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Topic: Big Crunch

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In cosmology, the Big Crunch is a hypothesis that states the universe will stop expanding and start to collapse upon itself; a counterpart to the Big Bang.
If the gravitational attraction of all the matter in the observable horizon is high enough, then it could stop the expansion of the universe, and then reverse it.
Some theorists say they have proven this theory incorrect, and claim the universe will continue to expand forever.
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 Big Crunch
If the Universe contains enough mass to halt the Hubble flow and reverse it, all the matter contained within the Universe will eventually be drawn together by the force of its mutual gravitational attraction.
This collapse will cause the matter to be concentrated in an ever decreasing volume with densities and temperatures reaching those last seen in the Big Bang.
In one scenario, since a Big Crunch would match the conditions of the Big Bang, it could mark the start of a new phase of expansion and the Universe would begin again.
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Using the theory of an expanding universe, the Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre proposed in 1927 the big bang theory of the origin of the universe.
Many scientists speculate that this process will either eventually reverse--that the universe will collapse in a "big crunch," or that the universe will continue to expand and cool forever.
The big bang theory describes a process of a small mass of energy exploding, cooling, and expanding into the universe we see today.
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Big Crunch - Questionz.net, answers to all your questions
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