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Topic: Big cats

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  British Big Cats - British Big Cats Society, Prove and Protect, Big Cat Sightings, Official Website
Almost 60% of all the sightings reported were of fl cats, and 32% were of brown or sandy coloured ones, which the BBCS believes to be pumas.
The BBCS has also gathered evidence of at least 23 releases of big cats into the wild since the Dangerous Animals Act was passed in 1976, including a panther, pumas, lynxes and a host of exotics including caracals, ocelots and jungle cats.
Cat’s tails are simply not able to do this — if they do they are damaged and the cat would be in a lot of pain.
www.britishbigcats.org   (1652 words)

  Big Cat Rescue: Save Exotic Felines
Exotic big cats such as lions and tigers are banned as pets in 19 states, but roughly 15,000 such exotic felines are currently kept captive in America.
Sadly, the majority of these big cats do not live in accredited zoos; rather, many languish in small cages in private basements and substandard roadside zoos, or are penned outside gas stations as a lure to attract customers.
Big cats kept as pets and as roadside attractions suffer from frequent abuse as well as poor diet, inadequate veterinary care and genetic ailments caused by inbreeding through the exotic pet trade, according to the Humane Society of the United States.
www.charityguide.org /volunteer/vacation/big-cats.htm   (645 words)

  Big cat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Big cat refers to large wild felids of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
The principal threats to big cats are habitat destruction and hunting, including so-called canned hunts, in which captive animals on reserves are shot for sport.
Big cats are also threatened by the exotic pet trade, which captures and breeds them for profit via sale to private owners.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Big_cats   (518 words)

 British big cats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
British big cats, sometimes referred to as alien big cats (ABCs), phantom cats or mystery cats, are large predatory cats roaming the countryside of the British Isles.
Cats often sharpen their nails on wooden objects, and trees thought to have been damaged by big cats were discovered in Britain in Gloucestershire in 2001, Yorkshire in 2002 and Kent in 2003.
As they increase, sightings are increasing and cats are starting to be seen on the edges of towns and cities, and already, at Bluewater Shopping Centre, a gigantic complex in Greenhithe, Dartford, London, a number of visitors have been surprised (and somewhat shocked) to see big cats roaming around the complex in broad daylight [11].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_big_cats   (3424 words)

 BIG CATS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Puma, which is displayed with the Big Cats, is actually one of the small cats and is unable to roar like the true big cats.
Cats at the Zoo are fed five times per week, this routine echoing the natural situation.
In the wild cats do not feed every day, they will make a kill, gorge themselves and it may be several days before their next feed.
www.zoo.org.au /area_page.cfm?area_id=21&zoo_id=1   (238 words)

 Farinato: Love Does Not Conquer All When It Comes to Big Cats as Pets
The incident was not only big news, prompting thousands of fans to hold candlelight vigils or send get-well messages to the still critically injured performer, but it has further deepened the debate about the possession of wild animals as pets and performers.
Big cats are wild and dangerous animals, and may attack or lash out unpredictably at any human foolish enough to place him or herself in direct contact with them.
When a big cat injures or kills a human, it doesn't matter whether he was playing or serious.
www.hsus.org /wildlife/wildlife_news/farinato_love_does_not_conquer_all_when_it_comes_to_big_cats_as_pets.html   (1148 words)

 Mountain Lion Hunting - cougar, big cats
The big cat's tracks were easy to follow as Pom slid noiselessly along on his skis.
With the proliferation of the protected scavenger birds such as ravens, crows and magpies, a fresh cougar kill is located by the keen eyed birds within a short time and their raucous racket soon attracts the attention of opportunistic coyotes that key on the boisterous birds to locate carrion or kills.
Typical of most cats a cougar hunts by stealth and is unlikely to come romping in to the sounds of your calling with a total lack of caution.
biggamehunt.net /sections/Mountain_Lion/Big_Cats_Are_Back_11040212.html   (2530 words)

 BBC Inside Out - Big cats
Big cats were popular fashion accessories in the 1960s and could be purchased in Harrods.
There are credible reports big cats are becoming popular as pets among criminals - especially those involved in the drugs trade - because of their deterrent effect on intruders.
Big cat sightings were recorded as early as 1860.
www.bbc.co.uk /insideout/eastmidlands/series4/big_cats.shtml   (463 words)

 Scottish Big Cat Trust / Scottish Big Cats / Scottish Big Cat Society   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a database of non-native Cat Sightings in Scotland from 1926 - 2004.
Many sightings of "big cats" turn out to be cases of mistaken identity and there have also been a number of hoaxes.
The Scottish Big Cat Trust is a member of the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW).
www.bigcats.org /abc/index.html   (728 words)

