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Topic: Berkshire

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  Berkshire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berkshire borders the counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Hampshire and the London region.
The eastern section of Berkshire lies largely to the south of the River Thames, with that river forming the northern boundary of the county.
Berkshire is a ceremonial county and (with different boundaries) a traditional county, and it is unusual in England in that it is the only non-metropolitan county with multiple districts but no county council.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berkshire   (990 words)

 Berkshire Hathaway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berkshire Hathaway now had 15 plants employing over 12,000 workers with over $120 million in revenue, and was headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Berkshire's CEO, Warren Buffett, is respected for his investment prowess and his deep understanding of a wide spectrum of businesses.
All of Berkshire’s major insurance subsidiaries are rated AAA by Standard and Poor’s Corporation, the highest Financial Strength Rating assigned by Standard and Poor’s, and are rated A++ (superior) by A.M. Best with respect to their financial condition and operating performance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berkshire_Hathaway   (2222 words)

 GENUKI: Berkshire
"Berkshire, an inland county of England, on the south bank of the River Thames, having Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire on the north, Hampshire on the south, Surrey on the south-east, and Wiltshire on the west.
Berkshire is irregular in shape, with an extreme length of 43 miles from east to west, and an extreme breadth of 30 miles from north to south, and an area of 462,210 acres.
Berkshire Record Office and Berkshire Family History Society have produced a CD of the fifty-one 6 inch maps of Berkshire published by the Ordnance Survey between 1881-1887.
www.brazell.net /genuki/BRK   (1956 words)

 Berkshire Associates Inc. :: Services
When clients partner with Berkshire’s consultants, they work with a team of professionals who have been perfecting the process of creating high quality, compliant affirmative action plans and salary equity analyses, as well as providing expert audit support for over 21 years.
Berkshire recognizes that every HR department is faced with a mountain of responsibilities and that there is increased emphasis on how HR is contributing to the bottom line.
Berkshire specializes in assisting clients with constructing a workforce reflective of the changing population.
www.berkshire-aap.com /services/index.aspx   (493 words)

 Mammals » Pigs » Berkshire Main Page
The Berkshire breed of pig is a moderately sized breed native to England.
The basic Berkshire stock was mixed Siamese and Chinese pigs, resulting in the primarily fl hog seen today.
The first Berkshires were imported to the United States in 1823 and were valued for the improvements they made by crossing these hogs with native stock.
centralpets.com /animals/mammals/pigs/pig5592.html   (506 words)

 Berkshire, Vermont, New England, USA
Berkshire was one of six towns (the others being Enosburgh, Montgomery, Richford, Wyllis [now Jay] and Westfield) authorized by the legislature in the spring of 1780.
The first man named in both the petition and the subsequent charter was William Goodrich of Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachussetts, a Captain in the militia which had marched to Lexington in 1775.
Commissioned as a Major in 1777, his brigade was part of the Berkshire Company which helped win the Battle of Bennington.
www.virtualvermont.com /towns/berkshire.html   (805 words)

 Breeds of Livestock - Berkshire Swine
A famous Berkshire of a century ago was named Windsor Castle, having been farrowed and raised within sight of the towers of the royal residence.
In 1875, a group of Berkshire breeders and importers met in Springfield, Illinois, to establish a way of keeping the Berkshire breed pure.
Berkshires have had great influence upon the swine industry the past 100 years, and the Breed Association has made people aware of the importance of purebred animals.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /breeds/swine/berkshire   (827 words)

 Home  TheRegister  Contact Us  Services  TitleSearch  Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire Northern District is located in Adams, MA and records for the city of North Adams and the towns of Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, Lanesborough, New Ashford, Savoy, Williamstown and Windsor.
Berkshire Southern District is located in Great Barrington, MA and records for the towns of Alford, Egremont, Great Barrington, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlborough, Sandisfield, Sheffield and West Stockbridge.
The maps are for all the cities and towns in Berkshire County and 8 1/2 x 11 copies may be made at a cost of $.50 per copy.
www.berkshire.net /~mobdeeds   (386 words)

 Camelot Village: Britain's Heritage and History
Berkshire covers an area of some 500 square miles with it's main towns being the city of Reading, Eton, Slough, Maidenhead, Ascot, Bracknell, Newbury and Windsor.
The rest of the County of Berkshire is administererd by a two-tier system provided by the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire Districts along with Oxfordshire County Council.
Berkshire is a keystone in the heartland of Southern England, with the River Thames as its northern border.
www.camelotintl.com /heritage/counties/england/berkshire.html   (589 words)

