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Topic: Berlin, Germany

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Berlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berlin, built on sand, is located on the rivers Spree and Havel in the north of Germany.
Berlin has 3,426,000 inhabitants (as of January 2005) on a surface of 891.75 square kilometres, thus, the population density of the region amounts to 3,811 inhabitants per square kilometre.
Berlin was devastated by bombing raids during World War II, and many of the old buildings that escaped the bombs were eradicated in the 1950s and 1960s in both West and East.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berlin   (3194 words)

 Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, whose unexpectedly high demands were perceived as humiliating in Germany and as a continuation of the war by other means.
Germany and Berlin were occupied and partitioned by the Allies into four military occupation zones – French in the south-west, British in the north-west, United States in the south, and Soviet in the east.
The territory of Germany stretches from the high mountains of the Alps (highest point: the Zugspitze at 2,962 m) in the south to the shores of the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic Sea in the north-east.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Germany   (5597 words)

Berlin is the capital and the biggest city of Germany.
Berlin was the capital of Prussia until 1945 and the capital of Germany between 1871 and 1945 and again since the reunification of Germany on October 3, 1990.
It was divided by the Berlin Wall between August 13, 1961, and November 9, 1989.
userpage.chemie.fu-berlin.de /adressen/berlin.html   (199 words)

 Berlin, Germany
Berlin was the focus of the 1918/19 (failed) revolution, and went on to become the capital of the first fragile democracy, the Weimar Republic, in the 1920's.
On both sides of The Wall --erected in 1961 to stop East Berliners from fleeing-- Berlin continued to spearhead reform movements, be it the alternative anti-nuclear and anti-war groups in the West or opposition to the one-party regime in the East.
Berlin is once again the capital of a democratic state, which now carries the title the "Berlin Republic" with hope for the future (Reichstag).
worldfacts.us /Germany-Berlin.htm   (2475 words)

 City Profiles: Berlin
Berlin was founded in the early thirteenth century as the capital of Brandenburg.
Between 1830 and 1860 the population of Berlin doubled as a result of migration from the rural provinces.
East Berlin was the financial, commercial and industrial centre of the German Democratic Republic and an important transit hub for the East-West trade.
www0.un.org /cyberschoolbus/habitat/profiles/berlin.asp   (372 words)

 Welcome to Germany Info : Your German Information Source
Germany’s two largest parties have agreed on talks to form a grand coalition, with the CDU occupying the chancellorship, CDU head Angela Merkel announced in Berlin.
Germany has handed over to Indonesia the first GPS buoy in the tsunami early-warning system and also launched the research vessel, Sonne, from Jakarta to measure the ocean floor for positioning buoys and other instruments.
Germany is standing with the United States and its international partners in the fight against global terrorism.
www.germany.info /relaunch/index.html   (501 words)

 Berlin, Germany - Lexia International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Berlin has been at the center of European history over the last two centuries.It was the hub of Europe's industrialization in the nineteenth century, the capital of the Nazi state in the mid-twentieth century, and the battleground for Eastern and Western power struggles between 1945 and 1989.
The Berlin Wohngemeinschaft might best be understood as the postwar attempt, by students and other city residents, to take advantage of the spacious apartments constructed in the early twentieth century.
Students should also be aware that the "traditional" family (two parents, children under 18 still at home) is becoming a rarity in urban Germany, and that she or he may be placed with an older couple, cousins, or in other family configurations.
www.lexiaintl.org /Berlin/index.cfm   (540 words)

 kiat.net: Olympic Games Berlin 1936
Berlin was awarded the 1936 Olympics in 1931, two years before the Nazi party came to power.
All this in the Berlin stadium built to extol the virtues of Nazi propaganda left Hitler and his deputies speechless.
In part because of a greatly expanded men's gymnastics program, Germany led all countries with 89 medals, including 33 gold, to 56 total and 24 gold for the United States.
www.kiat.net /olympics/history/11berlin.html   (986 words)

 Berlin Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Today the city, restored as the nation's capital, is the focus of a mammoth project of reunification and the barometer of Germany's moods.
This is the heart of Germany, with a stoic beat that echoes through grand public buildings, glorious museums and theatres, urbane restaurants, bustling pubs and raucous nightclubs.
The Wall is gone but Berlin is still divided: there's a distinct segue from the glitz of the west to shabby East Berlin.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/germany/berlin   (338 words)

