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Topic: Biblical inerrancy

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 Biblical inerrancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In its most stringent form, Biblical inerrancy holds that the Bible is literally true in every word, at least in the original autograph (the first texts written in the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic).
Biblical inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is without error.
The belief takes several forms, ranging from Biblical literalism (the belief that the Bible is true in every word) to the belief that Biblical texts require interpretation in order to be understood correctly. /wiki/Biblical_inerrancy   (1296 words) inerrancy
Biblical inerrancy is one of the tenets of Fundamentalist Christianity.
This view was ably expressed in 1978 in the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, an interdenominational statement of evangelical scholars and leaders to defend Biblical inerrancy against the trend toward liberal and neo-orthodox conceptions of scripture.
Biblical inerrancy is the view that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is in every detail infallible and without error. /browse/wiki/Biblical_inerrancy   (1847 words)

Just as biblical authority only became part of Protestant confessions in the sixteenth century to counter the idea that tradition is the supreme authority of he church, so the doctrine of biblical inerrancy was only explicitly formulated to counter explicit denials of the Bible's truthfulness.
The basis for the doctrine of biblical inerrancy is located both in the nature of God and in the Bible's teaching about itself.
This is as true of inerrancy as it is of the doctrines of the Trinity, or of justification by faith. /efac/articles/inerncy.htm   (2586 words)

 How the ICBI Started
Biblical inerrancy is one of the theological issues that is being dealt with by the International Church Council, which is in many respects the spiritual successor to the now defunct ICBI.
We see the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI) Statement on Inerrancy as being a landmark church document, which was created in 1978 by the then largest, broadest, group of evangelical protestant scholars that ever came together to create a common, theological document in the 20th century.
Launch a major national conference on inerrancy for 200 to 300 biblical scholars and Christian leaders and sound forth the trumpet call that it was time to face the issue and turn the situation around. /cor/ICBIbkgrnd.htm   (2914 words)

 Theology Today - Vol 35, No. 1 - April 1978 - THEOLOGICAL TABLE-TALK - Evangelicals and Inerrancy: The Current Debate
It is my feeling that if the opponents of biblical inerrancy frame their positive position in practical and pastoral terms, they may be able to exercise great influence in the evangelical movement and not be shoved off to the side.
There will always be advocates of biblical inerrancy; they are needed to sound the requirement of faithfulness to Scripture, but we scarcely need workers of schism, closed to dialogue, and insensitive of their need to learn from others as well.
For evangelical theology, belief in biblical inerrancy and belief in biblical authority have been very closely connected, and therefore the inerrancy debate touches upon what many people feel is the basis of authority and religious certainty. /apr1978/v35-1-tabletalk1.htm   (2390 words)

 Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics
Summit I of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy took place in Chicago on October 26-28, 1978 for the purpose of affirming afresh the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture, making clear the understanding of it and warning against its denial.
Thus we deny that the "horizons" of the biblical writer and the interpreter may rightly "fuse" in such a way that what the text communicates to the interpreter is not ultimately controlled by the expressed meaning of the Scripture.
Article XX that since God is the author of all truth, all truths, biblical and extrabiblical, are consistent and cohere, and that the Bible speaks truth when it touches on matters pertaining to nature, history, or anything else. /chicago2.html   (5826 words)

 The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Biblical Inerrancy
I'm interested in how the LCMS came to the view of inerrancy of the Bible since the evidence is overwhelming that Martin Luther rejected the notion of Biblical inerrancy.
The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Biblical Inerrancy
LCMS > FAQs > The Bible > The Holy Scriptures > Biblical Inerrancy /pages/internal.asp?NavID=2516   (259 words)

 The Modern Inerrancy Debate
Part of the difficulty in all of the inerrancy debate is a problem, even apart from all the other doctrinal and ideological agendas and presuppositions at work, in understanding the nature of Scripture as we have it in terms of God& self revelation in history, and in terms of what we mean by inspiration.
As a result, the Bible is often made to serve the doctrine of inerrancy, a move which runs counter to one of the primary tenants of the Reformation, that Scripture should be the primary authority for the faith and practice of the Christina community, not doctrines.
Even many conservative biblical scholars are now willing to acknowledge that the Gospels were likely written from earlier sources, either written or oral, that preserved the teachings of Jesus in the 35 or so years between his life and the writings of the first Gospels. /inerrant.html   (7520 words)

