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Topic: Binary opposition

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Binary opposition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In critical theory, a binary opposition is a pair of theoretical opposites, often organized in a hierarchy.
The critique of binary oppositions is an important part of post-feminism, post-colonialism, post-anarchism, and critical race theory, which argue that the perceived binary dichotomy between man/woman, civilized/savage, and caucasian/non-caucasian have perpetuated and legitimized Western power structures favoring "civilized" white men.
Post-structural criticism of binary oppositions is not simply the reversal of the opposition, but its deconstruction, which is described as apolitical—that is, not intrinsically favoring one arm of a binary opposition over the other.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Binary_opposition   (294 words)

In privative oppositions, one of the terms simply consists in the absence of the trait found in the other term (in phonetics, unvoiced sounds as opposed to voiced ones, in semantics the plural "s" opposed to the lack of it).
Oppositions may of course be in absentia, or true oppositions, or in praesentia, or contrasts.
That which most clearly shows that the kind of oppositions distinguished by Lévi-Strauss and Greimas are not similar to those of phonology is the presence, in the former, of intermediary or neutral and complex terms.
www.arthist.lu.se /kultsem/encyclo/opposition.html   (1514 words)

 "The Politics of Deconstruction", by Barbara Foley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
To begin with, he posits that binary opposition is not merely a linguistic phenomenon, but in fact a strategy necessary to class rule: language is never innocent of the relations of power in which it is enmeshed.
Not only binary opposition, then, but also the logocentrism of the "longing for presence," that operates as the logical premise to binary opposition, is exposed in its complicity with existing institutions of power.
And the historical opposition that the revolutionary proletariat negates /128/ is not a metaphysical product of ideological domination but a real opposition: Marx proposes to overturn and transgress the binary opposition wage-labor/capital not because it is a binary opposition, but because it is a binary opposition that prohibits the historical development of human potentiality.
andromeda.rutgers.edu /~bfoley/politics_of_deconstruction.html   (6861 words)

 Binary Opposition
The binary opposition is the structuralist idea that acknowledges the human tendency to think in terms of opposition.
For Saussure the binary opposition was the "means by which the units of language have value or meaning; each unit is defined against what it is not" (Burgass 3).
It is important to note however, that the deconstruction of binary oppositions is not a task to endure by the reader or critic, yet the oppositions deconstruct from within the text.
artsweb.uwaterloo.ca /~seainswo/Binary.htm   (413 words)

 Binary Opposition Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The concept of binary opposition is in use almost always whether we realize it or not.
Binary opposition is so deeply rooted in thinking patterns that we cannot even escape it.
Below is a binary opposition table which lists sample constructs and their associated positive or negative image.
web.nwe.ufl.edu /~gulmer/SB97/jwhitney/binaryopp.html   (208 words)

 110000111 issue 000011001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This split creates a mutually necessary and sustained opposition that is the mythological, ideological, and conceptual heart of binary rationalities.
The opposition of 1 to 0 is as necessary as the reduction to concept itself, and denies the possibility of reconciliation, 1:0.
Binary representation is simultaneously the least complex and the most complexifying.
www.391.org /25/000.htm   (354 words)

BINARY OPPOSITIONS:  Two concepts or terms in opposition to one another, where one is always privileged over the other.
First, consider a binary opposition in the text you are examining.
Begin again with a new binary opposition until the system of values at work in the novel (or in society) is completely dismantled and play is thoroughly unleashed.
www.colorado.edu /English/gradteach/Deconstruct.htm   (683 words)

Rather, we explore this discursive operation of binary opposition, presented as a "choice of languages." The practice of what is commonly referred to as "traditional" or "unaccompanied" singing in Ireland is often represented as if singers have before them the "choice" of two radically-distinct and symbolically-disparate linguistic traditions.
Couched in a simplistic binary of oppressor and oppressed, the Irish language contributed forcefully to an ideology of "national parallelism" in which Ireland was systematically portrayed as radically separate from the nefarious, socially decadent influences of modern English-speaking Britain.
This opposition was reinforced in four major ways: first, the influence of the philosophies of romantic nationalism; second, the rise of Celticism; third, the Myth of the West; and fourth, the constitution of the Gaeltacht.
www.beyondthecommons.com /twotrads.html   (5289 words)

 Christie V. McDonald- The Reading and Writing of Utopia in Denis Diderot’s Supplément au voyage de Bougainville
Indeed, the binary opposition between the two poles effectively seems to produce a moral statement about culture and thus generates a meaning within the text, and yet something seems to go awry when the apparent simplicity of the thematic statement is not borne out at other levels of the text.
The banal opposition between nature and culture in the 18th century bespeaks of a continuing preoccupation with origins—whether those of the self, of language, or society—which constitutes not only the initial but the crucial phases of the utopian process.
In this manner the opposition between Tahiti and Europe, as it is recapitulated within the dialogue between Orou and the Almoner, serves less as a genetic quest for man’s inner reality than as a privileged moment in which language reflects the mechanisms of its own functioning.
www.depauw.edu /sfs/backissues/10/mcdonald10art.htm   (3536 words)

