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Topic: Berkeley, California

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  Berkeley travel guide - Wikitravel
Berkeley [1] is a city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the United States.
Berkeley requires residents to register bicycles with the City of Berkeley in an attempt to deter theft.
The University of California, Berkeley [13] is a world-class university consistently ranked as the number-one public university in the United States.
wikitravel.org /en/Berkeley_(California)   (4710 words)

  Berkeley, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berkeley is a city on the east shore of San Francisco Bay in northern California, in the United States.
Berkeley is the site of the University of California, Berkeley, the flagship campus of the University of California, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Hall of Science, Space Sciences Laboratory, and Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, which are on the campus grounds.
Berkeley is traversed by the Hayward Fault, a major branch of the San Andreas Fault to the west.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berkeley,_California   (5391 words)

 University of California, Berkeley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berkeley physicists played a key role in developing the atomic bomb during WWII and the hydrogen bomb soon afterwards, and the University has managed the nation's two principal nuclear weapons labs (now also used for more peaceful research) at Livermore and Los Alamos ever since.
The campus is bordered on the west by Downtown Berkeley, on the north by older neighborhoods, and on the east by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Berkeley Hills.
Berkeley is unaffiliated with Berklee College of Music, a private music school in Boston, Massachusetts, or Berkeley College, a private college with campuses in New York and New Jersey.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_California,_Berkeley   (5530 words)

 Berkeley California.com: Hotels - Real Estate - History
Another aspect of Berkeley's diversity and appeal is its close physical proximity to the general San Francisco bay area and to the greater Northern California region.
The Berkeley Unified School District benefits enormously by its association and its proximity to the University of California at Berkeley.
Berkeley is one of the few cities in the world which offers a true variety of micro climates, ranging from our mild bay climate to the beautiful sunny hills with their breathtaking views of the entire San Francisco bay area.
www.berkeley-california.com   (334 words)

 The Daily Californian
Berkeley resident Nathaniel Freeman, 19, was charged Friday with one count of murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with...
Martha Olney, a UC Berkeley adjunct professor of economics, did not expect to see the day when she would be able to marry Esther Hargis, her partner o...
Berkeley resident Nathaniel Freeman, 19, was charged Friday with one count of murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with Tuesday's fatal shooting near the intersection of Durant Avenue a...
www.dailycal.org   (429 words)

 University of California Berkeley College of Chemistry
Using artificial sugar and some clever chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, researchers have made glow-in-the-dark fish whose internal light comes from the sugar coating on their cells.
Berkeley Lab is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory, managed by the University of California (UC), that conducts unclassified scientific research.
Berkeley chemistry professor Gabor A. Somorjai has received the 2008 Priestley Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the American Chemical Society (ACS), for his contributions to surface science and catalysis for more than 40 years.
chem.berkeley.edu   (739 words)

 Berkeley Copwatch
The Berkeley Police review commission's subcommittee on the recent evidence theft has completed and submitted a report, online here.
Berkeley Copwatch is based on the idea that WATCHING the police is a crucial first step in the process of organizing.
Berkeley Copwatch's Goals Our main goal is to reduce police violence by directly observing the police on the street, documenting incidents and keeping police accountable.
www.berkeleycopwatch.org   (461 words)

 Ananda Berkeley CA - Meditation Yoga
The Berkeley Ananda Center is part of an international network of meditation centers and groups that practice the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.
Yogananda, born in India in 1893, was one of the first Indian yoga masters to settle in the West.
In 1968, Walters founded Ananda Village on a piece of land in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Nevada City, California, as a vehicle to realize Yogananda's dream of spreading spiritual intentional communities throughout the world.
www.anandaberkeley.org   (245 words)

 University of California, Berkeley, College of Chemistry
Koshland received his B.S. in chemistry at UC Berkeley in 1941, and his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1949.
Koshland’s "induced fit" theory of enzyme interaction, which posits that enzymes change their shape as they react with other molecules, was first proposed in 1958 and has contributed to advances in drug design and hormone interaction, among other fields.
Marletta joins four others from the UC Berkeley campus and eight from other UC campuses who were also elected on April 25, 2006.
chemistry.berkeley.edu /index.html   (1073 words)

