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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

 Congresswoman Diane Watson : News & Press
Parks was hired to manage and reform a police force that had the appearance of being out of control for over ten (10) years.
Chief Parks was hired to "Protect and Serve" the residents of the City of Los Angeles.
Parks initial implementation of the Christopher Commission’s recommendations are laudable but it will take more time than five years to complete the lengthy recommendations. /watson/press/statement_parks.html

 Bernard C. Parks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bernard Parks, currently member of the Los Angeles City Council representing the 8th district.
Parks received his B.S. from Pepperdine University and went on to get a Masters in Public Administration from University of Southern California.
He ran for mayor in the 2005 elections, but lost. /wiki/Bernard_C._Parks

 Rampart LAPD Corruption Scandal
Bernard Parks Jr., the councilman's son and director of communications, would not discuss his father's reasons for not cooperating with the probe.
Parks' own silence on the matter, at least with regard to the blue-ribbon panel's inquiry, was criticized by some community and city leaders.
Parks, now a Los Angeles city councilman, has refused to meet with members of the Blue Ribbon Rampart Review Panel, which is headed by civil rights attorney Connie Rice and includes other lawyers and academics. /topics/rampart/082303ramparks.html

Parks turned right around and grabbed that district seat for himself in 2002, in an election that was less a landslide than a foregone conclusion, as he swept up over 75 percent of the vote.
Parks shows at last that he really is a politician at heart, and turns the issue to his advantage: “We don’t have any leadership in the mayor’s office,” he says, not missing a beat.
Parks was a 37-year veteran of the LAPD who’d risen through the ranks to become only its second black police chief, when incoming Mayor Hahn maneuvered through City Council and the Police League to deny him a second term and bring in William Bratton from New York City instead. /article.php?id=1023&IssueNum=56

 The Sacramento Observer - Online Edition
Parks' attorney, Gloria Allred, known for high-profile cases, was at his side, as was his wife, Bobbie, at the news conference held in front of Parker Center police headquarters downtown.
Parks, though supported by a majority of local black community leaders, earlier failed to convince a two-thirds majority of the City Council to renew his contract for a second term.
Parks, 58, can look for inspiration for his decision to Tom Bradley, the first and only Black mayor of Los Angeles, who was a career LAPD officer before winning a city council seat to begin his political career. /government/050302/parks_mulls_political_future.htm

 Welcome to Tony Castro's Website
Bernard Parks was asked by some cops that he not attend their funerals if they were killed in the line of duty.
Bernard Parks refused to cooperate with the district attorney in the Rampart Division corruption case.
Bernard Parks was chief while the LAPD suffered the worst police corruption scandal in the city’s history. /tonycastro/parkssheffield041702.html

Bernard State Park is the perfect destination for campers seeking the best of city convenience along with the serenity of an excursion into the woods.
Park Rangers present talks on the area's history and an annual reenactment illustrates American soldier life during the War of 1812.
he National Park Service preserves the site of this turning point in American history. /ma.htm Bernard Parks
LOS ANGELES — Jim Hahn denied Bernard Parks a second term as Los Angeles police chief, and Parks is hoping to return the favor today by bouncing the incumbent from the mayor's office.
Parks, of Baldwin Hills, wants the Los Angeles Police Department to revert to the traditional work schedule it used when he was chief, doing away with the three-day schedule Hahn implemented, in part at the urging of the union that represents the LAPD rank-and-file.
Parks also promises to implement an alternative plan he crafted to modernize Los Angeles International Airport, saying Hahn's compromise proposal is too expensive and doesn't restrict growth enough. /kabc/news/030805_parks.html

 Jack Dunphy on LAPD & Bernard Parks on National Review Online
He was sent packing in 1997 and was replaced, to the ultimate detriment of nearly everyone, by Bernard Parks.
Parks, you'll recall, failed to persuade the civilian police commission that he was deserving of another five-year term in the position, and he came up far short of the two-thirds vote in the city council it would have required to overturn the commission's decision.
Most of these people, you see, are indelibly stained by their support of Bernard Parks through the Reign of Terror. /dunphy/dunphy082102.asp

