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Topic: Bill Butler (cinematographer)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

 :: :: Reviews :: Frailty (xhtml)
On the basis of this film, Paxton is a gifted director; he and his collaborators, writer Brent Hanley, cinematographer Bill Butler and editor Arnold Glassman, have made a complex film that grips us with the intensity of a simple one.
It is the first film directed by the actor Bill Paxton, who also plays the father and succeeds in making "Dad" not a villain but a sincere man lost within his delusions.
Lions Gate Films Presents A Film Directed By Bill Paxton. /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20020412/REVIEWS/204120303/1023   (813 words)

 eBay - DVD: Flipper
Bill Butler, the cinematographer, had prior experience film sea creatures, having also shot Steven Spielberg's shark hit "Jaws."
A 14-year-old boy consigned against his will to spend the summer on a remote island with his fisherman uncle has the adventure of his life after being befriended by an orphaned dolphin.
Family VHS Flipper Paul Hogan Elijah Wood /Flipper_W0QQfvcsZ1166QQsoprZ3256219   (813 words)

 Hollywood Bitchslap :: Search
Bill Butler, Cinematographer - Profile Interview Series Vol.
The Storytelling of László Kovács, Cinematographer; Profile Interview Series Vol.
DVD Reviews for 6/10: No Water Shall Be Served Here! /forum/search.php?sid=9c1e2afa26df3d1e10d203c...   (8448 words)

 slant // DVD Review - Frailty
Shadows aren't as rock solid as they should be on this Lions Gate DVD edition of Bill Paxton's directorial debut though cinematographer Bill Butler's lush color palette is evocatively preserved.
Lions Gate has amassed an impressive array of features for this handsome DVD edition of Bill Paxton's overrated yet moody directorial debut. /dvd/dvd_review.asp?ID=28   (8448 words)

 Movie Database -
The film's foreboding atmosphere is so efficiently established from the outset (cinematographer Bill Butler also shot JAWS) that when the crew comes across stranded snake hunter Paul Sarone (Jon Voight)-- whom their enigmatic, Brazilian riverboat captain Mateo (Vincent Castellanos) already seems to know -- you know there's bad trouble ahead.
Voight's performance -- one of the film's pure, trashy delights -- is all leer, sneer and macho swagger, while the rest of the actors feel like the disposable snake-fodder they are.
The animatronic snake is generally a nicely nasty piece of work, but can hardly live up to the revolting title card that tells us just how it kills its victims: First it crushes their bones and swallows them whole, then partially digests them and regurgitates them before finally finishing the job. /movies/database/Movie-Review.asp?MI=37736   (264 words)

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