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Topic: Berserker probe

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Re-Review of Berserker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Berserkers only goal is to kill all life in the universe, deeming it as "bad life".
Berserkers are a giant city sized spaceship-robots that uses smaller drones as "arms" and "eyes" for their attacks and show no mercy to humans, often deceiving and lying to them with false promises of mercy.
In closing, Berserker is a fun romp into a universe of survival of the human race, and is very much a book that readers of science fiction should make room for on their lists.
www.usfamily.net /web/sigrud/berserker.html   (609 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Berserker probe
A berserker probe is a hypothetical or fictional type of Von Neumann probe (a space-faring self-replicating machine) that has been deliberately (or inadvertantly) designed to sterilize the entire galaxy so that life cannot emerge, and/or destroy all existing life in its path as the probes spread outward at an exponentially increasing rate across the galaxy.
Another possibility is that berserker probes, in order to remain energy efficient, remain dormant until awakened by signs of advanced intelligence, such as radio signals.
Mantrid Drones from the science fiction television series Lexx were an extremely agressive type of self-replicating berserker machine, eventually converting the majority of the matter in the universe into copies of themselves in the course of their quest to thoroughly exterminate humanity.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Berserker_probe   (607 words)

 - Chapter 7
The berserkers must have stood in their computer-analogue of awe as they regarded the memory-capacity and the decision-making power that nature in a few billion years of evolution had managed to pack into the few hundred cubic centimeters of the human nervous system.
The ultimate-controlling pure berserker computer, pure metallic cold, totally immune to this strange jamming that was wreaking havoc in its laboratory, descended at last from its concentration on high strategic planning to investigate.
They held magnetic relays like fortresses against the berserker, they maintained their grip on the outposts that were ferrite cores, they fought to hold a frontier that wavered through the territory of control.
www.baen.com /chapters/W200502/0743498860___7.htm   (4043 words)

 What is a Von Neumann Probe?
The probe is named after John von Neumann, a mathematician who made many important contributions to science.
Probes could be programmed to terraform planets upon arrival, preparing worlds for future inhabitants.
The best-known appearance of a von Neumann probe in fiction was in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film, "2001: A Space Odyssey," which portrayed a von Neumann probe as a fl monolith.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-a-von-neumann-probe.htm   (351 words)

 What is a Von Neumann Probe?
A von Neumann probe is a hypothetical spacefaring probe designed to self-replicate using raw materials found in any star system.
If the speed of a von Neumann probe and its ability to self-replicate is fast enough, von Neumann probes could enable the creation of a colonization wavefront of exponentially self-replicating probes, expanding outwards at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light.
Whether the von Neumann probe is realized or not, the notion of spacefaring self-replicating machines clearing the way for humankind remains a very real future possibility.
www.articles.za.net /diy/articles/resource/what-is-a-von-neumann-probe.htm   (336 words)

 Bible probe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Seeking the number one tips about ford probe in uk on the world wide web is not easy.
A mix of research, info and data with an emphasis on listing on space probe galileo are increasingly difficult to find on the internet.
We are the main aggregator of the first rate and most comprehensive grouping of information for ford header probe.
www.pfbh.org /bible-probe.html   (569 words)

 Berserks: A History of Indo-European "Mad Warriors"
Berserk warriordom thus emerges as a long-lived, cross-cultural phenomenon that lends color and coherence to the early millennia of recorded history.
Icelandic sagas often tell of berserks as wild, howling fighters, sometimes as high-born champions of kings, sometimes as lowly drifters.(n81) One of the last-known berserks, however, was a woman in North America.
The berserks' social underpinning lay in their role as guards and followers of kings, their religious underpinning was belief in a war god, and their main cultural feature was an extravagant code of honor and behavior--all strongly tied to the societies in which they flourished.
es.geocities.com /sucellus24/2063.htm   (11064 words)

 Berserker (Saberhagen) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These berserkers, a doomsday weapon left over from an interstellar war 50,000 years ago, are killer spaceships furnished with machine intelligence, operating from asteroid-sized berserker bases where they are capable of building more Berserkers and auxiliary machines.
Saberhagen came up with the berserker as the rationale for the story on the spur of the moment, but the basic concept was so fruitful, with so many possible ramifications, that he has used it as the basis of many of his stories.
The Berserker stories most likely inspired the Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine" in which Captain Kirk postulates that the giant robot planet-killer might be the remnant of two long-gone warring races.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berserker_(Saberhagen)   (451 words)

 Wikipedia: berserker probe - Fermi Paradox - tribe.net
Also Since there is no need for a probe to travel faster than light and there might be a good reason to believe that the probe actually travels at major sub light speeds it would tack much more than a few million years to cleanse the galaxy.
It's also hard to talk about berserker probes or make inferences as to what it means that they are absent without knowing what form they could take.
It could be that such probes were designed to eradicate a pre-existent kind of life, the only kind known to the probes' creators, and that they have indeed done that, creating a niche in which carbon-based life could arise.
fermiparadox.tribe.net /thread/7156c11b-8564-4f9d-adc3-ae5e993ff88c   (1278 words)

