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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Bikini History
Bikini Atoll is one of the 29 atolls and five islands that compose the Marshall Islands.
The Bikini islanders' life of harmony drew to an abrupt close when the Japanese decided to build and maintain a watchtower on their island to guard against an American invasion of the Marshalls.
Kili differs substantially from Bikini because it is only a single island of one-third of a square mile in land area with no lagoon--compared to the Bikinians' homeland of 23 islands that form a calm lagoon and have a land area of 3.4 square miles.
www.bikiniatoll.com /history.html   (5180 words)

  Bikini Island History
Bikini Atoll is one of the 29 atolls and five islands that compose the Marshall Islands.
The Bikini islanders' life of harmony drew to an abrupt close when the Japanese built and maintained a watchtower on their island to guard against an American invasion of the Marshalls.
Kili differs substantially from Bikini because it is only a single island of one-third of a square mile in land area with no lagoon - compared to the Bikinians' homeland of 23 islands that form a calm lagoon and have a land area of 3.4 square miles.
members.tripod.com /bikini_atoll/index.html   (3761 words)

 Welcome to Bikini Atoll
Bikini Atoll is located in the central Pacific and is one of the 29 atolls and 5 single islands that form the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Bikini is perhaps best known for its role in a series of nuclear tests conducted by the United States in the 1940s and 1950s.
This book tells the story of the people of Bikini from their point of view.
www.bikiniatoll.com   (128 words)

 Bikini — FactMonster.com
After its inhabitants were removed (1946) to Rongerik, Bikini was the scene of 23 U.S. atomic and hydrogen bomb tests (1946–58).
Bikini was declared safe for habitation in 1969.
By the late 1990s, Bikini had become a popular destination for scuba divers, though it remained uninhabited pending completion of the cleanup.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/world/A0807551.html   (132 words)

 Bikini Atoll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bikini Atoll (also known as Pikinni Atoll) is an uninhabited 6.0-square-kilometer atoll in one of the Micronesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Bikini Island is the northeasternmost and largest island of Bikini Atoll.
In the episode "Dying for Pie", a bomb disguised as a pie violently explodes on impact with the Squidward character.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bikini_Atoll   (823 words)

 Bikini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bikini or two-piece is a type of women's swimsuit, characterized by two separate parts—one covering the breasts, the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks), leaving an uncovered area between the two garments.
The string bikini is a renovation of the traditional bikini that generally consists of the barest minimal fabric coverage for the top and bottoms, both are reduced to triangles of cloth connected by strings.
In addition, a variant of the bikini popular in fantasy literature is a bikini that is made up of metal to serve as (admittedly rather impractical) armor, sometimes referred to as a "chainmail bikini" or "brass bikini"; the character Red Sonja is a famous example.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bikini   (1239 words)

 An itsy-bitsy history of the teeny weeny bikini 1946-2003: from the voluptuous screen stars of yesteryear to today's ...
In 1964 the bikini made its first appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated; that same year, mod designer Rudi Gernreich took the two-piece concept one step further with his topless "monokini." A minor hit in Europe, the R-rated suit never made a big splash on American shores.
The fitness boom of the '80s led to one of the biggest leaps in the evolution of the bikini, Mills observes: "The leg line became superhigh, the front was superlow, and the straps were superthin.
Today, bikinis are back with vengeance: Just witness Halle Berry's bikini moment in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day, an homage to her Bond Girl predecessor, Ursula Andress, in 1962's Dr. No.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0846/is_9_22/ai_100106680   (688 words)

 The History of the Bikini
The modern history of the bikini begins in 1946 when the first bikini-style swimsuit was revealed in France to a shocked and titillated crowd.
Throughout later decades, the bikini continued to mature in style, as American and Brazilian manufacturers began to push the envelope to see just how much skin could be revealed in a bikini.
More modern bikini designers have built upon such fashion revolutions, maintaining the string bikini and thong bikini and adding the new tankini (a long tank-style top paired with bikini bottoms) and bandini (a bikini using a bandeau-style top) to the ever-growing selection of bikini swimwear.
www.moreswimsuits.com /bikini-history.html   (609 words)