 Mac OSX and endangered big cats. Petition
Apple are obviously associating the speed and grace of a big cat with its operating system.
It is true that both big cats and Mac OSX both share these qualities of speed and grace, a quality not shared however is that of endangered species.
As OSX grows from strength to strength, it would be wonderful to know that the big cat's continued existence grows stronger too.
www.petitiononline.com /bigcat   (189 words)

 Cryptomundo.com » Alien Big Cats Category
Big fl lions are said to be roaming the streets of Matsulu township, South Africa, terrifying residents who say they are too afraid to walk outside at night.
β€œIt is very dangerous to have a large wild cat like this roaming around,” said a livestock farmer.
A 124-pound cougar shot by Chicago police earlier this month is the same wild animal that was spotted in southern Wisconsin in January 2008.
www.cryptomundo.com /cryptozoology/alien-big-cats   (800 words)

 Big Cats
Big cats can be aquired from a responsible breeder; their photo can be found on special websites.
The natural barrier of the Atlantic Ocean serves to divide the ‘New World’ species from the ‘Old World’ - with the exception of the Lynx, which can be found as distinct sub-species in both North America and Eurasia.
Many species are to be found in similar habitats straddling several continents such as the Leopard which ranges from the southern tip of Africa, across Asia to China and various species of Wildcat, which can be found in Europe, Africa, the Middle east and Asia.
www.gotexoticsonline.com /exotic-animals/big-cats.shtml   (159 words)

 big cats hunting in africa
Africa's three big cats - lion, leopard and cheetah - all capture and kill their prey in much the same manner as a domestic cat kills a mouse.
Although the way in which large cats stalk or approach their prey differs, the actual method of killing is similar.
Watching any of the big cats on the hunt is one of the most thrilling elements of a safari.
www.wildwatch.com /resources/mammals/bigCats.asp   (1071 words)

 NATURE. Chasing Big Cats | PBS
Join wildlife filmmakers as they stalk the big cats of Africa to capture unforgettable images.
The big cats of Africa have always been favored subjects of wildlife filmmakers.
Join the team of Newman and Barrett as they pursue unique and amazing footage of Africa's five most spectacular cats: cheetahs, leopards, servals, caracals, and lions in CHASING BIG CATS airing December 7th, 8pm EST.
www.pbs.org /wnet/nature/bigcats/index.html   (289 words)

 Wikijunior Big Cats/Keeping cats - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Captive management of big cats is part of a strategy to keep endangered species from becoming extinct.
When big cats eat the wrong sort of objects, such as toys or bottle fragments, it causes potentially deadly blockages of the intestines.
When, for one reason or another, the parents of young big cats cannot raise their own offspring, the cubs and kittens are sent to a nursery where specially trained zoo staff and volunteers provide them with the food, stimulation, and affection.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Wikijunior_Big_Cats/Keeping_cats   (1494 words)

 EcoWorld - Animals - Big Cats
Both fl leopards and fl jaguars are often born in the same litter as the normal colored cats, because the fl color, called melanism, is due to a recessive gene.
The cats are actually dark brown, with the same pattern of fl spots as any other leopard.
Cats from cold mountain ranges are larger than average.
www.ecoworld.com /animals/Big_Cats_Black_Leopard.cfm   (364 words)

 Care2.com: Race for the Big Cats!
A cats tongue is covered with hooks which act as combs in grooming the fur and as small cups when the cats drink.
Cats that live on the savanna have long limbs that are good for speed, particularly when chasing prey.
The Race for the Big Cats is a joint effort of Care2.com and the Wildlife Conservation Society.
bigcats.care2.com /r3_fun5.html   (569 words)

 Mountain Lion Hunting - cougar, big cats
The big cat's tracks were easy to follow as Pom slid noiselessly along on his skis.
With the proliferation of the protected scavenger birds such as ravens, crows and magpies, a fresh cougar kill is located by the keen eyed birds within a short time and their raucous racket soon attracts the attention of opportunistic coyotes that key on the boisterous birds to locate carrion or kills.
Typical of most cats a cougar hunts by stealth and is unlikely to come romping in to the sounds of your calling with a total lack of caution.
www.biggamehunt.net /sections/Mountain_Lion/Big_Cats_Are_Back_11040212.html   (2530 words)

 [No title]
Big cats are territorial creatures, and most of them are solitary predators, living secretively and remotely in a variety of habitats.
Currently, all big cat species are considered acceptable alternatives to the use of tigers, and therefore they are all at risk despite protection under international law.
Despite the lack of reported illegal trade in big cat parts and derivatives for TM, it is clear that the trade persists due to the continued decline in population numbers.
www.ifaw.org /ifaw/general/default.aspx?oid=37949   (625 words)

