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Topic: Beth Din

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  cRc - Din Torah - Halachic Arbitration
A Din Torah begins with the plaintiff filing of an application to open a case for the Beth Din, outlining the charges to be heard.
Where both parties do appear at a Din Torah, they are asked to sign a form which indicates their willingness to be bound by the decision rendered by the Beth Din.
To assist the Beth Din in this goal, it is kindly requested that phone conversations and/or correspondence involving the Din Torah be kept as brief and infrequent as is reasonable under the circumstances.
www.crcweb.org /bethDin/dinTorah.html   (667 words)

  Beth din - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A beth din (בית דין, Hebrew: "house of judgment", plural battei din) is a rabbinical court of Judaism.
In orthodox Judaism, a beth din needs to be made up of three adult Jewish males, at least one of whom needs to be widely knowledgeable in halakha (Jewish law), and must be sufficiently knowledgeable to instruct the other two members in any matters of halakha relevant to the case being heard.
Religious conversion: a ger tzedek ("convert" or "proselyte") requires a beth din to be accepted into Judaism; it is convened to determine whether or not a prospective convert is sufficiently prepared to enter the "Covenant of Abraham" and to join the Jewish people.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Beth_din   (1000 words)

 Beth midrash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Beth midrash (or Beit Midrash or Bais Medrash or Bais Medrish, Hebrew בית מדרש) (plural battei midrash) literally means a "House [of] Interpretation" or "House [of] Lecturing" or "House [of] Learning" in Hebrew.
It may refer to a synagogue, yeshiva, or kollel, and refers specifically to the central "study hall" (and/or also to the "place of worship"), which is a place dedicated for Torah and Talmud study.
While a beth midrash generally serves a community, it is also the physical abode of a yeshiva (college of higher Jewish study) and kollel (Torah study institute for married men).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Beth_midrash   (339 words)

 [No title]
At this stage the mother consulted her Beth Din in London which sent a letter to the Israel Beth Din saying that the dispute should be resolved in London not in Israel.
On 11 March the Israel Beth Din informed the mother that her submission that there should be rabbinical proceedings in England was rejected and served her with a fourth summons to attend the israel Beth Din, this time on 18 March 1996.
If, as was not proved, the Beth Din proceedings related to the children, they do not disclose anything other than that the father, as his faith required, was seeking to secure the decision of his religious court in Israel as to the future of the children.
www.hiltonhouse.com /cases/Inreh_and_others_uk.txt   (5490 words)

 A Rabbinical Divorce Ordered By The Civil Court - chapter 2
Beth Din can be considered autonomous only if they are directly empowered to coerce either side to participate in the "get" procedure without requiring them to first take their case to civil court in order for the judge to see to it that a "get" is given.
In such a case Beth Din does not award this property to the wife on the basis of the civil equitable distribution law.
First of all if the Beth Din demanded that he give her a Get and he refuses to follow their instructions the Beth Din will not help him any further in his endeavors by giving him a letter to get the courts off his back.
www.shemayisrael.co.il /shure/getlaw/getlaw_eng_B1.htm   (5828 words)

 Beth Din definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Beth Din definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Search for "Beth Din" in all of MSN Encarta
Jewish religious court: a Jewish religious court regulating matters of Jewish law such as dietary laws, divorce, and conversion
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_1861590205/Beth_Din.html   (83 words)

Husband, by petition, under Queens Index Number 10984/99, and cross-motion, seeks to confirm the decision of a rabbinical tribunal (Beth Din), and to dismiss wife's motion for pendente lite relief pursuant to CPLR 3211 (a)(5), alleging that the relief requested was already resolved by voluntary arbitration.
On May 6, 1999, the wife's attorney appeared before the Beth Din and attempted to have it cease the proceedings, stating that the wife was represented by an attorney who had initiated the civil divorce proceeding prior to commencement of the Beth Din.
The Beth Din proceeding did not cease, continued in the absence of the wife, and, on May 10, 1999, the wife received notification from the Beth Din informing her that the Beth Din had awarded custody of the two minor children to the husband.
www.courts.state.ny.us /library/queens/decisions/stein.htm   (2159 words)

 WorldWide Religious News-Judge upholds Jewish excommunication right
Beth Din attorney Billy Gundelfinger said Jewish communities all over the world were watching the outcome of this case.
The head of the Beth Din, Rabbi Moshe Kurtstag, said it was only a shunning and would not affect the man's children and would not bar him from attending synagogue services.
The judge said the terms of the cherem the Beth Din had decided to impose on the man were not constitutionally offensive, adding that he was not persuaded that there was factual evidence of bias or bad faith on the side of the Beth Din.
www.wwrn.org /article.php?idd=5740&sec=35&cont=3   (787 words)