But the creation and introduction of the bikini was also a cultural and fashionable explosion, and the swimwear world has never been the same.
Actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield were posing in bikinis for the photographers to show the world that they had the figure to wear the bikini.
The bikini was never legally banned in USA, and the bikini was wore by women on the beaches of the the puritanical USA until around 1960.
www.geocities.com /cesare_no/bikini/bikini.html   (774 words)

 Hi-tech bikini has built-in exposure warning - Technology - smh.com.au
Solestrom's new bikini that goes on sale in month with a UV meter built into its belt and an alarm that beeps to tell wearers when to head to the shade.
As the bikini turns 60, it's entering the electronic age with a new model featuring a built-in alarm to warn wearers to get out of the sun - and ease concerns that the scanty swimsuits damage the health.
Reard named the design after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, where the United States tested an atomic bomb, because he thought the excitement over it would be like an explosion.
www.smh.com.au /news/technology/exposure-warning/2006/07/26/1153816223363.html   (626 words)

 Bikini: Nostalgia
The scandalously skimpy bikini was, according to designer Jean Reard, “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.” At that time, the smallest suit was the 'atom,' the original two-piece precursor to the bikini, created by Jacques Helm.
Bikinis became barewear for all walks of life, and brought innocent sexploitation to the big screen.
The bikini contests of the 80’s and 90’s solidified the bikini’s place in shockwear, and the bikini become even more scandalous than it was in its infancy.
www.skooldays.com /categories/fashion/fa1948.htm   (747 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | The bikini: Not a brief affair
Historically, the bikini is more than 1,700 years old, according to mosaics dating from 300AD at the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily, which depict girls exercising in bikinis.
One of the main problems was that the bikini exposed the navel and that was frowned on.
Some argue that the key to the bikini's re-found popularity is the ageing baby boomers who signed up to the fitness-obsessed culture.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/5130460.stm   (1025 words)

 Bikini Laser Hair Removal
Permanent bikini hair removal is one of the most popular forms of laser hair removal.
Each pulse of laser light removes most of the hairs in the bikini region which are in the anagen (growth) stage within the area of a coin in less than one second.
For more specific information, visit: bikini hair removal, facial hair removal, underarm hair removal, back hair removal, leg hair removal, chest and abdominal hair removal, arm hair removal, laser hair removal costs, laser news or our FAQs.
www.hairremovaljournal.org /treat_bikini.htm   (264 words)

 CNN - Bikini blues -- Beach volleyball makes the swimsuit standard - January 13, 1999
It's the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini that has some players wishing they could wrap themselves in net.
Beach volleyball has now joined the go-go girl dancing as perhaps the only two professions where a bikini is the required uniform.
If a woman wants to play under the auspices of the International Volleyball Federation, she better get out her tape measure -- women's uniform bottoms have to be two and a half inches wide on the sides.
www.cnn.com /STYLE/9901/13/vollyball.bikini/index.html   (314 words)

 Stories Tagged 'bikini' » Netscape.com
Celebrities – 2007 seems to be the year of the bikini already.
Celebrities – Bikinis continue to rule the new year when Keira Knightley turned up in one in Hawaii and showed off breasts that British celebrity Jade Goody had earlier referred to as 'aspirins'.
The Brazilian bikini wax is also called the thong wax or Playbox wax.
www.netscape.com /tag/bikini   (706 words)

The Bikini Line Love Shaver has a micro-fine mesh that skin cannot be pulled into and a rotary stainless steel blade that cuts fine hairs like scissors.
The Bikini Line Love Shaver is a battery operated, ultra-fine screen, rotary-head personal razor that will leave your MOST intimate areas as smooth as a newborn baby's skin.
The Bikini Line Shaver is no ordinary razor but is made especially to work in close in very sensitive areas such as the bikini line and pubic areas for very smooth shaves without pulling, nicking or cutting.
www.endowplus.net /bikini.htm   (1439 words)

 Bikini Bandits - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bikini Bandits style of humor is often sexually crass and contains many double entendres and scenes of sex and violence.
Perhaps the most well known of the Bikini Bandits cast, is lead bandit Heather Victoria Ray.
In typical Bikini Bandit fashion, Heather was quoted as saying the following during an interview, when asked what she was doing before she joined the bandits cast, "They found me in a deep six-foot hole with a flashlight and some lotion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bikini_Bandits   (557 words)

