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Topic: Better Than Ezra

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  Better Than Ezra - Band information and album discography
Then stir a bit of R.E.M. into it all and you come up with the identity of Better Than Ezra, another overlooked band I strongly recommend.
In short, you'll never get bored with BTE and should take the time to discover the band.
"New Orleans trio Better than Ezra began their life as a Dinosaur Jr.-influenced combo in the late '80s, yet they were sidetracked by the accidental death of their lead guitarist.
www.lemec.net /betterthanezra.html   (162 words)

  Official Ticketmaster site. Better Than Ezra tickets, concerts and tour dates
Better Than Ezra began as a roots rock outfit with slight elements of both country and punk; originally formed in 1988, the band consisted of members Kevin Griffin (vocals, guitar), Joel Rundell (guitar), Tom Drummond (bass), and Cary Bonnecaze (drums) while all were attending Louisiana State University.
Signing on with Elektra, Better Than Ezra's new label reissued Deluxe two years after its original release, which spawned a sizeable radio hit with the track "Good," helping push the album to platinum status by the end of 1995.
BTE took a break before resurfacing in 2004 with a live album for Sanctuary.
www.ticketmaster.com /artist/773259?brand=none   (806 words)

 Better Than Ezra Tickets - Buy Better Than Ezra Concert Tickets - Better Than Ezra Tour Dates
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We are dedicated to providing you with premium seats, VIP seating and all Better Than Ezra tickets that are in high demand.
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 Lyrics/70s - Music Directory : MabXMusic
Related Folks : Better Than Me lyrics
Better Than Ezra - Juicy Lyrics from Before the Robots" >
Better Than Ezra - Juicy Lyrics from Before the Robots
directory.mab-x-music.com /1825-lyrics   (625 words)

 Better Than Ezra Lyrics Photos New Album MP3
In such a confused setting, the New Orleans-based trio Better Than Ezra has toiled to prove they are not an overnight sensation or prefabricated trophy band of the record industry, but an outfit dedicated to quality songwriting, whether under the label "alternative" or otherwise.
Drummer Travis McNabb of Better Than Ezra is 37.
Things will still be a bit mellower in still-recovering New Orleans, with a show by Better Than Ezra at the House of Blues (they play on the 30th, too) and jam rockers Galactic playing at the reopened Tipitina's Uptown.
www.better-than-ezra.com   (687 words)

  Better Than Ezra - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
An album of all-new material, as of yet untitled, is slated for a spring 2005 release.
Formed in 1988 in New Orleans, Better Than Ezra began their career by playing college bars and fraternity houses at Louisiana State University.
Better Than Ezra is Kevin Griffin (vocals, guitar), Tom Drummond (bass) and Travis McNabb (drums).
music.download.com /betterthanezra/3600-8691_32-100005991.html   (439 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Deluxe - Better Than Ezra at Epinions.com
It's important to note that Better Than Ezra is obviously a talented trio.
There's no question that Better Than Ezra's music is in the same vein as pop rockers like Matchbox Twenty, Everclear (post punk, of course), Diswalla, Blessed Union of Souls, and Third Eye Blind.
Their music is better than most efforts from these bands, yet their success has been modest to say the least.
www.epinions.com /content_37436100228   (1363 words)

  Radio Paradise - eclectic online rock radio
I think Ezra was a killer group and had a great original sound.
Better than Ezra are pompous and rude to name their band that as clearly they met backstage one day and didn't get along and "the beef" was started.
Tried to make sense of this statement, but could not, because it seemed better, better than I read, but better than what it was said and it was better.
www.radioparadise.com /content.php?name=songinfo&song_id=20473   (1020 words)

 Better Than Ezra: Closer - PopMatters Music Review
At their best, Better Than Ezra could be seen as the band who rightfully inherited the torch of '80s southern power-poppers and jangle rockers before them (think the dB's, Let's Active, Connells, 54-40, early R.E.M.).
In fact, Better Than Ezra managed to toss in an array of styles they had no business touching in the first place and created a crazy Patchwork Sally of an album that, in reality, was probably their best.
It seemed that, since Better Than Ezra was on a major label and kept having a difficult time maintaining sales, that the strong arm of A&R was probably guiding them into this forced trendiness.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/b/betterthanezra-closer.shtml   (1145 words)

 CNN - Better Than Ezra break new ground on third album - March 8, 1999
But on "Garden," Better Than Ezra went from 1994's roots-driven "Deluxe" and 1996's brash, guitar-edged "Friction, Baby" to a deeply experimental, lush and melodious work that veers away from the solid rock that first garnered the trio major radio airplay.
Better Than Ezra recorded "Garden" in their Fudge Studios, located in their hometown of New Orleans.
Better Than Ezra play more than 250 shows a year, so recording at home was a respite from the road and a rare treat, says Drummond.
www.cnn.com /SHOWBIZ/Music/9903/08/better.than.ezra/index.html   (924 words)

