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Topic: Biological types

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Biological Controls IX – Types of Biological Controls
A variety of biological and environmental factors are responsible for this suppression.
Periodic releases of natural enemies may be necessary when existingnatural enemies fail to colonize the pest habitat each season, colonize the habitat too late, or otherwise fail to attain numbers sufficient to control the pest.
Types of augmentative releases range from from seasonal inoculative releases, in which the released natural enemies serve to inoculate a new crop and control is provided later by offspring of the released natural enemies, to inundative releases, in which all control is provided by the released natural enemies themselves.
www.highplainsipm.org /HpIPMSearch/Docs/Types-BiologicalControl.htm   (1485 words)

 Method for the study of the structure of tropical grasslands
At the biological level, because of the physical imposition of one type of vegetation on the other, a certain effect is created by the ligneous layer which, by virtue of its density, shade and probably other secondary factors, somewhat modifies the nature and structure of the herbaceous layer which it dominates.
Record of composition in terms of biological types is made in detail in respect of graminoid vegetation, and a spectrum is established with a percentage of the biovolume of each biological type.
The biomorphological types are expressed by means of a simple diagram in which each type is represented by a square, and their value is recorded at the side of the square, expressed as a percentage in biovolume.
www.fao.org /wairdocs/ilri/x5543b/x5543b0j.htm   (0 words)

 Biological Therapy / Types of Biological Therapy
There are two basic categories of biological therapy: immunotherapy and cytotoxic therapy.
An alternative approach is to activate lymphocytes taken from a person's tumor to create yet another agent, called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and returning these "stranger" cells to the patient where they can fight the cancer cells.
This approach uses proteins called cytotoxins that are produced by the body's cells to attack the cancer either by destroying the cancer cells or by making it difficult for them to grow and reproduce.
training.seer.cancer.gov /module_cancer_treatment/unit5_bio2_types.html   (546 words)

 Koi Biological Filtration
Biological filtration is the use of beneficial bacteria to eliminate organicwaste compounds from a body of water.
A biological filter or "bio filter" is simply a home for the beneficial bacteria that perform the nitrogen cycle.
These two types of bacteria are referredto as "nitrifying bacteria," and live on surfaces in the pond, such as plant stems, rocks and even on the fish themselves.
www.pondsystems.com /news_biofilt.html   (0 words)

 Types of Biological effects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Biological effects depend on the radiation exposure or dose.
The primary factors are the total dose received, the body tissues receiving the dose, the type of radiation, and the total time over which the dose is received.
The biological effects that are seen may occur soon after the dose is received or may occur many years later.
www.pantex.com /ds/pxrada1.htm   (0 words)

 MILNET: Chemical and Biological Weapons
The mutated virus is perhaps the worst of all the biologicals, since it may be highly resistive to common medical treatments, and in fact may require (if there is one at all) a specialized antidote or treatment protocol to render it incapable of continuing to multiply.
The increasing awareness of new biological diseases prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1995 to begin publishing the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases as a means to focus awareness on the problem of naturally occurring biological hazards that threaten humans and as a forum for discussing solutions.
In as much as many nerve agents are absorbed through the skin, this type of secondary attack could be quite effective...again the surprise on lack of attack indicators exacerbates the problem due to lack of early detection, thus leading to slow and late protection efforts.
www.milnet.com /chembio.htm   (0 words)

Biological filters are devices to culture microorganisms that will perform a given task for us.
The second type are sand filters, sock filters, drum filters, disk filters, belt filters and similar systems that mechanically remove the particles from a flowing stream.
The third type of particulate filter is the floatation or bubble seperator.
www.biofilters.com /webfilt.htm   (0 words)

 The Patriot Post - Biological WMD
Biological agents are organisms or toxins that can cause deadly diseases in people, livestock and crops.
The diminutive size of biological agents, five microns or less than one-fifth the width of human hair, means they can remain airborne for hours or, in still, dry weather, a day or more.
Because biological agents cannot necessarily be detected and may take time to grow and cause a disease, it is almost impossible to know when an attack has occurred.
patriotpost.us /useprpc/biological.asp   (0 words)

 Aquarium filtration and filter types
This is the most basic type of filter which consists simply of a sponge through which water is drawn by rising air bubbles from an air pump.
This type of filter can be moved between tanks to provide additional mechanical filtration using filter wool for example, or for adsorption of specific waste products using carbon or specialised adsorbent resins.
These are specialised biological filters which rely on a constantly moving bed of sand as the filter medium.
www.thetropicaltank.co.uk /filters.htm   (0 words)