 Berkshire Connect, Inc.
Berkshire Connect is being organized to ensure that a reliable, technologically sophisticated, competitively priced telecommunications infrastructure is developed and sustained within Berkshire County to nurture economic growth and cultural and educational development throughout the County.
Berkshire Connect's mission is to ensure that a reliable, technologically sophisticated, competitively priced telecommunications infrastructure is developed and sustained within Berkshire County to nurture economic growth and cultural and educational development throughout the County.
Berkshire Connect will also consider locating the Springfield POP within a "collo hotel" established by one of the major inter-exchange carriers (IXCs) such as MCI Worldcom, but it is not expected that this arrangement will provide better rates or technical capability.
www.bconnect.org /history/business_plan.html   (8719 words)

 Berkshire Hathaway 2001 - Volume 1
Berkshire is indicating to reinsurance buyers its disciplined willingness to write fewer contracts and walk away from business if it simply doesn't make fundamental financial sense.
Berkshire's ability to commit large amounts of capital, and quickly, is a leg up on competition in a way that is impossible to quantify but nonetheless very real.
Part of Berkshire's beauty going forward in our view is that even without its current chairman and vice chairman, its structural advantages should allow even a much less gifted investment successor the opportunity to do well given the financial flexibility and other advantages they will someday inherit.
www.oakvaluefund.com /berk01v1.htm   (5091 words)

 Berkshire Hathaway FAQ
Berkshire is a holding company that owns many wholly owned subsidiaries, which operate in a variety of industries.
Berkshire also enjoys the further advantage of not having to worry about being judged on it quarter to quarter performance like mutual funds, they are free to build the company for the long run and ignore Wall Street.
Since Berkshire stock will make up virtually my entire estate and will account for a similar portion of the assets of either my wife or the foundation for a considerable period after my death, you can be sure that I have thought through the succession question carefully.
www.focusinvestor.com /brkfaq.htm   (2536 words)

 Berkshire Asset Management: Terms & Conditions
Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. is in no way responsible for the content of any website, owned or operated by a third party, that may be linked to this website via hyperlink, whether such hyperlink is provided by Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. or by a third party.
Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. disclaims, to the fullest extent of the law, any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, as to any matter relating to this website, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement.
Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. does not warrant that this website, or the functions contained in this website, will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this website, or the servers that make it available, are free from viruses or other harmful components.
www.berkshiream.com /site_tools/terms_conditions.asp   (1622 words)

 Berkshire Berries®   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire Berries® owned and operated by Mary and David Graves, is located in Becket, Massachusetts--a rural community noted for its lush wooded hillsides and cool summers.
Despite the recent growth of the Berkshire Berries® line, the Graveses still make all of their jams and jellies in small batches using Mary's own recipes.
Today, Berkshire Berries® jams and jellies are for sale not only at the family country store and gift shop on Route 20 in Becket, but also in other retail stores and specialty shops throughout the Berkshire region and Massachusetts.
www.berkshireberries.com   (251 words)

 Open Directory - Regional:Europe:United Kingdom:England:Berkshire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire is a county in central southern England, about 50 miles long from West to East.
Berkshire is part of the Thames Valley, the river forming much of the northern border of the county and flowing through Reading, Maidenhead and Windsor.
Maidenhead is in the East of the county of Berkshire in the UK.
dmoz.org /Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/England/Berkshire/desc.html   (628 words)

 Berkshire Associates Inc. ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire Associates Inc. is a progressive human resources consulting and software development firm, specializing in affirmative action and internal compensation analyses.
Berkshire consultants have been on the move, and in the spotlight.
Berkshire Associates partnered with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP to deliver a webinar on the OFCCP's final ruling on an Internet Applicant.
berkshire-aap.com   (630 words)

 Fool.com: Is Berkshire Hathaway a Rule Maker?[Rule Maker] June 23, 2000
Berkshire is, in terms of revenues, predominately an insurance company.
Berkshire Hathaway can only be Berkshire Hathaway, and to try to make it conform to any type of mold would not do the company justice.
Berkshire owns 8% of Coca-Cola, a Rule Maker; 11% of American Express, another Rule Maker; 9% of Gillette (NYSE: G), which is not a 'Maker now, but arguably was back when Buffett purchased it.
www.fool.com /portfolios/rulemaker/2000/rulemaker000623.htm   (1337 words)