 BETTER THAN EZRA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Better Than Ezra began as a roots rock outfit with slight elements of both country and punk; originally formed in 1988, the band consisted of members Kevin Griffin (vocals, guitar), Joel Rundell (guitar), Tom Drummond (bass), and Cary Bonnecaze (drums) while all were attending Louisiana State University.
Deciding that a change of scenery would be a good idea, Better Than Ezra relocated to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, where they laid down tracks at a friend's home studio, resulting in the 1993 independent release Deluxe.
Signing on with Elektra, Better Than Ezra's new label reissued Deluxe two years after its original release, which spawned a sizeable radio hit with the track "Good," helping push the album to platinum status by the end of 1995.
www.irvingplaza.com /bands/bio.php?ID=500   (407 words)

 Ezra better than most   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With three studio albums to date and nearly 10 years together, Better Than Ezra is among the trickle of bands that have "made it." Consistent album sales, electric live shows and a devoted following have propelled the band into headliners - which was apparent by the members' comfort at the House of Blues.
Better Than Ezra quickly captured the crowd with its first hit, "Good." Singer Kevin Griffin displayed his impressive vocal chords, the fountain of the band's success.
With much of the audience dancing, Better Than Ezra was at one of the musical highpoints of the night.
www.usc.edu /student-affairs/dt/V138/N30/01-ezra.30d.html   (590 words)

 BETTER THAN EZRA: Closer (Beyond)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And yet on the eve of their latest release, the boys still seem to be managing to just keep their heads above water in the whirlpool of an abyss we call rock and roll.
With the release of Closer, BTE is out to prove that they can continue to pump out the jams.
Still, with many of their 1995 airplay mates but a memory, that is exactly what Better Than Ezra has become.
www.thenightowl.com /reviews/bte.htm   (393 words)

 Better Than Ezra to rock the Newport - Arts & Entertainment
For the alterna-pop group Better Than Ezra, which will be performing Tuesday night at the Newport Music Hall, it took nine years of perseverance and a little improvising.
Better Than Ezra was born in 1988 when singer/guitarist Kevin Griffin and former drummer Cary Bonnecaze (Travis McNabb is the current drummer) put out a want ad for a bass player.
Better Than Ezra began recording their first album, "Deluxe," at friend and producer Dan Rothchild's home studio.
www.thelantern.com /media/storage/paper333/news/1997/04/28/ArtsEntertainment/Better.Than.Ezra.To.Rock.The.Newport-41712.shtml?norewrite200610210334&sourcedomain=www.thelantern.com   (430 words)

 2 Walls Webzine - music review - Better Than Ezra   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I suppose if Better Than Ezra did get the recognition it deserves, and suddenly radio, television, and the media all started doing "Ezra" marathons - well, the BTE faithful would probably start pointing fingers and begin yelling "sellout!" I know I would.
And the truth is, BTE has been quietly making music for me and my friends for years, that should be mainstream, and should be flooding the airwaves.
On this CD, BTE shows off their immense talent and wide range of musical interests, while never losing the listener's interest from first song to last.
www.2walls.com /REVIEWS/MUSIC/better_than_ezra.asp   (509 words)

 VOX - Better Than Ezra
Better Than Ezra is one of those bands that most of us have fallen victim to - you hear a great song on the radio, know the words and sing along when you hear it, but you would be hard-pressed to name the band if asked.
Effectively mixing their hits with new tunes from How Does Your Garden Grow, Better Than Ezra kept the casual fan in the mix, while also making the die-hard Ezralites (as their fans are known) happy as a lark in the glen.
By the end of a wonderful evening, BTE had covered miles of sonic terrain, moving effectively from honey-tinged love songs to the metal feel of "Pull" and all points in between.
www.voxonline.com /alternative/better_than_ezra/better.htm   (488 words)

 Better Than Ezra@Everything2.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Whether from artistic disagreements or just a feeling that BTE was less than the financial success they wanted, Elektra Entertainment dropped BTE from their label.
Better Than Ezra succeeds at being one of those groups that can muck about with loops and different kinds of sounds, and still be hauntingly poetic, and yet also fun.
Better than Ezra is primarily made up of Kevin Griffin who is the singer / songwriter / guitarist, Tom Drummond who plays the hell out of the bass, and Travis McNabb who plays the drums.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=65514   (1905 words)

 thathero.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you've seen Better Than Ezra in concert, you'll wish there were a couple random covers (which I suppose would be less than legal, since Kevin usually just sings whatever Outkast song has been on the radio lately) but should other than that be completely satisfied.
Also like BTE's more recent releases, this album is something you can happily listen to again and again (and sing along with until your voice wears out).
Deluxe is a solid CD that sounds more similar to artifakt than anything else; the loudest song is "Good," which is not especially heavy (but is such an awesome song).
www.iamthathero.com /bte.html   (1409 words)