 LAist: St. Bernard and Poor Richard
Bernard Parks Bernard Parks is indeed St. Bernard, the patron saint of Villaraigosa and Hertzberg.
Bernard Parks is indeed St. Bernard, the patron saint of Villaraigosa and Hertzberg.
Parks’ fundraising results in January, which Phil Wallace noted in an earlier post, unfortunately do nothing to increase his viability. /archives/2005/02/02/st_bernard_and_poor_richard.php
Bernard Parks highlighted the city's adoption of the Interim Control Ordinance and Crenshaw Specific Plan, which requires specific approval of any new auto-related business on Crenshaw Blvd. and invites city oversight on some other types of business opening.
A special ceremony was held in which Bernard Parks presented city plaques to the 2005 Eighth District Citizen Award Honorees.
Parks also pointed to the completion of 236 of a scheduled 776 units of affordable housing, and plans to build 642 market rate housing units and 180 units of senior housing. /article.asp?ID=116 Bernard Parks Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign
LOS ANGELES — City Councilman Bernard Parks today kicks off his campaign to unseat Mayor Jim Hahn -- the man who denied him a second term as police chief.
Parks was elected to the council last year after Hahn refused to appoint him to a second term as head of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Parks will kick off his campaign for the March 8 primary with a news conference in Westchester this morning. /kabc/news/061704_nw_parks_campaign.html - Los Angeles mayor scolds police chief, DA: 'Start acting like adults' - March 16, 2000
According to sources, Parks blames Garcetti for mishandling the corruption probe, alleging that prosecutors had given the police department bad legal advice and could not be trusted.
Parks added that he had "faith in general" in Garcetti's ability to prosecute, but "that faith is certainly not as strong as it was when we started."
Tension between Parks and Garcetti had been growing for weeks, ever since Parks invited the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office to investigate the corruption scandal against Garcetti's wishes. /2000/US/03/16/lapd.rebellion.01 Los Angeles Police Department Article
In 1997, Williams was replaced by Bernard Parks, during whose term the LAPD was rocked by the Rampart Division corruption scandal.
Gates retired in 1992 just after the Rodney King related rioting in April and the damaging Christopher Commission Report and was replaced by Willie L. Williams, the fiftieth Chief, the first black to hold the office and the first non-internal appointee for almost 40 years. /los_angeles_police_department.html

 L.A. Observed: 2800 words on Bernard Parks *
His son and chief of staff, former Channel 2 newswriter Bernard Parks Jr., said he remembers the day his father became a captain in 1977.
Also in the paper: Parks' successor, William Bratton, is vowing to speed up new rules for shooting at moving vehicles after an officer fired ten shots and killed 13-year-old Devin Brown when he backed his car into a police cruiser.
Parks' formative experiences at the LAPD include several incidents of racism. /archive/003068.html

 Saint Bernard on
Crossroads of the Alps - An archaeological expedition to saint bernard pass, famous for its dogs and isolated much of the year by snow, reveals its stark beauty and rich history.
Bernard LUBAT (p, dm, acc) -FRA- de la COMPAGNIE LUBAT.
NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Saints' quarterback Aaron Brooks is sacked by the Seahawks' Rocky Bernard /html/S/StB1ernrd.asp - LAPD chief fights for reappointment
When he was appointed, there were hopes that Parks, who had worked in the internal affairs division, could restore a department tarnished by the Rodney King beating, the 1992 riots and the investigation surrounding the slayings of O.J. Simpson's wife and her friend.
Parks' case for reappointment was hurt by recent statistics showing a rise in violent crime.
Parks was selected as chief by former Mayor Richard Riordan and enjoyed broad support in the City Council. /news/nation/2002/04/10/lapd.htm

 NBC 4 - Politics - Councilman Bernard Parks To File Papers To Run For LA Mayor
Councilman Bernard Parks plans on filing papers Thursday to run for mayor of Los Angeles.
Parks is a former police chief trying to go against history in his bid.
Charles Sebastian, the city's police chief from 1911 to 1915 is the only man to have been elected mayor of Los Angeles after serving as the city's police chief. /politics/3910360/detail.html

 NBC 4 - News - Bernard Parks Embarks On New Career
Parks retired from the Police Department after he was denied a second five-year term as chief in a 4-1 vote of the city Police Commission last month.
Parks has hired two political consultants and plans to move with his wife, Bobbie, from his home in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County to a neighborhood in the 8th District.
Parks filed to run for a city council seat that will be opening next March. /News/1485092/detail.html

 LA Weekly: News: Bernard Parks Interview Transcript
BERNARD PARKS: I think what I see in the city is that the things we’re doing in the Eighth district can be done in the First district, in the 13th district.
BERNARD PARKS: No, I would not reverse Prop F. The thing that I would change in the department is the two-day workweek because I think we lose 30 percent of our resources.
BERNARD PARKS: Well, I have not studied the initiative but I think that if the vacant lot is there in five years people are making the wrong decision. /ink/05/14/transcript-parks.php

 Bernard C. Parks - Bernard C. Parks - Quest For Change
Parks is courting African American voters who backed Hahn in 2001 and also seeking support from moderate and conservative voters who see him as strong on law-and-order issues.
Parks, then deputy chief, wanted to replace Police Chief Daryl Gates, but it was clear that the city's politicians were looking for an outsider.
Parks thought about retiring, but Bobbie closed off that option, telling him that she would not let him walk away. /designideas2.asp?did=366

 Heirs to a noble vision
Parks, a graduate of Catholic schools, was the keynote speaker at the eighth annual archdiocesan breakfast.
Parks focused on the need for neighborhood involvement to eliminate street violence in which some 800 people are murdered each year - the victims mostly male, under 30, and African-American or Latino.
During his keynote, Parks urged the largely African-American gathering to look among themselves for leadership to tough problems. /2002/0125/mlkday.htm

