was almost like new.
Besides, I'm saving up for one of your Beretta M-1s, assuming you have at least one left from the Xroads of the West gun show a couple of weeks ago....
Titanium and Bruinton Tomcats; 84; 8040F and 8045F Mini-Cougars; 8040 Inox, 8045F and D Cougars; 92FS, 96 Inox, 96 Inox Brigadeer, 96G Vertec, 92 Elite II; PX4, Ruger 101SP.357, Colt Python.....
www.berettaforum.net /vb/showthread.php?p=165714   (612 words)

 1060 ThumbBreak System
Stategically placed suspender clips keep the unit firmly in place, and limit unwanted viewing of the weapon during body movement.
Beretta 92FS, Centurion, 92FC, 92FCDA, 92FCM, 96DC, 96 Centurion, all w/4.3-inch barrels
Beretta 92D, 92DS, 92F, 92FS, 92G, 96, 96D, 96DS, 96G, all w/5-inch barrels
www.uniforms911.com /10thumsys.html   (362 words)

 CDNN Deals via e-mail - Beretta Forum
Beretta 8040F Cougar·40sandw·1-11rd·VG-EX....#BER8040....$299.99 Beretta 96G Centurion·40sandw·Decocker·Night Sights·1-11rd VG-EX....#BER04C....$349.99 Beretta 92·9mm·Bottom Release·1-15rd·VG-EX....#BER92BE....$329.99 Beretta 92·9mm·Bottom Release·1-15rd·G-VG....#BER92BR....$299.99 Beretta 92·9mm·Bottom Release·Frame Safety·1-15rd·Misc.
I called this morning and ask about these three the first was already gone so I bought the other two.
I would have got the 96D too but I was to tired to figure out the time difference and call when they open.
www.berettaforum.net /vb/showthread.php?t=15634   (296 words)

 Berreta 92fs centurion Airsoft DolphiNs
Tuesday, 27th 2006f June 2006 Berreta 92fs centurion
The M9 is also avaliable from TM, this is the Military issue version of the berreta 92fs, and...
BERETTA Model Beretta 84, 84F Cheetah, 85, 85F Puma Beretta 92F, 92FCM, 96F, 92/96F Centurion, 8000, 8040, 8045 Cougar, 92FS
heddie.homepage31.freehomeoffice.com /1151413206.html   (420 words)

 Beretta 92FS & 92FS Brigadier Holster Fit? - THR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hey Skunk, I have a 92fs but it will fit in a Centurion holster also as long as it has a open barrel end.
You might be able to stretch some with a leather holster, but that might result in accelerated holster wear; better to just find one made specifically for Brigadier models.
It rides the same with all my Beretta's since the trigger guard is the real determining factor as to depth.
www.thehighroad.org /showthread.php?t=7166&goto=nextnewest   (382 words)

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