 All Berlin Hotels
Contrary to the usual clichés about Germany, Berlin is a city with a laid-back attitude and some of the liveliest nightlife in Europe.
Berlin’s climate is equally eclectic, with hot summer days giving way to occasionally freezing temperatures during the long grey winter.
Today’s quintessential Berlin experience is to laze through a summer day in the Tiergarten with the rabble of construction just out of earshot, sipping on a chilled Pilsner beer, while witnessing a city reinventing itself as one of Europe’s finest capitals.
www.berlin-hotels-germany.net   (957 words)

 Germany - VisitEurope.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Over 2,000 medieval castles, new design hotels, post-modern architecture, over 5,000 different types of beer, dry Riesling wines, soaring Alps, fairy tale roads, and top fashion designers are only a few of the attractions Germany offers its visitors.
Germany's towns and cities are modern and alive and yet testaments to the past.
Population: 82,163,500 (Berlin, 3,387,000; Hamburg, 1,705,000; Munich, 1,241,272; Cologne, 963,210).
www.visiteurope.com /germany.html   (142 words)

 berlin germany city study
The city of Berlin, although located in the eastern Soviet half, was also divided into four sectors --West Berlin occupied by Allied interests and East Berlin occupied by Soviets.
In June 1948, the Soviet Union attempted to control all of Berlin by cutting surface traffic to and from the city of West Berlin.
__ The Berlin Wall was the former barrier surrounding West Berlin and symbol of the Cold War.
www.archaeolink.com /berlin_germany_city_study.htm   (573 words)

 Berlin Hotels - Hotels in Berlin Germany
Berlin is the new capital of Germany and offers a huge array of Hotels in Berlin.
Berlin is the capital of the new united Germany and also its largest city.
With its tumultuous history, bustling international community, and cutting-edge art scene, Berlin is naturally home to a very diverse range of cultures, which reflect the city's mix of Eastern and Western influences.
www.berlin.globalhotels-24-7.com   (423 words)

 UrbanRail.Net > Europe > Germany > Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Berlin was restored as the German capital right after the unification of the two German states in 1990 and has about 3.5 million inhabitants.
In East Berlin, however, the S-Bahn became the backbone of the transport system and new extensions were built from Grünau to Königs Wusterhausen (1951), to Strausberg Nord (1956), to Schönefeld Airport (1961), to Ahrensfelde (1976-82) and to Wartenberg (1984/85).
The Greater Berlin area is divided into 3 zones, zone A covers everything within the S-Bahn ring line, zone B the rest of Berlin city, and zone C the surroundings included in the tariff system.
de.geocities.com /u_bln/berlin.htm   (2321 words)

 Architecture of Berlin, Germany - Great Buildings Online
Berlin Philharmonic Hall, by Hans Scharoun, at Berlin, Germany, 1956 to 1963.
Observatory in Berlin, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, at Berlin, Germany, 1835.
Schauspielhaus, by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, at Berlin, Germany, 1821.
www.greatbuildings.com /places/berlin.html   (149 words)

 Berlin Hotels, Discounted Berlin Hotel Resevations. Accommodation in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany - Built in 1961, Berlin Wall has been dividing the city into two parts for nearly 30 years.
Berlin used to be two cities divided by a 45 kilometers long construction running around 3 city zones governed by United States, France and United Kingdom.
But today's Berlin is not just modern architecture, it is a city with extremely rich history.
www.europe-cities.com /hotels-berlin.aspx   (213 words)

 Berlin, Germany 2000
So finally she gets sent to Berlin for a software trade show and I managed to squeeze out a few days from my busy schedule to hang out with her.
It's famous because this used to be the main entrance to the city and the route the king used to go to his hunting grounds in the Tiergarten.
Berlin is famous for its numerous high quality museums.
www.gagme.com /greg/vacation/2000/berlin   (740 words)

 Berlin Apartments - private furnished apartments in Berlin Germany for rent by the day, week, or month.
Berlin Apartments - private furnished apartments in Berlin Germany for rent by the day, week, or month.
Berlin is finally beginning to take on the grandeur of a great capital city.
But what brings them back also is the Berliner "Lebensart," a certain style of living in this quintessential European city that seems not to be duplicated anywhere else on earth.
www.berlinapt.de   (315 words)

 Berlin Hotels, Berlin hotel apartments, accommodation Berlin
Welcome to Berlin Apartments: the original and the best accommodation company to offer you something more than plain old hotels in Berlin.
Berlin Hotel Apartments' main building is by the Rosa Luxemburg U-Bahn, situated perfectly for AlexanderPlatz and the amazing Funkturm, trendy Hachesche Markt, and Prenzlauer Berg with the best night life in Berlin.
This quiet and sunny 34 sq/m apartment is on the 2nd floor and looks out on the inner courtyard of the building.
www.berlin-hotels.co.uk   (478 words)

