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Topic: Bipolar cell

The neuropil layers are the outer plexiform layer and the inner plexiform layer.
The receptive fields of retinal ganglion cells comprise a central approximately circular area, where light has one effect of the firing of the cell, and an annular surround, where light has the opposite effect of the firing of the cell.
One response, from on cells, is to increase the rate of firing to increases in light intensity in the centre of the receptive field.
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Cones are less sensitive than the rod cells in the retina (which support vision at low light levels), but allow the perception of color because there are (normally) three kinds of cones, with different photopsins, which have different response curves (that is, they respond to variation in color in different ways).
They are typically 50 µm long, and their diameter varies from 1.0 to 4.0 µm, being smallest and most tightly packed at the centre of the eye (the fovea).
The S (blue) cones are sensitive to light at wavelengths shorter than 400 nm, but the lens and cornea of the human eye are increasingly absorbative to these wavelengths, and this sets the lower wavelength limit of human-visible light to approximately 380 nm (the onset of ultraviolet light).
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Because cone cells are all that exist directly in the fovea, astronomers have to look at stars through the "corner of their eyes" (averted vision) where rods also exist, and where the light is sufficient to stimulate cells, allowing the individual to observe distant stars.
Further, synaptic convergence means that several rod cells are connected to a single bipolar cell, which then connects to a single ganglion cell and information is relayed to the visual cortex.
Because several "converge" onto a bipolar cell, enough transmitter molecules reach the synapse of the bipolar cell to attain the threshold level to generate an action potential.
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 NPB Faculty: Leo M. Chalupa
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Calcium-activated potassium conductances in retinal ganglion cells of the ferret.
Properties of K+ conductances in cat retinal ganglion cells during the period of activity-mediated refinements in retinofugal pathways.
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 definition of bipolar
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Doubly polar; having two poles; as, a bipolar cell or corpuscle.
As, Bipolar, Cell, Corpuscle, Doubly, Having, Or, Polar, Two
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