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Topic: Between the Lions

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  ALA | Between the Lions
Between the Lions is an award-winning PBS television series for 4- to 7-year olds that helps children learn to read.
Between the Lions offers free electronic materials to run a book club for 4- to 5-year olds and 6- to 7-year olds, respectively.
Between the Lions episodes are available on videocassette and DVD from WGBH Boston Video at 800-949-8670.
www.ala.org /ala/alsc/alscresources/betweenthelions/betweenlions.htm   (360 words)

  Between the Lions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some Between the Lions episodes also deal with larger episodes related to literary matters: How to handle the scary parts of a story, for example, or the fact that it's okay to be a little sad if something bad happens to a character that you like in a book.
The title itself is a twofold pun, first on the phrase "between the lines", the second is that many classic library buildings have two lions separated by the main entrance.
Between the Lions was one of few shows to override the WGBH sting logo with the theme music to the show itself, ostensibly because the infamous ident's music would scare the target audience.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Between_the_Lions   (1544 words)

 Between The Lions The Lost Rock   (Site not responding. Last check: )
between the lions the lost rock : between the lions the lost rock, five mile creek, vol.
between the lions the lost rock, faces of death 2, rugrats - chuckie the brave.
ripley, between the lions the lost rock, revenge of the stepford wives.
www.vhsmovie.net /between-the-lions---the-lost-rock.html   (557 words)

 Between The Lions
Between The Lions is named for a lovable family of lions who run a library like no other on earth.
The doors "between the lions" swing open to reveal a magical place where characters pop off the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own.
Between The Lions is based on a comprehensive literacy curriculum that follows a "whole-part-whole" approach recommended by many reading experts.
www.liveandlearn.com /betweenthelions.html   (316 words)

 Between the Lions
The doors "between the lions" swing open to reveal a magical place where characters from books can pop off their pages and into the library when you least expect it.
Between the Lions is produced for public television by WGBH Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., both with proven track records for marrying educational goals with laugh-out-loud television.
BETWEEN THE LIONS is funded in part by a grant from the United States Department of Education through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
archive.ala.org /alsc/btl.html   (559 words)

 Mississippi Public Broadcasting - Television - Between the Lions
Between the Lions is a co-production of WGBH and Sirius Thinking, Ltd. in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting Executive producer for the series is Judith Stoia.
Between the Lions is funded in part by a Ready To Learn Television Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Department of Education through the Public Broadcasting Service.
The Between the Lions team is committed to making quality television available to all children.
www.mpbonline.org /television/series/Lions/Lions.htm   (1057 words)

 Between Two Lions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Between Two Lions is an American rock band based in New Albany, Indiana.
In 2004, the band released their debut EP, Between Two Lions, and is touring throughout the Midwestern U.S. to promote their work.
Lundy’s work with other artists such as VHS or Beta and The Parlour Boys - coupled with his appreciation for the alternative country genre - led him to a chance encounter with Between Two Lions at one of their 2005 shows.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Between_Two_Lions   (542 words)

 NCAM/Press Release: Cornerstones, A New Approach to Literacy Development for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
BETWEEN THE LIONS, a PBS kids' series, is named for a family of lions -- Theo, Cleo, Lionel, and Leona -- that runs a library like no other on earth.
The doors "between the lions" swing open to reveal a magical place where characters pop off the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on lives of their own.
BETWEEN THE LIONS is produced for PBS by the award-winning team of WGBH Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., two experts in the creative union of educational goals with laugh-out-loud children's television.
ncam.wgbh.org /news/pr_11092001.html   (850 words)

 Carnegie Reporter, Vol. 1, No. 1 | Between the Lions Rates a Roar of Approval
As soon as a child laughed through one half hour of Between the Lions, no conscientious parent or teacher could ask, “Does the show work for kids?” Clearly, the most ambitious children’s television program in a decade, aimed at teaching young children the fundamentals of reading, is good entertainment.
But the question haunting the creative team behind Between the Lions was, “Can the show make a difference in how kids learn to read?” The first report cards are in and the show wins an E for excellence in TV and education.
She noted that because Between the Lions is available free on public television it could “reinforce, motivate and extend early literacy instruction, both in the classroom and within the children’s home.”
www.carnegie.org /reporter/01/between_lions/index.html   (543 words)

 Current.org | Reprieve for Between the Lions?
PBS is reconsidering last year’s decision to end funding for Between the Lions, an early literacy series created with substantial support from the federal Ready to Learn program.
Between the Lions hasn’t been a big ratings winner for PBS Kids, but it has generated a lot of attention from teachers and policymakers for its curriculum-based approach to building kids’ early reading skills, a top educational priority of the Bush administration.
Given the conclusions of "One Mission, Many Screens," it would be irresponsible to cut off production funding for Between the Lions without evaluating it against the formal criteria that PBS is now applying to all of its kids’ content, she said.
www.current.org /ch/ch0213lions.html   (899 words)

