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Topic: Bernard Landry

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Bernard Landry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jean-Bernard Landry, born March 9, 1937 in Saint-Jacques, Quebec, (near Joliette), is a Quebec lawyer, teacher, politician, past Premier of Quebec, Canada, (2001–2003), former leader of the Opposition (2003–2005) and former leader of the Parti Québécois (2001–2005).
Bernard Landry received a degree in economics and finance from the Université de Montréal in Montreal, and a degree in economics and finance from L'Institut d'études politiques in Paris.
Landry is a Quebec independentist advocating a supranational confederation of Quebec and Canada, inspired by the institutions of the European Union.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bernard_Landry   (480 words)

 Landry, Bernard
From 1964-1968, Landry was the technical adviser at the office of the minister of natural resources, co-ordinator for Québec of the Canadian Council of Resource Ministers and chargé de mission at the office of the minister of education.
Landry remained deputy premier and was also appointed minister of industry, trade, science and technology; minister of state for the economy and finance; minister of finance and minister of revenue; chairman of the Comité ministériel de l'emploi et du développement économique and minister responsible for the Estrie region.
Landry became the chairman of the PQ on 3 March 2001, and was appointed and sworn in as Québec premier on 8 March.
thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0009422   (785 words)

 CBC - Quebec Votes 2003
Before Jean Charest received a package from Bernard Landry outlining the origin of the four-day work week plan, he said the fact the PQ took so long to produce the study is proof there is no study at all.
PQ leader Bernard Landry is trying to get his campaign back on track by returning to the issues that did well for him at the start of the campaign.
Bernard Landry was trying to recapture centre stage in the election campaign on Tuesday by flushing out his promises to give parents of young children flexible work schedules equal to a four-day work week.
www.cbc.ca /quebecvotes2003/campaigntrail/ontheroad.html   (2298 words)

 Canadian Jewish News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In defending sovereignty, Landry said that in the era of globalization, it is necessary to adopt the model of the European Union in which nations maintain their sovereignty but work together for common economic benefit.
Landry's speech was peppered with humour and generous in its praise of both Israel and the Jewish people, but he referred to Quebec as a nation several times.
Landry was emotional when he recalled his visit to Yad Vashem and his planting cypress trees on the outskirts of Jerusalem in memory of his wife Lorraine.
www.cjnews.com /pastissues/01/may24-01/front2.asp   (731 words)

 ACTUALITÉ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bernard Landry a tablé sur le bon bilan économique de son gouvernement et sur la volonté du gouvernement d'améliorer la qualité de vie des familles.
Landry a rappelé que l'État tirait moins de revenus du jeu que les autres provinces et qu'auparavant, cet argent allait dans les coffres du crime organisé.
Landry repeatedly maintained that Quebec's economy is performing better than ever under PQ administration and that if re-elected his government would concentrate on improving the quality of family life and pressing Ottawa to turn over what he claims is an excess of $50 million a week in taxes that it collects in the province.
www.vigile.net /ds-actu/docs3/03-4-1-debat.html   (11107 words)

 Konrad Yakabuski - Journalist | Journaliste, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Landry's tightfistedness and almost fanatical support for free trade have earned him the enmity of disaffected, left-wing elements in the Parti Quebecois, who accuse him of heartless, neoliberal governance a la Klein and Harris.
Landry, a voracious reader, was also persuaded by the ideas of Lester Thurow, the guru of U.S. industrial-policy advocates in the 1980s.
Landry's 1983 proposal for one-on-one negotiations between Quebec and Washington drew an immediate rebuke from the State Department, but he was unbowed.
www.konradyakabuski.com /articles/2001_02.html   (3896 words)

 CTV.ca - Bernard Landry facing PQ leadership challenge- CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television
Landry, who was acclaimed PQ leader and premier in 2001, was defeated by Jean Charest in last year's election.
Lachapelle said Landry still has a lot of appeal among members and is not in the same situation as Levesque in 1985 when a third of delegates walked out at a policy convention after Levesque shelved sovereignty.
Landry is not up for the job, they're saying there should be a process where other candidates who would like to run against the leader can run," Lachapelle said.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/print/CTVNews/1093475307327_112?hub=Canada&subhub=PrintStory   (580 words)

 Bernard Landry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bernard Landry, born March 9, 1937 in Saint-Jacques, Quebec, (near Joliette), is a politician in the Canadian province of Quebec, past Premier of Quebec (2001-2003), and current leader of the Opposition (2003-) and leader of the Parti Québécois.
Bernard Landry received a degree in economics and finance from the University of Montreal in Montreal, and a degree in economics and finance from L'Institut d'études politiques in Paris.
A practicing lawyer, he was a partner in the Montreal law firm of "Lapointe Rosenstein" when he was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec in the 1976 general election.
bernard-landry.area51.ipupdater.com   (478 words)

