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Topic: Biological immortality

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Immortality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Immortality (or eternal life) is the concept of existing for a potentially infinite, or indeterminate length, of time.
Human's loss of immortality is thought to be due to the unbalancing of the powers between the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.
Beings born with immortality (such as deities, demigods and races with "limited immortality") are usually quite adjusted to their long lives, though some may feel sorrow at the passing of mortal friends, but they still continue on.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Immortality   (6707 words)

 Biological immortality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biological immortality can be defined as the absence of a sustained increase in rate of mortality as a function of chronological age.
The term immortalization was first applied to cancer cells that developed the telomere-lengthening enzyme telomerase, and thereby avoided cellular senescence.
Another ambitious project for achieving biological immortality in humans and mammals is that of biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey of Cambridge University.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Biological_immortality   (494 words)

It is both the immortality of the organism as a whole and the immortality of the units of life that exist within the organism.
Their striving for immortality consists primarily in attempts to preserve their separate structures; when these attempts ultimately fail, the continuity of the institution is preserved only to the extent that its elements rejoin the more general streams of human culture or of particular cultures.
To achieve technological immortality by this route, the biological individual needs not only to be assured of the existence of a trained robot with the individual's memories, knowledge and personality, but also to be assured of the indefinite replicability of this facsimile into the future.
www.siteideas.net /socialanalysis/immortal.htm   (4556 words)

 Fight Aging!: What Do You Think About Immortality?
As soon as you mention immortality outside of a religious context you are in danger of being lumped in with the vocal wingnut and oddball fringe.
In scientific, rational circles - such as the cryonics community or Immortality Institute forums - the term "physical immortality" is often used to denote "vulnerable agelessness," or freedom from the degenerative effects of aging.
Immortality, by popular meaning, means to live forever without the possibility of dying, which is clearly impossible.
www.fightaging.org /archives/000244.php   (1133 words)

 Three Steps to Biological Immortality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The first step in achieving biological immortality is defining its meaning: biological immortality means to live as flesh-and-blood, non-aging human beings forever -- not just an extended life, but to live mind, body, and spirit as one's own self for centuries, millennia, forever.
The purpose of biological immortality is not to serve others, society, or mankind, but to preserve forever the most precious, important value in the universe -- one's own integrated conscious self and sense of I-ness to experience expanding prosperity, love, and happiness -- forever.
Achieving non-aging biological immortality presents technical, biological, medical, and scientific problems that are so complex and difficult that they could be unknowable or, at best, remain unsolvable for centuries.
www.neo-tech.com /neotech/advantages/advantage99.html   (534 words)

 Physical Immortality - Main Site
Immortality FAQ The Immortality FAQ attempts to fill in gaps in knowledge about the about the possibility of human physical immortality.
Physical immortality in not a spiritual or religious immortality, but a real immortality of this time and for this world.
Then again, immortality may not be as existentially intimidating as it appears to us now—continuous self-transformation and an endless supply of new experiences might well compensate for the metaphysical paradox of virtual immortality.
physical-immortality.1hwy.com   (4975 words)

 Cybernetic Immortality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This requires an effective immortality of the cognitive systems defining individual and collective minds: what would survive is not the material substrate (body or brain), but its cybernetic organization.
Even if the decay of biological bodies is inevitable, we can study ways of information exchange between bodies and brains which will preserve the essence of self-consciousness, our personal histories, our creative abilities, and, at the same time, make us part of a larger unity embracing, possibly, all of the humanity: the social superorganism.
We call this form of immortality cybernetic, because cybernetics is a generic name for the study of control, communication, and organization.
pespmc1.vub.ac.be /CYBIMM.html   (738 words)

 Biological VERSUS Digital Immortality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Proponents of biological immortality ignore the obvious downside: there is no way for this miracle to be equitably distributed.
It is hard to imagine the implementation of biological immortality for the few without extreme social upheaval, even bloodshed.
That way there will be always be biological evolution, which will not only add to the sum of digital immortality, but also continue our alternative biological future.
home.att.net /~leefrank/digital/versus.html   (551 words)

 Boston.com / News / Education / Higher education / Famed inventor primes himself for seeing humans achieve immortality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Immortality would leave little standing in current society, in which the inevitability of death is foundational to everything from religion to retirement planning.
"Biological evolution passed the baton of progress to human cultural and technological development," he said.
The instinct to preserve individuality, and to gain advantage for yourself and children, would survive any breakthrough into biological immortality -- which Silver doesn't think is possible.
www.boston.com /news/education/higher/articles/2005/02/12/famed_inventor_primes_himself_for_seeing_humans_achieve_immortality?pg=2   (752 words)