The document was never served upon the parties; according to the affidavits of two members of the Beth Din panel, it was an internal memorandum that merely reflected information imparted to the panel by the parties' advocates concerning their plan to implement the award.
The Beth Din's reservation of jurisdiction to resolve disputes that might arise as the parties undertook to satisfy the award does not necessarily mean that the award is indefinite or nonfinal for purposes of CPLR 7511 (see, Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.
The Beth Din's reservation of jurisdiction concerned only potential disputes that might arise, not because of any indefiniteness in the award, but because of the nature of the assets in issue or because of the parties' intransigence.
www.law.cornell.edu /nyctap/I92_0093.htm   (2933 words)

The London Beth Din in its capacity as Court of the Chief Rabbi is historically the supreme Halakhic Authority for several commonwealth countries and additionally is consulted by Batei Din throughout Europe.
The Beth Din retains a Research Unit which employs the service of a professional genealogist in order to assist in enquiries as to whether a person is Jewish.
The effect of this is that the award given by the Beth Din has the full force of an Arbitration Award and may be enforced (with prior permission of the Beth Din) by the civil courts.
www.come-and-hear.com /editor/beth-din-london/index.html   (570 words)

 Beth din: Just the facts...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Even though normally, an Orthodox beit din requires a minimum of three Orthodox Jews, in new communities and exigencies, providing a thorough search has proved unfruitful, Halakhah requires that even one Orthodox Jew can establish a beit din since every community in Orthodox Judaism is required to establish its own beit din of Orthodox Jews.
Participation in these courts required the classical semicha (additional info and facts about semicha), the transmission of judicial authority in a straight line down from Moses.
Presently, a beth din needs to be made up of three adult males, one of whom needs to be widely knowledgeable in halakha (additional info and facts about halakha) (Jewish law).
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/be/beth_din.htm   (780 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The parties agree that the Beth Din of America is authorized to decide all issues relating to a get (Jewish divorce) as well as any issues arising from this Agreement or the ketubah and tena'im (Jewish premarital agreements) entered into by the Husband-to-Be and the Wife-to-Be.
The parties agree that the Beth Din of America is authorized to decide any monetary disputes (including division of property and maintenance) that may arise between them based on principles of equitable distribution law customarily employed in the United States as found in the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act.
The parties agree that the Beth Din of America is authorized to decide any monetary disputes (including division of property and maintenance) that may arise between them based on the principles of community property law customarily employed in the United States as found in the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act.
www.rabbis.org /forms/prenup.doc   (980 words)

 Jewish Court Excommunicates Lieberman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A beth din is composed of three Talmudists who may convene to consider sanctions when there is a question about how a person has conducted himself in regard to Jewish teachings.
Decisions from a beth din are not based on secular law, but rather the interpretation of Jewish teachings.
Cohen agreed that excommunication was rare among Jews, citing a recent action by a beth din in Israel as something that may have provided some of the impetus for the New York beth din's move.
www.newsmax.com /articles/?a=2000/10/23/165511.txt   (604 words)

 Jewish Law - Articles - Jewish Divorce and the Role of Beit Din   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
An important way in which the Beth Din of America facilitates gittin is to encourage the use of pre-nuptial agreements which (a) require the parties to submit to the Beth Din of America in the event of divorce, and (b) concretize the support obligation incumbent upon the husband while the marriage is still in existence.
The Beth Din of America, for example, requires parties to enter into a legally binding arbitration agreement [sh’tar birurim] in accordance with New York law CPLR §75 and also presents the parties with a brochure of its Rules and Procedures prior to each hearing so that the parties are fully aware of their procedural rights.
As a general rule, the Beth Din of America encourages divorcing spouses to resolve their differences through mediation (and employs the services of an experienced divorce mediator.) Through the mediation process, which is strongly encouraged by Jewish law, the parties can avoid much of the acrimony that often results from litigation.
www.jlaw.com /Articles/divorcebeit.html   (1964 words)

 RJC Online HIB 27
Rabbi Broyde is a member of the Beth Din of America, the rabbinical court affiliated with the Rabbinical Council of America, and was instrumental in rejuvenating that beit din during a one-year stint as its menahel.
The Beth Din of America is available for all sorts of disputes (including, but not limited to, the ends of marriages).
In this system (again ideally; today many to`anei and to`anot beit din help litigants phrase their claims in ways the judges can most accurately understand), there are not supposed to be lawyers— the disputants lay out their claims and the dayanim are supposed to ask enough questions to elicit all pertinent facts of the case.
www.rjconline.org /hib27.htm   (626 words)

 The Religion Report - 30 October 2002  - Melbourne Beth Din under reconstruction
The Jewish High Court, or Beth Din, is the legal body that gives ruling on divorces, conversions and adoptions within the Orthodox community.
And therefore, I think, in order to ensure also that the future Beth Din has not been tarnished in any way by any speculation or recriminations against its predecessor, it was felt more prudent that it basically be totally a new face, that has effectively no association with its previous.
The Beth Din did provide some form of Kosher supervision, but because of the private institution it was run like a business, which meant in Victoria each rabbi virtually had his own Kosher supervisory business.
www.abc.net.au /rn/religionreport/stories/2002/714622.htm   (2094 words)

