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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  FMC BioPolymer - Producer of carrageenan, alginate, microcrystalline cellulose, and konjac
FMC BioPolymer - Producer of carrageenan, alginate, microcrystalline cellulose, and konjac
With over 60 years of experience FMC BioPolymer is the leader in harnessing nature's renewable resources to create ingredients and technical solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and biomedical markets.
FMC, the FMC logo and all brand names, company names, service marks, logos and trade dress of FMC or its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors are trademarks or registered trademarks of FMC Corporation or its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensors in the U.S. and other countries.
www.fmcbiopolymer.com   (86 words)

 Novozymes Biopolymer | Home
Novozymes Biopolymer - New standards in sodium hyaluronate
Novozymes Biopolymer is a leading supplier of high-quality unmodified and modified hyaluronic acid and other high-value polymers for use in the technical, the medical device, and the pharmaceutical industry.
High amounts of HA are found in the skin, connective tissues and synovial fluid and vitreous body.
biopolymer.novozymes.com   (175 words)

  Slurry wall construction, jet grouting, soil mixing, diaphragm wall, groundwater n environmental remediation services ...
Biopolymer trenching is an innovative technique for installing permeable drainage trenches.
Secondly, the biopolymer stabilizes the excavation walls resulting in a safer project.
Biopolymer trench excavations are typically constructed using hydraulic excavators with widths varying from 1.5 to 3.0 feet.
www.recon-net.com /biopolymer-trenches.html   (821 words)

  TAPPI Website - Development of Biopolymer Adsorbents for Heavy Metal Ion Separations, 1996 Minimum Effluent Mills ...
Biopolymers are a promising new class of adsorbent materials for separation of heavy metal ions from dilute aqueous waste streams.
Highly porous chitosan biopolymer beads have been synthesized which have internal surface areas exceeding 200 m 2 per gram of adsorbent and exhibit a high selectivity toward removal of toxic heavy metal ions over sodium metal ions.
The potential application of transition-metal selective biopolymer adsorbents to the control of heavy metal ion accumulation in TCF bleaching sequence wash waters is proposed.
www.tappi.org /s_tappi/doc_bookstore.asp?CID=5408&DID=521054   (234 words)

  Extended life biopolymer array scanner system patent invention
Biopolymer arrays are often scanned and/or scan results are often represented at 5 or 10 micron pixel resolution.
Biopolymers are typically found in biological systems and particularly include polysaccharides (such as carbohydrates), peptides (which term is used to include polypeptides and proteins) and polynucleotides as well as their analogs such as those compounds composed of or containing amino acid analogs or non-amino acid groups, or nucleotide analogs or non-nucleotide groups.
Biopolymers include polynucleotides in which the conventional backbone has been replaced with a non-naturally occurring or synthetic backbone, and nucleic acids (or synthetic or naturally occurring analogs) in which one or more of the conventional bases has been replaced with a group (natural or synthetic) capable of participating in Watson-Crick type hydrogen bonding interactions.
www.freshpatents.com /Extended-life-biopolymer-array-scanner-system-dt20060420ptan20060081762.php   (2386 words)

 MVS Solutions - Method of making biopolymer-based nonlinear optical materials
Alignment of biopolymer molecules, which is required for NLO phenomena, is achieved by application of an electric field parallel to the surface of a biopolymer solution as the film is formed.
Biopolymers that form.alpha.-helical structures in solution are preferred because the geometry of the.alpha.-helix permits dipoles to form and allows the helices to pack in an ordered manner.
Biopolymers such as PBLG may be derivatized with a variety of functional groups, such as nitro, chosen to enhance the NLO effect.
www.mvssolutions.com /CSI-5512218.html   (5238 words)

 MVS Solutions - Biopolymer-based optical element
In a most preferred embodiment, the oriented biopolymer structure of the optical elements of the present invention is formed by applying an electric field between a pair of electrodes and parallel to a surface of a solution of a biopolymer and a helicogenic solvent and subsequently evaporating the helicogenic solvent.
In one embodiment, the photoresponsive compound is incorporated into the oriented structure of the biopolymer by contacting a solution of the photoresponsive compound, a doping solvent and, optionally, other additives such as a surfactant and a polymer binder, onto the biopolymer and subsequently evaporating the doping solvent.
Suitable temporary carrier substrates may be a variety of rigid and flexible substrates either which have poor adhesion to the oriented biopolymer film such that the oriented biopolymer film may be delaminated from the substrate or which develop poor adhesion to the oriented biopolymer film upon exposure to a solvent-based or aqueous-based solution.
www.mvssolutions.com /CSI-6284418.html   (7761 words)

 Biopolymer has good growth prospects in the World
Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol will also bring into sharper focus the relative performance of biopolymers and synthetics in terms of their respective energy use and CO 2 emissions.
As of 2002, there were 47 producers of biopolymers in the world, only 2 of which had capacity greater than 40,000 tpa and 6 had capacity greater than 10,000 tpa.
The use of legislative instruments is a significant driver influencing the adoption of biopolymers in place of the petroleum based polymers.
www.plastemart.com /upload/Literature/Biopolymerhasagoodgrowthprospects.asp   (1247 words)