 Linguistics Department, UC Berkeley
With the first linguistics department to be established in North America (in 1901), Berkeley has a rich and distinguished tradition of rigorous linguistic documentation and theoretical innovation, making it an exciting and fulfilling place to carry out linguistic research.
Emeneau, was the recording and describing of unwritten languages, especially American Indian languages spoken in California and elsewhere in the United States.
Berkeley PhDs tend to be interdisciplinary and creative, benefitting from interactions with distinguished faculty in such other Berkeley departments as anthropology, computer science, philosophy, psychology, and departments devoted to particular languages.
www.linguistics.berkeley.edu   (327 words)

 UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Forty-four students from the graduate schools of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, Northwestern University, the University of Southern California and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University will be working to answer that question throughout the spring and summer.
Two Knight grants - $2.8 million to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and $2.4 million to USC's Annenberg School for Communications - were awarded to fund the expansion of the Knight Digital Media Center's training program for mid-career journalists.
Based in California's San Joaquin Valley, she recently returned home from Utah, where she was covering the collapse of the Crandall Canyon mine.
journalism.berkeley.edu   (2668 words)

 California Golden Bears - Official Athletic Site
California earned its official selection into the 2008 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships when the NCAA announced its Division I field on Tuesday.
The California Golden Bears (43-25) take on the No. 1-ranked and top-seeded Florida Gators (65-3) in the NCAA Super Regional in Gainesville, Fla., May 23-24.
California to Celebrate National Championship Week, Sept. 17-22, 2007
calbears.cstv.com   (752 words)

 Home — UC Berkeley College of Engineering
A research team at UC Berkeley is developing a technology that will enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to diagnose malaria with just a cell phone and a special microscope.
And Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering Boris Rubinsky and his colleagues think they could help make medical imagining simpler, cheaper and more widely available by using mobile phones to send raw imaging data to a base where it could be processed.
Projects are being supported at all three of the public partner institutions the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
www.coe.berkeley.edu   (490 words)

 Office for History of Science and Technology
Historical essays from Berkeley's 2004 conference mark the centenary of Oppenheimer's birth.
Berkeley, CA 94720-2350 • ph (510) 642-4581 • f (510) 643-5321 • ohst@berkeley.edu
University of California, Berkeley • © 2006, The Regents of the University of California
ohst.berkeley.edu   (156 words)

 Berkeley Seismological Lab
See the earthquake preparedness video for undergraduate students on the UC Berkeley campus.
Berkeley Seismo Lab Moment Tensor and Finite Fault Results for the February 21 Mw 6.0 near Wells, NV.
Copyright 1995-2005, The Regents of the University of California.
www.seismo.berkeley.edu   (167 words)

 Economics at Cal
Founded in 1903, our department is well-known for the excellence of its teaching and advising, with a strong reputation for producing outstanding Ph.D. graduates, as well as rigorous and innovative economic research.
Berkeley faculty have won four Nobel Prizes and four John Bates Clark Medals.
The impact Berkeley faculty have had on economic theory, econometrics, macroeconomics, and various fields of applied research has been enormous.
emlab.berkeley.edu /econ/index.shtml   (240 words)

 Ecology Center
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar St at Bonita in Berkeley.
Recently the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced plans to conduct aerial spraying in the Bay Area to combat the Light Brown Apple Moth.
On October 24th, 2006, the Berkeley EcoHouse’s constructed wetland and greywater hybrid design became the first to pass code in the state of California, and became the first permitted, residential greywater system approved by the City of Berkeley.
www.ecologycenter.org   (782 words)

 California Dinners @ Berkeley Geography
The California Studies Dinners series is co-chaired by Chuck Wollenberg (History Instructor, Vista College and Consultant, Oakland Museum) and Richard Walker (Professor, Department of Geography, UC Berkeley), and is sponsored by the Department of Geography at the University of California at Berkeley and The Townsend Center at UC Berkeley.
Anyone interested in topics about the state of California is invited to attend these informal dinner gatherings.
There will not be a California Studies Dinner this month because the California Studies Association Annual Conference will be held April 24-26 at UC Davis.
geography.berkeley.edu /LecturesEvents/CalDinners/CalDinners.html   (1105 words)

