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Topic: Bernicia

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  Bernicia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bernicia (Brythonic, "Brynaich" or "Bryneich") was a kingdom of the Angles in northern England during the 6th and 7th centuries AD.
Aethelfrith, king of Bernicia, united Deira with his own kingdom around the year 604 and ruled the two kingdoms (united as the kingdom of Northumbria) until he was defeated and killed by Raedwald of East Anglia (who had given refuge to Edwin, son of Aella, king of Deira) around the year 616.
Bernicia was then briefly ruled by Eanfrith, son of Aethelfrith, but after about a year he went to Cadwallon to sue for peace and was killed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bernicia   (315 words)

 Bernicia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bernicia was a kingdom in England during the 6th century AD.
Aethelfrith, king of Bernicia, united Deira to his own kingdom, probably about 605, and the union continued under his successor Edwin, son of Ælla or Ella, king of Deira.
Bernicia was again separate from Deira under Eanfrith, son of Aethelfrith (633—634), after which date the kings of Bernicia were supreme in Northumbria, though for a short time under Oswiu Deira had a king of its own.
www.theezine.net /b/bernicia.html   (197 words)

 R/V Bernicia - Marine Science and Technology - University of Newcastle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bernicia is the latest in a long line of research vessels associated with the Dove Marine Laboratory at Cullercoats, North Shields.
Bernicia and Deira were Anglo-Saxon kingdoms stretching from the Humber to the Forth (Bernicia being the northmost).
Bernicia is also available for charter and works at sea for a range of government and commercial organisations.
www.ncl.ac.uk /marine/about/facilities/bernicia.htm   (606 words)

 Kingdom of Northumbria (Viking Age)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Remember that Bernicia was a huge province extending from the Tees to as far north as Edinburgh and also stretched as far west as the Cumbrian coast.
Bernicia remained largely Anglo-Saxon and continued to speak the Anglian language with some Viking influence drifting in from the south and later the west.
Bernicia must have especially welcomed Athelstan's kingship of England, but the kingdoms of the far north were not so appreciative.
www.thenortheast.fsnet.co.uk /VikingNorthumbria.htm   (4658 words)

 The Heroic Age: Politics of Exile in Early Northumbria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is all consistent with the sons of Hussa and their retainers fleeing Bernicia on Æthelfrith's accession in 592 (Moisl 1983:114).
Bernicia was clearly in the orbit of the northern kings and it was to the North rather than to the southern Angles that the æthelings turned in their exile.
Bernicia was therefore comfortably nestled in a Celtic world and was more at home with at least the Scots and Picts rather than with the more ethnically similar southern Angles or Saxons.
www.mun.ca /mst/heroicage/issues/2/ha2pen.htm   (7134 words)

 Anglo Saxon Royalty
Oswiu cemented what was becoming increasingly accepted in the union of Deira with Bernicia to create a single kingdom of the Angles north of the Humber, known, as with most Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, by it's geographical location in relation to the other early English kingdoms - Northumbria.
On his father's death in 588, he fled before Æthelric of Bernicia, conqueror of Deira, to Ceorl of Mercia, and subsequently sought asylum with Redwald, king of East Anglia, in 617.
Redwald defeated and killed Æthelfrith, in 617, and Edwin succeeded Æthelfrith as king of Deira, and, annexing Bernicia and neighbouring territory, formed the united Northumbrian kingdom and extended his power in all directions, becoming overlord of the whole of England except Kent.
www.hullwebs.co.uk /content/c-anglo-saxon/royals   (1702 words)

 Timeline of Anglo Saxon England 597 AD-687 AD
Prince Edwin, son of the late King Aelle of Deira (and possibly nephew of King Aethelric) flees to the Court of King Iago of Gwynedd.
King Aethelfrith of Bernicia and Deira is killed in the fighting and his children are forced to flee north.
Eanfrith's half-brother, Oswald succeeds, as son of Aethelfrith of Bernicia and Acha of Deira, to a united Northumbria.
www.britannia.com /history/saxontime.html   (5956 words)

 The Heroic Age: Oswald and the Irish
The relationship between Oswald of Bernicia and the Irish kingdom of Dalriada (Dál Riata) is of critical importance to the understanding of his reign, and, indeed, to the history of seventh century Britain.
On his death in the spring or summer of 635 (Higham 1997:206), Oswald was elected king of Bernicia and given the responsibility of attacking Cadwallon [11].
North (1997: 339-340) suggests that the cult of the war god was strong in Bernicia based on Æthelfrith's actions and the frequency of the Os- name element in the family.
www.mun.ca /mst/heroicage/issues/4/ziegler.html   (10577 words)