 Technorati Tag: berkshire
Berkshire Hosiery on Sale Large selection of Berkshire pantyhose, stockings and knee-highs.
Luxury Lodging in the Berkshires Federal house inn bed and breakfast is a beautifully restored, historic 1824 Greek revival bed and breakfast with bright sunny guestrooms, in room fireplaces and gourmet breakfasts.
Elegant Berkshires - Stockbridge, MA Berkshire elegant bed and breakfast, inn at Stockbridge, offers guests 16 elegant guestrooms, suites, pool, and candlelight breakfast, 12 acres in a peaceful setting and special packages.
www.technorati.com /tag/berkshire   (556 words)

 Berkshire Capital - International
Berkshire Capital Securities Ltd., established in 1998, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Capital Securities LLC.
Berkshire Capital UK was established to increase Berkshire Capital’s presence in the European marketplace.
Berkshire Capital UK is committed to providing independent merger, acquisition and strategic advisory services to clients undertaking cross-border, transatlantic and local transactions.
www.berkshirecapitalcorporation.com /internat_main.htm   (209 words)

 2005 - England County Tours
Berkshire is to be a womb of healing for the common man – something around 1,000 years ago needs cleansing.
Berkshire is a gateway for portions to be sent to Jerusalem.
Berkshire is a place of mystery, myth and legend, Kings and knights, witchcraft and treasure.
watchmannetwork.org /England_Country_Tour.htm   (10490 words)

 Berkshire NHS Health Portal - Your Gateway to Healthcare in Berkshire
The Berkshire Health web portal will allow you to find information about Health Services in Berkshire.
However, there are some areas of Berkshire and Oxfordshire where very few dentists accept new NHS patients, so you may have to travel.
They provides advice or treatment for patients with medical conditions in need of urgent attention, which should not be delayed until the next working day of patients' GP surgery.
www.berkshire.nhs.uk   (362 words)

 News from Xrefer: Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction Now Available Online from Xrefer
Published in print form by the Berkshire Publishing Group in 2004, the two-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction is designed to be the first reference resource to meet the needs of researchers and scientists as well as students, business and marketing professionals, and other interested readers.
Berkshire Publishing Group is an award-winning knowledge and technology company based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
Berkshire launched as an independent publisher this year with the titles, Encyclopedia of World History, World Sport, and Human Computer Interaction.
www.library.yale.edu /~llicense/ListArchives/0504/msg03196.html   (340 words)

The modern Berkshire breed was developed in Britain as a specialist pork pig in the middle of the nineteenth century.
During the nineteenth century the breed was refined to an early-maturing fl pig – often with white on its short legs and dished face.
The Berkshire seems to have been prominent amongst the pig breeds brought into New Zealand in the early days of European settlement.
www.rarebreeds.co.nz /berkshire.html   (220 words)

 AMC-Berkshire: AMC-Berkshire Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire · Boston · Connecticut · Delaware Valley · Maine · Mohawk Hudson · Narragansett
The Appalachian Mountain Club is a leading organization in outdoor recreation, conservation, and education in the northeastern USA.
Join Berkshire and Worcester Chapters for a fabulous weekend of walks, hiking, swimming, walking meditation, fiddle music and dancing, and programs at Cardigan...
www.amcberkshire.org   (495 words)

 Welcome to Berkshire Pages.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Berkshire Pages is a searchable directory specifically for websites in Berkshire.
So whatever website you are looking if its in Berkshire it should be on Berkshire Pages.
If you are the webmaster of a site in Berkshire you can submit the details about your Berkshire based website free of charge or via our paid inclusion facility to have you site listed in a more prominent position.
www.berkshire-pages.co.uk   (79 words)

 Validation Swabs, Verification Procedures Swabs, Precision Cleaning Swabs manufactured by Berkshire Corporation
BCR ® Swabs - Critically pure for validation, verification procedures, and precision cleaning, the BCR ® Swab Line offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.
Berkshire's white swab handles are solvent resistant and contain no dyes or additives, which can compromise critical applications.
They are ideal for precision cleaning of any critical surface.
www.berkshire.com /swabs.shtml   (125 words)

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