 Chief Bernard Parks ouster unfairly linked to recent crime upsurge in Los Angeles
The Police Commission President Rick J. Caruso, Mayor James Hahn, and several radio talk show hosts including Larry Elder have unfairly blamed Bernard Parks for the recent increase in violent crime and have failed to see the bigger picture of crime in California and throughout the nation.
Bernard Parks after his hearing where he was denied another 5 year term
Sean Hannity, on his daily syndicated radio talk show, revealed his ignorance when he stated that Chief Parks is not competent for the job because of the increase of crime (4-10-02), but if we are going to use that logic Mr. /topics/2002/041202parks.html

 PBS - frontline: l.a.p.d. blues: the scandal: rampart scandal timeline
L.A.P.D. chief Bernard Parks announced that he was disbanding the department's CRASH units and creating new anti-gang details that that would include more rigorous requirements for membership, stressing the officers' level of experience.
L.A.P.D. chief Bernard Parks formed a Board of Inquiry comprised of L.A.P.D. command staff to analyze management failures and investigate the depth of the corruption scandal.
Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and L.A.P.D. Chief Bernard Parks initially opposed the consent decree, but backed down when it became clear that it was supported by the city council. /wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/lapd/scandal/cron.html

 LA Weekly: Features: Sweet Revenge
And he closed with a statement that was pure Bernard Parks, open to possible interpretation as droll wit, caustic irony, or simply a stilted and silly choice of words on a day he was asking the council to keep him on as chief.
Parks also brought on, as his chief of staff, Joe Rouzan, a former colleague from the LAPD who later became executive director of the Police Commission and the city manager of Compton and then Inglewood.
Parks proceeded to take more than an hour of his own, hurling contempt at the people and unseen forces that had just conspired to deny him a second five-year term in his dream job, as Los Angeles’ chief of police. /ink/04/18/features-greene.php

 A confident Bernard Parks says he can win L.A. (Mayoral) race (tomorrow is Election Day)
Beyond that, Parks is running in part on his record as a no-nonsense police chief, a position he lost in 2002 when the newly elected Hahn publicly opposed reappointing him in favor of naming a more reform-minded chief.
Parks was a lousy Chief of Police, all the rank and file hated him, and he is about as much a Republican as Tom Bradley was.
Parks, a Baldwin Hills resident, is battling for votes on his home turf of South Los Angeles with Hahn, according to Regalado and other political experts. /focus/f-news/1358249/posts

 Los Angeles Magazine: Under Fire - Los Angeles Police Dept. chief Bernard Parks - Brief Article
Parks took center stage in the well-publicized affair, telling the press--before the matter had been investigated--that the officer did not appear to have done anything wrong and erroneously suggesting the woman's family was partially to blame for her homelessness.
Last winter, Parks led an effort to contain the power of the LAPD inspector general, the force's civilian watchdog, because the office "infringed on the chief's authority, according to Kalish.
Their gripes: Parks is combative, unfairly doles out discipline and won't listen to advice from the troops. /p/articles/mi_m1346/is_9_44/ai_55588123

 L.A. council to keep Mayor in Check? City Councilman Bernard Parks voices his concerns.
Los Angeles, CA —City Councilman Bernard Parks who serves as the Chairman of the powerful City Budget Committee says there is a need for the City Council play greater role in screening the Mayor’s appointments to powerful Commissions in order to avert possible conflict of interests, as occurred in James Hahn administration.
With nearly 40 years of government experience, the former Police Chief Bernard Parks commented on the need for higher scrutiny of the Mayor’s actions such as seeking political endorsements from Neighborhood Councils who are funded with taxpayer dollars.
And, in fact, Parks said this year’s budget was the best in five or six years, with no cuts, increases in service and even increases in personnel. /Program_Details/420_Bernard_Parks.htm

 Los Angeles City $300 Million Deficit by June 30, 2005: L.A. Councilman Bernard Parks, Chairman, L.A. City Budget Committee
Los Angeles, CA — In an alarming wake-up call Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, chair of the Council Budget Committee, predicted that unless all spending is brought under control only an increase in taxes will prevent a $300 million budget shortfall by June 30, 2005.
Parks noted the recent Council vote banning big retail developments is sending the wrong message, that big retail businesses should take their sales tax out of town.
Parks said that if spending continues at the current rate, revenue increases from sales tax, business tax and property taxes will be necessary. /Program_Details/404_Bernard_Parks.htm

 NBC 4 - Politics - Candidate Profile: Bernard Parks
LA's newest politician, Bernard Parks has survived being fired as police chief by Mayor Jim Hahn, who was newly elected at the time.
Parks survived the Rampart corruption scandal, Erickson said, by telling everyone he would root out the bad guys.
Parks rebounded and got elected to the City Council. /politics/4251439/detail.html

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