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Topic: The Big Bounce

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  The Big Bounce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Big Bounce is a crime novel written by Elmore Leonard, who started offering the story to publishers and film producers in the fall of 1966.
It went unpublished until 1969, when it was adapted into a film version in 1969, directed by Alex March and scripted by Robert Dozier, with actor Ryan O'Neal in the lead role.
Majestyk, with a title character that is completely unrelated to the character of the same name in The Big Bounce), who hires Jack to work at his beach resort.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Big_Bounce   (492 words)

 Big Bounce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to one version of the Big Bang theory of cosmology, in the beginning the universe had infinite density.
According to some oscillating universe theorists, the Big Bang was merely the beginning of a period of expansion that followed a period of contraction.
One of the main objections to the Big Bounce view is the evidence that has been accumulating that our universe is destined for a Big Freeze or heat death rather than a Big Crunch (see Accelerating universe).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Big_bounce   (388 words)

 DVD Verdict Review - The Big Bounce
I was among the few that happened to see The Big Bounce during the 15 minutes it played in theaters earlier this year, and my disappointed reaction was short-lived.
The Big Bounce's meandering nature is both its biggest charm and its primary downfall.
Warner Bros. is releasing The Big Bounce in their usual style, meaning two separate editions based solely on aspect ratio (there's a widescreen and a full frame version available).
www.dvdverdict.com /reviews/bigbounce.php   (1596 words)

 Paul Smith's Blog - Post details: The Big Bounce
According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, the Big Bang represents The Beginning, the grand event at which not only matter but space-time itself was born.
While the general idea of another universe existing prior to the Big Bang has been proposed before, this is the first mathematical description that systematically establishes its existence and deduces properties of space-time geometry in that universe.
The research team used loop quantum gravity, a leading approach to the problem of the unification of general relativity with quantum physics, which also was pioneered at the Penn State Institute of Gravitational Physics and Geometry.
blogs.dasmirnov.net /paul/2006/05/19/the_big_bounce   (671 words)

Not being remotely knowledgeable about the filmmaking process during "The Big Bounce," or its source material and only having just looked up info on the first filmed adaptation of it, I can't pinpoint exactly who or what's to blame.
With its large and impressive cast, it kept reminding me of another "big" movie, this time Barry Sonnenfeld's "Big Trouble." Unlike that halfway successful and mildly entertaining effort, this one feels forced rather than fun, and in the end simply doesn't work that well.
When the big "twist" finally occurred, all I could muster was "That's it?" Throw in the fact that we don't care or really have any reason to like any of the characters and you have the makings of a cinematic misfire.
www.screenit.com /dvd/2004/the_big_bounce.html   (770 words)

 Big Bounce, The (2004): Reviews
Wilson is the main reason to see The Big Bounce, where he's perfect as a reasonably smart guy who often seems to have no idea what he's getting into.
The low-wattage thrills, lukewarm jokes and unconvincing caricatures we encounter in The Big Bounce simply don't generate that kind of excitement.
That The Big Bounce works at all is a testament to Wilson, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter ("The Royal Tenenbaums") who probably could have come up with something better in his sleep.
www.metacritic.com /video/titles/bigbounce   (1412 words)

 Amazon.com: The Big Bounce (Widescreen Edition): DVD: George Armitage,Owen Wilson,Butch Helemano,Charlie Sheen,Vinnie ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Maybe I'm just too easy to please, but I think The Big Bounce is a pretty good film for the most part - a silly little diversion that will make you laugh a few times and leave you feeling entertained (although the unsatisfying conclusion might lead you to forget the good things about the film).
In the case of George Armitage's train wreck, "The Big Bounce," we are deprived of the luxuries of interest and captivation that the characters are supposed to create.
But "The Big Bounce," in its feeble entirety, is a bit of a bore.
www.amazon.com /Big-Bounce-Widescreen-George-Armitage/dp/B00024JC30   (2765 words)

