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Topic: Bible translations

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Bible translations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Hungarian Hussite Bible appeared in the mid 15th century, and in 1478, a Spanish translation in the dialect of Valencia.
The Bible was translated into the Manx language, a dialect of Gaelic, by a committee of clergy from the Isle of Man.
The first translation of the Bible into Welsh was the New Testament translation of William Salesbury in 1567, closely followed by William Morgan's translation of the whole Bible in 1588.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bible_translations   (6235 words)

 Bible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This translation became known as the Septuagint and was widely used by Greek-speaking Jews, and later by Christians.
The Bible as used by the majority of Christians comprises the Hebrew Scripture, known to Christians as the Old Testament or First Testament; and the New Testament, which relates the life and teachings of Jesus, the letters of St Paul and other disciples to the early church and the book of Revelation.
The Septuagint (Greek translation, from Alexandria in Egypt under the Ptolemies) was generally abandoned in favor of the Masoretic text as the basis for translations of the Old Testament into Western languages from Saint Jerome's Vulgate to the present day.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bible   (4858 words)

 Bible Translations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Translations are very important for man's progress because translation is an instrument for culture and science.
Bible translation is as old as the translation.
Translators of English Bible tried to do living translation, because of that there are many translations in the colloquial English language.
www.sunkari.us /trans.shtml   (717 words)

 Bible Translations Guide
One translation that carries literalism to a ludicrous extreme is the Concordant Version, which was translated by a man who had studied Greek and Hebrew for only a short time.
This was translated from Greek in the 1960s by a man named Clarence Jordan, who decided not only to replace ancient ways of speaking with modern ones (like most dynamic translations) but to replace items of ancient culture with items of modern ones.
For most the question of whether to use an old or a modern translation is not so pointed, and once a decision has been reached on this question it is possible to select a particular Bible version with relative ease.
www.catholic.com /library/Bible_Translations_Guide.asp   (2280 words)

 Bible Translations
Translations such as the "King James Version" are derived from existing copies of ancient manuscripts -- the Hebrew Masoretic Text (Old Testament) and the Greek Textus Receptus (New Testament).
Today's Bibles are not translations of texts translated from other interpretations - they go right back to the ancient source manuscripts.
The primary differences between today's Bible translations are merely related to how translators interpret a word or sentence from the original language (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek).
www.allaboutthejourney.org /bible-translations.htm   (252 words)

 Bible Translations That Do Not Teach Eternal Torment
Most Bibles since the KJV have abandoned the poor translating of all these words into "hell." The many different ways each translation handles these words is beyond the scope of this booklet.
When a major Bible translation is undertaken by a publisher or some other institution, the directors are not only responsible for getting the text translated; they must also make sure that the resulting work will, over time, pay for the cost of translation and make a profit.
Below are listed several English Bible translations which have either taking very large steps out of the darkness of the paganized church, or have returned almost completely to the fresh bright light and power of the first believers.
www.tentmaker.org /books/GatesOfHell.html   (9174 words)

 Why So Many Bible Translations?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Lewis Foster, one of those who helped translate the NIV and the NKJV says, “It is necessary to continue making new translations and revising old ones if people are to read the Word of God in their contemporary languages.
Before then, a version translated into Latin by Jerome in the fourth century, called the Latin Vulgate, was the most widely-used Bible translation in the middle ages (the first major book printed on Gutenberg’s press in 1456).
A few other translations were produced over the centuries, but the real revolution of new Bible versions began to erupt in the 20th century, largely due to the widening language barrier.
www.victorious.org /translat.htm   (1623 words)

 Saddleback Church - Bible Translations
Any English version of the Bible is a translation from the original documents written in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.
These are usually “middle ground” translations because while they are not literal in the word order, they strive to translate the thoughts of the original texts.
Both word for word and thought for thought translations are put together by a large team (up to 100) of scholars in the Bible’s original languages.
www.saddlebackfamily.com /maturity/online.asp?id=4536   (1702 words)