The idea of self-replicating interstellar probes was later adopted and widely promoted in 1981 by Tipler [1015, 1044] (a physicist often erroneously credited with originating the idea)** who inadvertently did not mention the earlier work, an omission which he recognized and corrected 13 years later (see Tipler [2885] at pp.
In Freitas’ paper, a nonreplicating Project Daedalus [1022] interstellar flyby space probe (Figure 3.33), with its engineering plans modified to include all subsystems necessary for self-replication, was inventoried for its mass requirements, including 86 distinct device structures.
The final replicated probe had a dry mass of 107,000 tons (roughly the mass of a modern seagoing petroleum supertanker) and was to carry ~10 megatons of He /D fusion fuel.
www.molecularassembler.com /KSRM/3.11.htm   (807 words)

 Self-replicating spacecraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Another objection to the prevalence of Von Neumann probes is that civilizations of the type that could potentially create such devices may have inherently short lifetimes, and self-destruct before so advanced a stage is reached, through such events as biological or nuclear warfare, nanoterrorism, resource exhaustion, ecological catastrophe, pandemics due to antibiotic resistance, et cetera.
Mantrid Drones from the science fiction television series Lexx were an extremely aggressive type of self-replicating Berserker machine, eventually converting the majority of the matter in the universe into copies of themselves in the course of their quest to thoroughly exterminate humanity.
The second probe, unnamed, apparently came to communicate with whales, all of which in the future are extinct, thus it attacks the Earth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berserker_probe   (2472 words)

 - Chapter 8
But he was not absolutely certain of the functions of all the berserker components that he had brought into his laboratory and hooked up.
His recording instruments were probing hungrily, gathering at an enormous rate the data needed for at least a partial understanding of the workings of his foe's unliving brain.
Even before he had the third probe connected, her dark eyes had opened and were looking at him.
www.baen.com /chapters/W200502/0743498860___8.htm   (12556 words)

 Berserker probe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
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www.pfbh.org /berserker-probe.html   (568 words)

 Berserker Probes - Fermi Paradox - tribe.net
A berserker probe is like a Von Neumann probe, except that it destroys life instead of spawning it.
Of course, we haven't seen any signs of berserker probes, so we are left wondering why our planet hasn't been wiped out by them.
However, a possible explanation for why Earth still has life on it in the presence of berserker probes is that berserker probes, in order to remain energy efficient, remain dormant in space awaiting activation by a sign of intelligent life.
fermiparadox.tribe.net /thread/69066dc8-c10f-449d-a320-395dc633bfeb   (324 words)

 Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica :.: babylon 5 aliens ships creatures
Once a suitable subject is found, the probe transmits alphabet and language codes (in all possibility not even the tongue of the Berserkers).
Unknown to the victims, the probe will detonate if the correct answers are given, failure to answer will prompt the probe to move on to another target.
In the event that the probe queries beings living on a planet, the blast is generally sufficient to wreak havoc with most incoming and outgoing communication systems (also further damaging the planet's ecosystem by throwing up a dust curtain) giving the Berserkers enough time to send more probeships and finish the job.
www.infinicorp.com /VEX/starships/berserker-probeship.htm   (246 words)

 Odins Elitekrieger - die Berserker
Wenn die Berserker einfach nur "oben ohne" in den Kampf zogen, dann wäre das nichts Ungewöhnliches.
Wenn sich die Berserker dagegen in Tierfelle gekleidet haben - was die meisten Forscher vermuten - dann wäre das schon etwas Besonderes.
Die Berserker erscheinen in der Literatur oft paarweise, mehrfach auch zu zwölft.
www.fortunecity.com /victorian/muses/305/bers.htm   (2779 words)

 The Taj: Ken Rand Interviews Fred Saberhagen
"The background I eventually worked out, how the Berserkers came to be," he says, "is that there were two races of live beings who were at war and one of them invented this ultimate weapon, this machine that would go through the enemy's territory and wipe out everything that lived.
An aspect of the Berserker world that has kept Saberhagen's interest over the years is that it's an "open-ended series." He contrasts the concept with something like Robert Aspirin's Thieve's World, for example, which he describes as a "closed series, where things get more and more crowded.
You're working in the same territory and you have to remember not only what you did but what these six or twelve other writers working in the same world had done with their characters and how they all interact.
www.berserkerfan.org /randinterview.htm   (3066 words)