 VH1.com : Better Than Ezra : Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin - Urge Music Downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin (pictured center) is left-handed but plays guitar right-handed.
That year, the band -- now named Better Than Ezra -- moved to Boston, where it played clubs and later recorded its independent debut, Surprise (1990).
After Rundell died in 1990, Better Than Ezra went on hiatus, but fans eventually convinced them to reconvene.
www.vh1.com /artists/news/502232/10011998/better_than_ezra.jhtml   (553 words)

 Metroactive Music | Better Than Ezra   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Better Than Ezra live at the Edge was better than BTZ on the radio
Sure, Better Than Ezra writes cheesy yet catchy rock songs that arrest the ear of every radio listener ("Good" dominated Billboard's Modern Rock chart for seven weeks in 1995), but what can't be gleaned from frequent airplay or hourly rotations of its video, is that Better Than Ezra actually has some charm and charisma.
After a wonderfully raucous performance by Ednaswap, Better Than Ezra vocalist/guitarist Kevin Griffin introduced the group in a fake British accent.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/06.19.97/better-ezra-9725.html   (441 words)

 Better Than Ezra: Closer (2001): Reviews
Closer is classic BTE: hopeful melodies, lead singer Kevin Griffin's uniquely sweet voice, enough pop to make you sing along and smile but thoroughly substantial and rewarding.
Unfortunately, this newest attempt at expanding the group's musical horizons is more a lateral move than a vertical one, and the same problems that have plagued Better Than Ezra since Deluxe -- mawkish, derivative material -- undermine this effort as well.
If the CD player is programmed to just skip a couple of songs, then one can believe that Better Than Ezra really did hop off of a major label and create the assured album they've always wanted to make.
www.metacritic.com /music/artists/betterthanezra/closer   (374 words)

 The Crusader Online: November 03, 2006 - Better Than Ezra to play concert
Better Than Ezra and Josh Kelley will perform in Weber Chapel Auditorium at 8 p.m.
They were thrilled when Better Than Ezra and Josh Kelley said they could come and perform on a Saturday night -- unlike past performers who have come on weekdays, according to McLean.
Freshman Chelsea Gerard said that she heard Better Than Ezra on the radio, and was looking forward to their performance.
www.susqu.edu /orgs/crusader/article.cfm?IssueID=111&SectionID=1&ArticleID=4797   (456 words)

 Live At House Of Blues New Orleans - Better Than Ezra - Pandora Internet Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Better Than Ezra will be forever tied to the 1990s.
They couldn't keep the hits alive post-Y2K, but Better Than Ezra has remained a popular club act, as Live at the House of Blues New Orleans proves.
But those are minor issues on a set that's a nice thank-you to listeners who've stuck with Better Than Ezra for over ten years.
www.pandora.com /music/album/a0c738748e2b105e   (301 words)

 Better Than Ezra & Sister Hazel Tickets Los Angeles - House Of Blues - Sunset Strip - Concert tickets available now
We can help provide premium Better Than Ezra & Sister Hazel tickets or any other concert as well as other major events throughout the country.
We carry Los Angeles Better Than Ezra & Sister Hazel tickets, some of the best seats available, including front row, and many of our tickets are fairly cheap and a good bargain.
Better Than Ezra & Sister Hazel is performing at House Of Blues - Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA.
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 purevolume™ | Better Than Ezra   (Site not responding. Last check: )
New Orleans, LA The New Orleans trio Better Than Ezra helped open the floodgates for countless chart-topping mainstream alt-pop acts of the late '90s by merging rock with melody and creating a more easily digestible form of alternative music for the masses.
Better Than Ezra hasn't posted a blog yet.
Better Than Ezra hasn't posted any shows yet.
www.purevolume.com /betterthanezra/photos   (90 words)

 William J. Clinton Foundation "Live From Little Rock Riverfest: A Q&A With Better Than Ezra"
Comparisons and classifications aside, Better Than Ezra is one of the most popular and exciting touring bands on the road today.
Better Than Ezra and President Clinton share a passion for music inspired by the Delta.
On Wednesday, November 17, The Arkansas Globecoming is pleased to present three Southern bands -- Better than Ezra, The North Mississippi All-Stars and B-Side -- for a a free fall concert in celebration of the grand opening of the Clinton Presidential Center and Park.
www.clintonfoundation.org /111604-feature-ezra.htm   (646 words)

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