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Topic: Berlin Hauptbahnhof

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Berlin Hauptbahnhof - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the central railway station in Berlin, Germany.
The 1961 construction of the Berlin Wall further isolated the station, and led to a boycott of the S-Bahn in West Berlin that lasted until the 1980s, when operation of the West Berlin S-Bahn lines was transferred to the West Berlin transit authority, the BVG.
It was decided early in 2005 that the station would be renamed "Berlin Hauptbahnhof" on the date of its opening, May 28, 2006, to avoid confusing rail passengers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berlin_Hauptbahnhof   (2310 words)

 Berlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Berlin is the national capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and is the seat of the President of Germany, whose official residence is Bellevue Palace.
Berlin is one of Germany's most important centers of higher education and research, with four universities, numerous professional, technical, and private colleges, and a large number of research institutes and thinktanks.
Berlin is home to Hertha BSC Berlin, a football team in the Bundesliga, and the basketball team ALBA Berlin (also known as the "Berlin Albatrosses"), which won the national championships every year from 1997 to 2003.
www.tocatch.info /en/Berlin.htm   (6481 words)

 Berlin Ostbahnhof - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Berlin Ostbahnhof (translates from German as Berlin East Station) is a mainline railway station in Berlin, Germany.
It was known as Berlin Hauptbahnhof from 1987 to 1998, a name now applied to Berlin's new central station.
Alongside Berlin Zoologischer Garten station it was one of the city's two main stations; however, it is likely to decline in significance with the opening of the new Hauptbahnhof on 26 May 2006, and many mainline trains re-routed through the new Tiergarten tunnels, bypassing the Ostbahnhof.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berlin_Ostbahnhof   (597 words)

 Berlin  Germany - In Your Pocket   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The completion of the Hauptbahnhof station (see here for more) after 8 years of construction marks an important step; for the first time even the city has one central transport hub, which no doubt will have a huge effect.
Enjoy Berlin, and remember to write in to tell of your experiences in town, and your opinion of this guidebook: berlin@inyourpocket.com.
Berlin In Your Pocket is the English-language city guide to Germany's vibrant capital; appearing bimonthly, it's the essential guide to anything a visitor needs to know.
www.inyourpocket.com /germany/berlin/en   (741 words)

 DB-Konzern - Berlin's stations
Berlin was now the only city in the world with a modern urban traffic system that also linked up the most important long-distance stations with each other.
Only after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification did the Berlin stations regain their importance: the rail infrastructure had to be brought up to date, lines had to be refurbished and electrified, and more importantly, a new concept had to be developed for both long-distance and local rail services.
The third oldest station in Berlin, which was originally intended to be the terminal of the Frankfurt/Oder – Berlin line, over the years, has gradually moved into the centre of Berlin's traffic.
die.bahn.de /site/bahn/en/db__group/corporate__group/history/topics/berlins__stations/berlins__stations.html   (1523 words)

 West Berlin
West Berlin was an island of freedom, cut away from the rest of the city and surrounded on all sides by East Germany.
The isolation of West Berlin was demonstrated very early in the days after World War II as the Soviets tried to starve her into submission to the East.
Granted, the center of gravity in Berlin shifted eastward once the city's primary attractions along the Unter den Linden were reopened in 2002, but much of the commerce still remained in the West.
www.tompgalvin.com /places/de/berlin/berlin_west.htm   (969 words)

 Encyklopedia :: encyclopedia : Berlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Berlin to stolica i największe miasto Niemiec na prawach landu, położone nad rzeką Sprewą.
W latach 1961-1989 Berlin Zachodni był otoczony murem berlińskim, którego zburzenie było symbolem zjednoczenia dwóch części miasta oraz dwóch państw niemieckich.
Od 1991 Berlin jest decyzją bundestagu stolicą zjednoczonych Niemiec.
www.encyklopedia.cc /Berlin   (662 words)

 New streets for Berlin / Senat Department of Urban Development in Berlin
The tunnel route north of the Spree and the operation building at Hauptbahnhof were built together with the station carcassing for the mainline, underground and light rail rapid transit railways.
The stack for the eastern tunnel tube is a freestanding structure on the semi-basement level of Hauptbahnhof.
Completion was dependent on the construction progress made at Berlin's main station, Hauptbahnhof, because of the construction dependencies of the two projects.
www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de /bauen/strassenbau/en/tts_rohbau.shtml   (1111 words)

 U55 (Berlin)
U55 is a Berlin U-Bahn line that is currently under construction.
When the German government decided to move from Bonn to Berlin after German reunification, it was decided to refurbish the area around the Reichstag into a modern government complex.
As part of this effort, there were plans to extend line U5 from its current western terminus at Alexanderplatz through the city center, past the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, and the new planned central train station at Lehrter Bahnhof.
encycl.opentopia.com /term/U55_(Berlin)   (441 words)

