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Topic: Bilge

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  Bilge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the 8th century Khan of the Gokturks, see Bilge Khan.
The bilge is the compartment at the bottom of the hull of a ship or boat where water collects so that it may be pumped out of the vessel at a later time.
The development of bilge pumps went from buckets, to hand pumps, and now electric bilge pumps are available for even small vessels.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bilge   (142 words)

Bilge suction pipes that pass through deep tanks shall be led through pipe tunnels, but where such leading is not practicable, the pipes shall be of extra-heavy thickness and fitted in one length if practicable, with welded or heavily flanged joints.
Bilge wells shall have a capacity of not less than 150 L, except that in small compartments bilge wells are not required to be fitted if the bilge suction pipes have steel strainers fitted at their lower end.
Bilge suction pipes for pumping cargo or machinery spaces shall be entirely separate from sea inlet pipes that may be used for filling or emptying spaces where liquid is carried.
laws.justice.gc.ca /en/S-9/SOR-90-264/51832.html   (6713 words)

 Bilge Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bilge Khan (Arslan Bilgä Khağan Bengü Taşı; 683 or 684 - 734) was one of the most influential emperors of the Gokturk Empire.
In 716, he assumed the leadership together with his brother Kul Tigin after a coup against the previous ruler, his cousin Inal Khan who was a weak leader.
Bilge Khan and Kul Tigin took their place in history as the wisest and most heroic figures among Turkish statesmen.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bilge_Khan   (216 words)

 BoatUS BoatTECH Guides: Bilge Blowers
A bilge blower is important not only because the USCG may require it, but also because your life may depend on it.
Bilge blower units are designed and constructed specifically for their life in the trenches - electrical components are "ignition protected" to prevent sparking and causing the explosion that they are installed to avert, and the units are built to withstand over-heating and corrosion.
Bilge blowers are available to move air in two ways - some units feature a squirrel cage configuration, while others favor a "tunnel", or "in-line" design which utilizes a small fan.
www.boatus.com /boattech/bilgblo.htm   (299 words)

 The Bilge Rat and the Mercenary fleets of Minaria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Bilge Rat who made his way to the camp of his old patron Red Sash was a changed man. His visit home had instilled a bitter contempt for law into him, as well as a revulsion for both the merchant and noble classes.
Bilge Rat's youthful speed gave him the decisive advantage and he swung his heavy blade through a gap in his opponent's guard.
A stentorian shout informed Bilge Rat that Tana was sailing under a letter of marque from Boarhort of Hothior and that she was defending the cause of Daymar Trelaine.
www.cwhnj.com /madhat/divright/legends/bilge.htm   (3159 words)

 Motor Boating Magazine - Boatkeeper - Bilge Pump Care
In small- to medium-sized boats, bilge pumps are usually the centrifugal, flexible impeller type with impellers made of rubber or flexible vinyl (as shown at right).
The bilge water is pumped overboard through a discharge hose that is connected to a through-hull fitting.
Bilge pump failures are usually due to electrical problems, the most frequent being poor wiring connections.
www.motorboating.com /motorboat/boatkeeper/article/0,12696,426627,00.html   (679 words)

 Ask the Skipper :: View topic - What is the difference between Bilge Bath and Bilge Cleaners
It is possible to scrub the bilges clean with most bilge cleaners, but many of todays boats do not allow access to the entire bilge surface so you can not get a scrub brush through the limber holes to do the scrubbing.
Bilge Bath contains Odolime, a proprietory odor counteractant that is proven to knock out the smell of diesel, stagnate salt water, gasoline, mold, mildew and other malodors.
Bilge Bath is water activated and will not attack any of the substrates found in you bilge, such as: wood, plastic, rubber, stainless, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. It’s concentrated so a little goes a long way.
www.auroramarine.com /aurora/AMI_Forum/viewtopic.php?t=75   (444 words)

 ALL ABOUT BILGE PUMPS - Boats, Yachts Maintenance and Troubleshooting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The number of pumps is important from the stand point that bilge pumps are not reliable because they are electrical devices submerged in water.
The reason for this is the tendency of debris in the bilge to foul the impeller over time; mounting it higher up precludes this.
There are four things you need to consider for reliable switch installation: (1) no debris in bilge, (2) nothing should interfere with the rise and fall of the switch, (3) it must be wired properly, and (4) it must be protected from the surge of water in the bilge.
www.yachtsurvey.com /bilge_pumps.htm   (4612 words)