 StarWeb Rules
If a Berserker drops robots on a world, killing all the population, and leaves at least 1 robot on the world, he or she captures the world, including any PSHPS or ISHPS which are there.
If two Berserkers make a robot attack at the same time, one or the other of them will capture the world and all the robots - the odds of a player being the winner are proportional to the number of robots that player used in the attack.
You cannot probe with a ship on the turn it is built, or the turn you transfer it from one fleet to another.
www.flyingbuffalo.com /swrules.htm   (14679 words)

The berserker machine was the size of a small planetoid, and its power was immense, but it knew well that some planets were defended, and it bent and slowed its hurtling approach into a long cautious curve.
There were no warships in nearby space, but the berserker's telescopes picked out the bright dots of defensive satellites, vanishing into the planet's shadow and reappearing.
With mechanical caution the berserker moved in, toward the area scouted by the spy missile.
www.berserker.com /story-wolf07_11.htm   (785 words)

 Berserker (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A berserker is a Norse warrior who fights with great rage.
Berserker probe: A hypothetical variant of the Von Neumann probe that has been deliberately (or inadvertently) designed to sterilize life and life-bearing exoplanets.
Berserker (2001 film), a film based around the Norse concept of the berserker.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berserker_(disambiguation)   (196 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
PROBE Shaped like a cross between a Battle crab, with long curving 'fingers', and a Berserker probe.
In return for correct answers, the probe promises to give the subject cures for every known disease, improved jump gate data and other advanced technology; if the subject fails to answer correctly, the probe will self-destruct with the force of 500 thousand megatons.
In the event that the probe queries beings living on a planet, the blast is generally sufficient to wreak havoc with most incoming and outgoing communication systems (also further damaging the planet's ecosystem by throwing up a dust curtain) giving the Berserkers enough time to send more probe ships and finish the job.
www.midwinter.com /b5/b5.tech   (9738 words)

 [No title]
I've enjoyed all of the Berserker stories and found Berserker Throne to be a well-written tale of action, suspense, human conflict and the continuing struggle against the implacable berserkers.
The fortress is also the locale of an earlier Berserker story, "Some Events at the Templar Radiant," which first appeared in the May-Aug 1979 issue of Destinies magazine and was reprinted a month later in The Ultimate Enemy, an Ace paperback collection of Berserker stories.
While doing so he discovers in the berserker's memory banks a code sequence that he believes might allow him to control not only that particular berserker but all berserkers, giving humanity a way of putting an end to the berserker menace for all time.
www.plaidworks.com /chuqui/downloads/OtherRealms/13-01.txt   (4818 words)

 Babylon 5: A Day in the Strife - TV.com
The new Centauri appointed Narn government send a replacement for G'Kar while an alien probe threatens to destroy Babylon 5 unless is gets the answers for a series of complicated scientific questions.
The probe is refered to as a beserker.
This is reference to the "Berserker" novels by science fiction writer Fred Saberhagen.
www.tv.com /babylon-5/a-day-in-the-strife/episode/25181/summary.html   (486 words)

 A Day in the Strife
They've already tried to scan the probe, and what they have discovered is that it started a countdown to a thermonuclear explosion that will take place at the end of the 24 hours.
The probe continues to flit around from one end of the station to the other.
We have been operating under the assumption that whoever sent the probe is deciding whether or not a sentient race is fit to survive based on what they know at the moment of contact.
www.visi.com /~wildfoto/synopsis/303.html   (4800 words)

 The SF Site Featured Review: Aliens: Berserker
Aliens: Berserker is based on the 1995 licensed comic series from Dark Horse Comics by John Wagner and Paul Mendoza, and sports a cover by comics artist John Bolton.
The key to the Berserker teams is the Berserker unit, code-named MAX (Mobile Assault Exo-Warrior).
There's an attempt to probe into the background of the team members and tell us something about the kind of men who volunteer who this duty.
www.sfsite.com /09b/alie41.htm   (764 words)

 ChrisW's Book Review Page
is the story of a sublight star probe which detects the signs of a technological civilization on a small planet orbitting an insiginificant yellow star.
The initial attacks against the Berserkers fail, because of outdated Solarian equipment, with one underslugger ("torpedo bomber" -- get it?) squadron killed almost to the last man., The sole exception was Ensign Bright ("Gay" -- get it?), who watched the battle while drifting in space.
It's the story of a Berserker attack on a secret codebreaking facility, and some of the interesting characters drawn into its defense.
www.kentaurus.com /bkrevfict.htm   (8623 words)

 Mercury as Odin, by Jodie Forrest
Odin's berserker frenzy may abandon a warrior in the midst of battle.
Berserkers themselves were thought to be shapeshifters, a kind of were-bear--the name means "bear-shirt"--while other followers of Odin were hunters said to assume the form of a wolf.
Non-linear knowledge: is attained by your willingness to venture into the unknown and probe what's hidden or taboo, to risk radical honesty, to seek catharsis, to go where the intensity is.
www.sevenpawspress.com /odin.html   (3642 words)

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