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Topic: Billy Crystal

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  Billy Crystal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Billy Crystal (born March 14, 1947 in Long Beach, New York) is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian and film director.
Crystal is the son of American Jewish parents Jack and Helen Crystal.
Crystal hosted the Academy Awards broadcast in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2004, and, apparently, turned down the opportunity to host the 2006 ceremony wanting to concentrate on his one-man show.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Billy_Crystal   (942 words)

 Billy Crystal--The Lybarger Links Interview
Billy Crystal, who has hosted the ceremonies six times in the last 10 years, will be taking a break and passing the reins to Whoopi Goldberg.
Crystal's wisecracks and movie parodies were a welcome relief from the stale speeches and tepid production numbers.
Crystal would seem a natural to play the beleaguered shrink, but it's a stretch to think of De Niro agreeing to parody the gangster persona he embodied so memorably in The Godfather: Part II and Goodfellas.
www.tipjar.com /dan/billycrystal.htm   (794 words)

 Whyaduck Productions, Inc. -- The Lost Minutes of Billy Crystal
I remember the early days of Billy Crystal developing his ''Fernando'' character and I was there when the phrase ''You loook mahhhvelous'' first started to spring from his lips.
Billy is finally left to do the show on his own, which comprises the second half hour of the special.
Although Billy and Rob's dialogue would be mostly improvised, maintaining the style set by the body of the show, the night prior to the shoot, I took the liberty of writing suggested dialogue for each segment, at least to be used as a starting point for the improv.
www.duckprods.com /projects/billycrystal.html   (1199 words)

 Billy Crystal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The son of a jazz concert producer, Billy Crystal grew up in the company of such music legends as Billie Holiday, Pee Wee Russell, and Eddy Condon.
Thanks to Soap, Crystal became and remained a headliner and, in 1978, had his first crack at movie stardom as a pregnant man in Rabbit Test.
The movie was unsuccessful, but Crystal's star had not been eclipsed by the experience; he was even entrusted with a dramatic role in the 1980 TV movie Enola Gay.
www.djangomusic.com /actor_bio.asp?pid=P+86318   (676 words)

 CMT.com : Billy Crystal : Biography
Along with being a veteran actor and comedian, Billy Crystal is most known for his affable hosting abilities, a groundbreaking role on television, and his impressions.
Billy Crystal was born into show business; his uncle was the famous record producer Milt Gabler, who founded the famous Commodore Records and later, Decca, while his father ran the Commodore Music Shop in New York.
Crystal filled in at a celebrity roast one night, doing his impression of Muhammad Ali (much to Ali's delight) being interviewed by Howard Cosell.
www.cmt.com /artists/az/crystal_billy/bio.jhtml   (524 words)

 Amazon.ca: 61* (Widescreen): DVD: Billy Crystal,Seymour Cassel,Robert Costanzo,Pat Crowley,Joe Grifasi,Bobby ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Billy Crystal, better known as a comedian or as host of the Academy Awards, took the director's chair for this film, and produced a story that was a grand insight into the personal and professional world of baseball during the era of Mantle and Maris.
Jennifer Foley (actually, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Billy Crystal's daughter) turns in a good performance as Pat Maris, the long-suffering and supportive wife, struggling from half a country away to be strong for her husband as he faces the stress of success.
Billy Crystal directed this film and made every aspect of the story be exactly the same to the true story.
www.amazon.ca /61-Widescreen-Billy-Crystal/dp/B00005M20J   (2167 words)

 Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal was born into an artistic family on Long Island in New York.
His brother, Joel Crystal, is a television producer and Billy's daughter, Jennifer, is now an actress.
Crystal earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at New York University, where he majored in Film and TV Direction, having the good fortune to study with a professor named Martin Scorsese.
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=1633   (295 words)

 Billy Crystal Photos - Billy Crystal News - Billy Crystal Information
Billy: The label was a legendary label, a family business called the Commodore Jazz label.
Billy: The inspiration was this great group of 40 or 50 relatives, sometimes for Thanksgiving or Passover or something and my brothers would just go up and make them laugh.
Billy: The house smelled of brisket and bourbon.
www.tv.com /billy-crystal/person/1041/summary.html   (402 words)

 Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal's father owned a record shop, and his uncle was CEO at Commodore Records and later Decca.
Billie Holiday was Crystal's babysitter on several occasions.
Crystal remains a big baseball fan, and he was a recurring if somewhat tedious talking head in Ken Burns' PBS documentary Baseball.
www.nndb.com /people/675/000022609   (460 words)