 Esso Bernicia
The "Esso Bernicia" was a British registered tanker of 96,903 grt, and had left the port of Milford Haven to pick up a cargo of crude oil from the port of Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands.
Because of the hazard to the tanker which the fire presented, the tow rope between the "Esso Bernicia" and the tug was released.
From the time the "Esso Bernicia" entered the pilotage district up until her final berthing at 03.20 hours on the 31st December 1978, the tanker was under the instructions of a First Class pilot employed by the port authority.
www.shetland.gov.uk /environmentalhealth/EssoBernicia.asp   (615 words)

 Aethelfrith of Northumbria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He was the first king to unite Northumbria, which had previously been divided between the kingdoms of Deira and Bernicia, and he was especially notable for his successes against the Britons.
The appearance of Hering, son of Hussa, Æthelfrith's predecessor, on the side of the invaders seems to indicate family quarrels in the royal house of Bernicia.
Aethelfrith invaded Deira in 604, conquering it and killing its king, Aethelric.
www.americancanyon.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Aethelfrith_of_Northumbria   (358 words)

 Bernicia --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Bernicia stretched northward from perhaps as far south as the River Tees, ultimately reaching the Firth of Forth and beyond the Solway Firth.
king of Bernicia (from 547), soon after the foundation of the kingdom of Bernicia by the Angles in the British Isles.
He built the fortress of Bebbanburh, the modern Bamborough; and after his death his kingdom, which did not extend south of the River Tees, passed in turn to six of his sons.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9078857?tocId=9078857   (343 words)

 Edward and Athelstan: Early english Claims of Lordship Over Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bernicia became the center of a struggle that pit the King of the Scots and English in a fight for lordship of the area.
Bernicia was nominally ruled by English lordship conducted through the Anglian reeve of Bamburh.15 Yet due to geographic and political isolation from their southern counterparts in Mercia and Wessex, Bernicia enjoyed a sort of independence, free from direct English rule.
Lordship of the land of Bernicia was the first in a series of conflicts that would lure the Kings of the West Saxons into competition against the Kings of the Scots.
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Post/257257   (3721 words)

 Articles - Northumbria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bernicia covered lands north of the Tees, whilst Deira corresponded roughly to modern-day Yorkshire.
Bernicia and Deira were first united by Aethelfrith, a king of Bernicia who conquered Deira around the year 604.
He was, however, himself defeated by an alliance of the exiled king of Gwynedd, Cadwallon ap Cadfan and Penda, king of Mercia, at the Battle of Hatfield Chase in 633.
www.gaple.com /articles/Northumbria   (1299 words)

 Oswiu, king of Bernicia and Northumbria, (d.670)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After the invasion of Cadwallon, Northumbria collapsed into it's two component parts, Deira and Bernicia.
Oswiu became king of Bernicia in the aftermath of that collapse.
In 651 he invaded Deira in an attempt to reunit the kingdom, but although he deposed the existing king, he was unable to replace him.
www.rickard.karoo.net /articles/people_oswiu.html   (107 words)

 The Esso Bernicia
The Esso Bernicia, a tanker owned by Esso, was damaged while mooring in Sullom Voe I in the Shetland Islands.
The accident occurred when a tug (The Stanechakker), which had a towing line secured to the stern of The Esso Bernicia, leaked hydraulic oil which caught fire, and the towing line had to be cast off.
The Esso Bernicia, no longer under the full control of the other two tugs, came into contact with a number of dolphins, and as a result of damage sustained, there was a considerable spillage of oil.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/pntodd/cases/cases_e/esso_b.htm   (869 words)

 Maximilian Genealogy Master Database 2000 - pafg154 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Ethelric of Bernicia, King of BERNICIA King [Parents] died 572.
Glappa of Bernicia, King of BERNICIA died 560.
Adda of Bernicia, King of BERNICIA died 568.
www.peterwestern.f9.co.uk /maximilia/pafg154.htm   (108 words)

 India Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Northumbria, a kingdom of Angles in northern England, was initially divided into two kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira.
Aelfwine was killed in battle against Mercia in 679, and there was not another separate king of Deira until the time of Norse rule.
Following are lists of the kings of Bernicia, Deira, and Northumbria.
www.indiaencyclopedia.com /index.php?title=King_of_Northumbria   (320 words)