 The Big Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire in Burnley Lancashire
The Big BounceBurnley provides bouncy castle hire in Burnley, Blackburn, Nelson and Colne and all surrounding areas as well as serving Lancashire and Yorkshire.
The big bounce bouncy castles has a bouncy castle for all children, for any time of the year, be it rain or shine!
Bouncy castle hire with The Big Bounce Burnley will be an experience you will want to repeat year after year for any type of event, children's parties, or get together.
www.thebigbounce.co.uk   (243 words)

 TheMovieBoy Review - Big Bounce, The (2004)
For most of its, albeit brief, running time, "The Big Bounce" consists of characters sitting around talking to each other or characters aimlessly walking the beaches while chatting it up.
There is no drive to "The Big Bounce," no sense of escalating tension or heightened stakes, no lessons learned from anyone, and undoubtedly no point for its existence.
In the case of "The Big Bounce," this technical element is the only thing to grab onto when everything else is evaporating into thin air before your very eyes.
www.themovieboy.com /reviews/b/04_bigbounce.htm   (677 words)

 The Big Bounce - The Filthy Critic
In The Big Bounce, Owen Wilson is free donuts.
The Big Bounce isn't based on Jimmy Buffett's output (it's Elmore Leonard), but it's the sort of lazy, postcard-deep horseshit his fans pay him to dream for them.
In The Big Bounce, the decent ideas and half the subplots are dropped faster than a devout Catholic girlfriend.
www.bigempire.com /filthy/bigbounce.html   (1029 words)

 Filmtracks: The Big Bounce (George S. Clinton)
The Big Bounce: (George S. Clinton) The stories of writer Elmore Leonard have inspired over 30 feature films over several decades, and it seems that each of those films does its best to capture and extend Leonard's distinct voice onto the big screen.
The sax ripples with the same burps and echoes as heard in Wild Things, and while The Big Bounce churns with the same sensual rhythms as does Wild Things, Clinton replaces the heavy drums and electric guitars with the plucking string section of the orchestra, producing a more high-crime, band era sound.
There is personality in The Big Bounce that reminds of early Danny Elfman in its ability to be thoroughly silly without restraint, and if you enjoy scores that rank highly on the "fun meter," then The Big Bounce is your ticket.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/big_bounce.html   (719 words)

 The Big Bounce (2004) - Movie Review
Both films are based on the novel from acclaimed author Elmore Leonard, and though Leonard may be able to pen a worth-reading novel, it’s plain to see that transposing his words into a worth-viewing film is often an impossible task.
In this Bounce, Wilson plays vagabond Jack Ryan, a man who’s bad luck and bad choices have landed him on the North Shore of Oahu where he takes a job in construction working for shady hotel developer Ray Ritchie (Gary Sinise) and his assistant Bob Jr.
Bounce not only toys with its audience in terms of their relationship, but also with these ridiculously convoluted he conned/she conned storylines – neither of which can sustain any amount of interest or suspense.
www.contactmusic.com /new/film.nsf/reviews/thebigbounce2004   (441 words)

 THE BIG BOUNCE By CHRISTOPHER BYRON - New York Post Online Edition: Business   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The hedge funds have rushed into this vacuum, and in the case of Foamex, they scored big.
SEC filings show that between April 13 and April 24, one of the offshore funds operated by Cohen, Sigma Capital, bought a total of 2.3 million shares of Foamex, representing 9.4 percent of the company's equity, in 11 separate open-market purchases.
All I want to know is why it's only the big, the rich and the well-fed who get to stick their snouts in the trough in this way.
www.nypost.com /business/the_big_bounce_business_christopher_byron.htm   (1235 words)

 Big Bounce 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Big Bounce is now into its third year and after raising nearly £200,000 so far, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust would like this year's bounce to be bigger than ever before.
Why not jump on a space hopper or trampoline and get as many people to bounce with you and help us improve the lives of thousands of people across the UK.
Bouncing is a fun and easy way for people with Cystic Fibrosis to exercise and also helps to clear mucus from the lungs, which can attract infection.
www.cftrust.org.uk /bigbounce   (143 words)