 - Flowzan┬« biopolymer
Biopolymer is a high-purity xanthan gum biopolymer utilizing unique, patented dispersion chemistry which significantly enhances product dispersion and solubility and reduces the formation of fisheyes.
Biopolymer is a versatile product that can be used in most types of water-based fluids for rheology modification, hole cleaning and solids suspension.
Biopolymer performs effectively in freshwater- and saltwater-based muds, as well as in various brine-based workover and completion fluids over a wide range of pH.
www.cpchem.com /enu/pa_flowzan_biopolymer.asp   (290 words)

 about biopolymers
Whether the use of biopolymers will contribute to a more sustainable society is a question that will have to be studied by a representative life cycle analysis (LCA) of each application and by comparison with existing applications.
Representative LCAs are needed at material and product levels; they must make allowance for future developments in biopolymers and take account of all relevant environmental impacts associated with the complete product life cycle, including the depletion of raw materials, the agricultural use of fertilizers and pesticides, transportation, utilization and waste disposal.
This material issue, About Biopolymers, is based on the report ‘Tenminste houdbaar tot: verpakken met biopolymeren’, compiled by ‘het Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum’, AgLink, KIEM and Proterra.
www.o2.org /ideas/cases/biopolymers.html   (1021 words)

 Biopolymer Engineering compound enhances immune cell migration to site of bacterial infection
Biopolymer Engineering is developing its patented beta glucan technology as a pharmaceutical drug to work in combination with cancer monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.
Biopolymer Engineering, Inc. is pioneering carbohydrate biotechnology to develop proprietary compounds that enhance the immune system and provide the opportunity to improve global health.
Biopolymer Engineering is developing applications for pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, functional foods, cosmetics and animal feed and nutrition.
www.biotherapharma.com /press/9-28-2004.htm   (543 words)

 Space Studies Board
If that biopolymer is RNA, Figure 1 offers an autotrophic metabolism that involves fixation of carbon dioxide (4 catalysts, by analogy with the reductive tricarboxylic acid cycle), carbohydrate biosynthesis (5 catalysts exploiting cyanide-based couplings and aldol reactions), triphosphate generation (6 catalysts), nitrogen metabolism (3 catalysts), and nucleotide biosynthesis (28 catalysts, adopted directly from contemporary pathways).
This implies in turn that it is difficult to find a single biopolymer that does both, suggesting that single-biopolymer life-forms might be less robust than two-biopolymer life-forms and that the small cells that single-biopolymer life enables might be scarcer in the universe than large cells.
A biopolymer specialized for catalysis must be able to change its physical properties rapidly with few changes in its sequence, enabling it to explore "function space" during divergent evolution.
www7.nationalacademies.org /ssb/nanopanel4benner.html   (4382 words)

 Biopolymer - Carbohydrate Model Building   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Carbo is a pulldown in the Biopolymer module which contains commands which allow you to construct polysaccharides, alter or change an existing monosaccharide in a polysaccharide and join polysaccharides together.
Biopolymer contains a number of predefined monosaccharides that can be used as building blocks for constructing both linear and branched oligo- or polysaccharides.
Biopolymer Lesson 4 consists of two Pilot tutorial scripts that demonstrate the construction of carbohydrate biomolecules.
www.bio.unizh.ch /docu/acc_docs/doc/biopolymer/04_Carb_build.html   (926 words)

 Biopolymer wins patent case
The patents enforced against High Performance Living Corporation are part of a portfolio of beta glucan patents that Biopolymer Engineering acquired from the original author and inventor, Byron Donzis.
In total, Biopolymer Engineering has more than 200 US and international patents covering the composition, manufacture and application of soluble and insoluble beta 1,3 glucan in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics and pet foods.
Beta glucan is a natural complex carbohydrate or biopolymer whose efficacy in stimulating the immune system to destroy foreign invaders has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies.
www.nutraingredients-usa.com /news/ng.asp?id=22582   (461 words)

 Novozymes Biopolymer | HyaCare
Novozymes Biopolymer A/S - Krogshøjvej 36 - 2880 Bagsværd - Denmark - Tel.
HyaCare is distributed by Novozymes Biopolymer A/S, a wholly owned subsidiary of Novozymes A/S based in Bagsværd, Denmark.
Novozymes' biopolymer business and all related activities are the responsibility of Novozymes Biopolymer A/S.
biopolymer.novozymes.com /hyacare   (312 words)

 BioPolymer (CDK API - version 20060714)
A BioPolymer is a subclass of a Polymer which is supposed to store additional informations about the Polymer which are connected to BioPolymers.
Return the number of monomers present in BioPolymer.
Return the number of strands present in the BioPolymer.
cdk.sourceforge.net /api/org/openscience/cdk/BioPolymer.html   (375 words)

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