 PRESS RELEASE Get Wild About Reading!(R) With BETWEEN THE LIONS(R) This Fall! The Library Where Kids Learn to Read by ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BETWEEN THE LIONS has partnered with the American Library Association (ALA) to expand the campaign nationwide with a CD-ROM provided to 4,000 libraries across the country for establishing local campaigns with customizable BETWEEN THE LIONS banners, bookmobile wraps, and other promotional materials.
BETWEEN THE LIONS was created to help young kids learn to read in English, and honors home culture and language by translating many educational outreach materials in Spanish for parents, caregivers, and extended family members to play an active role in raising readers.
BETWEEN THE LIONS, together with its companion Web site, pbskids.org/lions, is also the first television show in more than a decade to receive an endorsement from the National Education Association.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=55737   (1113 words)

 Press Release - Pearson Digital Learning's KnowledgeBox® Celebrates "Between the Lions" Parents’ ...
Mesa, Ariz. — Aug. 22, 2003 — Between the Lions, the PBS children’s series adapted for use on Pearson Digital Learning’s KnowledgeBox® K-6 digital learning system, has won the coveted Parents’ Choice Gold Award as the Best Children’s Television Show for the 4-7 age group.
This marks the second time Between the Lions has won the award in its three years on the air.
Through a unique partnership between Pearson Digital Learning, Pearson Education, WGBH-TV and Sirius Thinking Ltd, Between the Lions programming has been transformed into more than 150 standards-based lessons for grades K-3 that are delivered exclusively through the KnowledgeBox learning system currently installed in schools across the country.
www.pearsondigital.com /press/2003/pr-0822-Pearson_Digital_Learnings_KnowledgeBox_celebrates_Between_the_Lions_Parents_Choice_Gold_Award.cfm   (606 words)

 NPR : Between the Lions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
See a clip of Between the Lions' Dr. Nitwhite explaining the sounds of the letter combination "ea" to guest star Jon Stewart.
Theo Lion, one of the show's stars, appeared Tuesday before the House Education Reform Subcommittee to explain the importance of supporting literacy programs.
Stoia tells Morning Edition's Bob Edwards that Between the Lions faces a funding shortfall as corporate sponsors cut back amid a slumping economy.
www.npr.org /programs/morning/features/2002/oct/lions   (570 words)

 WPBS-TV Education
Between the Lions, uses television to address reading in a way that other media cannot - highlighting text on the screen as its read, making vowel sounds sing, adding humor, animation, music and world-class production values to classroom lessons.
Find out why recent studies show that kindergartners who watched Between the Lions improved their scores by 64% on a test measuring letter-sound correspondence, and kindergarten children who watched the program improved their scores by 26% on a standardized reading test.
All participants will receive a Between the Lions Classroom guide, free books for children in their classroom, and other PBS giveaways.
www.wpbstv.org /Edu-WorkshopDescriptions.htm   (553 words)

 MPB - TV - Between the Lions - Main
Between the Lions is a co-production of WGBH and Sirius Thinking, Ltd. in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting Executive producer for the series is Judith Stoia.
Between the Lions is funded in part by a Ready To Learn Television Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Department of Education through the Public Broadcasting Service.
The Between the Lions team is committed to making quality television available to all children.
www.etv.state.ms.us /television/specials/between-lions/main.htm   (1101 words)

 ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan: Between the Lions: Exploring Short-Vowel Sounds
Each "Between the Lions" episode uses a whole-part-whole approach, featuring storytelling, a focus word or skill, and use of the skill in meaningful contexts.
Arrange for use of a television to watch an episode of "Between the Lions." If desired, record the episode and show the program using a television and VCR so that you may periodically pause and discuss the show with your students.
To find the "Between the Lions" airtime in your local area, go to PBS Kids: In Your Town.
www.readwritethink.org /lessons/lesson_view.asp?id=173   (1694 words)

 CD Baby: BETWEEN TWO LIONS: Between Two Lions (EP)
Between Two Lions is a gentle, anxious, and multicolored interpretation of pop and roots rock.
The Between Two Lions EP, released in December 2004, was produced and released by the band and recorded at Louisville's Faulk Audio.
A collage of the band's better work, the Between Two Lions EP is a homage to their creativity and a preface to a bright and successful future for the band.
www.cdbaby.com /btl   (662 words)

 Current.org | "Between the Lions"
Most importantly, Between the Lions was created through a curriculum-first process modeled on the one pioneered by CTW with Sesame Street and Electric Company.
The pattern of each Between the Lions episode follows a reading curriculum known as "whole-part-whole." It's a teaching method that bridges the once-vast divide between proponents of "whole language" curricula and those who advocate the more traditional phonics-focused teaching.
Between the Lions will be backed by an extensive outreach project, which was presented to Ready to Learn coordinators during a the annual RTL conference last month.
www.current.org /ch/ch003lions.html   (1928 words)