 Hotel & Travel Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
All three airports are connected with the city center and the Messe Berlin (Berlin Fairgrounds) by trains and buses at standard public fares.
Berlin is served by 23-30 bus lines with a number of destinations in Germany and the rest of Europe.
Berlin can be reached by train from all directions.
home.att.net /~cwiemeusa/travelinformation.htm   (337 words)

 CWIEME - Coil Winding Berlin Hotel & Travel Information
Berlin is an exciting travel destination at any time of the year.
The closest area to the Messe Berlin is the "West City" area that includes Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Tiergarten and Schöneberg.
By Bus: Berlin is served by 23-30 bus lines with a number of destinations in Germany and the rest of Europe.
www.coilwindingexpo.com /travelinformation.htm   (517 words)

 Berlin  Germany  - Book reviews - In Your Pocket   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In our opinion, this book would be better titled, ‘Berlin: Snapshots of the random bits and pieces I researched about Berlin.’ Primary sources – letters of relatively minor characters in Berlin history – provide first-person accounts of Berlin through the ages, though often on specialist topics like cuisine, or orderliness.
This Russian princess emigrated to Berlin and gracefully pulled up her bootstraps when times got tough for a woman more accustomed to high heels and the finer things in life.
In the early 1990s, Australian Anna Funder was the only person at her Berlin TV station interested in stories former East Germans might have had to tell.
www.inyourpocket.com /germany/berlin/en/feature?id=55289   (1242 words)

 Berlin Pt. 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
It was in East Berlin, and the Communist government razed the ruins and leveled the area, which was near the Berlin Wall.
The map on the left is part of a 1939 Berlin city atlas (Berliner Morgenpost - "Berlin in der Tasche") - the Führerbunker is shown behind and partly beneath the old Reichs Chancellery building (the Vorbunker was beneath the dining hall in the rear of the building).
Berlin was already the location of the burial site of one of most important heroes in the Nazi pantheon - Horst Wessel.
www.thirdreichruins.com /berlin2.htm   (1725 words)

 Berlin - MaxTravelz
Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of the 16 constituent states (Länder) of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Berlin is the largest city in Germany and has a population of approximately 4.2 million within its metropolitan area (3.4 million people within the city limits).
Berlin is a relatively young city by European standards, dating only to the thirteenth century, and it has always had a reputation as a place filled with people from elsewhere.
www.maxtravelz.com /berlin.htm   (11067 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Latest News - International - Man stabs 26 after opening of Berlin train station
BERLIN (Reuters) - A knife-wielding German teenager attacked people leaving a gala ceremony to dedicate Berlin's new central rail station shortly before midnight on Friday, injuring 26 before being arrested, police said.
As thousands streamed away from the glass-covered, five-storey "Hauptbahnhof" after the show, police said the young man "ran amok" through the crowd on a street about three blocks to the east of the station.
"Berlin has celebrated a number of great days in the recent past but I think today will go down as one of the most special," Merkel said earlier in the evening, after arriving on the first train to the station that left Leipzig just an hour earlier.
news.scotsman.com /latest_international.cfm?id=784702006   (680 words)

 Berlin Hauptbahnhof - Chronology
The foundation stone of the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof is laid in the presence of Matthias Wissmann, German Federal Minister of Transport, Eberhard Diepgen, Berlin's Governing Mayor, and Dr.
Excavation work on the last site of the new Hauptbahnhof begins, and the first of 66 profiled steel piles for the western wall of the excavation pit is vibrated into the ground.
The scaffolding on the glass facades of the station concourse bearing the name "Berlin Hauptbahnhof" ("Berlin Central Station") are removed.
www.hbf-berlin.de /site/berlin__hauptbahnhof/en/construction__project/chronology/chronology.html   (1371 words)

 Expatica's German news in English: The last piece in the jigsaw: Berlin's new main station nears completion
The Hauptbahnhof is due to open on May 28, just in time for the FIFA World Cup's June 9 kick-off.
The Hauptbahnhof, also known by its former name of Lehrter Bahnhof (Lehrter Station), is due to open on May 28, just in time for the FIFA World Cup's June 9 kick-off.
It was the final stop in former West Berlin when the city was divided; the next station was Friedrichstrasse in East Berlin, a famous Cold War crossing point.
www.expatica.com /source/site_article.asp?subchannel_id=26&story_id=26858   (934 words)

 University Campus Am Neuen Palais   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The "Berlin ABC" ticket (2.60 €) is valid also in all buses, trams and local trains in Berlin and Potsdam.
They cross Berlin city via Ostbahnhof (hh:34), Alexanderplatz (hh:37), Friedrichstr.(hh:41) and leave the train station Zoologischer Garten at hh:50 and Wannsee at hh:01 to arrive at Potsdam Hauptbahnhof at hh:07.
A ticket for the zones ABC bought in Berlin is valid in the urban buses.
www.ling.uni-potsdam.de /~peter/TandemWorkshop/campus0.html   (744 words)