 Kevin Baldeosingh - The Immortal Vice
Immortality may well be the most pernicious idea ever conceived by the human mind.
So while it was all very well to believe that one's soul might survive, such faith didn't stop human beings from attending assiduously to their biological immortality - i.e.
It is at this point that immortality became a pernicious concept.
www.caribscape.com /baldeosingh/philosophy/sober/1999/immortal.html   (708 words)

 Digital Immortality: Paper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Immortality in digital form is the logical, and practical, alternative.
Digital Immortality may be a major step up for the Digital Age, but all the so-called Ages since the Middle (even Paine's Age of Reason) are merely stages of the Age of Technology.
The meme of immortality is simply the manifestation of the belief in an eternal soul—in exactly the same way that we believe in the continuity of our consciousness.
home.att.net /~leefrank/digital/paper.html   (5476 words)

 The Consequences of Physical Immortality - Science Articles :: Physics Post
One consequence of immortality might well be stasis, that it is the waxing and waning of the generations that brings change and progress, for example.
Whereas a transient mortal organism can leave the task of adaptation to the external process of mutation and natural selection, a mind that aspired to immortality, whether it traces its beginnings to a mortal human being or is a completely artificial creation, must be prepared to adapt constantly from the inside.
Biological minds are at a huge disadvantage to change and self-improvement.
www.physicspost.com /articles.php?articleId=163&page=6   (1092 words)

 Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans
The Immortality Institute (ImmInst.org), a 501c3 non-profit educational organization, has brought together nineteen scientists, doctors and philosophers to share their perspective on what may be the most significant scientific development that humanity has ever faced — the eradication of aging and mortality...
The mission of the Immortality Institute is to conquer the blight of involuntary death.
These and other questions will be addressed in "Biological Immortality" by Michael R. Rose, Professor of evolutionary biology at the University of California, Irvine and author of Evolutionary Biology of Aging, a book that created a complete departure from the views that had dominated the field of aging research since the 1960's.
www.imminst.org /book1   (5193 words)

 The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Inventor believes humans eventually will be immortal
The inventor and computer scientist is serious about his health because if it fails him he might not live long enough to see humanity achieve immortality, a seismic development he predicts in his new book is no more than 20 years away.
Critics say Kurzweil's predictions of immortality are wild fantasies based on unjustifiable leaps from current technology.
The instinct to preserve individuality, and to gain advantage for yourself and children, would survive any breakthrough into biological immortality — which Silver doesn't think is possible.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002178868_immortal13.html   (1189 words)

 Alcor 2002 Conference - Speaker Abstracts
Since 1992, the study of biological immortality has been transformed from a dubious curiosity to an active focus of theoretical and experimental research.
If biological immortality is defined as the absence of a sustained increase in rates of mortality as a function of age, then it is now an established scientific fact.
In most organisms, biological immortality arises very late in life, after a prolonged period of rising mortality rates, or aging.
www.alcor.org /conferences/2002/abstracts.html   (2041 words)

 Longevity First   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
An immortal is unable to die a physical death, and perhaps we should clarify what Aubrey de Grey's research aims for: an end to aging.
Part of the confusion comes from the literary use of the term "immortal" to describe the gods and other beings who were not mortal as we humans are; indeed, humans are often referred to in religions as "mortals".
Immortality seeks to prevent the former death, but in a strict physical and mathematical sense, it cannot prevent the latter.
longevityfirst.org   (8718 words)

 Dave Pizer on Cryonics vs Religion
Instead they should encourage the faithful to practice cryonics--that is, arrange for cryopreservation at their legal (but before biological) death- -as a backup plan in case traditional religious philosophy is wrong.
Cryonics, as we noted, is the practice of being frozen at legal death (but not biological death)--to be unfrozen and reanimated in the future when more options are available to humans.
Even if we can obtain biological immortality, some people think the universe might end someday, so at most we would gain a very long life but not true immortality, i.e.
www.cryonet.org /cgi-bin/dsp.cgi?msg=7789   (2834 words)

 [meme] cybernetic immortality: part II
at present our ideas about cybernetic immortality are still abstract and vague.
the concept of cybernetic immortality can give shape to the supreme goals and values we espouse, even though present-day people can think realistically only in terms of creative immortality [although - who knows?].
cybernetic immortality can take the place of metaphysical immortality to provide the ultimate goals and values for the emerging global civilization.
cartoon.iguw.tuwien.ac.at /tom/meme/cybernetic-immortality-2.html   (289 words)

 Helacyton gartleri - Disenchanted Dictionary
The basic mortality of the cells reflect the basic mortality of the organism they comprise, which is why there's no fountain of youth or medicinal procedure that'll give you biological immortality.
There is, however, one human being who is biologically immortal on a technicality, and her name is Henrietta Lacks.
Now, HeLa cells are about as common in biological research as the lab rat and the petri dish, and are still being grown in an unbroken lineage from the cells originally harvested from Mrs.
www.disenchanted.com /dis/lookup.html?node=1860   (701 words)