 Billy Crystal: actor Billy Crystal's profile and upcoming films
Billy Crystal played the first of televisions' openly gay characters, Jodie, in the long running hit satire of the seventies, "Soap".
Crystal was a natural entertainer and had no fears about dancing on stage with top jazz stars.
Billy Crystal had a burning desire to become a major league shortstop.
www.casenet.com /people/billycrystal.htm   (622 words)

 Billy Crystal brings one-man show to Broadway - THEATER - MSNBC.com
Crystal portrays numerous characters drawn from his childhood, his teen years and adulthood.
Crystal, whose act later included a dead-on Davis impression, said that 1956 show still resonates decades later.
Crystal’s parts are supplemented by vintage home movies, old family photos and even a clip of Mickey Mantle at the plate.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/5279298   (530 words)

 AMCTV.com BIOGRAPHY - Billy Crystal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Billy Crystal has emerged over the last twenty-five years as one of America's leading comic talents.
Crystal was born on March 14, 1947 to Jack and Helen Crystal.
Crystal seemed to be made for the role and the film was an enormous success.
www.amctv.com /person/detail/0,,18275-1-1,00.html   (487 words)

 Billy Crystal
Biography: Billy Crystal was born on 3/14/1947 in New York City and dreamed of becoming a baseball player before studying film and television direction under the tutelage of filmmaker Martin Scorsese.
After college Billy worked as a substitute teacher while performing standup in the city and finally got his big break after being cast in the soap opera satire "Soap".
Trivia: One of Billy's first breakthroughs came when he was still a part-time comic and school-teacher, and was called on as a last-minute replacement for 'Robert Klein' to entertain at a roast for 'Muhammad Ali'.
www.ez-entertainment.net /Crystal_Billy.htm   (816 words)

 Billy crystal tickets
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billy-crystal-tickets.jayfield.co.uk   (481 words)

 Playbill Biography: BILLY CRYSTAL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
BILLY CRYSTAL (Playwright/Performer) has created one of the most versatile and prolific careers in the entertainment industry, finding success in front of the camera, as a performer in film and television and behind the scenes as a writer, director and producer.
It was exposure to these great stars that helped Crystal develop a knack for standup comedy, incorporating his gifts for mimicry and satire, as well as his ability to create enduring characters who are funny, human and touching.
Crystal’s film “61*” for HBO films showcased Billy as both director and executive producer.
www.playbill.com /celebritybuzz/whoswho/biography/15159   (643 words)

 NPR : Intersections: The Many Faces of Billy Crystal
Morning Edition, June 7, 2004 ·; Billy Crystal says by the age of 5 he was "doomed" to be a comedian.
Crystal grew up hanging out with such jazz legends as Gene Krupa, Eddie Condon and Billie Holiday.
Crystal says being around "these great, colorful characters" taught him important lessons about the art of improvisation: "That's the thing about jazz: it's free flowing, it comes from your soul," he says.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=1923548   (374 words)

 Billy Crystal News
BILLY CRYSTAL was left red-faced recently when he was caught mimicking BILL CLINTON by the former US President himself The ANALYZE THIS funnyman, 59, was playing golf with Clinton, 60, and found it difficult to...
Playing on a TV in the background is the incongruous image of Billy Crystal dressed as a turkey and Robert De Niro as a pilgrim.
Though he's known in more recent years for Billy Crystal's City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally, his first big impact was in one of history's biggest...
www.topix.net /who/billy-crystal   (734 words)

 Billy Crystal In 700 Sundays
Crystal has the short, muscular, taut build to seize the entire stage with the outsized set and magnetize focus on him and his multitude of “secret” stories.
When he became the Florida aunt, who relates a long tale of her daughter’s gay wedding, with dancing and reveling, and her husband’s comical adjustment to such a family challenge, he WAS that aunt.
Billy Crystal and Director, Des McAnuff, along with Alan Zweibel (who probably extended a few scenes to the utmost cry-ability or laugh-ability), have created a sell-out production.
www.robertaonthearts.com /id253.html   (369 words)

 BILLY CRYSTAL (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Tickets for Billy Crystal’s Broadway blockbuster 700 Sundays went on sale in Sydney and Melbourne last week and all shows have sold out.
Crystal with additional content by Alan Zweibel is directed by two-time Tony Award winner Des McAnuff.
It was great to be part of the Broadway community and now I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share this with audiences in Australia." said Billy Crystal.
www.dcegroup.com.cob-web.org:8888 /events2006/billy.shtml   (437 words)

 Billy Crystal: America's Sweethearts
Billy plays a frantic publicist in the film trying to keep recently split co-stars and lovers Catherine Zeta Jones and John Cusack together long enough to promote their new film, even if it means making nice with an overly friendly dog.
Billy says, “I grew up in a house where a grandfather would greet you everyday like this, you're 8 years old whatta ya gonna do with your life?
Billy's still married to his college girlfriend 31 years and two grown kids later, the Crystals are every bit a couple of American sweethearts.
extratv.warnerbros.com /dailynews/pop/07_01/07_19d.html   (277 words)