 Bible Translations Into English
It was translated by a group of scholars representing a diverse group of denominations, most of which are conservative on social and political issues.
The New Living Translation is a revision of the Living Bible to transform it from a paraphrase to a true translation.
The word “standard” in the name of a Bible translation does not mean that the translation passed the scrutiny of some sort of Underwriters Laboratories for Bible translations, or that they are better or worse than translations without the word “standard” in their names.
www.kencollins.com /Bible-t2.htm   (3488 words)

 New Testament Gateway: Bible Translations & Editions
From the Biblical Studies Foundation: the easy-to-use on-line New English Translation Bible.
There are a variety of Bible texts and tools in different languages to download here and to use in the free Online Bible programme, which lets you search, add notes, compare versions, look up entries in lexicons and so on.
Prost's translation of the Paraphrase of the Gospel of John by Nonnos of Panopolis, ca.
www.ntgateway.com /bible.htm   (1100 words)

 BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages.
Bible book list for your default version (New International Version).
New International Version is currently set as your default Bible version.
Listen to this chapter Audio is taken from the Listener's Bible narrated by Max McLean.
www.biblegateway.com   (245 words)

 Virtual Christianity: Bibles
The many study guide tools include study Bible with incorporated maps and (blue) notes, topical presentation of verses, the story of Jesus (incorporating in rough order the content of all four Gospels, the story of the NT church (coming soon) (which similarly will incorporate content of the entire NT), and background commentary on the NT.
Bybel in Afrikaans - Bible in the language of South Africa.
Czech Bible of Kralice - Bibli Svata, trans.
www.internetdynamics.com /pub/vc/bibles.html   (3491 words)

 Bible translations
Meanwhile, Russian translations of the holy books of the Old Testament appeared with increasing frequency in spiritual magazines so that by 1877, the complete text of the Bible was popularly available in the Russian language.
In striving to translate the text in a literal sense, the interpretation suffers through the sheer ponderous and difficult understanding of the original text.
On the other hand, translations that strive to impart the general meaning of the Bible in the most understandable and acceptable format often suffer inaccuracies.
www.orthodoxphotos.com /readings/UB/translations.shtml   (967 words)

 Bible Translations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
After I finish translating a chapter from the original language into English, only then will I check my decisions against a standard English translation.
Other than that, my translation is presented as is. I don't feel the need to smooth the English and quite often I leave idioms as they are.
My translations are offered for people who want to experience a little more of the thinking patterns of the original writers.
www.lightpathsupport.com /Bible-Translations   (565 words)

 bible.org: The Conspiracy Behind the New Bible Translations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
By: Daniel B. Wallace, Th.M., Ph.D. This is the first in a series of occasional short essays from the “Professor’s Soap Box.” It is not intended to be a detailed exposition; rather, it is meant to give you food for thought and to challenge some popular ideas.
The first major English translation of the Bible to appear since the King James (1611) was the Revised Version of 1881.
It was the language of the day--easily understood fromAthens to Rome, from Carthage to Jerusalem.
www.bible.org /page.asp?page_id=706   (2219 words)

The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers.
The Bible teaches before the rapture occurs, two things will transpire: (1) The [great] apostasy and (2) The revealing of the antichrist.
While the righteous love, treasure and believe the Bible to the point of putting it into practice, the wicked react the other way and sometimes violently.
www.evangelicaloutreach.org /cat2.htm   (713 words)

 Bible translation
Accuracy of Translation: The Primary Criterion in Evaluating Bible Versions With Special Reference to the New International Version, by Robert P. Martin
Bible, Babel and Babble: The Foundations of Bible Translation, by Dr. Scott Munger
Bible Translation Into the Heart Language of the People
www.geocities.com /bible_translation   (415 words)

 Bible Translations
One of the most important contributions that William Carey achieved was his work in translating the Christian scriptures into various Indian languages and dialects.
A list of languages and discussion into which the Bible was translated into various Eastern languages was published in Quarterly Papers, No.
The last chapter, written by Edward Bean Underhill, LL.D., is titled, "Bible Translation." To view this BMS sponsored history of Bible translation, including the work of William Carey and his colleagues at Serampore, click on the page images below.
www.wmcarey.edu /carey/bibles/translation.htm   (756 words)