 Another universe may have preceded ours, study finds
Other than the fact that it was shrinking, they added, it was similar to ours in terms of the geometry of its space and time, or space-time, as cosmologists call it since Einstein found the two are interwoven.
But near the Big Bang, this fabric is violently torn so that its discrete, or quantum, nature becomes important.
One outcome of this is that gravity becomes repulsive instead of attractive, Ashtekar argued; the result is the Big Bounce.
www.world-science.net /othernews/060514_bouncefrm.htm   (839 words)

 The Big Bounce
The Big Bounce has many of the same problems as The Big Sleep, but few of its strengths.
The Big Bounce has all the earmarks of a project that has been whittled into incoherence in the editing room in a lunatic attempt to 'fix' it.
The Big Bounce smacks of one of those films that, after sitting on some studio shelf too long, was hastily re-edited to get a PG-13 rating and then stuffed with filler material to beef it up to 88 minutes.
rottentomatoes.com /m/big_bounce   (975 words)

 The Big Bounce | ajc.com
A crime caper - like the smart, snappy TV show "Karen Sisco" but nowhere near as good - "The Big Bounce" entangles Owen Wilson with a bunch of lowlifes trying to get their hands on some dough in Hawaii.
You can't miss that it's Hawaii, by the way, since the camera is strapped to a helicopter and zoomed over the surf up to a beach house no less than four times, making "Bounce" look less like a movie than a clip from the Aloha State's multiple-listing service.
Based on a double-crossy novel by Elmore Leonard (as is "Sisco"), "Bounce" has some flavor but no fizz, like ginger ale left out with the top off.
www.ajc.com /movies/content/shared/movies/reviews/B/thebigbounce.html   (391 words)

 Political Wire: How Big a Bounce?
In recent history, most presidential candidates get a "convention bounce" of some sort, and Kerry should be no different.
As a result, part of the traditional convention bounce is already accounted for in the latest polls.
A memo from Bush pollster Matthew Dowd several weeks ago set expectations for a big bounce.
politicalwire.com /archives/2004/07/27/how_big_a_bounce.html   (351 words)

 SoundtrackNet : The Big Bounce Soundtrack
An early 2004 release, the season being the usual "low tide" arena for theatrical films, The Big Bounce bounded in and out of the multiplexes before most people were even aware of its existence.
There is bit more of a driving intensity to the tracks "Glass Jaw", with its open horn chords, and "Keiki Vista", with its infectious reprise of the main theme.
Overall, I think a little bit of this score goes a long way and by the halfway mark Clinton has said pretty much said all he can with the musical vocabulary for The Big Bounce.
www.soundtrack.net /soundtracks/database/?id=3618   (459 words)

 The Big Bounce (2004)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
By the end of The Big Bounce, I was mildly surprised that it was still the same day I sat down to watch it.
The film is aspiring to give Owen Wilson the role of the breezy, insouciant rake popularized by authors like Gregory MacDonald, Carl Hiaasen, and, more to the point, Elmore Leonard (who I guess wrote the source material, previously adapted into a vehicle for Ryan O'Neal), but succeeds mainly in making the likable Wilson tedious.
When Walter says in his God voice that "sometimes things are exactly as they appear," listen--The Big Bounce appears to be a major disappointment that's sat on the shelf for a while before being dumped onto the late-January schedule.
filmfreakcentral.net /screenreviews/bigbounce.htm   (422 words)

 February 2004 | blackfilm.com | reviews | film | the big bounce
The Big Bounce is a jumbled mess, one of the most disjointed films I've seen in a while.
The Big Bounce tries to be a quirky comedy caper, in the same vein as Get Shorty and Jackie Brown.
Who knows, the fact of the matter is that The Big Bounce is a big flop.
www.blackfilm.com /20040130/reviews/thebigbounce.shtml   (727 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: Big Bounce, The
The story of the Echo communications satellite project, and how scientists learned to bounce a radio signal off a big balloon.
The Big Bounce outlines America's first trial run at basically satellite conversations.
The story of Echo II, from the days when bouncing a radio signal off a big balloon was a big deal.
www.archive.org /movies/details-db.php?id=179   (276 words)