 Big Cats. Big Cats, Information and Pictures on Big Cats, Pictures of Black Panther Big Cats.
The power of these big cats is such that they prey on guar bulls which can weigh as much as 1000kg.
Jaguars are big cats between five to six feet in length from head to tip of tail, and weigh 140-220 pounds.
The fur of the cat serves two distinct purposes - firstly it protects the animal against the extremes of its environment and secondly serves as camouflage to make the cat less easy to spot against the background of its habitat.
www.pusscats.com /Big_Cats.htm   (522 words)

 Scotsman.com Heritage & Culture - Big cats
A MYSTERY big cat is on the prowl in the north-east of Scotland, according to police.
THE hunting of lions and other big cats bred in captivity purely to be shot will be outlawed under...
THE number of big cats roaming the countryside could be increasing, according to a report out...
heritage.scotsman.com /topics.cfm?tid=117   (520 words)

 Endangered Big Cats   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cat lovers of all ages who discover this desert zoo north of Los Angeles are surprised and amazed at the variety of wild cat species.
Over 50 cats, ranging in size from 7 to 700 pounds, currently live at the compound.
Wild About Cats is a big cat rescue group-fully licensed by the state and federal government-who take in exotic cats that have been bred in captivity for the "pet trade" and now need a home.
www.op97.k12.il.us /julian/lessons/cats.html   (352 words)

 Northoftampa: Big cat caretaker
But more often, the cats are given up by someone who mistakenly thought it would be cool to have a big cat as a pet.
Cazin will enter a cat's cage to bring in food, but she never turns her back on the cats because they could take that as a sign of weakness.
But since many of these cats are obtained illegally, their owners are reluctant to take them to a vet to be humanely euthanized, Lewis said.
www.sptimes.com /2003/11/07/Northoftampa/Big_cat_caretaker.shtml   (1535 words)

 Cats   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And the British Big Cat Society - which is due to produce a dossier of evidence at the end of this month - says their presence in Scotland is now beginning to be officially accepted.
Experts say it is rare for big cats to pounce on humans but they do believe they could have been responsible for a strinng of attacks on pets, livestock and wildfowl in recent months.
But as far as fl cats go, I don't believe there are a lot of panthers around because there would have been a lot more injuries." He continued: "From the number of sightings, it is clear there are a lot of these big cats in Scotland.
www.wintersteel.com /Cats.html   (3238 words)

 big cats posters
Big cat refers to large wild felids of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
The term big cat is used to distinguish truly large felids, which can weigh several hundred pounds, from much smaller Felidae species.
Some medium-sized cats like Eurasian lynxes may weigh as much as 55 lb (25 kg), considerably outweighing the domestic cat, but are not considered big cats.
www.posterlovers.com /animals/bigcats.htm   (236 words)

 Leopards are Prowling Britain, Survey Suggests   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Summary With as many as four big cat sightings reported each day in the U.K., debate is growing over whether leopards, pumas, and other exotic felines are now living wild in the British countryside.
If it is true that big cats haven't lived wild in the U.K. for 2,000 years, then, judging from the results of a new survey, a lot of large house cats now roam the British countryside.
While Bamping concedes that a significant number of these "big cats" were probably nothing more than oversized domestic cats, deer, or foxes, he believes around 70 percent of the sightings were genuine.
news.nationalgeographic.com /news/2004/06/0603_040603_bigcats.html   (813 words)

 Ark Animals Wildside: Training Big Cats   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This was playing out some of her hunting instincts which was a natural behavior but one that has to be regulated and controlled so that when the tiger grows up they do it on command or only in controlled circumstances.
One of the biggest challenges in working with the big cats is to remember what things need to be controlled.
Working the big cats is dangerous when you work with food because of the intense food drive and "fight or flight" response.
www.arkanimals.com /ark/ws_training_big_cats.html   (1998 words)

 Beautiful big cats!
Tigers and leopards are known as "big cats." They are members of the felid family, a category that includes 36 species of mammals ranging from the lion, leopard and jaguar to the common house cat.
For this reason, the big cats are always held with a restraint or perform behind a barrier.
Leopards are differentiated from most other members of the cat family by the rosette-shaped markings all over their bodies.
www.ringling.com /animals/cat/cat.aspx   (351 words)

 [No title]
Big Cats in the U.S.A. Big Cats: Caged & Confined in the Land of the Free
Instead, these big cat victims of the exotic animal trade live in cramped and appalling conditions in substandard sanctuaries, unregulated roadside and amateur zoos, backyards – and even city apartments.
Please contact your Representative to cosponsor Haley's Act to prohibit direct contact between big cats and to increase the fine for violations of the animal welfare act (promoting better care of tigers, lions and other big cats already in captivity, since they can never be safely returned to their native habitats).
www.ifaw.org /ifaw/general/default.aspx?oid=166354   (571 words)

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