 Bible Study - Bible Translations
This of course means that those of us who cannot read Hebrew and Greek must rely on the abilities of human translators to understand the Scriptures (see By The Book).
In the case of English-speaking people, there are many translations of the Holy Bible available, some centuries old, such as the traditional King James Version (KJV) of 1611, to the American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901, to the modern New International Version (NIV) of 1978 - as well as many others.
While nearly everyone has their favorite version, one of the most important habits of Bible study is to read and compare various translations in order to get a more complete grasp of what was originally written.
www.keyway.ca /htm2000/20000212.htm   (1268 words)

 Bible.com - The Bible Online, Bible Prayer Room, Christian Community, Market Place and more..
You can also find out what the Bible predicted about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus by reading all the prophecies recorded about Him years before His birth.
Read, Study, Purchase, Listen To the Bible -- and much, much more in the exciting and informative Bible Resources section.
Bible.com Bible Resources makes available the Bible in multiple languages and translations with Bible Answers, Bible Searches, Bible Tools, Bible Aids, Bible Studies, Bible Stories, Bible Devotionals, Bible Reading Plans, Bible Memorization Techniques.
www.bible.com   (369 words)

 Online Translations of the Bible
A new translation would certainly be required." This is Frank Daniels' attempt to do just that, shedding the so-called "ecclesiastical paradigm" of other translations.
"...a Bible that is easy to read in contemporary American English and conveys the original messages and meanings as accurately as possible." Hebrew Scriptures (not yet finished) are based upon the Septuagint.
Secular translation of the New Testament by Willis Barnstone.
rockhay.tripod.com /worship/translat.htm   (788 words)

 Index of 100+ Versions of the Scriptures
ANCJ - 1996, a translation and transliteration of the New Covenant
McCord's New Testament Translation of the Everlasting Gospel -
WNT - 1937, a translation of the thoughts of the writers with a reproduction of their diction and style
www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk /Scriptures   (783 words)

 English Bible Versions
How do the various translations of the Bible compare with each other in terms of translation philosophy and ease of reading?
An Investigation of English Bible Translators' Styles in the Psalms
An Orthodox Critique of English Translations of the Bible
www.geocities.com /bible_translation/english.htm   (613 words)

 StudyLight.org - Plug in, turn on and be enlightened!
The Lockman Foundation for permission to use both the audio and text of the New American Standard Bible and for permission to use the text of the Amplified Bible;
World Bible Translation Center for permission to use the Easy-To-Read Version of the Holy Bible;
International Bible Society for permission to use the The Holy Bible, New International Version®.
www.studylight.org   (740 words)

 Bible Resources, Online Bible, Read the Bible, Search the Bible, Bible Study Plan, Passage Search, Keyword Search
Bible Resources, Online Bible, Read the Bible, Search the Bible, Bible Study Plan, Passage Search, Keyword Search
The Bible Is...(What the Bible says about itself)
History of the Authority and Infallibility of the Bible
bibleresources.bible.com   (98 words)

 Bibles.net - The #1 Online Collection of Bibles and Biblical Resources
You may enter the passage's chapter and verse, or you may enterkey words from any passage to locate the chapter and verse.
USE THE ONLINE NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE by simply typing in any topic, (like "Faith"or"Death" or "Marriage", etc), and a list of all Bible passagesrelevant to that topic will be displayed.
Also online, keyed to each Bible verseis Matthew Henry's Commentary, which is probably the most respected of all whole-Bible commentaries.
www.bibles.net   (648 words)

 Crosswalk.com - Bible Study Tools
Zondervan and International Bible Society for permission to use the NIV, TNIV and the NIrV;
The American Bible Society for permission to use the Good News Translation of the Bible;
Tyndale House Publishers for permission to use the New Living Translation of the Bible.
bible.crosswalk.com   (176 words)

 Unbound Bible   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Step 2: Choose a Section or Book of the Bible.
We still need people to help translate the site into other languages.
Click the [Translate] link at the top of this page to volunteer.
unbound.biola.edu   (363 words)

 Online Bibles from International Bible Society
International Bible Society is pleased to provide many of our Bibles translations online.
Below is a complete list of our online resources (or use the pull-down menu located on the left side of this page).
Providing the NIV Bible and other IBS Scriptures online since 1995.
www.ibs.org /bibles/index.php   (202 words)

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