 Bernard Landry menu by David T. Nicholson of Wednesday Night
Bernard Landry has no trouble sticking up for the rights of all people when he is quoted as saying of the Summit of the Americas, "It is not normal to launch such a huge project without involving in it, intellectually and in other ways, millions of persons that will have to live with the result."
Landry made it clear that, after several years of being stashed away in the garage, the separatist political machine is being hauled out, oiled up and set in motion.
Landry's inaugural address in the new session of the National Assembly was an opportunity for him to put a decisive stamp on his government.
www.wednesday-night.com /BenardLandry.htm   (3189 words)

 uni.ca - Bernard Landry underestimated   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Landry, Quebec's prime minister-to-be, recounts this vignette not with the flare of fury he must have felt as a frozen student, but to offer an insight into a complex soul whose personal accomplishments have been many, but whose primary objective in life remains before him.
Canada prefers to remember Landry for his 15 seconds of anger following the lost referendum than for his decades of bureaucratic and substantive competence within the PQ party and government or for his mastery of law and economics.
Landry realizes that his generation has a last chance for a sovereign Quebec, and he will not squander it.
www.uni.ca /landry_under_e.html   (722 words)

 New Premier Primes Quebec for Powerhouse Status - Site Selection Magazine - May 2001
Landry's first move was to choose his new Deputy Premier and Minister of State for the Economy and Finance.
At press time, Landry had been in office less than a week, so no report on his economic agenda had been provided, but one can be certain that it has been contemplated.
If Landry is capable of this sort of prosperity as Deputy Premier, it should be interesting to see how he and the province perform in the future.
www.siteselection.com /issues/2001/may/p250   (653 words)

 Bernard Landry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The debate marks the midway point in the campaign to replace Bernard Landry and the pressure is on.
Bernard Landry, born March 9, 1937 in Saint-Jacques, Quebec, (Joliette) in Canada, is a Quebec politician and currently the leader of the Opposition.
Landry is an independentist advocating a reconfederation of Canada inspired by the institutions of the European union.
www.wikiverse.org /bernard-landry   (282 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Bernard Landry
Landry, Bernard, born in 1937, premier of the province of Québec, Canada (2001- ), and a leader of the drive toward independence for Québec.
In the November 1998 provincial election, the PQ faced the Québec Liberal Party, under the new leadership of Jean Charest.
Landry, Tom (1924-2000), American football player and coach, who tallied a 270-178-6 win-loss-tie record in his 29-year coaching career.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Bernard_Landry.html   (117 words)

 Log Cabin Chronicles Peter Black's Whither Bernard Landry column
Landry has talked openly of a cabinet shuffle to bring in new blood, although reports say some veteran ministers have balked at being shoved aside, threatening to force extra by-elections on a government still reeling from defeat in two of the last four, and facing another three in the months to come.
The most compelling reason for Landry to go to the polls this year as opposed to 2003 is that his chances of re-election are not likely to improve the more the PQ appears to be clinging to power.
Landry, ever the PQ strategist and current keeper of the flame of sovereignty, could seek to rejuvenate the party, dominate the public agenda, neutralize the Liberals and give his troops new hope, by resigning to make way for a leadership campaign and the emergence of a dynamic young leader.
www.tomifobia.com /black/whither_landry.shtml   (718 words)

 Canada: Parti Québécois thrown into unexpected leadership race
Landry stunned last June’s PQ congress by announcing he was quitting politics effective immediately, only minutes after it was announced that a quarter of the 1,600 congress delegates had voted “No” when asked if they had confidence in his leadership.
Landry had also won the official backing of the leadership of the SPQ libre, in exchange for the party presidency being given to the president of the SPQ libre, the former head of the CSQ (Confederation of Quebec Unions), Monique Richard.
In any event, Landry calculated that with such a feeble endorsement of his leadership, he had the choice of resigning or facing the prospect of the death of a thousand cuts, as calls for him to step down would inevitably have escalated in the ensuing months.
www.wsws.org /articles/2005/sep2005/queb-s23.shtml   (1912 words)

 ACTUALITÉ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
And Landry is one to bear a grudge for a long time; he nursed one against former PQ minister Guy Chevrette for more than a quarter-century because Chevrette took the party nomination in Joliette riding away from him in 1976.
Landry said it was his duty to offer a strong opposition and ensure a smooth transition for the new leader, who will likely be chosen by next spring.
Bernard Landry still sang the hymns of the old-time religion, but both Charest and Dumont knew that Quebecers were now moving to a different beat.
www.vigile.net /ds-actu/docs3/03-4-24-1.html   (11654 words)