 United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Analysis: Berlin's new railway hub   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
BERLIN, May 10 (UPI) -- For the past 15 years, Berlin has been planning and building the largest, safest and most modern train station in Europe.
Located in the government district, the Hauptbahnhof -- formerly the Lehrter Bahnhof -- is the last of the expensive unification projects to be completed; other projects included the reconstruction of the Potsdamer Platz and the Reichstag parliament building.
The plaza in front of the main entrance in the north will be named Europe Square, while the vast area in front of the southern entrance, with a clear view of Merkel's chancellery, will be called Washington Square, she said.
www.upi.com /InternationalIntelligence/view.php?StoryID=20060510-121648-9616r   (842 words)

 Furnished apartment in Berlin-Mitte/Tiergarten, near the governmental district
The apartment is on the 4th floor (with lift) very close to the governmental district and only 5 minutes from the central station (Hauptbahnhof).
It is only a 5-minute walk to Berlin's central station (Hauptbahnhof Berlin); the house is located very close to the governmental district.
For example, central station of Berlin (Hauptbahnhof Berlin) and the S-Bahn station Bellevue are both approx.
www.bandb-ring.de /p/r58591e.htm   (470 words)

 Berlin Tourist Information - Service for Tour Operators
With 14.6 million overnight stays in 2005, Berlin is still the number 1 German city for tourism.
Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH's sales managers are happy to advise you on your individual market.
On 16 March 2006 construction of the new Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) airport was approved by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig.
www.berlin-tourist-information.de /english/reiseveranstalter   (471 words)

 Berlin Wall Memories: The Wall by David Kublick
Mostly Berliners, because it's harder to get into East Berlin from the east than it is to cross over once they get there.
Berlin spreads out over a wide area, and weather can vary in different parts of the city.
I kept my room in West Berlin, but for the next week my days and evenings were spent in East Berlin, visiting museums and the reading rooms of Humboldt University, talking to students, touring those research projects that weren't off limits, and going to plays and movies.
www.dailysoft.com /berlinwall/memories/memories_06.htm   (2625 words)

 Frankfurt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frankfurt is also known for having one of the largest red light districts in Germany in vicinity of the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station).
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof recently underwent a major development to allow trains from all over Germany to arrive at the station.
Only the Berlin integrated public transport system (VBB) is larger.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frankfurt   (3486 words)

 Berlin Transportation - Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
Berlin Schoenefeld is the former airport of East-Berlin is located far away from the citycenter.
If you visit Berlin, it is highly recommended that you buy a card for public transport as Berlin is very very big.
The main stations on the route through Berlin are, Berlin ZOO (for West Berlin), Berlin Hauptbahnhof (under construction, the new central station), Berlin Ostbahnhof (for East-Berlin).
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Germany/Land_Berlin/Berlin-75302/Transportation-Berlin-R-6.html   (1380 words)

 Berlin.de: Getting Here and Away by Train
The new central station Berlin Hauptbahnhof was opened on May, 28 2006.
The Ostbahnhof, formerly known as Hauptbahnhof Berlin, is located in Friedrichshain, not far from the East-Side-Gallery.
Berlin Schönefeld Railway Station is located in the south of Berlin near the airport.
www.berlin.de /english/visitors/getting_here_away/train.html   (589 words)

 | Berlin Hauptbahnhof | Typophile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Some of my Berliner friends criticize the new Hauptbahnhof because it flows the ICE trains away from the traditional Berlin Stadtbahn stations, but that is a very minor flaw.
One of the major flaws of the Berlin train transit so far was that if one train was late, the entire system was shuffled around because practically all trains had to be rescheduled.
Also, there must be fears that the new Hauptbahnhof will overshadow the efficiency, charm, and character of the other Berlin stations, which are world-class facilities in their own right.
typophile.com /node/21110   (1345 words)

 IES Berlin
Berlin Haupbahnhof - Lehrter Bahnhof (Berlin's new central station)
If you arrive by train from a central /eastern European city, like Prague, Budapest or Vienna, you may arrive either at Lichtenberg or Ostbahnhof (the former Hauptbahnhof), the main train station in the city center east.
Berlin and the surrounding area is divided into three tariff zones (A, B and C).
www.ies-berlin.de /2003/about/directions   (1094 words)

 Railfuture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The new main rail station being built in Berlin is the subject of a TV programme at 22.00 on Monday 13 March 2006 on the subscription-only National Geographic channel.
The centre of Berlin has been rebuilt over the past 10 years, following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
The enormous new main station (Hauptbahnhof) is expected to open on May 28, just in time for football's World Cup tournament which starts on 9 June.
www.railfuture.org.uk /tiki-read_article.php?articleId=965   (414 words)

 PRESS RELEASE German Rail News for World Cup Fans and Tourists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The station is located in the geographical center of the city, at the crossing of both east-west and north-south rail lines.
The Zoo station is now used solely for shorter, regional traffic, while Berlin Ost will be used for some intercity trains, but at a greatly reduced level.
Berlin Lichtenburg station will continue to be used for night train services into Eastern Europe.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=134779   (660 words)

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