 MIND Exchange
hey i'm not exactly an expert or anything(i'm 15) but i've been researching alot about the different approaches to immortality and i have found that it will soon be possible to stop and reverse ageing of the body.
Why should i bother with mind uploading aka cybernetic immortality, where i run the risk of dieing and letting a copy of me live on, when it will soon be possible to stay forever young in the bodies that we have now?.
On the topic of "Cybernetic Vs Biological Immortality", I think the reason why we are moving towards re-creating ourselves in another form is because of our universal goal of survival.
www.kurzweilai.net /mindx/show_thread.php?rootID=12982&o=date   (1093 words)

 Let's coin a new word for "technological immortality"
In brief, I want a different word for technological "immortality", so that I can discuss the issue with a reduced chance of bringing up some variation of the issue: "is 'not dying' the same as 'immortality'?".
I've heard various multi-word terms, such as: defeat of death eternal youth indefinate life span technological immortality biological immortality but these do not seem to avoid the immortality debates.
If you just use "biological immortality", you've brought up the i-word without telling what you mean by it, and that can cause confusion.
www.cryonet.org /cgi-bin/dsp.cgi?msg=8832   (758 words)

The famed inventor and computer scientist is serious about his health because if it fails him he might not live long enough to see humanity achieve immortality, a seismic development he predicts in his new book is no more than 20 years away.
During a recent interview in his company offices, Kurzweil sipped green tea and spoke of humanity's coming immortality as if it's as good as done.
The instinct to preserve individuality, and to gain advantage for yourself and children, would survive any breakthrough into biological immortality - which Silver doesn't think is possible.
www.wfmynews2.com /printfullstory.aspx?storyid=36201   (1157 words)

 Longevity First: The Mathematics of Immortality: i. Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In this article, and the ones to follow, I will be discussing the mathematics of immortality, i.e., the mathematics of not dying a physical death.
This section, very much unlike the previous ones, will finally cross the threshold from the mundane "immortality means not dying" to something far grander: the practical implication of living for an infinite amount of time.
Only instead of donations snowballing from the publicity of a rapidly growing prize, it would be billions (or tens of billions) of dollars in state funding snowballing from the results of the research funded by the IBG.
longevityfirst.org /archives/2006/01/the_mathematics_of_immortality_i_introdu.html   (3071 words)

 Leading Scientists Still Reject God
Larson and Witham used the same wording [as in the Leuba studies], and sent their questionnaire to 517 members of the [U.S.] National Academy of Sciences from the biological and physical sciences (the latter including mathematicians, physicists and astronomers).
Disbelief in God and immortality among NAS biological scientists was 65.2% and 69.0%, respectively, and among NAS physical scientists it was 79.0% and 76.3%.
Biological scientists had the lowest rate of belief (5.5% in God, 7.1% in immortality), with physicists and astronomers slightly higher (7.5% in God, 7.5% in immortality).
www.lhup.edu /~dsimanek/sci_relig.htm   (708 words)

 Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of Death: Quests for Longevity and Symbolic Immortality
will for immortality is a central drive of the human primate--perhaps even more so nowadays in postmodern cultures where an increasing proportion of the population not only survives into old age but reaches Maslow's need for transcendence.
Such immortality was evident in its Gershwin Centennial Celebration in 1998, when the San Antonio Symphony performed "Rhapsody in Blue." What made the performance special was that it was Gershwin who was playing the concert grand piano.
Immortality Foundation, "a non-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to be the permanent guardians of the collections of words and other materials entrusted to us, thus allowing these materials to remain alive as long as humanly possible."
www.trinity.edu /~mkearl/death-3.html   (5489 words)

 Biological immortality
This is another reason of being skeptical about biological immortality.
The third reason is that an infinite extension of biological life, if it is not accompanied by some kind of development, evolution, is hardly attractive.
This brings us to the last, and the most modern, concept of immortality: cybernetic immortality.
pespmc1.vub.ac.be /BIOIMM.html   (309 words)

 Immortality: the ultimate in health and fitness (EasyPrint)
The first story is Robert Silverberg's "Death Do Us Part," which explores the impact of practical biological immortality on the institution of marriage.
Here, a woman attends a very strange party in which she wishes to meet a man who is purportedly 1000 years old in order to learn his secret of immortality.
A robot gets into a bar fight, resulting in a lively discussion about how true immortality is even difficult for non-humans to attain.
www.palmpower.com /issuesprint/issue200009/ppbookmonth0900.html   (937 words)

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