 Boat Bilge Sock Announcement- will capture oil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The bilge socks will be purchased as part of a $54,300 grant that the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management awarded to the Buzzards Bay Action Committee, which is a non-profit organization composed of municipal officials from around Buzzards Bay.
The free bilge sock, which is a two foot long 3-inch diameter sausage-like object, is to be placed by boaters in the bilge compartment to capture leaking engine and crank case oil or small fuel spills.
The bilge sock is expected to reduce the oil and fuel sheen sometimes evident on the water around mooring areas and marinas.
www.buzzardsbay.org /bilgesockpress.htm   (602 words)

 RedOrbit - Science - Polishing Up Bilge Water   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Diesel and gas-turbine-powered ships, however, don't have the boiler and steam cycle components that drain water to the bilge- thus the term "dry bilge." There has also been an increase in the use of solvents and detergents and other substances that emulsify the oil in the bilge water.
Because of the significant disparity in bilge water discharge requirements among various regions, ships are subject to a myriad of regulations.
Bilge water can have a significant seawater component, which is corrosive to metal pumps, and may contain other trace chemicals as well.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/462951/polishing_up_bilge_water/?source=r_science   (1229 words)

 Installing a Bilge Pump by Don Casey
Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details.
A bilge pump big enough to deal with a real emergency will do a poor job of keeping the bilge dry because the water in the discharge hose drains back into the bilge when the pump shuts off.
The ideal bilge pump arrangement is a small (400 gph) automatic bilge pump mounted in the sump to dispense with rain and shaft-gland leakage, combined with a high capacity pump (3,500 gph) mounted higher to deal with more serious ingress.
www.boatus.com /boattech/casey/14.htm   (805 words)

 Bilge Water Blues: Boat Maintenance/Repairs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
eople are often baffled by the problem that the typical rotary vane bilge pump (such as Rule) does not remove all the water from the bilge.
On a sail boat with a deep keel sump, that's probably not a problem, but on a power boat where the bilge bottom may be nearly flat, that much water remaining in the bilge can cause big problems.
First, you need to determine where is the lowest point in the bilge when the boat is at rest, and where the water will accumulate.
www.docksidereports.com /bilge_water_blues.htm   (1059 words)

 New Bilge Pump
You'd come aboard, clear the bilge of water with the pump, start the engine--making enough noise that the pump was totally inaudible now--and leave the pump running for hours, until you finally shut the engine off and heard the pump running dry.
The new bilge pump would be one of those big, ugly, noisy, diaphragm pumps that could mount in the cockpit locker, well above the oily water of the bilge sump.
The wires for powering the old bilge pump in the keel sump were, amazingly, just long enough to reach the new pump, so there was no additional fuss in the electrical end of the installation.
www.continuouswave.com /maintenance-logs/newBilgePump   (2295 words)

 You and Your Bilge - can you have a stable marriage?
According to Chapman's 56th Edition, "The term Bilge is also applied to the lower interior areas of the hull of a vessel.
As it does, based on other factors, such as placement of material (coolers, people, etc) in the boat, seas, wind and the manner in which the boat is being piloted, could cause the boat to broach, which as we should know, would put both your vessel and your crew/guests in a most dangerous predicament.
Excessive amount of water in the bilge may be an indication of another potential problem, such as failure of a thru-hull fitting, the "boot" on your lower unit, stuffing box, etc. These items should be checked at least semi-annually as part of your regular maintenance program.
www.auxguidanceskills.info /press/bilge.html   (1084 words)

 Bilge Cleaning Service
Bilge pumps should be turned “off” during service if possible.
The resulting wastewater will be evacuated from the bilge to our holding tank where it will be disposed of properly.
Bilge should be aloud to “air out” for a couple of hours before replacing the access panels.
www.sierraconsultants.net /bilge_cleaning_service.htm   (489 words)

 Bilge Filter System
The filter element housing is constructed from corrosion proof reinforced polypropylene and is designed to be mounted to the inner transom area of the boat with it's included stainless steel bracket.
The boats current bilge pump system is made a secondary system by remounting it's float switch.
For installation in large boats that have multiple bilge pump systems and the main system incorporates a diaghragm type bilge pump, the bilge filter assembly can be purchased separate.
www.bilgefiltersystem.com /main.htm   (264 words)

 Rule Bilge Pumps
Rule pumps have set the standard for submersible bilge pumps since the companys inception in 1965.
Rule offers the broadest range of submersible bilge pumps in the world - sizes range from 360 (1363 liters) to 8000 (30280 liters) per hour.
Rule bilge pumps are specified by leading name boat builders around the world.
www.starmarinedepot.com /Rule.html   (135 words)