 Binary Opposition
As I have already argued elsewhere in this document (Anshen, Bloch, Dionysius, Freedom, Harmonics), the concepts of binary opposition and hierarchical structure have their natural and inevitable origin and existence in the idea that the universe was created by an omnipotent, everlasting God.
Hence, the ground is well established for the rise of the ideology of binary opposition and hierarchy in the single "fact" that God, as an All-Powerful entity, created the universe.
What is most obvious here as well is that power plays the dominant role in understanding how binary opposition and hierarchy are meant to function as aspects of all social relationships that evolve on the ground of these primary and immutable concepts.
www.mayanastro.freeservers.com /01binaryopp.HTM   (1263 words)

 [No title]
Binary oppositions focus so much on the opposition that they often overlook any area in between (gray area).
These oppositions are defined hierarchically: the second term is seen as a corruption of the first, the terms are not equal opposites.
Although binaries often dismiss the gray area by absence of mentioning it, it is what gives substance to the extreme ends.
staff.washington.edu /apeloff/390/glossaryvers.htm   (2696 words)

 Englishbiz - Binary Opposition 2
Binary opposition is one important way in which a text can act to 'position' its reader to become what is sometimes referred to as the ideal reader.
Consider the binary opposites of 'masculine' and 'feminine', for example, and you might see some surprising connections and judgments that are often made in society in which the term 'masculine' is often still given a more positive 'feel' to its meaning.
This occurs because binary opposites act in ways that reinforce society's dominant ideologies - and we still live, to some extent, in what is called a patriarchal society.
www.englishbiz.co.uk /extras/binaryopposition2.htm   (521 words)

 The Uses of Binary Thinking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This binary tradition is still strong and forms a kind of foundation for the many varieties of structuralism.
It uses binary thinking as a motor always to press on to a third term or a higher category that represents a transcendent reconciliation or unity: thesis and antithesis are always harnessed to yield synthesis.
Binary thinking seems to be the path of least resistance for the perceptual system, for thinking, and for linguistic structures.
jac.gsu.edu /jac/13.1/Articles/4.htm   (12589 words)

 MTO 6.1: Mirka, Texture in Penderecki's Sonoristic Style
Categories of the basic system are a few binary oppositions concerning pitch, time, and loudness: spatial mobility vs. immobility, temporal mobility vs. immobility, spatial continuity vs. discontinuity, temporal continuity vs. discontinuity, high vs. low register, loud vs. soft dynamics.
From here it follows that a prohibited sequence of terms is a return to an initial opposite term, be it positive or negative, after a mediative term or a chain of such terms has occurred (Figure 7c).
Seen from the angle of the opposition between spatial mobility and immobility, this section begins with a negative term: spatial immobility results from repetitions of an atypical technique of playing stringed instruments that consists of striking the fingerboard with the palm of the hand.
www.societymusictheory.org /mto/issues/mto.00.6.1/mto.00.6.1.mirka.html   (3643 words)

 Monket :: An Oppositional Taxonomy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Trier himself opens his major work (1931) with the challenging statement, that every word that is pronounced calls forth its opposite (seinen Gegenteil) in the consciousness of the speaker and hearer; and this statement can be matched with similar assertions by other structural semanticists.
It is, however, a fact, of which the linguist must take cognizance, that binary opposition is one of the most important principles governing the structure of languages; and the most evident manifestation of this principle, as far as the vocabulary is concerned, is antonymy.
Antonymy is the term used to describe the relationship between opposite words, and there is a large body of evidence establishing the dominance of binary opposition in language usage, and by implication, linguistic function in the brain.
monket.samedi-studios.com /articles/oppositional-taxonomy/print.html   (1400 words)

 Chief Willie Bongmatur Maldo and the role of chiefs in Vanuatu.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Such a binary opposition is used not least by the ni-Vanuatu (1) themselves, as they consider the components of their contemporary practice.
Binary oppositions, such as the one between what belongs inside and what has come from the outside, are useful, not least for what they elide.
Opposition, he says, was formulated as a demand from surrounding Catholic communities that he and his people return to their own place, to Dip Point in west Ambrym, and take the idea of Independence with them.
www.vanuatu.usp.ac.fj /library/Online/Vanuatu/Chief.htm   (7951 words)

For example, the binary opposition life and death is a useful one to explicate "Sleeping Beauty." Here, the deep structure of the story suggests that when the thirteenth fairy declares that Sleeping Beauty is to die at her fifteenth birthday that a life versus death binary opposition is posited.
Here the life versus death binary opposition is mediated by the twelve fairy's action: death is transformed into one hundred years sleep.
This process may in itself create new binary oppositions in the story which need to be followed until one arrives to a final mediation for the story.
www.panam.edu /faculty/mglazer/Theory/structuralism.htm   (1329 words)

 Harmony and the Fallacy of Opposition in Western Ideology
Ruth Nanda Anshen: The Fallacy of Opposition in Western Ideology.
She does this with pure legitimacy, of course, because this subject cannot be expressed at all in Eurocentric terms, that is, without recourse to binary opposition, because Evil only exists in contradistinction to the Good.
She seems to be doing that here since God's wrath and mercy are clearly opposite qualities which, if applied as defining characteristics to the same entity, clearly mark that being as dualistic.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Delphi/9976/01anshen2.html   (2223 words)