 [No title]
One of the major challenges for today's beef industry is the justification of feeding grain to an animal whose biological efficiency is the poorest of all meat producing animals.
However, since range and pasture lands are one of the greatest renewable resources of this country, and the cow can utilize the forages grown on these lands as few other mammals can, from an economic standpoint, she still can be a relatively efficient beast (Kothmann, 1984; Funston et al.,1990).
If a particular type or breed or cross of several breeds works in your environment, that is the 'magic' cow for you.
www.agron.iastate.edu /moore/434/chapter3.htm   (0 words)

 Using Nematodes to Control Insects: Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
Biological control nematodes can be raised in vats and fed with bacteria, so they are much easier to produce.
A list of commercially available biological control nematodes and their distributors is given in "Biological control nematodes: Suppliers and pesticide compatibility" available on-line or at your local Cooperative extension office (http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ng008).
See "Biological control nematodes: Suppliers and pesticide compatibility," available on-line (http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ng008) or at your local Cooperative extension office, for a list of pesticides to be avoided.
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /IN468   (0 words)

 Biological Therapy - National Cancer Institute
Biological therapy (BYE-o-loj-ee-cal THER-ah-py) is a type of treatment that works with your immune system.
Biological therapy and chemotherapy are both treatments that fight cancer.
Biological therapy may be given once a day or a couple of times a day.
www.cancer.gov /cancerinfo/biologicaltherapy   (0 words)

 Lancaster General Hospital - Immunotherapy / Biological Therapy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Biological therapy (also called immunotherapy, biological response modifier therapy, or biotherapy) uses the body's immune system to fight cancer.
These types of white blood cells - B cells, T cells, natural killer cells, and monocytes - are in the blood and thus circulate to every part of the body, providing protection from cancer and other diseases.
Nonspecific immunomodulating agents are biological therapy drugs that stimulate the immune system, causing it to produce more cytokines and antibodies to help fight cancer and infections in the body.
www.lancastergeneral.org /content/greystone_20774.asp   (0 words)

 Biological Pesticide Registration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The assessment of risks is important because it provides the basis for governments' decisions whether to approve, or "register," new biological pesticides and whether to renew the registration of old ones.
Biological pesticides act differently from chemical pesticides, so different data are required for their registration.
The work on data requirements for biological pesticides is directed by the Bio-Pesticides Steering Group, composed of representatives of OECD governments.A survey published in 1996 - Data Requirements for Registration of pesticides in OECD Member Countries: Survey Results shows what data different governments require for different types of biological pesticides.
www.oecd.org /document/8/0,2340,en_2649_34383_31962760_1_1_1_1,00.html   (0 words)

 Holotype - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example in both the ICBN and the ICZN a "neotype" is a type that was later appointed in the absence of the original holotype.
In such a case, there is no actual type specimen available for study, and the possibility exists that - should there be any perceived ambiguity in the identity of the species - subsequent authors can invoke various clauses in the ICZN Code that allow for the designation of a neotype.
However a conserved type would not be appointed in the case of a type that is insufficiently clear: in that case an additional and clarifying type could be designated, a so-called "epitype".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Holotype   (0 words)

 Issues to Consider - Biological, Birth, Birthparent, Birthparents, Blended, Child, Children, Develop
Every child, whether biological or adopted, eventually asks, “Where did I come from?” To help establish themselves in the present and cement their sense of self (and their self-esteem), children need a sense of their history – even if that history isn’t storybook perfect.
Also, if you have a biological child as well as an internationally adopted child, you must be careful to give both children an equal share of parental attention.
As difficult as it can be for an adopted child to fit into a new culture and a new family, it can be equally difficult for a biological child to adjust to suddenly having a sibling.
international.adoption.com /foreign/issues-to-consider-in-international-adoption.html   (2156 words)

 Biological types   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The holotype is stored (a process called curation) in a collection (a place where biological specimens are kept and maintained) to be available for later examination by other biologists as needed.
For example, the type species for the genus Cupressus is Cupressus sempervirens; this species then defines the genus for the purpose of deciding whether other species belong to that genus or not.
As with type species, the type genus is not necessarily the most representative, but is usually the earliest described, largest or best known genus.
biological-types.kiwiki.homeip.net   (0 words)

 Biological Therapy - Treatment Options & Side Effects - Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization
Biological therapy is referred to by many terms including immunologic therapy, immunotherapy or biotherapy.
Biological therapy is a type of treatment that uses the body’s immune system to facilitate the killing of cancer cells.
Types of biological therapy include interferon, interleukin, monoclonal antibodies, colony stimulating factors or cytokines and vaccines.
www.y-me.org /information/treatment_side_effects/biological_therapy.php   (0 words)

 Effects of biological type of beef steers on vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus status -- Montgomery et al. 82 (7): ...
Effects of biological type of beef steers on vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus status -- Montgomery et al.
Effects of biological type of beef steers on vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus status
Biological type of cattle affected a number of carcass traits.
www.animal-science.org /cgi/content/abstract/82/7/2043   (0 words)