 The anti-burn bikini - World - smh.com.au
A new bikini, which bleeps every 15 minutes to prevent holidaymakers from sleeping in the sun, is to be shown off in Britain.
About 59 per cent of Britons admit to nodding off in the sun, so the electronic device, which attaches to the swimsuit, bleeps every quarter of an hour to remind dozy Brits to wake up and seek shade or roll over to toast the other side.
The bikini is to hit stores across the country next week.
smh.com.au /news/world/the-antiburn-bikini/2005/08/11/1123353421223.html?oneclick=true   (289 words)

 thong bikini, micro bikini and sexy brazilian swimwear
This is our style 2608 string bikini bottom and in this set it is paired with our fullest cut triangle bikini top, style 2303.
Thong bikini, micro bikini and many other sexy bikini styles including Brazilian, micro, string and thong swimwear.
These are more of a traditional thong bikini style and are very popular on the beaches of Brazil.
www.microkitten.com /index.asp   (426 words)

 Pubic Hair Removal: Bikini line or Full Brazilian
Our bikini line pubic hair removal procedure is one of our most sought after hair removal procedures.
This area is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, with most of these laser procedures being completed in just 10 minutes.
A full brazilian bikini procedure is perfect for those who have a preference for nothing more than a neat strip of hair.
www.idealimage.com /services/bikini_line.php   (776 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - 2nd Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition
The Bikini competition is now over - you can now find out the Competition Results.
As the bikinis are being intended to be worn, they aren't swimming costumes, merely clothes, and so are HRASC compatible.
I want to be in the Bikini Competition, but I don't want to enter on my own...
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A229394   (636 words)

 Operation Crossroads: Bikini Atoll: Naval Art form the Atomic Bomb Test
Operation Crossroads was an atmospheric nuclear weapon test series conducted in the summer of 1946 at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.
Although the old battleship survived both bombs, extensive contamination from test BAKER led to her destruction by gunfire and aerial torpedoes in an exercise off Hawaii on 31 July 1948.
The darker-colored stem is composed of surface material and water vapor drawn upward by the fireball.
www.history.navy.mil /ac/bikini/bikini1.htm   (626 words)

 Wired News: The Cult of Leia's Metal Bikini
Knockoffs of the golden bikini are a staple of science fiction and comic book conventions.
The website, Leia's Metal Bikini, features over a hundred female fans who model the costume, ranging from some who could almost pass for Fisher, to others who look nothing like the actress.
Sa'id created a special belly dance as a tribute to Leia, which she recently performed in a costume contest where she won first place.
www.wired.com /news/culture/0,71267-0.html?tw=rss.index   (746 words)

 eBay Store - e-brazyl: BIKINI: BIKINI TALINDA brazilian sexy swimsuit SURF PRETO L
BIKINI TALINDA brazil sexy brazilian swimsuit BLUE L
BIKINI TALINDA yellow brazilian swimsuit AMARELO DUO L
stores.ebay.com /e-brazyl_USA_BIKINI_W0QQfsubZ5509149   (304 words)

 CRAFTS : Knitting : Bikini Top : DIY Network
Bikini bottom: sized women's 4-10; written as (4, 6, 8) 10.
Bikini top: sized XS (A-cup), S (B-cup), M (C-cup) and L (D-cup); written as (XS, S, M) L. Gauge: 7 sts and 10 rows/inch using 3.75mm (U.S. 5 needles) in stocking (stockinette) stitch.
Work another I-cord in color B for the back strap of the bikini top and thread this through the casings of the bikini top triangles to finish the bikini top.
www.diynetwork.com /diy/na_knitting/article/0,2025,DIY_14141_3537535,00.html   (656 words)

 CNN.com - Entertainment - Bond girl Ursula sells Dr. No bikini - January 12, 2001
LONDON, England -- The white bikini that left James Bond shaken and stirred in one of the most memorable scenes from the British spy film series has been put up for sale.
The Andress bikini is expected to fetch up to £40,000 ($60,000) when it is auctioned at a sale of Bond memorabilia at Christie's in London on February 14.
The ivory-coloured cotton bikini, the only one made for and worn by Andress in the film, was created in Jamaica by a West-Indian dressmaker.
cnn.com /2001/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/12/andress.bikini   (577 words)

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