 Bilge Pumps - Super suction self priming positive displacement bilge pumps
High suction lifts ensure bilge pumps can be positioned in the most convenient locations.
The Megator bilge pumps and sludge pumps will not be harmed if left running with a dry suction.
The Megator bilge pumps and sludge pumps have few working parts and are therefore extremely simple to operate and maintain.
www.megator.co.uk /bilge_pumps.htm   (174 words)

 Bilge Paint - Grand Banks Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The last boards in the bilge are not painted as they are in the wet zone and it would be hard for them to hold paint.
The exception is in the “wet zone” of the bilge, where the wetness would prevent the paint from holding up.
Water does run through this part of the bilge, especially when it rains, as rainwater gets in the lazarrette hatches, but otherwise it is always dry as the water runs to the lower part of the bilge in the engine room.
www.oxfordyachtagency.com /ubb/ubbhtml/Forum1/HTML/000262.html   (636 words)

 Bilge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
So, since it is difficult, if not impossible, to use legal means to stop "spammers," it FINERO is a good idea to protect oneself from unsolicited e-mail, perhaps using one of the measures listed above, rather than rely on the gove.
The Carolina Classic was equipped with three bilge pumps, each rated at 2,000 gallons per hour.
The 'breather' on the spare oil tank somehow came loose and a few litres of oil leaked into the bilge.
boatsmith.info /Bilge   (936 words)

 Bilge Hunter
Bilge News 01/30/00 : The Page is dead, thanks for all the fish.
This is the 2nd event I have been involved in, and while the last was better, this one left a bad taste in my mouth and a rant here on the page.
These are shots mainly from the "old" lands that have yet to make Spawn of the Week on the left side.
www.hyperhighway.com /bilgehunter   (3401 words)

 Bilge Pumps at AhoyCaptain.com
Lovett bilge pumps are uniquely designed to perform whether you have a high-performance boat, a yacht, a fishing boat, or operate a commercial vessel.
Unlike conventional pumps, Lovett submersible bilge pumps have no mechanical seals that can wear, corrode or even fail.
This prevents electrolytic corrosion caused by stray current conducted from motor shaft to bilge water.
www.ahoycaptain.com /shop/bilgepumps.html   (632 words)

 Bilge - Definition of Bilge by Webster Dictionary
(Naut.) stowed in such a way that the bilge is clear of everything; - said of a cask.
a pump to draw the bilge water from the gold of a ship.
(Naut.) To suffer a fracture in the bilge; to spring a leak by a fracture in the bilge.
www.webster-dictionary.net /definition/bilge   (185 words)

 Bilge, Fueling, and Spill Response   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Once in the marine environment, oils and fuels have a tendency to accumulate in bottom sediments and concentrate in marine organisms.
Petroleum absorbent materials, such as bilge pillows and engine pan pads, are very effective at removing oils from bilge water.
If dirty bilge water cannot be sufficiently cleaned to allow legal discharge, make arrangements with a marina capable of properly disposing of tainted water.
seagrant.gso.uri.edu /factsheets/boaterfs/bilge.html   (395 words)

 Bilge Monitor Boat Alarm and Bilge Alarm System
A bilge alarm is a simple device that warns you when water begins rising in the bilge.
This early warning gives you more time find the leak, get passengers into life vests, deploy extra pumps, and put out a distress call.  The sooner a skipper discovers a leak down below, the more likely he or she will find and correct the problem before it’s too late”.
If any of these fittings are cracked or missing, the flow of water into the boat will accelerate further”.
www.bilgemonitor.com   (249 words)

 Battle of the Bilge - Boat Maintenance - Nautical Know How
It is normal for some water to be in the bilge since it can leak in at the stuffing box(es) and rudder post(s).
If your boat usually has some water in the bilge just add the liquid Tide to the bilge and let the rocking of the boat do the cleaning for you.
Limber holes are found in the ribs or partitions in the bilge which allow water to pass through them and flow to the lowest bilge points usually where the bilge pump is located.
www.boatsafe.com /nauticalknowhow/0101bilge.htm   (658 words)

 The Bilge Pumps Treasure Island
The headlines on the Inquisitioner chronicle some of the crazy life of the Bilge Pumps as we sail through history.
The Bilge Pumps T-Shirts, with the oh-so-spiffy Bilge Pumps' logo on the front left breast and the "Turn of the Century Tour" on the back, is what real pirates wear when they're not pirating or singing...
The Bilge Pumps jolly roger, complete with skull & flintlocks, is what all the fashionable pirates are flying during their looting these days.
thebilgepumps.com /treasure.pl   (1304 words)

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