 Biological type | Dictionary | goliathus.cz
In scientific classification, a type is a specimen or description that corresponds to a taxon (a group of organisms), and helps to identify which organisms may be referred to with that name.
For example, the type specimen for the species Homo neanderthalensis is the specimen "Neanderthal-1" discovered by Johann Karl Fuhlrott in 1856 at Feldhofer in the Neander Valley in Germany, consisting of a skullcap, thigh bones, part of a pelvis, some ribs, and some arm and shoulder bones.
* A type description is a written description of a type specimen, ideally one that identifies characters that differentiate the taxon from its relatives.
www.goliathus.cz /en/dictionary/biological-type   (0 words)

 Sequin help documentation
After you type in the name of the third author, the box becomes a spreadsheet, and you can scroll down to the next line by using the space bar.
Biologically related sequences may be classified as environmental samples, population, phylogenetic, mutation, or segmented sets as appropriate.
Type: Type of organism from which sequence was obtained.
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov /Sequin/sequin.hlp.html   (0 words)

 Biological Filter Systems
Water is fed into wet-dry filters and Berlin reservoirs from a separate "overflow prefilter," which may be built-into the aquarium (called a "reef-ready" aquarium) or purchased as a stand-alone unit which hangs on the back of the aquarium.
These types of fluidized-bed filters are an excellent way to provide biological filtration on an aquarium equipped only with a canister filter.
The use of a protein skimmer combined with the plenum method may be the key to keeping more fish while using this type of biological filtration.
www.aquariumpros.com /articles/biofiltertypes.shtml   (0 words)

 NTI: Country Overviews: Iraq : Biological Chonology
He said: "I know they experimented on sheep with clostridium botulism (sic) type C." In 1983 Iraqi scientists also overcome the problem of ensuring the toxin was not destroyed at the time of detonation by the bomb or artillery shell.
In the section on military use of biological agents, the manual provides instruction as to how small attacks and sabotage operations can be completed before a general offensive begins.
Senior scientists from the biological weapons program at the Technical Research Center are sent to munitions factories to familiarize themselves with this aspect.
www.nti.org /e_research/profiles/Iraq/Biological/3889_3892.html   (0 words)

 Biological   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Map Infection and immunity Infection: is when a (human or animal) being [illegible] where the being grows and [illegible] white blood cells The factors that affect the infection: a.
The location of the ball of fire is at more than half of the surface of a ball from the surface of the Earth.[illegible] Zero.
Some persons are affected such as breathing difficulty Friday Subject: Biological The types of biological agents are: 1.
www.gulflink.osd.mil /declassdocs/dia/19950718/950718_9tr1_20_j22.html   (0 words)

 Biological Therapy - Information About Cancer - Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center
Biological therapies are designed to boost the immune system, either directly or indirectly, by assisting in the following:
Nonspecific immunomodulating agents are biological therapy drugs that stimulate the immune system, causing it to produce more cytokines and antibodies to help fight cancer and infections in the body.
Interferons (IFN) are a type of biological response modifier that naturally occurs in the body.
cancer.stanford.edu /information/cancerTreatment/methods/biological   (0 words)

 Biological patent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A biological patent is a patent relating to an invention in biology.
Some types of biological patents are considered controversial by some as they feel life is not invented thus should not be patentable.
For example, an advocate against biological patents would suggest that a gene associated with cancer should not be patented, but the test used to detect the gene could be.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Biological_patent   (0 words)

 Biological Filtration
A sound biological filter is considered by many, the most important filtration system of the aquarium ecosystem.
A biological filter is one that involves the propagation and retention of billions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
There are many types of biological filters out there today, many of which also incorporate other types of filtration.
www.versaquatics.com /biologicalfiltration.htm   (0 words)

 Statement of Dr. Kenneth Alibek before the Joint Economic Committee
Biological weapons were excluded from use as "tactical" weapons, and were divided into "strategic" and "operational" types.
For both types of weapons, use was envisioned on a massive scale, to cause extensive disruption of vital civilian and military activity.
In addition, biological weapons technology can possibly proliferate from Russia to other countries less friendly to the U.S. For these reasons, it is important that we continue to analyze the situation with biological weapons in Russia.
www.house.gov /jec/hearings/intell/alibek.htm   (0 words)

 ARS Project: Strategic Feeding to Optimize Nutrient Use and Reduce Environmental Impact of Cattle and Sheep (405928)
Objective 1 - The hypothesis to be tested is energy expenditures and amino acid utilization differ among diverse biological types and in response to change in nutrient availability.
Changes in resting energy requirements of diverse biological types due to aging will be determined through the use of indirect-calorimetry.
A combination of weight stasis studies and energy/nitrogen balance studies will be used to quantify biological type differences in maintenance requirements.
www.ars.usda.gov /research/projects/projects.htm?ACCN_NO=405928   (0 words)

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