 Acclamation of new Quebec premier underscores crisis in separatist movement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bernard Landry was acclaimed president of the Parti Québécois at a meeting of its National Council March 9, thus paving the way for his subsequent swearing in as premier of Quebec, Canada's only majority French-speaking province.
Landry is a longtime friend of Yves Michaud, the PQ hardliner whose chauvinist statements were condemned by the National Assembly and helped precipitate Bouchard's resignation.
Landry's appeals were clearly directed at rallying the party rank and file and countering the growing popular impression that the PQ is a big business party like any other.
www.wsws.org /articles/2001/mar2001/queb-m30_prn.shtml   (1488 words)

 Benard Landry.asp on David T. Nicholson's Wednesday-Night.com
Landry's supporters close ranks In a carefully scripted show of force, Parti Quebecois members loyal to the leader yesterday went head-to-head with rebellious members who are calling for Landry's head in what is now an open party leadership war.
LANDRY SAYS HE'S COMMITTED TO SOVEREIGNTY Quebec Premier Bernard Landry insists he is still committed to sovereignty in the wake of another cabinet resignation.
Premier Bernard Landry says he wants to change the law to allow referendums to be held at the same time as general elections, saying the questions could touch on any issue other than sovereignty.
www.wednesday-night.com /BenardLandry.asp   (3628 words)

 CBC Montreal - Harel named interim PQ leader, Duceppe says he may run   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Longtime Landry rival Marois, a former finance minister, made her intentions known as she left a PQ caucus meeting on Sunday.
Landry received 76.2 per cent of a confidence vote on Saturday, but still chose to quit as leader of the separatist party and give up his seat in Quebec's National Assembly.
Landry and I have fundamentally different views about the future of Quebec and the unity of our country, his commitment to his province...
montreal.cbc.ca /regional/servlet/View?filename=qc-landry20050606   (660 words)

 Log Cabin Chronicles Peter Black's Bernard Landry column
Should that be the case, the PQ will find itself in a situation not unlike that of the federal Liberals a while back, with party members growing impatient with a leader past his prime and increasingly vocal in their demand for a leadership race.
Landry may in fact pull a form of modified Chretien, and announce a future retirement date, far enough along to allow him to savour the continued suffering of the man who took him down.
In the meantime, Landry has a wedding in June to look forward to, while his critics and would-be rivals ponder whether or not to interrupt their leader.
www.tomifobia.com /black/bernard_landry.shtml   (579 words)

 PQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The earlier transcript was of remarks in which Landry said the larger turnout for the weekend peace demonstration in Montreal than in other Canadian cities would lead Quebecers to the conclusion that they form a separate nation from the rest of Canada that should also be separate politically.
And on several occasions in the past three months, Landry has credited his government's $5-a-day child care with an increase in the birth rate that government statistics show is a figment of his imagination.
This is all reminiscent of the old Landry, the show-off who tried too hard to impress us with the quickness of his mind but too often instead succeeded only in demonstrating that his tongue was even quicker.
www.vigile.net /ds-souv/docs5/03-2-20-macpherson-demunis.html   (835 words)

 CTV.ca | Senior PQ members rally to support Bernard Landry
In his speech, Landry reinforced a series of his positions on sovereignty that are up for debate this weekend.
Among them, Landry wants a flexible approach to the timing of the next referendum while the party is considering a policy to require a vote in the first half of the next PQ mandate.
Landry is the most competent person to bring all these members together and build a new trust with the population of Quebec," Boisclair said.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20050604/landry_rally_050604?hub=topstories&s_name=&no_ads=   (659 words)

 Bernard Landry's New Official Residence...
Probably not, but it is indicative of priorities.  Landry feels the apartment is necessary for Quebec's prestige, of which he speaks often and at times unwisely.
Bourassa did not deal with symbols and was more circumspect, rarely making pronouncements, although once, to the consternation of his advisers, he promised the creation of 100,000 jobs in his first year in office.
Landry's official residence and occasional outrageous declarations are driven by his first priority - not only separation from Canada at some time in the future, but the trappings and grandeur of independence right now.
www.mcgill.ca /maritimelaw/history/landry   (566 words)

Specific details of the increase are still being negotiated, but Finance Minister Bernard Landry indicated yesterday there will likely be a modest jump implemented before this spring's provincial budget.
Landry didn't comment on those reports, saying he will be discussing the matter with his counterparts in the next few weeks.
Landry said the province is poised to act, now that tobacco taxes in Canada and the U.S. have reached similar levels.
www.forces.org /canada/files/fedtax2.htm   (431 words)

 Sympatico / MSN : News : CTV.ca
Parti Quebecois Leader Bernard Landry stunned his party by quitting after receiving a 76.2 per cent endorsement from it.
Landry said he still believed in the dream of Quebec sovereignty.
Landry explained himself by saying the PQ was in an excellent position to take power and could move from that to a winnable referendum, he said.
sympaticomsn.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1117929100254_5?hub=topstories   (428 words)

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