 The Big Bounce News and Headlines
Based on the Elmore Leonard novel that inspired both the 1969 film and this remake, THE BIG BOUNCE is a comic film noir about an everyman who finds trouble in the form of a beautiful blonde.
"The Big Bounce," a big-budget film starring Owen Wilson and Morgan Freeman, has suspended its Oahu shoot after director George Armitage was struck by an intestinal ailment.
Newcomer Sara Foster has landed the lead female role in "The Big Bounce," joining Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman and Gary Sinise in the Warner Bros. adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/big_bounce/news.php   (584 words)

 The Big Bounce
She talks him into going for the big heist (the big bounce) by scamming her lover (Sinise), a wealthy real estate developer, out of $200,000.
"The Big Bounce" is the Uncle Larry of the movie family.
Fun, somewhat charming, and enjoyable, but just make sure he doesn't stretch his tall tales for more than 2 hours or it'll be time to check the watch and start inching towards the door.
www.themoviemark.com /moviereviews/bigbounce.asp   (878 words)

 The Big Bounce (Movie)
Big Blonds: Owen Wilson woos Sara Foster in Elmore Leonard's The Big Bounce.
The latest Elmore Leonard adaptation (an update of the forgettable 1969 movie with Ryan O’Neal) stars Owen Wilson as a Hawaiian con man who falls for a bikini-wearing woman (Sara Foster).
“I was surprised to see those big waves coming in,” he says dryly, referring to the film’s sandy new North Shore setting.
www.newyorkmetro.com /movies/articles/04/01/thebigbounce.htm   (325 words)

 "The Big Bounce" / a review and/or comments from Christian Spotlight on the Movies
A “bounce,” as described in this flick, is a thrill experienced while being involved in something dangerous, exciting and on the edge.
The Big Bounce involves characters experiencing this rush while engaging in some kind of criminal activity, but for the audience the real “bounce” happens when they buy their ticket, letting someone rob them of their hard earned money in exchange for a flop.
In my opinion, the movie was based on sinful natures, such as adultery, stealing, lying, cheating, killing… etc. I can handle a movie like that …as long as it has a very good story line, but unfortunately it didn’t have one.
www.christiananswers.net /spotlight/movies/2004/thebigbounce.html   (1126 words)

 Leonard's Big Bounce a big bust - Arts & Entertainment
In many ways, The Big Bounce is the perfect mid-winter movie.
The Big Bounce, based on an old Elmore Leonard novel, tells the tale of a surfer dude/petty crook named Jack Ryan, played by Owen Wilson with his typical doofy smirk, who has just gotten fired from his job with a crooked construction company in Hawaii.
The Big Bounce is a forgettable and utterly unremarkable movie.
www.brockpress.com /news/2004/02/03/ArtsEntertainment/Leonards.Big.Bounce.A.Big.Bust-596176.shtml   (398 words)

 eBay - dvd big bounce, The Big Bounce, DVD, HD DVD Blu-ray items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Big Bounce DVD new in cellophane (Owen Wilson)
The Big Bounce - R1 DVD - Owen Wilson and Morgan Freeman
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=dvd+big+bounce&newu=1&...   (405 words)

 Shopping.com - Find, Compare, and Buy Anything in Seconds
This colorful indoor/outdoor, durable ball is made of heavy duty rotomolded vinyl Simple inflate (ball is reinflatable) with an electric or hand pump...
The Two-Way Bounce is a pocket size Bounce Card that gives you the advantage of bouncing without the need of a ceiling.
The Big Ones / Satin, Saxes & Bouncing Brass by Ted Heath
www.shopping.com /xGS-Big_Bounce   (785 words)

 Movie Info for The Big Bounce on MSN Movies
George Armitage directs this big-screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard's The Big Bounce.
Big Inflatable Things order direct from manufacturers, many choices themes, colors, designs, rides, advertising.
Find Deals on big bounce and other Sports and Outdoors at DealTime.
entertainment.msn.com /movies/movie.aspx?m=542760   (168 words)

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