 The Heroic Age: Politics of Exile in Early Northumbria, N/B   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The apparent peace between Dalriada and Bernicia after 603, and Dalriada's acceptance of Æthelfrith's exiled sons in 616 suggest that the Scots came to terms with Æthelfrith after the battle at Degsastan even if Aedan did not remain on the throne of Dalriada for long after the battle.
Both traditions were written after the confusion between Æthelric King of Bernicia 568-572 and Æthelric King of Deira 599-604 that led the authors to make Edwin a young child in Cadfan's court.
It is possible that Ælfwine son of Oswiu became king of Deira in 670 at the age of nine when his brother Ecgfrith became king of Bernicia and overking of Deira (i.e.
members.aol.com /shashtah/ha2pen2.htm   (3884 words)

 England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Contains: Alderney, Arundel, Bamburgh, Bath, Bernicia, the Bretwaldas, the Brigantes, Bryneich, Caer Baddan, Caer Ceri, Caer Gloui, Caer Lerion, Calchwynedd, Canterbury, the Cantii, Catraeth, the Catuvellauni, Chester, the Chilterns, Cirencester, Clifford and Westmoreland, Cornwall, Cumberland, Cumbria, Deira, Derby, Dumnonia, Durham (incl.
A Votadini sub-kingdom, the precursor to the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Bernicia.
From Oswiu's time forward, Bernicia and Deira were always united, and collectively formed the Kingdom of Northumbria.
www.hostkingdom.net /engl.html   (4093 words)

 EBK: Historical Chronology of the Early Kingdoms of Scotland AD 598-714
616 - King Aethelfrith of Bernicia and Deira is killed fighting King Edwin of Deira at the Battle of the River Idle and his children are forced to flee north.
Princes Oswald and Oswiu of Bernicia offer their sister, Aebbe, in marriage to Prince Domnall Brecc of Dalriada, but she insists on entering the church instead.
634 - Kings Eanfrith of Bernicia and Osric of Deira are murdered by agents of King Cadwallon of Gwynedd and the former’s exiled half-brother, Oswald, theoretically succeeds to a united Northumbria.
www.earlybritishkingdoms.com /adversaries/kingdoms/scot598.html   (1383 words)

 rea genealogy - pafg34 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Aelfled (Elfleda) of Bernicia, Countess of Northumbria [Parents] was born about 1031 in Bernicia, Northumberland, England.
Aldred of Bernicia, 5th Earl of Northumbria [Parents] was born about 994 in Bernicia, Northumberland, England.
Aelfled (Elfleda) of Bernicia, Countess of Northumbria was born about 1031.
members.cox.net /garyrea/pafg34.htm   (336 words)

 Dialect and Regional Identity in the North East   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bernicia, the name given to the part of Northumbria north of the Tees (the Tees to Firth of Forth area) had very little Viking settlement of any kind.
Bernicia also included what is now the Scottish Borders region and the Scottish Lothians - these regions were not part of Scotland at the time of the Viking settlement.
The Earls of Bernicia like Oswulf, were the descendants of the old Angle Kings of Northumrbia and resented the subordination of their region to the Viking kings based in York.
www.thenortheast.fsnet.co.uk /Conversation.htm   (9879 words)

 Kings of the North, 600 AD (DBA Campaign Scenario)
In his later years, Bernicia was his principal foe.
Aethelfrith ruled Bernicia and Deira jointly until 616 AD from his coastal stronghold at Din Guyardi (modern Bamburgh).
If parties opt to use sea routes, then sea movement is treated as coastal in nature with movement segments determined by the boundaries of the land territories.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/campaigns/KingsoftheNorth   (1556 words)

Oswald's mother was Acha, daughter of Ella or Alla, who, after Ida's death, had seized Deira and thus separated it from the Northern Bernicia.
Here, encouraged by a vision and promise of victory from St. Columba, who shrouded with his mantle all his camp, Oswald set up a cross of wood as his standard -- the first Christian symbol ever raised in Bernicia -- and gave battle to the Britons, who were led, probably, by Cadwalla.
Oswald's victory reunited the Northumbrian Kingdom not only because he delivered it from the humiliating yoke of the Mercians and Britons, but also because on his father's side he was a descendant of Ida of Bernicia and on his mother's of the royal house of Ella of Deira.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11348c.htm   (1200 words)

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