 CBC.ca Arts - Billy Crystal show could come to Toronto
Billy Crystal says he wants to bring his one-man show, 700 Sundays, to Toronto.
The title refers to the number of Sundays Crystal figures he got to spend with his hard-working father, who died when the younger Crystal was 15 years old.
Crystal is also planning a return to the big screen in Have a Nice Day, in which he will play a messenger from God who comes to take the U.S. president to heaven.
www.cbc.ca /arts/story/2005/06/07/crystal050607.html   (1396 words)

 AbsoluteNow: Billy Crystal photos - Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal Opening of the Giorgio Armani Exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC October 18, 2000
Actor BILLY CRYSTAL & wife at the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala, in Hollywood, honoring Robert De Niro.
Molly Shannon The American Museum of the Moving Image tribute to Billy Crystal at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City.
www.absolutenow.com /new/billy_crystal.html   (284 words)

 Web Exclusive Quiz: Billy Crystal
Billy is hosting the 76th Academy Awards in 2004.
When Billy was a boy, who frequently visited his house and father's shop?
Billy gave voice to a character in which animated movie?
www.aarpmagazine.org /entertainment/Articles/a2004-01-21-crystal_quiz   (175 words)

 Billy Crystal
Billy was born in Long Beach, New York.
With this odd start, he returned to New York and appeared in several cable specials, TV movies, guest spots, hosted a comedy hour, and also toured nightclubs and college campuses, specializing in impersonations.
Although some of his recent movies have not made deep impressions in the box office, Crystal is still regarded as an extremely talented and funny individual, with his work leaving a great impression on our minds forever.
www.geocities.com /jsmurfette/bcrystal.html   (887 words)

 Billy Crystal
When Billy Crystal entered the world, these stories made the front page of the nation's newspapers: In London, former British prime minister Winston Churchill opposes Britain's plans to remove troops completely from India.
When Billy Crystal was rocking in a cradle, these songs were topping the music charts: Back in 1947, the popular songs were: Anniversary Song performed by Al Jolson; Ballerina performed by Vaughn Monroe; Chi-baba Chi-baba sung by Perry Como; as well as Golden Earrings by Peggy Lee.
While Billy Crystal was discovering how to stand up, The Academy gave a standing ovation to these movies and actors: 'Gentleman's Agreement'- Directed by Elia Kazan won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1947.
www.clientbirthday.com /news/billy_crystal.htm   (342 words)

 Billy Crystal Current Month TV Schedule   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Starring Woody Allen, Billy Crystal, Demi Moore, Robin Williams, Judy Davis, Elisabeth Shue, Kirstie Alley, Bob Balaban, Richard Benjamin, Eric Bogosian.
Starring Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Kim Greist, Anne Ramsey, Rob Reiner, Kate Mulgrew, Bruce Kirby, Oprah Winfrey, Annie Ross, Branford Marsalis.
Starring Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby, Steven Ford, Lisa Jane Persky, Harley Jane Kozak, Harry Connick Jr.
www.tv-now.com /stars/crystal.html   (644 words)

 NPR : Billy Crystal: My Uncle Milt
From left, Johnny Williams, Billie Holiday, Milt Gabler, Sonny White and Kenneth Hollon at a recording session.
All Things Considered, April 15, 2005 ·; Billy Crystal likes to say that if it hadn't been for his uncle Milt Gabler, he never would have entered show business.
Now the comedian has compiled a CD of his uncle's biggest hits, Billy Crystal Presents: The Milt Gabler Story.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4601031   (485 words)

 Billy Crystal — Infoplease.com
But Billy Crystal's greatest moment was when he met his baby......
Oprah talks to Billy Crystal: the drugs, the sex scandals, the trashed hotel rooms...
Tonys call Crystal's 'Sundays' special.(Tony Awards administration committee recognize Billy Crystal's performance in '700 Sundays')...
www.infoplease.com /ipea/A0759051.html   (277 words)

 Billy Crystal Website
Welcome to Billy Crystal website, and its dedicated to one who just make us laugh and laugh without stopping, The son of a jazz concert producer, Billy Crystal grew up in the company of such music legends as Billie Holiday, Pee Wee Russell, and Eddy Condon.
His mind made up by age five, Crystal knew he wanted to become a performer, not in music but in baseball or comedy.
Just Enjoy surfing Billy Crystal website, and don't forget to come back to check new things often.
www.westlord.com /billycrystal   (339 words)

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