 Theology Today - Vol 31, No. 4 - January 1975 - ARTICLE - Biblical Inerrancy: Are We Going Anywhere?
But as long as inspiration and inerrancy are tied together, the line will be drawn then, as it is now, whether inerrancy or verbal inspiration are essential doctrines which cannot be compromised or reduced, or whether they are secondary doctrines which are not formal objects of faith.
Thus the issue of biblical inerrancy, among others, became a political-ecclesiastical struggle over whether non-conforming ministers and candidates (to the five points) could be excluded.
The question of biblical inerrancy is remarkably the same now as it was nearly a century ago. /jan1975/v31-4-article2.htm   (3664 words)

 Deep calls to Deep - A New Kind of Christian - Blog: Inerrancy
Inerrancy doesn't concern itself with such figures of speech--unless you want to define "inerrancy" in a way that inerrantists DON'T. The fundamental issue in the inerrancy argument goes to the question, "what is the Bible?" Is the Bible God's Word TO us, or is it man's word ABOUT God?
That believers until the 20th century had little to say about inerrancy in no way suggests that they didn't believe it; rather, I'd suggest that no one had the temerity, until the 20th century, to call himself a "Christian" and doubt it!
My point about the mustard seed is to say that Jesus speaking in that way made no "error" at all; rather, he was using a figure of speech that would be understood by His hearers. /2005/01/inerrancy.html   (2438 words)

 Evangelical Scholars Further Explain Support for Biblical Inerrancy --
"The case for biblical inerrancy rests on the absolute trustworthiness of God and Scripture's testimony to itself," reads the resolution, which was approved by a 4-to-1 margin.
A group of evangelical scholars has taken the first step to more clearly state its support of biblical inerrancy, the belief that the Bible is without error.
It also states that members should refer to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, created in 1978, as a further explanation of the group's stance. /story/156/story_15683_1.html   (415 words)

 The Error of Biblical Inerrancy
Biblical inerrancy means that since the human authors and editors of the Bible were led or influenced by God, it follows that the Bible is "the Word of God." It also implies that the writings have been thereby supernaturally protected from error, and that therefore scripture is entirely trustworthy and authoritative.
Not everyone, however, accepted inerrancy — as we found out in the case of the Roman Catholic Church.
185-254) denied that the biblical writers lost their free will under the force of divine pressure. /truth-seeker/1996archive/123_1/14error.html   (1267 words)

 Traditional Biblical Inerrancy
As I will be showing in upcoming articles on the new fundamentalists, this position is as impossible to defend as the traditional view of biblical inerrancy, but at least the traditionalists have a semblance of logic on their side.
In other words, if the biblical record can be proved fallible in areas of fact that can be verified, then it is hardly to be trusted in areas where it cannot be tested.
In the case of the biblical god Yahweh, the Bible claims that truth and honesty are features of his nature. /jftill/inerrancy/inerrancy.html   (2207 words)

 Inerrancy: Is the Bible Infallable, Inerrant, Free of Error?
Inerrancy is a major part of the belief of conservative Protestants.
Biblical authority is the belief -- near universally held among conservative Christians-- that: "the Bible, as the expression of God's will to us, possesses the right supremely to define what we are to believe and how we are to conduct ourselves.
Inerrancy refers to text that is considered accurate, truthful, totally free of error, and without mistake. /inerrant.htm   (665 words)

 The Doctrine of biblical inerrancy
In this author's opinion, the belief of biblical inerrancy, as the clergymen articulate it, presents the biggest obstacle to people who are sincerely trying to find God and his will through the bible, from being successful in that endeavor.
The key doctrine, however, is biblical inerrancy and that belief will be the main focus of this article although the accompanying beliefs will be addressed.
The infallibility doctrine says that since inspiration and inerrancy are true, the teachings of the scripture are infallible, since they perfectly represent God's mind on what issues they speak to. /wwbelieve/inspiration.htm   (6425 words)

 Modernism and Biblical Inerrancy
The doctrine of biblical inerrancy is so interwoven with the doctrine of Christ that to deny the former logically leads to a denial of the latter.
Plenary inspiration and the biblical inerrancy of the autographa is a heaven or hell issue.
Before we examine the many biblical passages and doctrines that clearly teach that the Bible is God& inspired, infallible Word, it should be noted that Christianity stands or falls upon biblical inerrancy. /pub/modernism.htm   (11732 words)

 A Common Sense Approach To Biblical Inerrancy
This doctrine is called "Biblical Inerrancy" and states that except for minor spelling errors and numeric approximations, the original manuscripts are completely reliable.
These sections refute the view of modern day Biblical Inerrancy (our modern copies and translations are 100% correct).
This eliminates any assurance of modern biblical infallibility or inerrancy and often makes doctrinally correct interpretations difficult. /cbolton/INER.HTM   (1419 words)