 Berlin city guide, Germany - Time Out Travel
Fifteen years since the Wall fell, and Berlin can still feel like two cities – not just east and west, but also winter and summer.
Plus, if your mental image of the German capital derives from war films or spy stories, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by one of the greenest cities in Europe.
This thoroughly modern metropolis has always been a bit of a bolthole for the bohemian and unconventional, but today it is a major cultural centre combining top-flight museums, galleries and concert...
www.timeout.com /travel/berlin   (196 words)

 Europe Guide - Germany Travel - Map of Germany, Frankfurt, Berlin, Germany hotels
Germany is famous for picturesque little towns, old castles and villages, especially along River Rhine (Rüdesheim, Bingen, St. Goar).
In Central Germany there are many provincial capitals each with a special flair: British-like Hanover, Düsseldorf and Cologne with its carnival season, the financial capital Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dresden or Nuremberg with their christmas fairs.
Germany is situated in the very centre of Europe so short-term trips to France, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria or any other neighbouring country are easy to be done.
www.europeetravel.com /germany   (547 words)

 Welcome to the GO8 Website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In August, the Executive Director travelled to Germany to oversee the fit-out of the office.
During this visit she met with the Australian Ambassador to Germany, Her Excellency Pamela Fayle, and Embassy staff to discuss the Centre and arrangements for the opening events planned for 30 September and 1 October 2004.
The offices are situated in the central area of the old East Berlin and close to the city’s main attractions.
www.australiacentre.org   (652 words)

 Berlin Tourist Information - Service for Tour Operators
Now Berlin is preparing this year's "WinterMagic" with many attractions and offers and continues to establish it - together with you - as a strong trademark of city tourism.
Berlin expect you with a manifold cultural offer.
Since May 3, 2005 Berlin once again is connected to the USA (New York) with dircet daily flights.
www.berlin-tourist-information.de /english/reiseveranstalter   (369 words)

 Berlin hotels - Discount hotels in Berlin, Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thanks to our Berlin hotels directory, book a property near the center of Berlin or near the airport.
The Swissotel is superior luxury hotel in Berlin and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, ideally situated in the heart of the city, on the famous Kurfürstendamm in Berlin's illustrious shopping district
The Swissotel Berlin provides luxury service, extraordinary product quality and renowned standards of Swiss hospitality along with individual style, design and local character.
www.berlinhotelnet.com   (119 words)

 Berlin Hotels, Hotel Berlin, Accommodation in Berlin Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Seriously damaged during World War II and divided in two parts for over 40 years, Berlin is now the focus of a huge project for reunion.
After the events of Nov. 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall, the icon of Germany’s dissonance, does not exist anymore and as a result Berliners are once again united.
A vivid historic city and the cultural heartbeat of Germany, Berlin today attracts visitors with its majestic buildings, superb museums and theatres, urbane dining venues, lively pubs and raucous nightclubs.
www.guideglobal.com /en/Germany/Berlin/Berlin-Hotels.html   (153 words)

 Berlin Hotels: Grand Hyatt Berlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grand Hyatt Berlin anchors the newly built heart of Berlin at Potsdamer Platz with powerful architecture and innovative interior design that encompasses an exceptional, modern art concept throughout the hotel.
Conveniently located within walking distance of the Berlin Tiergarten, the Mitte district, the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, Grand Hyatt Berlin is adjacent to Germany's largest casino, the Arkaden shopping mall and numerous cinemas and restaurants.
Grand Hyatt Berlin's 342 deluxe rooms and suites provide contemporary style and comfort enhanced by the latest in-hotel technology that includes dataport and infrared keyboards, with Internet access and interactive television in each of the hotel rooms.
berlin.grand.hyatt.com   (317 words)

 Clubhouse Hostel Berlin - most central Accomodation for Backpackers
The Clubhouse Hostel Berlin was in cooperation with:
Berlin's nightlife on the doorstep: Tacheles the bars and restaurants at Oranienburger Str.
H hostel weisschilder für Rock and Roll für backpackers Berlin holiday müssenhostel 4066 Blatt 2 entsprechen und last minutehostel destens 594 x l0 mm groß bed hostel.
www.clubhouse-berlin.de   (770 words)

 Berlin Wall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Histoire de Berlin, Paris, PUF, " Que sais-je ", 1994.
Two sections of the Berlin Wall were donated to the Caen Memorial in 1999 by a private individual, an art designer specializing in painting walls, and a keen collector, Mr.
As partner, the ONET group is contributing to the shipping and forthcoming museum presentation of the sections of the Wall as part of the Memorial extension programme.
www.wall-berlin.org /gb/berlin.htm   (196 words)

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