 Berkeley Hotels - Berkeley City Club Hotel - Hotels in Berkeley, CA
Berkeley Hotels - Berkeley City Club Hotel - Hotels in Berkeley, CA Founded in 1927 as The Berkeley Women's City Club and designed by Julia Morgan, the Berkeley City Club is a California State Historical Landmark.
It is an active social organization in the Berkeley community.
The Berkeley City Club provides beautiful accommodations to out of town guests, as well as locals.
www.berkeleycityclub.com   (75 words)

 Berkeley Optometry Home Page
The Berkeley Optometry OD program will prepare you to meet the challenges of expanding primary eye care as the practice of optometry evolves over the coming decades.
Optometric Private Practice Institute: Berkeley Optometry announces a new organization to assist practitioners in the management and operation of private optometric practices.
Long-Distance Diagnosis: Berkeley Optometry clinical faculty member Dr. Jorge Cuadros has been featured in an article in the June 2007 issue of The Monthly.
spectacle.berkeley.edu   (296 words)

In 2003, the California Energy Commission, through its Public Interest Energy Research program, established the California Climate Change Center to undertake a broad program of scientific and economic research on climate change in California.
The Berkeley Center, based at the Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy, is focusing on economic and policy analysis, while the Scripps Center focuses on physical climate modeling.
The Berkeley Center is directed by Michael Hanemann, Chancellor’s Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy.
calclimate.berkeley.edu   (227 words)

 UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley • 970 Evans Hall #3840 • Berkeley, CA 94720-3840 USA • +1 (510) 642-6550 • +1 (510) 642-8204 (fax)
Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley.
We hope that you will find this site useful whether you are currently in Berkeley, planning (or hoping) to come here, or simply want information about our activities and publications.
math.berkeley.edu   (409 words)

 California magazine
California magazine and Berkeley scholars explore China's culture and society as this new world power catapults into the spotlight this summer.
As William Poy Lee notes in his story about preparations to host the Beijing Olympics, the opening ceremony begins at precisely 8 minutes past 8 on August 8.
In a new exhibition, Chinese contemporary art is liberated from the masses.
www.alumni.berkeley.edu /Alumni/Cal_Monthly/main.asp   (130 words)

 Berkeley short-term rental, Bonita Studios, Berkeley, California, CA
Welcome to Berkeley, home of the University of California and the birthplace of the famed California Cuisine.
Berkeley boasts famous restaurants, historic architecture, eclectic bookstores and innovative shopping--making your stay in Berkeley a unique experience.
We are less than a mile from the University of California Campus and a short walk to Chez Panisse restaurant and cafe.
www.berkeleylodging.com   (131 words)

 The Noetherian Ring at Berkeley
University of California at Berkeley who happen to be women.
As a group of predominantly female mathematicians, the Noetherian Ring at Berkeley is far from unique.
AWM Workshop during the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Francisco, women at MIT were motivated to form the MIT Noetherian Ring.
math.berkeley.edu /~nring   (535 words)

 [No title]
Being a student at University of California, Berkeley and learning to become a leader will make your college experience even richer-and prepare you for the future.
See what it's like to be a Cadet in the University of California, Berkeley ROTC Battalion, plus all the activities and training that are available to you.
Learn more about the history of the University of California, Berkeley ROTC Battalion.
armyrotc.com /edu/univcaberkeley/index.htm   (201 words)

 Northern California Earthquake Data Center
The Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) is a joint project of the University of California Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
The NCEDC is a long-term archive and distribution center for seismological and geodetic data for Northern and Central California and is partially supported by funding from the USGS component of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP).
Copyright 1995-2005, The Regents of the University of California.
quake.geo.berkeley.edu /index.html   (222 words)

 Haas School: Marketing Group
In addition to the core faculty, the marketing group draws on visiting lecturers and leading marketing professionals to provide Haas students with the latest in marketing thought from an academic as well as a practitioner standpoint.
Each year several visiting scholars join the marketing group to conduct individual research that takes advantage of Berkeley's world renowned research environment.
SICS-Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley (June 26-30, 2006).
groups.haas.berkeley.edu /marketing   (152 words)

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