 Beth Din bad decision | www.somethingjewish.co.uk
Last week, a family revealed that plans to sent their son to the Jewish Free School have been stopped on the grounds that the London Beth Din does not recognise the orthodox Israeli conversion.
Under the auspices of the Sephardi Beth Din, Helen Sagal was converted in 1990 having spent 15 months on her conversion and married her husband Raoul in an orthodox service in Tel Aviv.
If he and his Beth Din cannot recognise an orthodox Jewish conversion, then it is time he and his organisation consider their own positions.
www.somethingjewish.co.uk /articles/1423_beth_din_bad_decisio.htm   (471 words)

 Parashat  Bo - Special Features - OU.ORG
The Beth Din should not meet on the Shabbat and Holy Days in the same place where they meet on weekdays, unless meetings to discuss communal problems are also held there.
Imagine a situation where all of the parties to the litigation, the plaintiff and his lawyer, the defendant and his lawyer, the three judges of the Beth Din, the officers of the Beth Din, witnesses, and the Beth Din stenographer are all present to make notes of the pleadings of the parties.
Of even greater importance is the fact that the judges of the Beth Din might be tempted to decide the case and continually look at their watches and make a hasty decision, when the halachah calls for a deliberate decision.
www.ou.org /torah/tt/5760/bo60/specialfeatures_jewishlaw.htm   (1097 words)

 A Rabbinical Divorce Ordered By The Civil Court - chapter 1
Only a reliable Rabbinical court called Beth Din is allowed to validate a coerced "get" when the husband refuses to honor the "kesubah" by not supporting his wife or by not having marital relationship or when he is married to a woman forbidden to him, as with a "Cohen" married to a divorcee.
Even if Beth Din ruled in favor of coercion, neither the Beth Din nor the wife may engage the secular court to punish the husband with the condition that if he gives the "get" the legal proceeding will be dropped.
If however, the Beth Din ruled that the husband may be coerced into giving a "get" then he may also be tricked into giving the "get" and according to "halacha" they are not obligated to pay him after the "get" since he is flmailing his wife.
www.shemayisrael.co.il /shure/getlaw/getlaw_eng_A1.htm   (1232 words)

 Mikvah, Chevra Kadisha, and Beth Din of S Jose and Greater South Bay
The arbitrator of questions regarding the operation of the mikvah is the Beth Din of San Jose.
The Beth Din of San Jose and the South Bay (Religious Court) is an independent institution which is concerned with such matters as family law (i.e.
The members of the Beth Din are Rabbi Gershon Bess and Rabbi Avrohom Teichman of Los Angeles and Rabbi Yosef Levin of Palo Alto who meet at Ahavas Torah.
www.ahava.org /affiliate.html   (836 words)

 London Beth Din Kashrut Division
The title of Av Beth Din is formally held by the Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks whose high profile as an international religious leader, and author and lecturer of renown has done much to enhance the stature of orthodoxy amongst irreligious Jews and non-Jews alike.
The Beth Din is affiliated to the United Synagogue, the main orthodox synagogue grouping in the U.K., which was established by Act of Parliament in 1870.
The London Beth Din is fortunate to have the expertise of Rabbi Akiva Padwa, grandson of R. Chanoch Dov Padwa OBM as Rabbinic Co-ordinator and Senior Inspector for our dairy plants across the U.K. and Ireland, Europe and Australia.
www.kosher.org.uk /about.htm   (2291 words)

 Parashat  Bamidbar - Special Features - OU.ORG
If the Beth Din is judging a case between a Jew and a non-Jew, then the judges should not speak in a language that the non-Jew does not understand; otherwise, he may suspect that the judge and the other party are conspiring against him because he is a Gentile.
In rendering its decision, the Beth Din shall not favor the poor person with mercy by thinking that the other party is so rich that he will not even miss the small amount of money being awarded to the poor person.
In rendering its decision the Beth Din shall not favor the mighty or important person by rendering a decision in his favor and later telling him privately to pay the other party the amount that they really believe should have been awarded him.
www.ou.org /TORAH/TT/5760/bamidbar60/specialfeatures_jewishlaw.htm   (1050 words)

 Services Provided and What You Can Expect from the Beth Din - The Beth Din of America
The Beth Din's erudite rabbinic judges are capable of addressing halakhic issues in areas of financial and family law through the prism of contemporary commercial practice and secular law, thereby giving recognition to the practices of our community.
Because the Beth Din conducts its cases in a manner consistent with the requirements of secular arbitration law, its rulings are legally binding and enforceable in the secular court system.
Beth Din personnel, well aware of the personal angst that emerges from conflict, treat all parties to disputes with respect and sensitivity.
www.comeandhear.com /editor/beth-din-ofamerica1   (367 words)

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