 Between the Lions Books Movies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With this wonderful new book, based on the award-winning public television series Between the Lions, parents of children ages four to eight will find all the information they need to help their children navigate this exhilarating - but sometimes mysterious - journey.
Since its premiere in 2000, Between the Lions has become one of the most popular children's series on television -- and research shows that it actually helps children learn to read.
Based on the literacy curriculum that underlies this innovative, entertaining series, The Between the Lions Book for Parents draws on the latest and most reliable research to give parents practical tips to help smooth their children's path to reading and writing.
www.fjrinc.com /lions.html   (330 words)

 Reading Online - Articles: Between the Lions
This is the setting for Between the Lions, a new television series on the U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS) designed to teach children aged 4 to 7 the values of and purposes for literacy, along with the skills they need to become literate.
Of course there is a Between the Lions Web site, where young readers and writers from all over the world can log on for more fun with stories and words.
Linda Rath is the curriculum director for Between the Lions.
www.readingonline.org /articles/strickland   (1416 words)

 Between the Lions - Red Hat Green Hat on VHS Video   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Between the Lions is a lively children's show that utilizes puppetry, music, live action, and animation to help kids learn to read.
Set in a historic-looking library, the show features the lion family that runs the library and lots of their animal friends.
Between the Lions may represent a phonics lesson to parents, but to kids it's a fascinating program that inspires the imagination and sets the stage for a lifelong love of reading.
www.crimsonbird.com /cgi-bin/a.cgi?j=B000059TOV   (418 words)

 NEA: Materials from 'Between the Lions'
Between the Lions, winner of The Parents' Choice Award as the best TV show for kids 4-to-7, is the first series to offer educationally sound reading instruction that combines phonics and whole language.
Airing weekdays on PBS, Between the Lions is set in a magical library run by a family of big "cats"—lions Theo, Cleo, Lionel, and Leona—who run a library where characters pop off the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own.
Between the Lions is graciously sharing some of their reading materials with NEA's Read Across America.
www.nea.org /readacross/resources/betweenthelions.html   (212 words)

 Between the Lions - Ram in the Pepper Patch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I would highly recommend purchasing the Between The Lions vowel video tapes.
My daughter has loved "Between the Lions" since she was under a year.
She still may not understand how to spell yet, but she loves to dance to the songs and laughs at many of the characters.
www.freeglossary.com /p:B000059TOU   (361 words)

 DCPL: Programming Calendar: Between the Lions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The District of Columbia Public Library is one of 20 libraries nationwide selected to participate in an outreach program in connection with the BETWEEN THE LIONS multi-media initiative airing on PBS stations.
BETWEEN THE LIONS, the daily, half-hour series seen locally on WETA Channel 26, takes children and their families "between the lions" that stand on either side of the doors to an infinitely large, imaginary library where books come to life, prefixes have personalities, and vowels sing their own sounds.
BETWEEN THE LIONS is a co-production of WGBH, Boston public television and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., a company that brings together some of the top creative talent from Sesame Street, The Electric Company and Jim Henson Productions.
www.dclibrary.org /news/between-the-lions.html   (390 words)

 NoticiasWire.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dr. Shanahan oversees all aspects of the research, and is assisted by a number of educational researchers with diverse research backgrounds and significant experience in their areas of expertise.
In addition to the research, "BETWEEN THE LIONS" has partnered with MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) to produce a pilot radio public service announcement entitled "Going Places," encouraging parents to take an active role in helping their children learn to read.
The spots, starring Esai Morales ("NYPD Blue," "American Family") and Leona Lion from "BETWEEN THE LIONS," were produced in both English and Spanish, and aim to make Latino families aware of the importance of reading to their children.
www.noticiaswire.com /entertainment/pbs_03102004/index.html   (1055 words)

 Critical Acclaim for Between the Lions
'''Between the Lions''' has the potential to be a landmark show.
The 4-year-old TV critic in my household, a discerning viewer, delivered this verdict midway through the episode of 'Between the Lions' that airs today: 'I love this!' Chances are that sentiment will be widespread".
'Between the Lions' makes a strong case for television as a boon to literacy.
www.siriusthinking.com /BTL.Quotes.html   (426 words)

 Sears News Releases
The Between the Lions kids clothes, like the PBS hit television program, are designed to introduce basic literacy skills to beginning readers.
Background Between the Lions premiered nationwide in April 2000, based on an imaginary library run by Theo and Cleo, two of the show's popular characters.
Between The Lions is produced for PBS by the award-winning team of WGBH Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd. WGBH Boston is America's preeminent public broadcasting producer.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/micro_stories.pl?ACCT=116376&TICK=SEARS&STORY=/www/story/02-27-2001/0001436352&EDATE=Feb+27,+2001   (713 words)

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