 Original Sin
The second opposition, then, is the one between life and death, or more precisely in the way this ideology evolved, between eternal life and eternal death.
Life/death, for mortal beings, is not a binary opposition because life always ends in death for anyone or anything that has it.
The claim that human freedom was the cause of creating binary opposition as an inherent aspect of creatureliness, as so many commentators have done over this passage, is falsely reasoned for the simple fact that no mortal being can choose freely, or otherwise, between having life and dying.
mayanastro.freeservers.com /genesis.HTM   (1010 words)

 Binary Oppositions
True binary oppositions that organize a class of thing are not supposed to allow confusion, that is allowing a thing to claim membership in both simultaneously, or exclusion, non-membership while still belonging to the class of things organized by the binary.
The most obvious place in which binary oppositions work to structure knowledge is in computers' "machine code," the most basic level of programming which tells each tiny microprocessor switch whether it is to be opened (0 or "off") or closed (1 or "on").
In the world of human cultural artifacts, binaries are much likely to be ambiguous if pressed to their limits, but they can function perfectly well as principles we use to navigate culture from day to day.
faculty.goucher.edu /eng105sanders/binary_oppositions.htm   (622 words)

 ") newWindow.document.write([Title]) newWindow.document.write(": ") newWindow.document.write([Name]) ...
Binary thinking was the "structuring structure" of the post-1945 world order, and today it still dominates our mechanisms of representation and self-representation.
The iron opposition between the sculpture of freedom and that of oppression is notoriously visualized by the juxtaposition of Reg Butler's design for the Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner with the heavy bodies of Soviet soldiers who, from their high pedestals, police the conquered lands of Eastern Europe.
However, these sharp binaries are likely to be just the dominant narratives of the post-1945 world order that dramatize the "reality" and disregard those "marginal" cases that do not fit into the mainstream argument.
www.artmargins.com /content/feature/murwaska.html   (2566 words)

 [No title]
One binary opposition may be open to transformation into another, therefore enriching the meaning of all the terms concerned.
In addition, the binary opposition may contain an implicit evaluation, so that, for example, birth and white are associated with good, death and fl with bad.
The critique of ideology entails the explication of a series of binary oppositions as a culturally specific interpretation, selection and privileging of elements from the ambient world.
www.unc.edu /depts/europe/teachingresources/intl-glossary.htm   (15806 words)

 JeanHaluska.net - "Our Tradition Is Very Modern"
The binary opposition is ubiquitous in theology and philosophy.
Binary thought is embedded in western languages; therefore, it underscores a huge amount of western discourse.
The western conception of “tradition” emerged from an underlying binary philosophy and the Yoruba definition was born from a non- centered world sense.
www.jeanhaluska.net /departure3.html   (5749 words)

 queertheory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Using Derrida's notions of copy, original, and imitation, Judith Butler questions the binary opposition of heterosexuality as original, and homosexuality as copy, thus establishing the limitations of both identity categories to capture the varied, fluid, unknowable and ultimately unnameable nature of human sexuality.
By destabilizing the binary opposition of copy and origin, homosexuality and heterosexuality, with the concept of imitation or mime, Butler establishes all sexual identities as performance, and sexuality as that which cannot be known or named.
Her treatment of this binary opposition is similar to the way Derrida destabilizes the binary opposition of absence and presence with the concept of differance.
www.cyberartsweb.org /cpace/gender/raymond/queertheory.html   (419 words)

 The Binary Proletariat
For example, there is a similarity between the fact that "the misery of the working class in the years 1848-1864 [had] not lessened, in spite of the unexampled development of industry and growth of trade during this period," [6] and current economic trends.
Both groups are part of the Binary Proletariat, but there is a polar opposition between the laborers directly involved with digital technology (well-paid and living in developed countries) and laborers who are indirectly involved (workers in shoe factories).
The result is that the mythical [18] American class mobility has turned into a binary opposition; you may grow very rich, or you may grow very poor.
www.firstmonday.org /issues/issue5_5/bolt   (1833 words)

The binary male/female is one vivid example in which male is made superior to female and therefore male becomes capable of oppressing female to maintain his superiority.
Postmodern theory critiques the binary system of representation that is dominant in Western thought, and it is this critique of the binary system that is useful for feminists who seek to critique Western thought.
The subversion of this system of binary opposition and the system of patriarchy can best be articulated in literature, as bell hooks has stated, since within literature these subversions are not threatened by the reality of forms of repression that exist in the real world, except for censorship.
drhanan.com /dissertation/introduction.htm   (7742 words)

 Julie Wroblewski: More on binary oppositions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
To know and love Derrida means one must come to terms with his need to complicate easy and comforting system of binary oppositions on which people like to rely.
The opposition comes from the way in which we assign values to each half of the pairs, and make them mutually exclusive.
In short, the pairs we think about have unbalanced relationships; they are defined as opposite in meaning, while one is thought of as good and the other bad, or at least less good.
www.lawrence.edu /dept/english/courses/60A/handouts/juliew3.html   (369 words)

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