 Biblical Inerrancy - Discussion and Comments
There is a difference between Bible inerrancy and Biblical translation and interpretation.
If inerrancy could be defended against the skeptic's questions, then perhaps we could avoid the pitfalls of moral relativism by staking our position on a more firm frame of reference for morality.
The inerrancy is in the original, and not necessarily in all our translations today. /discuss/inerrancy.html   (2622 words)

 Defining Biblical Inerrancy
Historically, the Church held to biblical inerrancy until higher criticism taught the Scriptures were simply the product of human evolution.
By sweeping this issue aside, Dr. Staples takes the position of limited inerrancy - that the Bible is without error when it deals with salvation, but should not be expected to be inerrant with regard to other subjects.
I presume that this is epistemological inerrancy - the kind which he does not advocate. /v16n2reasonera.html   (1407 words)

 Apologetics Press - Biblical Inerrancy
If Christians abandon the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, then having a standard of truth by which all humans are to live their lives would be impossible.
Therefore, to purport biblical inerrancy is to affirm that the Scriptures adhere to the truth, rather than departing, or “wandering” from it (see Preus, 1984, pp.
To rely on the inerrancy of every historical detail affirmed in Scripture is to follow the teaching and practice of the biblical authors themselves. /articles/2541   (6231 words)

 Biblical Errancy
The issues raised in Biblical Errancy represent a challenge to Bible inerrantists, and religion in general.
His are more concerned with refuting the more "liberal" religions, that is those that do not subscribe to the literal inerrancy of the Bible.
Biblical Morality, Contradictions, Critique of a Baptist Pamphlet /ckbloomfld   (4338 words)

 Theologians Reject Biblical Inerrancy : Christian Courier
The Everists were asked their views of the “inerrancy” of the Scriptures.
There is no comprehensive body of data regarding the Lord apart of the biblical record.
Investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues. /penpoints/theologiansInerrancy.htm   (940 words)

 Inerrancy Discussion Board - Discuss Biblical Inerrancy - Forum
Inerrancy Discussion Board - Discuss Biblical Inerrancy - Forum
inerrancy, scriptures, discuss, Bible, board, gospel, talk, forum, errancy, errors, biblical, canon, New Testament, Old Testament, God, Jesus Christ, Jesus, Jason Gastrich, JCSM   (32 words)

 Biblical Inerrancy by John H. Gerstner
The Church's Testimony as the Basis for Bible Inerrancy
The Testimony of Divinely Commissioned Messengers as the Basis for Bible Inerrancy
The Holy Spirit's Testimony as the Basis for Bible Inerrancy /inerrancyTOC_Gerstner.html   (97 words)

 Commentary on Revelation
He refutes the book Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy (EBE) by C Dennis McKinsey.
Tekton - for anyone debating the critics or struggling with biblical difficulties.
Theology - Contend for the Faith - the essays are very clear and will build you up in the faith   (627 words)

 Bible fallibility
Shouldn't we abandon the idea of believing in an infallible Biblical interpretation of scripture?
Any serious study of the Bible reveals that there are some descriptions of God in the Bible that show God as having very serious personality problems.
Shouldn't the horrible atrocities attributed to so-called "God" cause the same reaction? /experiences/origen11.html   (6380 words)

 Books for researching alleged Bible errors (Biblical inerrancy)
This site has some superb links to apologetics, including those covering Biblical inerrancy.
"Toward a Mature Faith : Does Biblical Inerrancy Make Sense" by Clayton Sullivan, 1990
If you read or browse through any of them, please share your comments with us. /hberrors.html   (411 words)

 New Testament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978) is an influential statement, articulating evangelical views on this issue.
Supporters of Biblical Inerrancy generally argue that these passages are intended to be symbolic, and that their symbolic nature can be seen directly in the text, thus preserving the doctrine.
Generally, the greater the role of God in one's doctrine of inspiration, the more one accepts the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy and/or authoritativeness of the Bible. /wiki/New_Testament   (5688 words)

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Norms for the Translation of Biblical Texts for Use in the Liturgy issued by the Vatican in June 1997
Liturgiam Authenticam, the official Vatican "Instruction" on biblical translation issued in March 2001.
The Catholic Biblical Association's reaction to Liturgiam Authenticam /sitemap.html   (718 words)

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